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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 9

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 9

come on I don’t want to break the glass
look Trash! Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! So, i apologize for the heater one of my
garage doors my 16-foot door got bent yes bent during a 40 mile an hour wind
storm last night so the heaters having trouble keeping up with the now to
completely non-existent door seal so that sucks because I think my insurance
deductible is half the cost of a new door wonderful anyway so this is the
second tub adapter from NRG that I’ve ordered this one claims it’s
specifically for every 944 model which is a complete lie because yes I’m in a
bad mood today so especially cuz this is the second
fucking thing I’ve ordered so if you go and you put it on the shaft there’s not
enough threads left to get a nut on because they completely screwed up this
post here so what I have to do is figure out what angle this taper is at then I
have to order a tapered bit and I have to machine this down probably probably
have to machine the damn thing down at least 15 millimeters in order to get it
to seat properly right there and this is the only one they have I’ve tried both
of them there’s two of them that they claim that will fit the 944 this one
fits better than the other one the other one was even worse but the problem with
this one is as you can see there’s no horn ring so in order to keep in order
to keep my horn the only way I can keep it is to have do what like the really
really high-end racecars do which is have like a curly cord hanging and then
when you turn your wheel the cord wraps around here
but to me that’s dangerous because it’s a 3.5 turn steering rack I just can’t
imagine that working so I’m either gonna have to have a more a horn button up
here with the rest of the control panel or I’m gonna have to have a foot horn I
mean that’s probably it would be safer and then give the Navigator their own
foot horn I don’t know what else to do because a brand new turn signal module
is three hundred and fifty dollars which is a complete fucking ripoff and then to
get this to work with that turn signal module I’d probably spend at least two
weeks 3d printing and prototyping a new horn ring so fuck that and fuck this
stupid NRG bullshit where they lie to you about what their parts fit on so I’m
pretty fucking pissed and now I have to custom machine my own goddamn short hub
because NRG can’t bother to try their hub on the vehicles they claim they fit so after that rant I’m just gonna work
on the hatch because I want to get the hatch like ready ready like I want the
hatch done unfortunately whenever I work on the
hatch the ooh that’s interesting whenever I work on the hatch you guys
have trouble seeing because of the giant light shining down and trust me it’s
blinding me too you’re not the only one having trouble
so I do apologize though but this is the best I got right now I can’t turn the
light off because then I can’t see anything man that is bright oh boy of course it’s so old and rotten
it’s no I’m gonna end up having to rip this wing off oh hell okay there’s only one thing I can think
of to try probably not gonna go well just put that out there to begin with actually gonna have to steal it from my
engine over here and I got parts and bolts and I got a pulley kit coming in
so it just sucks because every frickin time I work on the engine there’s more
shit I have to buy that I didn’t want to buy I didn’t know I needed damn it that
drill bits not the right size and this thing is completely destroyed like it’s
jammed permanently with that one drill bit so we’re gonna have to and no that’s
the wrong size too it’s like I got a lot of stuff scattered around right now
because of the this is not gonna be good nope nope nope well I have to do it the hard way then nope that’s where they were see how it’s
a 3/8 Hey
wonderful metal shavings everywhere okay now I need to figure out what size screw
it is and drill the head off so probably I think a 1360 force will do the job you
kidding me what the fuck it’s not cutting it all I have a feeling that’s gonna be really
tough to take off oh boy question is why are these not being cut
by the drill bit there it goes there we go so much cleanup to do
myzel move that way these well I say I need metal shavings in my side markers come on I want to break the glass
what trash apparently those are studs that can’t be repaired wonderful luckily
they make they make fiberglass replacements not that I would need to
add that weight trash mess okay long as I didn’t break any glass oh that’s
disgusting looks like I can use those holes for the spring hold-downs
granted that’s really really close to the glass that is scary close to the
glass probably leave these I mean I know it looks kind of janky with them like
that but I mean put put the screws back in the side piece
there mm-hm
before I accidentally suck up all these bolts of course start back at the
toolbox and that is not good that heater is
running a lot it’s gonna cost me a lot of money okay so right okay a lot eat it would be a lot easier
if I actually had a freaking air compressor those new hatch struts are super fucking
strong it’s gonna be a problem mm whoops not be smart so mad about that
hub adapter that’s such a load of shit I can’t fucking try a product you claim
fits on a car okay so you have to disconnect the struts and lower the
