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How to Network and Grow PROPERLY on Twitch

How to Network and Grow PROPERLY on Twitch

What’s up guys, welcome back once again
to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel where we aim to teach you everything you
need to know to make it as a successful streamer or content creator in the
gaming niche. so today we’re going to be looking at 5 tips to help you network as
a Twitch streamer and I know that networking, that word just makes me think
of LinkedIn and CV’s and emails and things like that because it’s such a business-ey
word, but it really is an important skill that you’re going to need to learn
to grow as a Twitch streamer, because it will really help you grow as long as you
do it right. So today we’re going to be covering five tips, let’s jump in! Tip number one is to be genuine, and you can apply this tip across all of the other
tips I’m going to be sharing in this video. There is no point networking
unless you are being genuine, it is not about racing up the ladder and trying to
get yourself to the top of the Twitch directories, it’s about building bridges
and actually building real relationships and friendships with other people in the
community who may in turn help you as you help them. Trust me there is no
bigger turnoff than somebody coming into discord or you know messaging you on
Twitter and saying hey can you check out my channel, can you promote it, can you
share it? If you’re just going to be spamming your Twitch URL or your
latest video to people, people are going to see straight through that.
You’re just trying to help yourself, you’re not honestly trying to build a
real friendship and a real relationship and that can end up damaging your brand
rather than helping it. If however you are genuine and you’re building real
relationships and friendships with people then over time these people are
going to be helping you as much as you help them, so really I want to drill that
point home, the biggest takeaway from networking is that you have to be
genuine and not spammy and just trying to promote yourself. Tip number two is to
be active on at least 3 different platforms and for me I recommend that
those are Twitch or whatever website your streaming to but I imagine most of
you are streaming to Twitch, Discord and Twitter. I think these are the key
three to have in your tool kit because that is where I believe the majority of
the community are socializing, hanging out and active.
So let’s cover those in a little bit more detail. So first of all Twitch, that
might sound a little bit strange because you’re already streaming to Twitch so
maybe you know I’m already active on Twitch, but I’m talking more about the
other people that are streaming on Twitch.
Maybe you stream a small game that only gets you know a couple of thousand
people watching across the whole directory. Really find those other
channels that are streaming your game go and hang out in those channels, take part
in the chat don’t just be promoting yourself but actually be genuinely
interested in the people that are streaming it. Ask them questions and
hopefully they’ll ask you questions back, remember this isn’t a short-term
hang out on their stream once and then send them your link at the end of
the stream. I really want to discourage that, it’s more about finding people that
you really enjoy watching, hanging out in their chat and actually making a real
friendship. Secondly let’s look at Discord. Now Discord has only been
around for a few years but it’s kind of hard to imagine streaming and gaming life
without it. It’s had that big of an impact. A lot of your favorite streamers probably
have their own Discord channels that are busy and bustling with lots of people
talking, even after the streamers ended people are still talking about things,
movies, whatever but that is the sign of a great community that the
streamer has built one that keeps going even when the stream is down. So what I
want you to do is to get involved in some of these streamers Discord’s. People
that you genuinely do like, get in there and talk to people, help people out, people
are always having questions about streaming or whatnot and if you can help
people out you’re gonna get recognized in that community and it’s all about
getting your name out there, because you know one day maybe they stumble across
your stream and they recognize the name. Again, as always please do not just join
Discord servers and spam people or message people with your link asking
them to check out your stream, it’s gonna damage your reputation more than it’s
going to help it, and maybe a quick tip is if you haven’t yet joined the Gaming
Careers Discord, there’s so many people I think over 600 people now all talking
about streaming and helping each other out so there is an opportunity to chat
in there as well. Eventually you might get to the point
where you want to start your own Discord server but that might be a little bit
further down the line. I would encourage doing that when you know you’re gonna
get quite a few members and there’s going to be quite a lot of
chitter chatter, because if you’re doing it right from the beginning and you’re
only getting a few people joining they’re probably going to leave when
they see that it’s not that active in the Discord, so I would encourage being
active in other people’s Discord’s before building your own as you grow your
