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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 74

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 74

So, we got the clutch working, problem is there’s some air trapped in it somewhere, having trouble figuring out
where, so… Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so last time you guys probably thought I
was a complete idiot for not figuring out how this brake reservoir filter
works well I figured it out and I swear to you I swear I didn’t look it up I
just kind of figured it out while I was working on it the other day taking
measurements for the o for the 3d printing so this actually goes like that
and it sits down in here like this and it prevents sloshing kind of like a
baffle for your fuel tank and it just sits in there see so I figured it out it
took me awhile I don’t think the rotation of it matters but I’m going to
rotate it the way I want it and so that way when you pour fresh fluid in it
keeps the shit out and then you can pull this out and clean it real quick at
least I hope that’s the right way because that’s the way I’m gonna do it
and if I can’t get my clutch to work then I’ll know why cuz I fucked it up okay so I 3d printed three brackets so
the bracket holds the reservoir nice and tight and then I can put it anywhere I
want in the car now obviously the problem we have is that the reservoir
has to be above the cylinder so in this case it’s gonna be right here and that’s
not gonna be a problem for our clutch that’s pretty good I don’t know if this
little L block is gonna work or not we’ll have to figure that out but we
might have to rotate it backwards a little bit if I can even get it tighter
I don’t know it’s a I think it was pretty tight pretty tight to begin with
so now the problem is the the top brake
cylinder is most likely going to be extremely close to the reservoirs
minimum if not right at it so I don’t know how we’re gonna handle that because
we don’t have much room down here I mean you could try to move the brake master
bracket down a little bit but then you’re getting really close to some very
hot headers and you’re getting close to your coil and your steering rack just
not it’s not ideal of course so um and then this this this has these so I can’t
and that’s like molded in so I can’t get too close to the edge here I need to
actually be like almost there I’ll have to take some measurements to make sure
but basically oh we’re gonna get the shortest one I can get away with right
now I don’t know if I’m even gonna have enough bolts to do this I don’t want to
use bolts that are too long but it looks like I might have to so the first thing
I want to do is I need to know where to drill the holes okay
and also well I’m gonna need to get a big piece of rubber to wrap around this
and actually I probably have used to have a bunch of leftover rubber hanging
on that did I throw it all oh I threw it all over here so I can actually get like
say some of this hose here and cut it open and probably this nice big squishy
one and you can actually use that as a you know a protector for the for this
okay anyway so so this will tell me where these bolts are gonna interfere
with right so so now I know where I can drill holes and it’ll help me keep it
level since this piece isn’t actually technically level but I knew first I
need to get a marker and then the tape measure and drilling the holes is going
to be a pain ask because I can’t get a drill down in this little okay that’s
one and a quarter inch from the edge so so I would say would go one and a one
and a half inch to be safe so it’s not like bouncing not like vibrating off the yeah okay
so use the nuts to hold it steady and get us a good location and then we want
to drill I think I’m gonna use these holes I think these holes will work just fine
that way I can go down one if I want or I can go well I can’t go up but okay
perfect perfect perfect so now the hard part is how the hell am I supposed to
drill that just punch it first I can even get the hammer in here yeah that’s
not gonna work no I’m not gonna even be able to get a punch on it fuck that’s
gonna be a problem okay I’m gonna have to use smallest drill I have and I’m
gonna have to get a tiny ass a little drill bit use my brand-new sharp drill
bits and try and drill me a say a oh whoops I got to 1/16 bits so try and drill a little pilot hole
without breaking the bit which is going to be tough yeah that’s a pretty steep
angle to try to use a drill bit at hey thank God for the new sharp drill
bits I bought almost dead center a little off okay now
I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna use this nice new sharp drill bits
I gotta drill more of these is gonna be a shitty long day and I think I’m using
a quarter-inch mm-hmm yeah a quarter-inch wish I could go through the back this
still might not guarantee that the drill stays on point yeah it’s not staying fuck it’s not I’m gonna have to go half
step so 1/8 lets might take a while if I have to go two or three steps to make it
do the job wish I had a better tool for this but I
