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How to Negotiate Used Luxury Car Even If Your Bad At Sales

How to Negotiate Used Luxury Car Even If Your Bad At Sales

hey everybody this is a Bryan b
here and we’re back with another video we’re gonna be talking about how to
negotiate use luxury cars even if you’re bad at sales yep
you don’t have to be great at sales but I will say this you do need to basically
how you’re negotiating and that’s how you get the deal right and there’s just
a couple things that you need to be informed on so you want to go in there
and be informed talking to these dealers because that’s believe they’re informed
that this is their job that’s what they do so you don’t want them to have the
upper hand I would say you just you want to know all the information so you can
go go at it with them so look at some of my notes if you see me turn my head that
is what I am doing so first thing is if you know if you haven’t the CARFAX
report right of this car that you’re looking at it kind of see it shows you
where the car is being serviced so you want to see this used car if it’s
basically if it’s always serviced at the dealer or they’re using third parties or
something like that if it’s serviced at the dealer right that’s good if it’s not
that gives you a little negotiating power the next thing is we want to know
the production date of the car because that lets you know if the car is still
under warranty or not so usually all cars have manufacturer
warranties you can the dealer knows whether you can call the dealer of the
particular make and model and they can tell you what it is but if it’s out of
warranty right that’s obviously a little bit more leverage because there’s more
stuff that you will have to cover out-of-pocket if it goes wrong another
thing is you want to be straight with the dealer I don’t know that you you’re
trying to make a deal don’t try to lowball them
like know your numbers and I’m not saying come no your max and basically
come in and you come in a little bit lower than your max and then once you
get to your max that’s what it is it’s like don’t don’t let them sell you on
something different next you want to know if you’re doing your research have
you seen the other videos you want to know the car in demand or not right if
the car and the man and there’s a lot on the market you have the leverage and now
if there’s not as much on the market then yeah they’re gonna be a little bit
more harder to get them to drop that price but at the end of the day remember
price is everything we don’t really care so much about the the payments right we
want the price and you can get the best price you can go refinance the financing
right and make the payments work but at the end of the day it’s how much are we
paying right also understand that the dealers usually use they tell you Kelly
Blue Book but they use that wholesale price and if you look at the another one
of our videos were just talking about wholesale pricing right you don’t know
how to find that out the next thing is understand whatever price that they’re
giving you the dealers usually have a three to five cake markup on that price
so best believe they’re trying to make some money and that’s fine if they want
to make some money but they’re not gonna make it on you and then let’s see always
act like you’re in a couple of models right meaning that there’s other places
other dealerships that can get you the car in if you know it ain’t bring it in
me like look all right I know you’re offering this car for let’s say thirty
thousand but there’s another car that’s a newer model at this place right and
they’re offering it for twenty seven so how are you not going to give me that
deal are you really trying to move this price another negotiation tip especially
for exotic cars that it’s good is it you know when the dealer got the car and
you can find this on the CARFAX report but you know when the dealer actually
took possession of the car right and if it’s like 90 days if they’ve had it from
like 60 to 90 days already they need to get that car off their
books or they’re gonna have to start paying interest so you coming in knowing
that you know that that they don’t want to lose money but they want it if they
can even break even they’re willing to let you get the best deal for that car
and then that’s pretty much that’s pretty much it and they always
understand in the negotiation whatever that price is you want to always say
you’re gonna get a pre-purchase inspection or in the industry they call
it a PPI right when you get the PPI that is your backup you don’t want any
surprises a couple things to pp I don’t even let the PPI at the dealership get
it from a third party because the dealer is trying to pull the wool over your
eyes so with that being said that’s exactly some tips on how to go in and
negotiate negotiate with the dealer so click the link below there’s some more
information in there thanks for your time and look forward to seeing you in
the next video

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