hatch down that one I still haven’t found a safety pin that will fit in
there which is scary to say the least this is still frustrating that it even
doesn’t have a normal I would say the hatch struts it makes the hatch twice as
heavy is it is just like this oh man that looks ugly as hell and I need to
plug that with a grommet don’t need to 3d print anything sturdy printing a
grommet probably wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds but after that issues ahead
with that okay time to waste some blue towels what the hell Oh Oh God
poor car Oh I’m gonna have to be super careful with
the way I put these locks in because there’s barely anything between the
holes and the glass I mean wow and this will also help prevent a vortex
from being generated that will suck exhaust fumes into the cabin and yes it
looks awful but it’s a off-road race car you don’t need downforce when you’re
only going 80 miles an hour on average especially considering half the time
you’re going to be completely sideways anyway I really wish I had put a towel
dispenser on this side of the wall I really didn’t think I’d be doing much
work over here but apparently more work than I anticipated okay now they’re
clean so what we’ll do one more round then we’ll be done with that put that
back in the warm bathroom okay so we’ll do the hatch and then and the car body all of this will have
to be probably we’re gonna repaint some of this stuff where there’s rust showing
through like here before we put the tail lights back on
so not too worried about getting simple green on it and probably don’t present
any wax on it anyway but one more one more okay so how these work are you have
these two little things which I would say I’m not going to Rivet it I’m going
to bolt it that hook on so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hang the spring
from the top like that down hopefully down here will be enough force to lock
this hatch out watertight I don’t know it’s going to be kind of a shit show
with those how new those struts are and I’m probably gonna do one right here and
do it like off to the side here so it keeps the hatch from moving side to side
I mean or I could just move that ones all yeah I forgot to check that one’s
all filled with shit that’s nasty yeah probably should have checked the holes
and made sure they were they are not clean you know that seal is
messed up okay more blue towels to waste may I need to seriously gonna buy
another one of those it’s a two pack and it’s actually super cheap because they
just want you to get addicted to the tall’s themselves so buying the
dispenser is actually cheaper than buying towels which should tell you
right then and there that you shouldn’t buy it because it’s a gimmick to get you
to buy the towels but you don’t have to use their brand of towels and there’s
ways to get them cheaper by pretending like you’re gonna subscribe and then
after they arrive you unsubscribe but we can see our new custom hat shield did
the job it captured any water that would have got in and I’m gonna obviously do a
really heavy hose test on it before I ever start driving the car but okay so
that should be that really worried about that glass breaking cuz it just the
hatch just seems so flexible you know you go over a jump in bye-bye hatch then
I’ll have to get a fiberglass hatch which is at least 500 I think it’s more
than 500 now it looks better and I’m pretty sure it’ll clear the roll cage
but it’s a lot of money so the dilemma is do I put hook hook hook hook you know
straight forward and I tried to order these in black the the picture even had
black but obviously they’re not so but you know if I put the hook like this the
other problem is I don’t think I have the right bolts that would fit I have a
assortment of bolts coming in but basically I put the hook here stretch it
down over this metal piece to hold it and then basically give it as much
pressure as I can and also give it a chance that you know it’s gonna wear in
overtime I mean obviously when the cars parked in the garage
you would unhook these so they don’t wear out because somebody is like all
mine wore out after a year it’s like did you leave them hooked all the time yeah
well that’s why they’re Springs you can’t do that to a spring so anyway
that’s a little rant but anyway I don’t think doing it on the corner is smart
because there’s substantially less metal frame I mean the hatch yeah the hatch
could shake side to side I mean that would be it would be even cooler to do
it right here but the problem is the whole point of this is if there’s an
emergency now see the other problem is this you know I would have to put this
hook thing here or even all the way down here and I don’t know how tight these
surrounding to open this package and find out but the point is these are for
an emergency so somebody comes sprinting up to the back of your car in this case
I’m gonna have a fuel pump shutoff probably not right here because that
would be too easy for it to get hit probably have it like right here on this
panel depending I’ll have to make sure where do I lie ‘sons plate mount fuck
fuck the license plate mounts expensive if I lost that got anyway so license
plate mount make sure the license plate fits and then stick a fuel pump cut off
here so the guy comes running up shuts the fuel pump off and then undoes the
hatch now if I put hatch here he’s not gonna see the hatch hooks
