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How To Parallel Park (2019)

How To Parallel Park (2019)

in this video I’m going to show you guys
how to Parallel Park to pass your driving test and here’s what my students are
saying about the parallel parking technique that I’m going to share with
you guys Mandeep did an awesome job teaching my daughter how to parallel park
after having some trouble passing her driving test she passed and was able to
parallel park in 18 seconds! 18 seconds guys
can you believe that? the same method that you guys are going to learn she
used the same technique and she was able to parallel park in 18 seconds I think
that’s a record. so comment below if you guys break that record in your driving
test here’s another one Mandeep was a great teacher oh thank you so much and
his parallel parking technique was a fool proof so this student used the same
parallel parking technique that I’m just going to share with you guys and here’s
another one he helped me pass my parallel parking not
just for driving tests but for everyday life as well I tell you guys this parallel
parking technique that I’m about to show you guys it’s definitely going to help
you in your driving test but this parallel parking technique it will also help
you in everyday life as well if I need to parallel park somewhere I use the same
parallel parking technique that I’m going
show you guys right now so it’s good for your driving test and it’s good for daily
life as well so let’s go in the car and look at this awesome parallel parking
technique ok guys so in this parallel parking video we are not just going to
look at how to do parallel parking but we will also look at what are the general
mistakes the most common general mistakes
when students are doing parallel parking in their driving test so the step number
one is your signal so right now we are in parked position here
and the curb is on the right side so that means before we start doing our
parallel parking before we start moving we have to indicate and shoulder check so
if the curb is on the right-hand side then we signal left left and left shoulder check
to indicate other drivers other traffic that we are going to start moving from
parked position as we are approaching to the space where we want to parallel park
we put the right signal on to indicate the traffic behind us that we are going
to parallel park here now obviously in a parking lot there is not a lot of traffic
but in your driving test you still have to show to your examiner that you know
about the rules okay so in Manitoba they ask you to do the parallel parking in
MPI parking lot. A lot of time it’s gonna be empty there’s not a lot of traffic
but you have to pretend like you’re on a busy street and you’re checking traffic
all the time so that’s why the signals are very important when you’re
doing parallel parking in your driving test if you don’t put the signal on
they will deduct points In Manitoba if you don’t put the left signal on
that’s a one-point deduction if you don’t shoulder check that’s
another point second deduction and if you don’t have your
right signal on that’s gonna be a deduction as well
they will also check how far your car is from the poles so when you’re parallel
parking you should have about two feet distance or maximum three feet from the
yellow post now you have to same idea here you have to pretend like you’re on
a busy street you’re not in a parking lot and you should be in the middle of
the street when you’re doing this parallel parking okay so if you’re too
far from the yellow post that means you’re blocking the whole street that
means you’re in the left lane and you’re blocking all the traffic so let’s
continue our parallel parking so now we have our right blinker on then we look
for this yellow post so this yellow post right here represent the back side
of the car so we are looking for this yellow post in the back triangular
window of our car so now we see a yellow post here and the most common
question I get asked is okay this is great Mandeep but if I’m taking my
personal car and if I don’t have that triangular window in my car what I do
that’s a very good question if you don’t have that triangular window in your car
and you’re gonna be taking a personal car for your driving test you can simply
look for this yellow pole or you can line up the yellow pole with the back
seat same thing in real-life situation if you want to be parking in
between the cars this yellow pole will represent the back
side of this car so the brake light or the rear bumper of the car so when you
see that yellow post here the next step to our next step for our parallel
parking is to shift into reverse check on both sides make sure
there’s no traffic again remember you have to pretend like you’re doing this
on a busy street not in a empty parking lot so you’re checking traffic you’re
looking for pedestrians you’re looking for cyclists all right so you want to
show that your examiner need to see that you’re checking you’re doing your
360 check when you’re doing parallel parking so crank the wheel all the way
to the right check again so left shoulder check again just to make sure
it’s cleared and then we start to back up now the next step is as you’re
reversing for your parallel parking I want you to look in the left mirror here we
are looking for two yellow poles in the left mirror now in real life the two
yellow poles they will represent the front headlights of that second car so
right now we just gonna focus on more on the left mirror you should be looking
around when you’re looking in your mirror your this mirror is your
main focus but at the same time you still wanna look around to make sure
you’re not gonna interfere with something okay so now we see a yellow
pole here so we are looking we need to see both yellow we see
one and now we see both yellow poles in the left mirror so basically what we are
doing is we are setting the angle of the car so now we have both yellow poles in
the left mirror and in real life that’s that’s gonna be the front of the
second car so now we can straighten out our tires so we turn the steering one
and half time to the left and then we back and straight now guys this step
right here is the most important step when you’re doing parallel parking if
you back up too much that means you’re gonna bump into the curb or you if
you’re going too fast you can go over the curb as well and that’s gonna be
automatic fail now in Manitoba if you bump into the
curb you don’t lose any points but I know in lot of other provinces if you
bump into the curb that’s an automatic fail so make sure when you’re reversing
you can look in your right mirror to gauge your distance and that judgement
it’s obviously it’s gonna come with more practice more experience and that’s why
you have to parallel park as many times as you can before you go for your
driving test so what you’re looking for is when you’re backing off you want to
see when you notice the back tire is about a foot away or ten inches or
12 inches away from the curb that’s when you turn the steering completely to the
left side and then back up more okay so now it’s a very important step
so let’s watch it again okay so here this is a perfect distance so the back
tire of the car is about our 10 or 12 inches from the curb that’s when I will
crank the wheel all the way to the left and then I back up more as I’m reversing
I’m still looking in my mirror to make sure I’m not going too close to the curb
and I’m also doing I’m also looking over my shoulder to make sure I’m not going
to close or to the back car here okay so now the when the car is parallel to
the curb that’s when we stop you can move forward to center yourself and when
you’re examiner give you the okay you’re parallel parking is perfect before
you move out you have to signal left again left shoulder check to indicate
that you’re going back in the traffic

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31 thoughts on “How To Parallel Park (2019)

  1. Just a friendly note regarding your videos. Would you please turn down the level of background music? It's way too high that making it hard to hear you talking. Music is not a necessity here since the purpose is to teach. Thanks.

  2. I watched one of your videos on left turns before my driving exam. I remembered what you said & I passed my exam & now I have my license. You’re an awesome teacher ! Greetings From the US

  3. i failed my drivers test because i couldn't understand his language , even tho i asked for a English speaking trainer , but his accent was thick and the dmv said he was English . this is not fair if i cant understand him especially when he tried to tell me to be in certain lanes, the dmv said nothing they can do because he speaks English but you cant understand because his English was not very good.

  4. AST: Angle, Straight and turn.
    1. Turn steering right to make car point 45 degrees
    2. Recover wheels to straight to continue reversing towards curb
    3. (Hardest part) gauging about 1 ft away from curb, hard turn left.

  5. It's difficult to judge 1ft distance from the kerb in the final step .Could you tell any other reference point?

  6. constructuve advice: too much talking irrelevant things, like wasting 2 minutes at the beginning, i recomend please concentrate on the technique, and your videos will be more valuable.

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  9. your video is just a piece of crap, it does not help parallel parking, parallel parking depends on steering techniques rather useless commentary which makes it more complicated.

  10. On your 3 point you don't need to make judgement just look for the front poll to line up with your other mirror then rotate the wheel and turn in.

  11. Hi, I was having trouble parallel parking. My mom and I came across your video, and I practiced what you said. I finally passed my test. Your technique really helped, thank you so much!

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