just don’t okay should be able to jump up to that
should be enough for this one’s head to seat in the fuck thought I tightened it give me a
break okay all right now we would probably
need these and these and then probably and this sucks I’m completely out of
supplies so okay so this goes here and then probably
going to need to use the long ones yep to tighten her down wait that’s not yeah shit that’s a
different size ah here we go okay that’s how to say what the hell
just happened there all right so then okay we can actually wiggle those around
a bit but all right so now what we want to do is get those tight but not too
tight of course so we’ll use a quarter inch drive they’re gonna be a little careful
because I actually made this Hollow so it’s only fifty percent solid it’s got a
honeycomb inner structure and that was only to save money on the carbon fiber
it wasn’t really for any kind of special purpose other than the carbon fiber
filaments expensive and I needed to make three of them before I ran out of
filament so oh no I just remembered I don’t did I put the filament back in the
drying box shit oh not again man okay so now that that’s tight now we can
hopefully no I screwed up crap thank God for 3d printing I never would
have been able to do this without the 3d printer I would have been totally
screwed and okay so I just hand tight so I can get
the hose fitted first I need to first I need to do something about the this
should work the fuel-injection line well shit do I need this that’s a
question 80 in line I might actually Erica max might need this a 2n line uh heater hose do the heater hose instead
say I might need that fuel injection line okay so what we got to do is cut
this hose and do like a circle that will fit the so if that’s a two and a quarter
inch so then times three is six and seven force but point one four so that’s
a seven inch diameter circumference we’re just gonna guesstimate seven
inches and we’ll modify it if we have to so you know okay
seven inch okay now the not so easy part is
splitting it open this is not gonna be easy not gonna be fun okay all right and I’m using a vise because I don’t
want to fucking cut my hate finger off trying to hold it by hand okay I think that did yep nice beautiful
beautiful okay so now the fun part of getting it on I’m not gonna be easy especially when
it’s the temperature is a little low today so that means the rubbers gonna come on did I cut it too long I have not done my math well but then
again I think I did my math right okay so problem is I don’t know if that’s
gonna stay but I mean come on you gotta give me some credit there that’ll at
least protect the brake lines from the sharp metal now again whether or not it
stays we won’t know until we know I’m trying to get it as centered as I can so
the forces are equal side to side but yeah all right so that’s I call that
pretty damn good if you ask me now I could come back and like silicone it
excellent probably what I’m gonna do right now come back with some silicone
sealant well actually make sure all three brake lines are gonna be able to
fit through oh yeah there’s plenty of space okay and I’ll still have to find a
way to seal it so it doesn’t uh I don’t know this stuff’s still gonna be good
I have to find some way to seal it so water and dirt and shit can’t get
from here to my foot because that’s obviously not you know yeah I don’t know
how I’m gonna do that maybe just a lot of silicon I don’t know then you can’t
make repairs if you need to so might have to just stuff some rubber in there
who knows okay and that’s what I thought skinned over which means I might be able
to save it there we go okay all right so so you gotta get some water on your
finger and then come back and kind of push it in so that it actually seals up
properly otherwise you’re not really sticking it to anything okay and we
could try to do the inside too we can we might not be able to do the inside it’s
mm-hmm yeah I’m not gonna mess with it I’d be nice if I could get that little
extra down there yeah okay okay that should hopefully keep it
from vibrating loose I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know rubbers kind of
and depending on the formula of rubber even silicone won’t stick to it
sometimes you know I mean like just depends so I don’t want to touch or move
that while it’s setting up meaning it is time for breakfast and to charge the
GoPro because it’s a fucking GoPro and then and then well
actually I probably should check this oh it clears okay it almost scared
myself there for a second like Oh what did I just do oh I’m gonna have to be
careful about the placement for the nice and then you just pop this off and set
her aside and then you can take care of your brakes which I really do want to
bleed the I’m not gonna install the other two masters just yet I want to get
the clutch working especially because this is kind of in the way of this
linkage here meaning all this will have to be kind of zip tied this way away
well there’s a linkage cover luckily but yeah all right anyway breakfast time