here when he’s panicking and trying to get us out of a burning car if I put
them here he’ll see them yes but then he has to reach over or walk over and
unhook him and then walk here and unhook and then walk here and then walk here he
can’t do it so basically if he if he what runs straight up to the fuel pump
shut off shuts it off he needs to be able to hook hook hook hook so one two
three four so to keep my life safe in my friends lives then I’m gonna put them up
here here here and here and the hatch might move a little bit it might leak a
little water but at least I won’t die in a fire hopefully so I’m trying to decide
whether or not I trust spark OHS hardware if I should use better hardware
released hardware that I know has a automotive rating do you think I got lucky and these are
really nice large headed bolts okay so the way it works it’s pretty
straightforward you put the bolt in okay that’s like the perfect freaking size
then you put a washer and then you put a spacer and then the spring now my
concern is the spring is gonna fall off which will be a pain in the dick well no
it looks like the washers will capture it well you say that but here’s a
problem the bolts not long enough who the hell designed this are you
kidding me son of a bitch they must have figured
you’d be using it for sheetmetal damn it bitch well it’ll work I just I can’t use
this bolt I’m gonna have to use something else hmm use my shitty ass those are too long I might have to wait for those new ones I
ordered to come in because they’re grade 10 whereas these will they claim they’re
grade eight but I don’t believe for a second that they’re great eight I’m not
dumb enough to believe that these are all so really they’re honestly just mmm
and their head is so small I don’t feel like it would pull right through the
frame these are 30s and I probably need well
that’s a 20 so I might have to use the 30s I need four of them and I really
need some bigger washer so I might be able to get away with using these I need
something that will distribute the load and not crack my frame rail that’s no
bigger than the other one oh boy dad I know won’t do it I use a washer that’s over sized I think
that’ll do it I’ll spread the load out better that
sucks yes Barco just assumed that you’d automatically have a sheet metal hatch
there trunk I guess they didn’t assume you’d be using it on hatches – so we’re
gonna have to do it the hard way so we’re gonna and make sure it doesn’t
interfere with the seal so I have to do one at a time so we’ll do that and then
the washer and I might even use bigger washers to try and help the spring from
you know cuz this isn’t gonna hold the spring on this spring is still gonna
fall off yeah I might have to wait for my hardware to come in because that
ain’t gonna do shit and I don’t want the washer to touch the glass though that’s
the only problem so I could probably use the small washer and then the nylon
thing and then a big washer on top to prevent the hook from falling off would
be what I am going to assume is going to be the right way to do it excuse me for the sniffles I took two
fucking doses of n even forgot I had this giant pile of stainless steel ones
two three four took two doses of dayquil and I’m still feel like shit and I’m
still sniffling okay we’re gonna have to do that and then that little tiny nut okay we’re gonna have to get a little
creative ah excuse me
geez I just I don’t know what to do like I it’s just gonna be like that until I
didn’t feel better no I have to be and I’m running out of this size 6 size and
you can’t order them with just the m6 for just you know he can’t just order
one size then make you order the whole assortment now I’m gonna have to order a
whole nother assortment then cuz I really need them okay so we will come on question is how tight do we make it mmm
of course well it’s eaten into the yeah okay yeah those aren’t near as
strong as I’d hoped they were that might be a problem hmm if I stretch it all the way down I mean
I don’t want to hurt my hand or make it so like if a you know like a UH but I
don’t want to say a girl but you know if a female rescuer who is you know smaller
than me with smaller hands if she can’t pull this down and release it then I
burn alive so but then I don’t want the hatch to leak water so that’s pretty
tight right there honestly if I can’t do it like this because I can’t even do
that so if I have four of those at this level of tightness and I could even I
could do like this I could and that’ll add some strength to it and that’ll also
you know it’ll also keep the hatch from I don’t know I don’t know well we’ll see
so let’s just at least get all the bolts in oh go to the next one make okay we’re
gonna make sure that’s not gonna interfere with the seal it’s not okay so put our washer there and our spacer
and then nice shit and then our washer there and
then that washer and then a locking ring and then a locking or a normal nut and we’ll tighten it down okay I apologize for the sniffles I
can’t there there’s nothing I can do about it it’s gonna look ridiculous wish they
were black yeah I think I might do it like that mm-hmm
yeah I mean that would make more sense to do it at an angle to hold the hatch
but then the hatch won’t have as much and I could do it like a little bit of
an angle just to give it a little right there I think would be perfect just an
inch drop it lying down and marking it itch or two over and do it like that okay I want the hatch done today I want
