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How to pay vehicle registration fee in Saudi Arabia تجديد رخصة قيادة

How to pay vehicle registration fee in Saudi Arabia  تجديد رخصة قيادة

In this video I will show you how to pay vehicle or car registration fee on ATM machine. This is important to know the method as without that you can’t renew your car registration or Istimara. We are making payment for vehicle or car Istimara registration. The method is not very difficult but is important to know how to do it. first you should insert your ATM card into the ATM machine. Put your card in the proper orientation. Otherwise it will be rejected and will come out. The car registration is a must to renew after every three years. For registration renewal it is important to make a new Fahas and then then pay for registration fee. The registration fee is 150 Saudi Riyals. After inserting the card in the machine you should put your four 4 digit ATM code or pin issued to you by bank. After putting the pin, you will get the next screen on the ATM machine. I am not showing this person ATM pin on camera but as I instructed, you should have to put in the pin here on the screen. On the very fist screen on the ATM machine we will select the Government Services from the side way selection buttons. On the next screen we will select Motor Vehicle Services from the side ways selection buttons. On the next screen on the ATM machine select the Ownership Fee side way selection button. Then on the next screen on the ATM machine go to the Renew Vehicle Registration side way selection button and press the button for selection. Then on the next screen on the ATM machine you should select Payment from the selection side way button. Press the button to select this option. Now it needs to enter current owner ID number. Take your Iqama from your pocket and enter the Iqama number from your Iqama card here. Your Iqama number is the current user ID number. After entering all the ID number you should press on the Confirm side way selection button. Then it will ask Please enter Vehicle Sequence number. The Vehicle Sequence number you can get from your Istimara or vehicle registration card. It is written as Raqam Tasulsuly on the right down corner on the top of bar code. Then press confirm button to make your information confirmed. Now it is processing your request and looking for online information from vehicle registration Maroor. Now on this screen it is asking for 150 Saudi Riyals to be cut from your ATM card. It is asking final confirmation from you. You should proceed by pressing Yes on the side ways selection buttons. It will bring off a receipt of 150 Saudi Riyals on paper. This is your receipt only and it is no more needed to you for renewal. So if this receipt don’t come due to any reason, don’t panic. In the result of this all process it will cut 150 Saudi Riyals from your ATM card to make your payment as vehicle registration renewal. This payment already went to the Maroor vehicle renewal service and now you will sit on your computer and will login to your Absher and access your vehicle renewal to proceed further. Then the Absher will point you in the end that the process completed and you can visit any Maroor center to get your new registration card printed there.

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15 thoughts on “How to pay vehicle registration fee in Saudi Arabia تجديد رخصة قيادة

  1. Seems simple enough 😀

    In the uk a car has to have a yearly m.o.t checkup for safety.
    insurance every year for road accidents.
    road tax every year.
    We pay for everyone.

    We must have passed our driving test once in our lifetime.
    The car has to be registered to our name, we are the owner, only needs to be done once,
    unless we sell it to someone else later on.

  2. really easy payment system would like to have this system in uk another good informative video when are the toyota corolla videos coming I'm missing them thank you (ustaad ji)

  3. Salaam sir are you back in pakistan or somewhere else bringing your outstanding knowledge to another country

  4. Salaam sir I know the Saudis don't really like pakistani people a person of your calibre will find a job any where in the world Insha Allah

  5. جو سچا پاکستانی ہے وہ نواز گانڈو اور زرداری گانڈو کی گانڈ میں اپنا ووٹ نہ دے شکریہ

  6. Salaam sir our own country is OK for me I'm from azaad kashmir side nobody really works back home they all rely on family sending money from abroad good luck

  7. Bhai, how to pay transfer fee from toyoto to my name. It is fully oaid now and toyota said i will pay the transfer fee by absher…. Can you teach me do this one… Thank you….

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