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How to Negotiate a Car Deal (And Save Big)

How to Negotiate a Car Deal (And Save Big)

car-buying will always suck because
every time you buy a car you’ll never have a clue if you got the best deal or
if you didn’t there’s really no way to know how much money a dealer’s making
off of you every time you buy a car but in this video I’m gonna cover the three
key steps to negotiating a car deal so that you can at least get the best deal
possible so if you follow these steps in order you’ll at least be more prepared
to negotiate a car the next time you need to and you might just learn
something as well now if you just stumbled across this video I’m Jason
with the honest finance Channel I like to talk a lot about different financial
subjects so if you’re interested in this type of content feel free to subscribe
or at least give the video a like and now on to car buying negotiation now the
first key step in order to properly negotiate a car deal is research what
I’m saying here is that you have to do your homework on the type of car you’re
looking for before you even bother going to the dealership just think of it like
this okay the goal of the dealership is to make money and your goal is to save
money so in order to do that you’ve got to start by doing your research I mean
seriously how do you expect to negotiate a car deal if you have no idea what the
car you’re looking at is even worth just don’t be stupid with this okay just do
your homework and you’ll be just fine so while you’re doing the research for
the car that you’re looking for these are the two websites that I recommend
using I want you to visit and because both of these
websites are gonna give you really good information on what your car is worth
the specs and different reviews and things like that
they both do a great job at letting you know how much your car is worth in the
particular region that you live in what these websites do is they allow you to
plug in all the different specs and information about the cars you’re
looking for and then they’ll tell you what’s a fair price that you should be
paying now you can use Kelley Blue Book as well but what I’m trying to say here
is that if you just go online and do some research you’re gonna be in a lot
better position to negotiate a car and seriously if you don’t do your research
you’re gonna end up in a car that you didn’t want in the first place and
you’re gonna want to sell it in six months because you hate it so just do
your research before you go to the dealership and you’ll be just fine
now the next key step is to actually negotiate the price of the car that
you’re buying I’m gonna tell you exactly how to negotiate
car deal so the first thing you want to do is you want to get on the phone and
you want to call every single dealer that’s in your area and find out what
they want for the specific car that you’re looking for now if they do want
their business they’ll just tell you the real numbers over the phone so that you
don’t have to play a bunch of games and you can just go into the right
dealership that you want to now if they tell you that you have to come into the
dealership in order to get the price then don’t even bother doing business
with them because they’re not giving you the respect that you deserve right from
the beginning now once you’ve made all the phone calls
and you’re confident which dealership you want to go with go ahead and head
over that now once you’ve gotten to the dealership and you find this specific
car that you want you need to lock in that price first thing and I’m talking
about the exact price of the car and not the monthly payment because monthly
payments can fluctuate just based on changing the terms so let’s say that the
car you’re looking for is listed for fourteen nine and that’s a pretty good
price based on the research that you’ve already done now you’ve already got a
good starting point because of the phone calls and the research that you’ve done
but you don’t know how much the dealerships paid for it maybe they only
paid thirteen five for the car but you have no idea now if that were actually
true they could potentially make about fourteen hundred bucks off of that deal
and that’s not even including a trade-in or financing different things like that
and I know that businesses need to make a profit in order to stay in business
but there’s a point where they’re just making too much money off of one deal
and seriously 1,400 bucks isn’t even that much compared to some of the really
expensive used cars and the margins that they haven’t knows now that’s the thing
that really sucks about buying cars these days is because you have no idea
how much money they’re making in the deal there’s no transparency when it
comes to buying cars from the consumers point of view so what you can do is you
can at least try your best to negotiate the best deal possible so that you don’t
have to think about it now this is how you negotiate the car’s price but you’ve
got to be confident in order to make this happen now if you’ve got a timid
type personality then you’ve got to understand that you are always gonna get
screwed on these kind of deals unless you fake your confidence so I don’t
really care if you’re not naturally the confident type you’ve just got to fake
it in order to make this happen so this is what you’ve got to do you’ve got to
start with an asking price that’s fair and realistic for the amount of money
that you actually want to pay for the car so for instance let’s say that you
lowball and you ask for $9,000 for the car
well the salesman is just gonna politely walk you out of the dealership and say
have a good day because that’s not fair and that’s not a realistic price the
dealership does have bills to pay and the salesman probably wants to keep his
job so just make a realistic and a fair offer here if it were me personally I
would offer $13,900 for the car and I would stand by that price and the only thing
that sucks here is that you have no idea how much money they’re making on that
car but just be confident in your offer and you’ll be just fine and you won’t
have buyer’s remorse and you can be confident here because you at least know
based on your research that the car is worth a little bit more than that you
just don’t know how much the dealership is gonna make off the deal so just be ok
with the number that you got from the research and the offer that you’re
making on the car so that you can be confident so right after you make the
offer the salesman will say something like well let me go talk to my manager
that’s a really low offer we’ll see what we can do now he’s gonna come back with
a pen and paper and he’s gonna write down a bunch of financing and a bunch of
numbers and all sorts of stuff like that but the only thing you need to pay
attention to is the actual price of the car and my bet is that the number on the
car is going to be $14,500 which is not the $13,900 that you asked for
he’ll still make you feel bad that the company’s not making any money
and that that’s about the maximum amount of money that they can sell the car to
you for and if it were actually true that they weren’t making any money on
the car and at this point they would just walk you out of the dealership and