something duck I want something done and accomplished today or I’m gonna feel
like complete shit for wasting a whole nother weekend sorry I’m just so
agitated and sick feeling when you feel like shit it’s hard to be
positive and you guys are probably like you’re never positive shut up kind of
sucks these really nice bolts that Sparco provided are too short fuck and one of the things like if you
guys buy these I bought them on Amazon which is risky but they’ll have a little
sparkle stamp and you can look online at sparkles website and compare the way the
stamp looks and it needs to be identical if it’s even a little off than it’s a
counterfeit and I compared mine and they are legitimate Sparco product there are
a lot of knockoffs some of the knockoffs even have a completely different name on
the stamp even though the picture on Amazon shows sparkle like I just I need
Amazon to survive but I despise Amazon at the same time for they’re completely
non-existent counterfeit policies okay so now we can do our next two so we need
one of those that that that and that gonna finish this not going to give up okay so we need that and then that
that’s that that oops okay and that adding that that that that
and that Adil’s kind of loose that makes me a
little worried and I can’t put any bigger washer on it because it uh it’s
too close to the glass so I’m just gonna have to hope it holds I mean the washer
on the back side which is the side holding all the weight is the big washer
so that’ll be fine as long as there’s no force pushed down on these which would
be very odd and I would not understand the physics behind that at all okay so down come on okay so feel like it would be very
talented to knock these Springs off hope to god nobody accidentally knocks one
off and loses it because yeah that would not be good okay so now we’re gonna mark
out we’re gonna make sure the spring is straight down and it’s a race car so it
doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to it has to meet my OCD standards okay
we’re gonna take this and a marker and tape measure so okay then we’re gonna double-check that
I can actually manage that which yes that’s manageable although a little
tight which is good because we don’t want the hatch going anywhere you know
flipping up and down over jumps and shit so then the fuck is going on out there
some retard is out there in a backhoe clearing his driveway geez how dumb it’s
only a few inches of snow it’s not gonna stop your car from moving for work on
Monday some people are interesting okay so now
we need to somehow okay okay so mmm it’s almost too difficult okay let’s
do that let’s do just it where that mark is so we’re gonna put this as far down
so we can mark the hole mark the hole okay
same here as far down as we can mark the hole and mark the hole then same over
here okay hmm now we can find a drill bit that
fits two big all right perfect
so drillbit guys really bothering me I’m sure there’s other people who are trying
to sleep right now considering it’s only like eight eight or nine probably about
9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning and he’s out there with a freaking backhoe and
now the assholes pushing the snow into the middle of the public street as if
the snowplows are gonna come back which they don’t they only come through our
neighborhood once fuckin unbelievable okay I need to do this right I need to
find a punch I don’t even know if I have a punch cuz I think I destroyed them there is still sharp okay that didn’t work that’s not working at
all no no no that’s just bending the Hun tire freakin body of the car it’s gonna
have to use the drill bit Oh No gods double-walled back here are
you kidding me I might have to use rivets then cuz I can’t even get back
there to put a bolt in fuck yeah that’s I did not I should have
checked that which it kind of sucks because I have a rivet gun I just don’t
know if I have any steel rivets the aluminum probably not strong enough that one I can actually get all the way
to so now what’s he doing now the dumb motherfucker is dragging his backhoe
across the city street they use snow plows for a reason fucking asshole I’m gonna have to use rivets I have to check my shoes and clean all
this up okay where’s my rivet gun
I do have steel rivets good we’re gonna use steel rivets yes they will rust but
it’s better than having your hatch open fuck I don’t think the rivets are the
right size now they’re not even close shit okay these are bigger okay I got bigger steel rivets the
problem is I don’t think I have enough to finish the job these are all
different sizes too like what the these are all mixed up like there’s some steel
rivets over here Oh me and I I might have to go buy some rivets I don’t even
know if the local stores open because of this weather of course the rivets these are too big
well it’s the right size here just not the right size for the yeah you might have to get a little bit
bigger drill bit and go back and clean those holes up so I got enough to do to list they’re just that badly mixed up
here’s how it looks like it see I might have enough to do them do it all here
let’s see what we got where’s the oh no nope there it is too
big too big too big too big too big shit too small so I need a one-eighth inch steel rivets me and I’m so confused just
have to take it to the store with me okay any way we can at least do this come on oh damn it need one size larger drill bit
