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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 76

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 76

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so I’ve made a little mistake with our
LS engine apparently if you use titanium valve springs you’re supposed to rotate
the engine about once a month while you’re working on it before you get it
started so once you get the engine started and you run it and you drive it
a little bit then your valve springs will be alright but if the valve springs
are brand-new and they’re just sitting in the engine compressed it could cause
them to develop a memory which will completely ruin the valve springs and
could blow your engine so this engine hasn’t been turned over in about six
months and that’s right at the limit for how long you want to let those valve
springs stay compressed now I have dual valve springs so I should be okay what
we’re going to do is we’re going to turn the engine over and I believe the proper
way to do it would be to turn the engine over 180 degrees and then next weekend
I’ll turn it over another 180 degrees and then next week and another 180
degrees and I’ll try and keep that going so that we can keep these valve springs
from getting damaged and hopefully if they developed a little bit of a memory
it’ll relax out of them the problem is turning this engine over isn’t easy the
skid plates in the way the radiators in the way I mean it’s just a big it’s
gonna suck so I think the smartest thing to do is to just take the whole take the
whole whole skid plate assembly down as one piece but I got to get under the car
and since the lift is occupied with a much more valuable car okay always always always always always
use a jack stand so okay that jack stands in there now we got to get this
out which I believe was nope yep okay I actually have the wrong size
sockets with me well that wasn’t tight okay though whoa almost smashed my face into that
sorry I got to go all the way over here for sockets I’m actually heating the
garage up because our next video will be a painting video so the garage has to be
hot enough to paint it’s really noisy and loud but it’s like 70 degrees in
here right now which is just about as low as you want to go to get a decent
paint job 17 hell don’t tell me eighteen son of a mother well fucking hell what the fuck well
that’s crap guess I’ll have to just use the standard
sizes good enough it’s probably 13:16 is too big three quarters just
about right oh yeah that’s not gonna be fun it’s a
lot of washers I don’t want to bend that shit I made a mistake uh have anything
to hold it I really screwed up it’s way heavier than I thought it was god dammit
it’s gonna bend the fucking god fucking damn it fuck I don’t I don’t have
anything to hold it up fucking never fucking easy to do anything in this
fucking god fucking damn it probably completely fucking ruined it
already god damn it where’s the other bolt fuck come on well safety thing there okay god that’s
heavy for aluminum okay should not go anywhere now to crank
the engine over I don’t even know if I can do it with my with this probably not
the other question is what size bolt is the it’s not a 22 and this is too big
there’s no way it’s a 27 I thought I had a 24 what about 7/8 well that’s not good I thought I what the
help size was supposed to okay well it’s very frustrating I have a 24 but it’s the wrong size have
the adapter have an adapter okay of course there’s not enough fucking
room left for a fucking ratchet ah well shit gotta be fuckin kidding me so that I thought I had a half-inch 24 I
do I mean obviously if I could roll the car
in gear it turned the engine over it would be better however none of the nuts
and bolts on the transaxle are torqued the transaxle doesn’t have oil in it I
don’t want to put any strain on the transaxle right now because it’s not
even the axle nuts or bolts or torqued so we don’t want to take any risks there okay and there’s already a mark a marker
mark on the bolt pointing pretty much straight up so we just want to do 180
degrees again I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do it with hmm yeah that’s what I figured
yeah whoops it’s gonna be a pain in the dick fuck
fuck fuck ah fucking hell I don’t know if even this is gonna give
me enough leverage it’s a lot of pressure in that engine here goes ah yeah ah almost okay
I’d say that’s right at 180 I’m just gonna have to well we gotta paint some
stuff today but then I’ll just put the car on the jack stand so on both sides
to keep it up so I can rotate that engine just leave these tools over here okay and I gotta get it back off the
jack stand because of the so we’re the next video we’re gonna paint this we’re
gonna paint this and we’re gonna paint under here where they missed so yeah so
anyway thank you guys for watching and I will see you next time

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