I’ll catch you guys in a few minutes actually before breakfast I want to
check something that I probably should have checked a week or two ago when I
first noticed a potential issue and is that is this the correct sized hose for
this barb if not okay thank God it’s the correct size ID
now I think we’re gonna have to turn this this way somehow because you want
to I don’t want to mess with that but I want it to like curve around you know I
don’t want it to be straight up where it can capture air up top here or get in
the way of the brake master so shit okay so it’s the right hose sighs that’s
extremely lucky because it could have not been and then you know you’re
screwed and then also because if I’m gonna go inside I could also go to
autozone if I need to but I think I have a full assortment of hose clamps granted
I don’t really like this particular style of clamp because these are pretty
shitty and they eat the hose up well that’s not even the right might be too
too small I mean I thought I had an assortment of good hose clamps meaning
ooh but good I mean like that they this one will probably work better meaning
that it’s just a little spring clip and you use pliers and yeah they’re not as
tight as these but they also don’t chew the hose up and whatever okay
all right breakfast time okay and we are back about two hours later I just
noticed I’m an idiot didn’t forgot to cover that again so now what we got to
do is cut this to length so this is specifically made for brake fluid so obviously having it straight up like
this is probably not a good idea because I think we want to have it like and
think either way here’s gonna be a little difficult to manage maybe
something like that I don’t know I’d have to try and the hose is pretty
flexible but you don’t want it to collapse we’re gonna try and turn that I
don’t know how tight it is if it’s already really tight that might be a
problem so there it goes
I heard such a thing is over tightening and NPT so you don’t want to overdo it
but no that’s still too much the goal is to get like a kind of a downward
trajectory could probably bend it around like this honestly is our best bet but
then it’s gonna need to be quite a bit further down which again is not exactly good for it that’s probably well this
thing’s gonna have to go really I want it down down further
unfortunately don’t know how much more abuse it’s gonna take that’s about
perfect right there so what we’ll do get that on it and then hit her lubed up
and then okay and tighten her up hmm as I said before you don’t want to
over-tighten it because it could damage the hose so grab a flat blade and check
its tightness oh yeah that’s tight now huh alright so
that should never ever ever leak hopefully and then what we do is we feed
it through here okay and we don’t want it to pinch so we got to leave enough
room for it to kind of sit how it wants to sit which it kind of sucks it’s gonna
be rubbing against the metal like this might come back with a piece of foam or
something hmm in fact I definitely will put a piece of
foam in there no reason to risk it have to replace your brake line every race
that would be pretty dumb okay even know why those towels were there so it was basically sitting right there
okay okay and then I’m gonna actually I
forgot that I’ve actually found these little cap things this could probably be
used for something else but at least for now I can use it to protect and cap off
the sharp part there there protects the sharp edge and could
be used to hold the brake lines or however that ends up being done I have
no clue how that’s gonna get done actually shit am i recording yeah okay
okay so now we have to actually get it to cooperate with the reservoir it’s
just gonna be a little harder than it looks because of the way the so if the
if the lines too long it’ll kink and if it’s too short little kink it’s gonna be
a tough call either way it’s got to come down and then back up and it really doesn’t want to bend that
way I’d say right here at the maid I hope this is right because I don’t
have any extras okay then I can actually undo this and make
it a little easier on myself to attach the line to drop these cuz I don’t have
many left or drop that and do a bunch of metal shavings that’s great the hell come on okay so I can connect the line oh it
would help if I had that Oh oh no I forgot the hose clamp god
fucking damn it mother fucker well now I feel exceptionally dumb yeah that really doesn’t want to go I forgot the fucking dammit these are a
pain in the ass to undo and redo this is a plastic reservoir so I don’t
want to overdo it and mess it up but that’s pretty damn good okay now the hard part again is going to
be getting this to cooperate kinking it which is exactly what it looks like it’s
trying to do as can come oh man that just doesn’t doesn’t feel
right it goddamn feels like it’s trying to kink the line don’t like that at all not to mention I don’t know if I can
even get get the bolts back in man that does not
that’s like that lines it’s not kinked kinked but it could potentially kink in
