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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 8

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 8

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube. just notice that I dumped oil all over
the engine stand but that’s an engine stand it’s alright anyway so we’re gonna
put the valve covers on so we gotta clean the seats I don’t want to spray
the brake cleaner on the engine because I got oil in there so I’m just gonna do
our best and clean it up he’s freaking tall is kind of falling
apart on me okay make sure I didn’t get any bits at
all in there I did right there okay but that’s really okay I need a new one okay okay so excuse me that’s that’s that come on just stay there would ya so this
one goes oh yeah I need to get just a little bit of oil to grease the seal
with yeah that’s dirty there we go lucielle seals good okay and we the reason why we’re not
using good-looking valve covers is because I have to use these because
they’re the the swap kits designed for the OEM covers the swap kit doesn’t
really have any leniency for non-oem so what the hell come on shet something’s wrong there these do you don’t want to go in look
like eight they’re eight there it goes so the question is what is the torque
spec on something that has rubber seats on rubber pulse-width giant fucking
rubber seals okay I’m gonna Google the torque spec
real quick okay after a little bit of very confusing research because the
torque spec is an inch pounds which is fucking stupid it’s like eight point six
foot pounds so I’m gonna do nine foot pounds so shit my wrench is a 10 foot
pound wrench didn’t foot-pounds then fuck she sure as hell ain’t gonna buy
the hell did I do that for oh what’d I do with it what’d I do with it oh no I had it in my
hand well me and I’m losing my I’m losing my
head here I had the freaking do I have to go and watch my own damn GoPro video
to figure out where that socket went oh no hopefully not into the engine there
it is okay so 10 foot-pounds hopefully not too
much just do that okay yeah it sure doesn’t want to
tighten making me nervous oh no no no no no no no no no come on something’s not right I’m gonna try and
set the wrench down to eight foot pounds but I don’t think it really is meant to
work at that level what’s going on fuck are you fucking
kidding me god damn it fuck fucking kidding me hmm you’ve gotta be kidding me son of a bitch know what and a CAPTCHA how the foot it just stripped the threads clean out
of the head god damnit fuck god damn it now what the fuck am I gonna
do you’ve got to be kidding me fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck looks like a m6 by one point oh god damn
it I’m gonna have to get a helicoidal it’s not an m6 yeah it’s an m6 buy 1.0 so I have to get
em six buy 1.0 helicoidal and buck and drill out my brain fuck fuck fuck
I better order a couple of them cuz I have to buy a fucking quarter inch
torque wrench because obviously god dammit great great great
that’s fucking great that’s great that’s really great really fucking great instead of fucking
spending my weekend finishing the engine I get to great really great okay so I’m gonna have to use a
helicoidal mmm which is hopefully the it’s the first time and hopefully the
last time in my life I have to do this this sucks of course I don’t have any fucking
scissors so man why is it so cold I must not be
circulating the air okay so the threads are completely gone so we
can literally just tap the hole and obviously you don’t want to tap a hole
dry that is not smart so oil up the tab ah to be I hate using taps they’re so hard to do
right there we go
forward back forward back forward back forward back forward back forward back
forward back forward and back forward and back forward and back forward and back
forward and back forward and back now before I pull the tap out yeah ah shit where the shit okay all right keep that together so now
I gotta get the threads cleaned out somehow without getting it into the
engine shit shit oh my god do that uh let’s see okay let’s do it
let’s do this okay when the problem is are still shit deep
in there ah see okay ah please let this work so many
helicoidal horror stories okay in there all the way just yet just half a turn more come on a quarter
turn perfect Oh mother water and okay and then I put this in like this
and bam okay that should do it
and luckily the manager at the local autozone Hill all the guys at the local
autozone are really nice guys and the manager is like a legit mechanic like he
was a mechanic for a long time so he basically said my torque wrench I can
just set it down and it should be accurate enough to not do the but he
said the 10 foot pounds should have never stripped that so we kind of both