they’d say have a nice day because they really do need to make a profit on the
car so just keep in mind that if they’re not kicking you out of the dealership
then you’re still worth their time to them so from my personal experience I
was in sales for five years and I can tell you that there is always a point in
a negotiation where it’s still worth getting the sale there’s always going to
be a point where the salesman can either make it happen or he’s got to have you
leave so even if the salesman’s Commission has been completely
slaughtered by your offer it still might be worth it to them because of monthly
sales and yearly sales that they’re trying to keep track of so at this point
just ignore all the numbers on the paper and focus in on the price tell the
salesman that you can’t afford anything but the $13,900 that you offered
and that you’ll just leave if they can’t do that for you now at this point he’ll
go back to the manager once again and then he’ll come back with a new
number this time it’ll be $14,200 and he will tell you straight up that they have
no money to be made on that car so now just be confident here and offer
once again the $13,900 and just tell him that you’ll leave and seriously don’t
feel bad if you need to leave here because it’s really easy to just go to
one of those other dealerships that you already called and work with them
instead so now the salesman will leave to his manager once again and this time
the manager will come back with the salesman now if they can’t afford your
offer you’ll know that by now but at this point you’re going to be talking to
the salesman and the manager now when you’re talking to them they’re gonna
give you a whole bunch of bullcrap about how they’re not making any money and how
fourteen thousand dollars is the lowest they could possibly go on the car now
I’d say fourteen thousand dollars is close enough to the thirty-nine that you
offered so just say yes and make it happen the thing that sucks here is that
if they would have just offered fourteen thousand from the very beginning you
probably would have been just fine with that and you wouldn’t have had to waste
any time but that’s part of the negotiation process because if you don’t
go back and forth a few times then they’re likely to make more money off of
the deal and then obviously you on the other hand are gonna be spending more
money on the car I’d say that going back and forth about three times is usually
the magic number and I’m sorry that this sucks but you’re gonna have to do it
every single time you buy a car in order to get the best deal now I’m not gonna
go into a ton of detail here but if you’ve got a trade-in you’re gonna have
to do the same stupid game once again you’ve got to make sure that you get an
excellent trade price too otherwise you’re just gonna end up breaking even
so basically if you get a really good price on your car but you’ve got a
really crappy trade-in then that’s not gonna work overall you’ve got to get
your trade up here where it’s even so that you get the best deal overall now I
do want to make a point here that if you’ve got a trade-in for the dealership
keep in mind that most states will actually subtract the total of your
trade amount from the total price of the car helping you with the sales tax so
let’s say that you buy a twenty five thousand dollar car and you have a
trade-in that’s worth $12,000 so let’s pretend that the sales tax rate in your
state is about seven percent so what this means is that you’re only gonna pay
sales tax on the difference which is thirteen thousand dollars instead of the
twenty five thousand dollars that you started at so if you’ve got a car that
you want to sell that’s actually worth a lot of
then it might be worth considering going through the trade through the dealership
so let’s say that you have a car that’s worth like $5,000 and the dealership
only offers you $3,000 for the car well even with the tax advantage it’s not
gonna be worth that extra $2,000 so you’d be better off just selling it
on your own and whether or not you want to sell your car on your own or do a
trade through the dealership that’s just up to you I’ve done plenty of trades and
they’ve worked out fine now that you’ve negotiated the price of
the car and the trade-in it’s time for the final key step of negotiation which
is the financing now this part of the negotiation process can really screw you
over so pay attention as to what to do when it comes to financing the first
thing you want to do is you want to make sure you get the best interest rate for
the car loan that you’re trying to get a lot of dealers will actually get a tiny
little cut of the interest rates so it might be in your best interest to check
with your banks before you go into the dealership to check their rates but I’ve
actually found that a lot of the big dealerships are pretty honest when it
comes to competitive rates so what you see at a bank is going to be exactly the
same as what they’re offering you just do a little bit of homework here so that
you have an idea if they’re getting a cut or if they’re not getting a cut so
once you’ve got the interest rate figured out you’ve got to also
understand that you’ve still got taxes and fees associated with your car as
well now taxes and fees totally suck when it
comes to buying a car but I’m gonna teach you how to tell if it’s a tax or
if it’s just a bullcrap fee for the dealership to make more money the way
that you can tell that it’s a legit feed that you have to pay is if you don’t pay
sales tax on the fee you’re not gonna have to pay sales tax on a state
registration or a licensing fee or anything like that and if you do have to
pay sales tax on the fee then that’s a good reminder that it’s probably a fee
that you don’t have to pay there’s a couple fees that I’ve always gotten used
to and one is called VTR and the other one is called the doc fee now VTR which
they call vehicle theft registration is usually about 300 bucks and I’ve always
been able to get out of that one now the other feed that I’m used to is called
the doc fee which is also about 300 bucks but I have never been able to get
out of the document fee so if you have let me know in the comments because I’ve
tried really hard and I’ve never been able to get out of it now at this point
during the financing you want to make sure that you get all the applicable
rebates and all the different things associated with saving money on the
vehicle now if the dealership offers you an
extended warranty or some sort of an interior cleaning protection program
keep in mind that those are negotiable – I’m not gonna go into a bunch of detail
here but just don’t pay full price for an extended warranty if you want
something like that and don’t pay full price for some carpet cleaning thing
either now finally after all of this is done you can sign the paperwork and you
can drive away knowing that you negotiated the car the best that you
possibly could and now you don’t have to have buyer’s remorse like most of us do
after we buy a car now once again I’m Jason with the honest finance Channel if
you did find this video helpful feel free to subscribe to my channel or at
least give this video a like that’s all

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