the future which would be very bad only the line was more flexible it’s not
a very it’s very very thick sheeting on it for obvious reasons though because of
the way brake fluid is but I mean damn that just and we’ll find out if that’s
gonna work or not now I need I need two inches actually so
I need this one and then I need don’t want to overdo it because again
the plastic structure is hollow we’re sorry the carbon nylon structure is
hollow so I think that’s more than enough pressure it’s a nice solid
Mountain now so now we can actually try an attempt to bleed the clutch line so let’s see the bleeders here so I
should be able to under that a speed bleeder design it
looks like it might be a speed bleed design let’s hope that’s the case
otherwise it’s gonna be painfully hard to do this so now the other question is
I have this RBF 600 but it’s been sitting a while and it’s closed tight hmm go ahead and fill her up yeah this is gonna be tough whoops wrong
cap okay just kind of put that cap on to keep dirt out really so we’re just gonna there let it sit for a few minutes and it
doesn’t seem to be going down at all so that’s a little little concerning we do
seem to have some fluid in the cylinder now actually which is interesting as far
as the speed bleeder however this thing where is my brake
brake line kit thing this this thing okay so I got a nice metal vacuum pump
because the plastic ones are garbage so now technically oh you fucking kidding me mmm how do you open the valve mm okay so
maybe it’s not of course the whole fucking thing’s turning I swore it was
supposed to be a speech bleeder and it’s gonna cause problems because that means
you have to have two people to do it can’t tell if it’s working or not fuck
oh yeah it’s definitely working look it’s pulling fluid there it goes there’s
there’s some fluid coming out oh it doesn’t look very good doesn’t look good
at all probably be a good idea to purge some fluid through all these lines it’s going really slow though I set this
down and if I open this valve some more hmm I don’t know I mean I suck at
bleeding stuff so I don’t even have a way to know if it’s working there we go now we’re getting somewhere the goal is not to waste too much of
this either I mean that’s that’s another thing is how do you know when you’ve got
all the air out and then you can close the valve and therefore I don’t know I
might have Ecotec check check it for me because I really don’t know enough about
how bleeding works I’m running out of RBF 600 or running out of old RBF 600 I think what I can do is well this is this
is not good I need to have another hand so while this is pulling a vacuum I can
close the valve and that should technically it was shit okay let’s not
do that again okay we wore
fill this back up and then cap it okay okay now what we got to do is get the
clutch lever oh that’s right I need a fucking c-clip so I smartly lost the
original one or it was damaged or whatever but anyway so you want you want
this to be a little tight like not loose I need some grease but hmm at the same
time you don’t want it to be like ridiculously tight so I would say
probably probably shouldn’t mark it so I can see what the hell I’m doing this is
like a kiss is a cantilever spring assist fancy you know fucking Porsche
shit so the last thing I want to do is have it adjusted wrong and then the
spring assist ruins the clutch or whatever so do start there okay now we
just gotta get this on oh no don’t tell me it’s not threaded
deep enough oh I’m gonna be pissed are you fucking shitting me are you fucking
shitting me motherfucker fuck I can’t even push it by hand it’s so
caught you so tight oh boy this is a problem okay first some grease damn that’s that’s not good that fucking
thing’s not even the right I don’t think I have a tap that well granted you have
to drill the hole deeper first and if you do that then you fuck up all the
threads I’m gonna get that problems that might ride the clutch definitely not what I want to do how am
I gonna get that on you know I printed these bushings myself so I may have not
I may have not gotten the now I’ve gotten the diameters right fuck come on I don’t understand hmm how to do how to do mmm just gotta be away okay we’re gonna try it the hard way
we’re gonna pull the bushing out see if we can get the bushing to go on the
shaft and it does so it’s just a matter of like I said doing it the hard way make sure this is closed tight hopefully
I won’t need any more of this stuff mm-hmm so I gotta pull this bushing out
I have to come back to fit it later well I guess one of the problems is the
pressure on the clutch lever is just really high just unfortunate cuz that might be why the bushing doesn’t
want to fit if the pressure is too high see I don’t this could be riding the
clutch and it could destroy the clutch pretty fast because this fucking thing
isn’t tapped deep enough okay so we got a screwdriver got a relieve pressure on
this so I can get the bushing in place I probably should have done this before I
did the fluid bleed but then I don’t know how it would have fuck I don’t know