yeah probably damaged from the previous owner so but anyway I’m gonna try again
here hopefully the new helicoidal threads are
deep enough shit Wow sharp there it goes interested what that is probably a
breather okay so hope to god the valve cover doesn’t leak oil everywhere
last thing I need is to have to pool ahead okay so eight foot-pounds should I think the Gila coil already
failed okay yeah I don’t like that it’s like seven foot-pounds are you fucking kidding me are you fuck I don’t get it I don’t fucking get it are these already helicoidal is that why
they’re failing this looks like it already has a
helicoidal in it I mean it shouldn’t stop like it should
go down to the and you should feel it stop like right now it’s stopped it’s
tight I don’t fucking get it it’s tight like that’s BAM tight so why the fuck
can’t I motherfucker okay so okay that that’s what tight feels like
so keep that seal back in come on
there we go okay try again fuck I’m so mad back they just won’t tighten them like I
don’t get it okay this one just so that one is tight
like it’s tight I don’t know what the fuck’s wrong with the rest of them okay this one’s tight now that one’s tight
now so I’m definitely not not seating right okay I’m gonna call that tight m6x one heel oil I just realized I’ve been sniffling this
whole time I’m too fucking pissed off to even care right now excuse me next okay so same thing here this time
we’re gonna check the threads ahead of time and then we’re gonna get some oil on our
there’s a good puddle gasket okay now we’re going to know I forgot I need
an oil fill tube wait do I have to install that before I install the valve
cover shit no man that is dirty what the fuck okay all right okay okay there’s a very distinct change
in the way it feels when it bottoms out that one’s bothering me god damn it mother fucking son of a bitch
motherfucker fucking stupid of a design is that to have the threads not even
fucking strong enough to withstand the right fucking torque honestly it’s good it broke out because
it wasn’t tight enough anyway all the other ones are substantially tighter
than this one was it almost looks like it’s a fucking aluminum helical it looks
looks like some asshole already helicoidal dit same goddamn procedure is
the last time okay so mad the previous mechanic that worked on the
engine fucked them up and just I just fucked that up yeah definitely need to make sure I have a
magnetic drain plug a really high-end magnetic drain plug mm-hmm whoa okay ah what the fuck I just must be blind okay all right one left god it’s a lot of
fucking money $30 this was I’ll have to never do that again very expensive and
not even know if it was my mistake or the other guy’s mistake I have no way of
knowing I got a quarter inch torque wrench on the way though but not that
that matters cuz Amazon keeps delaying my shit
it’s like they can’t fucking make up their mind if they want to stick to
their two-day shipping promise which is technically three days but or if they
just want to keep pretending like no one’s driving me nuts all right here we
go third try okay here we go fuck something’s not
right hair goes okay here we go how tight does one of
these feel I don’t like that one at all I feel like
that one’s not gonna seat right okay now we can do the timing cover and I am
still not happy about that god I hope I don’t have to have just
fucking get him and that is like crooked as fuck of course we gotta clean all this nasty
shit off that our wonderful Engine Company left on there for me to clean
off who the fucking lazy assholes God how fucking lazy can you be okay and then now this one we can just
know I would spray in the engine damn excuse me I’m not feeling good I don’t
know why I keep putting this thing away okay so I’m gonna clean off the ceiling
surface I am cleaning the water pump surface to
because I mean I have a water pump so I might as well put it on right might take
more than two towels to do this yeah that shit’s dirty leave that stuff here this time so what
you’re supposed to do put this on wait well yeah you put this on the seal and slide it on here right there we go
okay then I have brand new bolts way way way way I am an idiot where’s my
gasket ha that would have been very intelligent so hey let’s try that again be a little creative with how I do this
here okay there we go that would have been really
really dumb and probably what it cost me an engine because it probably would have
leaked so fast I wouldn’t realized it until it was too late don’t you assume it’s a 13 well actually I’m probably doing that
not the smart way let’s back it off yep that was finding it okay okay now what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna Snug down these bottom bulbs which are the closest to our alignment tool
first so we’re gonna make sure the alignment tools in and then we’re gonna