audience. The final of the three platform that we’re going to talk about is
Twitter, now I have held off on Twitter for such a long time, when I started this
channel I decided to make a Twitter account and I haven’t really done that
much with it until recently. Over the last three to six months I’ve really
understood what Twitter is all about and there’s so many streamers on there
talking and messaging each other and including each other and mentioning each
other’s streams and things like that. It’s such an important community to get
yourselves involved in, there’s some great hashtags to follow like support
small streamers, there’s hundreds of people that are
going through the process of getting affiliate and partnership and this is a
really great way to network with different people and you know ask
questions and really involve yourself. Pretty much every streamer has a Twitter
so if you go and check out somebody on Twitch you’ve really enjoyed it why
don’t you just send them a tweet afterwards saying really enjoyed
watching your stream and tag them. People love seeing themselves mentioned in
Twitter comments so I would definitely recommend getting active on Twitter,
follow Gaming Careers whilst you’re at it, we try and share some motivational
posts on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as loads of useful information so get
yourself a Twitter account. Tip number three is to take advantage of hosting or
auto hosting on Twitch. For those of you that don’t know, you can host other
channels when you’re not online on Twitch, so say somebody comes to your
Twitch page you’re not online, you can actually be hosting somebody else’s
stream so they’ll still get to watch somebody else’s stream through your page
and Twitch makes it super obvious that they’re not watching you and you’re
watching somebody else and that you’ve chosen to host that person. But it’s a
really great way not only to show your support to fellow Twitch streamers,
people that you’re networking with, but also to keep the live entertainment
going after you finish your stream. Twitch actually made it even easier with
a feature called auto host which is somewhere in your settings in the
backend of Twitch, you can basically fill out a list of streamers and Twitch
will pick from those anybody that is live as soon as you finish streaming, and
automatically host one of these other streamers. Another great way to help
others and grow your channel. Tip number four is to interact with other streamers
on these platforms and I’ve kind of covered this but I want to really drill
home a point here. If somebody comes into your stream and maybe you’re a brand-new
streamer and you don’t get many viewers, but somebody comes in and they start
talking to you on chat, find that person on Twitter and tweet them after they’ve
finished watching your stream and just say thanks for stopping by.
People love seeing that kind of thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s a viewer or
somebody that subscribed maybe or somebody that hosted you, just be
involved in thanking them through these social medias or add them to your auto
host list. It’s really about helping others as you would like to be helped
yourselves, and don’t expect anything back, you’re purely doing that because
you enjoyed them stopping by your stream or you enjoyed them hosting a stream and
you wanted to say thank you, and that’s all you’re doing, is being genuine and
thanking them later. I’ve put a couple of examples on stream now of some of the
Gaming Careers community that I see doing this and they’re doing it really
well. People love seeing these mentions on Twitter and some of
them will retweet it or like it or however they want to show their
appreciation. Tip number five is all about helping newcomers as you would
have liked to have been helped yourself. Twitch is a scary place for newcomers
and maybe there are some streamers that are coming into your directory that have
lower view counts than you. It’s not all about going for people that have higher
view counts and trying to network with them, as I said this is about building
real friendships with people so reach out to a newcomer, help them out,
maybe they have some technical questions about OBS or all sorts of things like
that. You can really make a difference to
somebody stream and if people see that you’re doing that in a genuine way, it’s
only going to help you. Maybe write a guide on Medium or on Reddit or
something like that, help somebody in some way, people are really going to
appreciate that and are much more likely to reciprocate in some sort of support. I
could keep going forever with these tips about networking and in particular I’d
love to talk a bit more about networking at conventions and meetups and things
like that especially as Twitchcon isn’t that far away, but I’ll probably save
that for another video. So thank you very much for watching, as always thank you to
our patrons for supporting the Gaming Careers YouTube channel
through our page at slash Gaming Careers. If you’d also like to
check it out and consider supporting as little as a dollar, there’s some perks
including promotion of your livestream through our discord so be sure to check
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you in the next video. Peace! [Music]

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