apparently okay okay here we go
please work no god damn it fuck fuck need to get that out of there so it’s
not rattling around for the rest of eternity how am I gonna get it out it’s
magnetic it’s magnetic where’s my magnet wand of course it’s missing
oh my temper is not don’t tell me it’s not steel they’re not
steel they’re not even fucking steel it says steel on the package fuck well I
don’t have any rivets now fucking steel lying motherfuckers I have any rivets
and now my goddamn magnet wand won’t get that how am I gonna get that out how am I
gonna get it out it’s right there I just have to get it somehow now it might be able to get it from over
here come on got it I’m glad I found out those are
aluminum cuz I don’t think those were the lasted a day I go to the fucking
hardware store now if they’re open take that with me fuck ah okay so they didn’t
have steel rivets greater than 1/8 so that sucks
the only rivets they did have were what are these 3/16 so that means that we
have to find a drill bit that’s the right size in this case of 3/16 drill
bit and we have to fucking adjust our mounting brackets to take a more
reasonable size drill bit because they didn’t even fucking make the brackets
for the right fucking size drill bit okay do this a smart way and not lose a
finger still haven’t luckily the vise is mounted I still haven’t had a chance to
mount the rest of the tools check and make sure the rivet fits does not fit
okay yeah and of course this is a drill bit that
I’ve used before and is now garbage now the Revit fits okay now that’s fucking hot as fuck holy shit fuck
it’s a 1360 force that’s destroyed apparently 1360 force it’s one of the
stupid-ass self-centering wood bits so I don’t know this is even gonna work at
all okay I can’t use this because the fucking bit
doesn’t have a taper to Center it in the hole shit garbage design this hopefully
has only been used for drywall or I’m screwed
what did this bit come from can’t ever be easy that would be to make
too much sense for life to be easy Budiman it would have made too much
sense for Sparco to use something that had standard-size risen rivets way too
much sense that would have made would have been too easy metal shavings all over fucking shop hey
go back and vacuum that up swear to God if I have to get a drill bit out again
I’m gonna fucking lose my shit okay hey okaying pissed if this doesn’t
work come on I’m missing a tool god forbid it
works right that’s not as much spring pressures I wanted damn it’s the best I
can do though I mean I can’t I can always drill holes here but it’s not
ideal and of course that hole is off-center a little bit like a bar on it or something yeah it’s
not near as much to bring pressures I wanted might might be a fight to keep
water out of this car okay now mama truth ah damn and I was
just at the hardware store and I didn’t even pick up the safety pins I needed
for that damn it okay and it looks like it will be not
watertight god dammit I can see light fuck this stupid hatch god dammit how the hell is that not enough pressure fucking shit it’s sealed over here but
it’s not sealing over here I mean it’s like this it just it just doesn’t have
pressure unbelievable great just great just fucking great anyway I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the
I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the I’m gonna have to the license-plate
thing if I lost that I’m in trouble or I could just drill two holes in the
license plate and there’s mounted right to these I’ve had to do that on the FRS
cuz the FRS license plate the trunk holes are the japanese-style even though
they knew it was shipping to the US so I have to every license plate I get I have
to drill holes japanese-style it’s great okay so take that off so you can already
see the hatch is trying to lift c1 sprint even two Springs wouldn’t have
been enough if I had kept the old struts it probably would have been just fine these new struts are too strong and I
could use one strut right I could take this strut off but the problem is that
could cause the glass to bend or break if some idiot comes up to my car and
pulls on this side with that strut connected like so we could I’m getting a
phone call so some idiot came up and they pulled
down here look how much flex there is on that hatch it will probably break the
glass so if you come over here and pull down now we have a airtight seal but I
can’t risk some asshole coming up and breaking my hatch because they’re not
gonna pay me I think it’s like a thousand dollars for this piece of glass
it’d be impossible end up being in court with them for two
years and look it’s even bending the hatch as it pushes it back up so that’s
not an option so I need to not be an idiot and get the safety pin for the
that I’ve been trying to get it looks like these aren’t gonna fall off or
anything so that’s good so that’s done still in a shitty mood just kids
shouldn’t have taken this much effort and also because it’s not airtight I
mean fuck all that work and it’s still not right you know hopefully over time it’ll wear
in and the struts will well I don’t know it’s winter the struts are gonna be even
stronger in the summer so yeah I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what to
do I can’t just use one strut that’s asking for trouble so thank you guys for
watching sorry for the shitty attitude but that’s what it is so please have a
good day me

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