Snug these bolts okay we’re gonna go bottom up okay and it’s 18 foot-pounds
surprise surprise so 15 whoops 16 17 18 gonna go 19 okay here we go
oops what is that little thing for the fuck okay okay now this comes out just put that my
LS tools trash trash trash and the trash now whoops
where did and got some parts well oil switch oh
yeah I got two different oil switches up here they are camshaft sensor crank
sensor hose this switch oil pressure switch I think camshaft sensor hopefully it comes with the bolt of
course fucking doesn’t so this is pretty straightforward just need to find a bold fuck never ends probably way too
long probably the wrong thread size okay just short enough you just barely
though just sucks I have to use such a shitty bolt okay got a fresh GoPro
battery I grabbed a one of my serrated conical washers and I’m going to use
that to kind of help space the bolt out and to keep it from coming loose since
it’s a cheap bolt and because I highly doubt that there’s a torque spec for it
so okay that will never go anywhere okay so
that’s in now we can also put in our knock sensors got our sensor harness where was the rest of this stuff we can
do our crank sensor my assumption is that this need this here needs a block
off plate which it’s kind of bullshit they didn’t provide me one because for
one that doesn’t even fit right and this is from the truck that this engine came
out of and it goes goes right in here problem is I don’t even know what like I
don’t even know what how many teeth reluctor wheel this has but anyway so
we’re gonna put that in we’re gonna have to go find a bolt and I’m gonna use let’s see I can’t actually I mean I don’t know if this is the right
size nope it’s the next size up which might be too short for comfort oh that’s
not even the next size up that’s a well it is but I have any inmates that are nope okay so this one I’m just gonna use
Loctite because the bolt head is going to be really close to the connector
harness come on and if I remember right what does that
it’s a or my 13 go 13 millimeter okay okay and I hope they’ll plug in that’s
not much clearance I hope it doesn’t require like a specialty bolt that kind
of pissed me off crank sensor in don’t know why this is
here I need more bolt assortments I just they’re so outrageously expensive for
auto automotive grade and I don’t want to use the cheap Chinese ones like I’m
using now on these sensors okay now the oil pressure sensor I can’t install yet
though make sure it’s the right one ooh that’s gonna be tough I hope that I
don’t have to custom plumb it but we can do our knock sensors so the knock
sensors are really well known for having issues with water getting in them and
they immediately die and go bad so the solution to that is to use RTV to seal
like see even the little seal on the sensors pretty much no good already but
the solution is to use RTV on the harness that protects the sensor so
actually why is this still watch me need it in like the next five
minutes you can see my patience is running thin
today so I think those are 18 foot pounds I’m a double che it’s good I
checked they’re only 15 foot pounds that would have been catastrophic ly bad so
I’m gonna do 15 foot pounds and I’m just gonna do straight-up 15 because it’s the
last thing I need is to screw up a knock sensor bigger than a 19 are you kidding
me how big is it 22 it’s a 22 okay thank God I have a 22 all
right so I’m gonna set it in there okay okay it’s barely any torque at all so be
careful with these especially because they’re 60 fucking dollars for the ones
with the lifetime warranty and I did that B specifically because they have
known issues with being you know getting water in them and going bad so I don’t
know where the hell I’m going to find a freaking block off plate yeah yeah
that’s four oh yeah so that’s what that is yeah I need a block off plate for
that okay so next
and I hope that valve cover doesn’t leak see look they don’t they have caps on
this one and this one but they don’t have a cap here I have a way to make a
cap he thought I had some like little rubber plugs but there okay so yeah I really need okay let’s see I need a one of these verbally
the smallest one I can get my god oh yeah go ahead and do our coil pack
brackets which there’s no bolts but I can probably handle that so well guess
the new question guessing they would go like this the exact same like that No like that
there we go all that fits there we go Oh now we need to find a short enough bolt
to bolt them down and it looks like I’m out I only have
4m6 by 20s I don’t think them six by 30s will fit
try I doubt it that works one two three four five per side yeah them six by 30s damn it just
there’s just no no winning need him six by 20s I’m sorry I’m saying that wrong