what to do just doesn’t want to go on I have to reprint these fucking bushings
seems like maybe they’re a little tight fuck I don’t even know if I kept the
design for them I’d do a different style of bushing
altogether but hmm shit I think the only think the
proper way is gonna be to redesign these bushings cuz they’re a little tougher
too tight for for it damn I really really hope I fucking save that design
or I’m gonna have to guess and start over I still don’t know what to do for the
c-clip fuck fucking fuck okay we’re back I found the 3d files and was able to 3d
print slightly different I also included a little chamfer to hopefully help us
out here so you get some grease and see what we can do so hmm
I think the best way to do it is installing them in doesn’t seem to want to go what the fuck
I know it I on the right file because it was named clutch lever bushing okay and I was only able to take like 0.3
millimeters off of the inner or increase the inner diameter because of the way
the unfortunately the the thickness of the bushing is so thin that I was afraid
to take anymore off but this should give us what we need I can just get it to oh come on what the hell oh how this would be a lot easier if
this fucking thing was what the fuck this could be part of the reason why it
wasn’t working the first time around is the fit on me okay this is fucking insane well there’s a bunch of shit in there
probably doesn’t help I can’t get a pic in there damn oh yeah look at that there we go still doesn’t look like it’s tapped as
deep as it should be I just gave it a little more room to play with though
like I was saying earlier I think it was just too tight I don’t think it’s gonna
do what we wanted to okay so this should just go right in I don’t understand
wow it’s got a huge come on I don’t know if the printer screwed up
or okay okay so now now give me a break it’s still off it’s still way off
goddamn no that’s not gonna go on like that
damn it no I got a fucking print them again that makes me so mad okay so this time I need let’s see and
they’re still so they’re still too tight on the shaft and there they fit too
tight in here so and this is not good because I don’t even know if printing
the bushings that thin enough to fit is gonna be a good idea and I mean
obviously the OEM bushing didn’t make it because it was so thin yeah that is not
good so obviously this thing is like
shrinking is it cools which makes sense but it’s apparently shrinking a lot
which is not good you still haven’t found a c-clip either so okay so before
I go back inside cuz I mean fuck you know like let’s put our soft lines on probably won’t be back out tonight so so
the soft lines are spokes to kind of a kind of shitshow really the way they’re
supposed to work well yeah I’m really confused now that
doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t make sense what’s going on because they’re supposed to go through
here that better not fucking link break okay
so not yeah I’m not seeing how these are supposed to be installed yeah course I left okay
got some extra spring clip Matt okay now I need to need to look up a picture of
how these spring clips are supposed to be or how the lines supposed to go oh
fuck where the fuck’s my phone god damn it I don’t fucking have my phone on me
ah cuz you know what the logical would be
dis right but then where the hell does the rubber protector go that’s supposed
to be clipped into here unless these are the wrong style lines for this model
year god damn it that’s what I’m gonna assume is that the damn going to assume
that I got the wrong lines or that they sent me the wrong lines fuck that makes me mad anyway I got these slightly better condition clips yeah I’m
not so sure how the lines are gonna think that’s I don’t know I don’t like
that that’s just hanging there out in the open like this sharp as metal
pointing I don’t I don’t understand something’s
not something’s not right or I removed a bracket I wasn’t supposed to remove or
something’s really really not right hmm crap I just put this on the lines
but nothing know where it goes or what to do with it that sucks okay and then I
need masking tape exercise again I don’t know if there’s a
bracket missing I don’t know what the hell is going on okay then this SOSI not this one yeah I
don’t know what the hell’s going on I think they fucking sold me the wrong
shit because now this one is fucking it’s like it should be down here like
this like something’s not right I don’t know what to do fuck and I have
to I have no idea what’s wrong there’s no way it’s gonna just fucking left my fucking phone
inside and you take pictures and find out what’s going on fuck fucking fuck dude what else can I
do before I go inside yeah I don’t know what the fuck to do about that now this one’s completely different it’s a different angle it’s gonna be a problem cuz that’ll rub
a hole in the line pretty quick fuck I don’t understand what went wrong probably brig something together that’ll
work but that sucks it really sucks something’s not right thank what else can I do I finally have finally found a washer fluid line that