m6 by 1.0 by 20 you okay so gonna just get the coil pack
brackets on for now the serrated conical washers are freakin
awesome I need to buy a ton more and just use them all over the car because
you won’t even need Loctite with these things you know only thing is they’re
kind of expensive and they’re one-time use but they have saved my ass on so
many things like the Yukon I don’t film working on the Yukon but I
had trailer hitch that was kind of bent up sent it back that trailer hitch they
sent me was less bent but still bent enough I had to I had to break a weld
nut off and then feed a weld nut into my butt or not weld nut but a new nut into
my bumper and I used this serrated conical oh why they’re two different
sizes you’ve got to be kidding me and I used the serrated conical washer to hold
that nut in place and get to get it up to torque and I actually got it all the
way up to the torque spec which was pretty high because it was originally a
weld nut so where did this come from of course when the assortment arrived after
being bounced around by UPS it was a not in very good condition I had to
reassortment everything but it’s not their fault that’s you typical UPS
bullshit so anyway so we’re just gonna put very very light torque just to get
it seated okay so now I’ll have to wait hopefully
now this said pigtail pigtails but I’m pretty sure it’s a harness yeah it’s a
full harness I don’t know why it says pigtail it’s kind of misleading but so
basically what you’re supposed to do is use our TV to seal these in place and how would you
ever know man I don’t know which color goes to which one I think it’s supposed
to go like this that’s what I’m gonna do whether or not that’s right it pretty
sure that’s what that’s what’s right but so we’re just gonna run a bead of RTV
looks like okay well see them a little I wish I could push there we go
I was gonna say there’s got to be a little bit smarter way to do that than
to okay so we’re gonna connect like that man that’s a shitty connection
no wonder they fail pretty shitty fucking maid wire harness to me and
somebody like dropped the ball on that okay now we’re gonna get our RTV ready
so this is really for the oil pan to help the oil pan it’s not so a whole oil
pan so we can spare some all right come on okay okay there we go that will never ever
get water in it now if it does I will be fuckin amazed just do the same over here okay that’s a little much okay seal this up good so we can reuse
it next time okay now same thing I really don’t like how there’s no
freaking wire loom on this like it’s just some chintzy ass cheapest possible
fucking wire harness they could make kind of pisses me off but it’ll be under
the intake manifold so it shouldn’t it’s not like it’ll get like super harsh
punishment or anything like okay yeah I don’t like that there’s
nothing covering these wires or protecting them in any way I mean what
kind of garbage is that I could slip my own wire loom over it
but this baby whatever this fucking thing is is in the way I don’t know if
there’s like a I’ll have to actually go find a 2007 Silverado or the similar
model year and take a nice hard look at it and maybe the yukon might be similar
enough I know the four-wheel drive four-wheel drives are a little different
so and you know what I just had the wonderful realization the water pump didn’t come with bolts I don’t have
bolts for it fuck my life fuck my god where’s uh just like that huh and it’s a lot of clearance shit that is a lot of clearance and hope
I ordered the right harmonic damper well I don’t have water pump bolts weather’s
getting pretty bad out there all right well I guess that’s it I’m
fuckin completely fuckin stuck until I can get my water pump bolts there’s tons
of other shit like what the hell is that giant hole and that giant oh no that
actually bottoms out does that one bottom out no it does I don’t know I I
need to get my accessory brackets ordered that’s very specific to fit to
the porch it’s like a 2002 Firebird accessory bracket for the alternator and
then I have to figure out how to delete the power steering and AC pulleys to
make the belt route incorrect so no water pump bolts god I am so smart
aren’t I smart all right guys I will catch you next time

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1 thought on “How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 8

  1. one of my mechanic friends told me once upon a time that you shouldn't use the top x% and bottom x% of the torque wrench because it can be off on the torque spec by up to +/- 13%, for the life of me I cant remember the first two percents but it may be part of the reason that the threads got messed up in the aluminum heads. Aluminum in general kind of sucks to work with other than the weight saving properties.

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