will fit so we can do that so the catch here is that this vehicle does not have
the does not have the the headlight washers I think that was like an upgrade
feature or something shit why where is the oh yeah see I totally okay so my thought
is to try and use both inlet holes oh man are you fucking kidding me
this is the smallest washer line I could find and it’s still not the right size fuck okay yup I could play this game the
fucking hard way you’ve got to be kidding me it’s still
not right the fuck sighs drew but do I need them it almost ended badly okay okay so the
first obstacle to overcome is how long of a tube do we need because you want
the tube to come down to the bottom but you don’t want it to like how do how do
I say it you don’t want it to touch the bottom because then it could suck itself
to the bottom so you want like I don’t even know how I begin to measure it can’t even see if I’m touching the
bottom or not wait there’s something mmm that’s obviously way too long goddamn holiday even fucking know how
would you fucking know how long to make it fuck you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me
ah there’s got to be a rational way to measure this fucking thing well if I want the hoes to sit here then
it should be that long no fucking um I don’t love this Gandhi what I need it
to or not okay wait hold on I’m just so fucking stupid fucking waste
my time on stupid shit like this okay we’re gonna do this
but I’m gonna cut it at an angle hopefully to help prevent help prevent
it from sticking itself to the bottom okay so do that and then we’re gonna okay right there then do another one the same thing we’re gonna cut it at an
angle try and prevent it from sticking itself to the bottom okay then we are
going to tie them together so they can’t get any longer right about here and here that’s not oh boy fucked up come on okay okay oh come on just go great now they don’t
even want to go down there we go okay then supposedly this just goes on
it doesn’t even I don’t know you think there’d be like a lock locking mechanism
or something it’s kind of disconcerting that goes right by the freaking
headlight – that’s I mean if it were me I’d want to freaking you know I don’t
want a locking mechanism but oh I don’t really see that that happens so now this
should be the suction side and this should be the pressure side if they did
it in any way at all that makes sense so now we need to hmm now this needs to come down the hood
goes right over it which is very odd design choice I don’t know if I can even
use that because that looks like it’s crushing the line yeah I don’t think I’m
gonna be able to use that okay I have to do it do it the hard way so – you have
to bring it down and then over okay zip ties I need zip ties not the big ones okay okay question is how tight do I try and then want yeah they’re not this goes on its lines
a lot smaller than damn I thought I’d left enough line are
you fucking kidding me god damn it okay fine we will do it this way don’t want to crush it just kind of let
it do its own thing there okay since eyes everywhere Lions deal with the hood line later okay okay what time 5:30 ah me and really screwed
on this because of the freaking not being able to yeah I’ve got enough room
for those two and I need to make sure I think these tilting reservoirs are
larger they still fit within the okay so it’s the same bottom mount bracket and I
really don’t know what to do about these I think putting the rubber here and then
trying to attach it somehow so it doesn’t rub fuck
it’s such a shit ah that’s obviously the wrong fucking brake lines so what it
looks like to me I don’t even know if that’s gonna rub on the fucking wheel or
not oh man that sucks it’s even weirder that this one is so
far away and the other one is so close it’s like something’s missing see I need I could probably get away
with a damn that’s not gonna work these are obviously probably do short
for her okay I can just give give this tighter and then this one I can rotate into
place here yeah I don’t know how that’s gonna
handle steering and off-roading and that’s gonna suck is that whatever that
is is like right there this feels like plastic maybe might be okay I don’t know
we won’t know until hmm today’s just become a total shit show okay so we want
to do the same thing here oh we can bring that in and slip that through okay and then we want to tighten this up
a little bit okay yeah I don’t know I don’t know what this
little metal things gonna rub on these or not what a shitty fucking I don’t really feel like that’s gonna
rub on the tire I mean that just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna clear the okay see if the other one survived that seems like it’s doing okay hmm
okay what else what else what else what else don’t I guess I can start marking
and drilling these let’s see I need to get the bottom
oh no wait hold on wrong direction the bottom bolts in place we know how tall
we can mount them mm-hmm and then mark this one’s got to
be centered on this lever if not it’s gonna cause problems later on down the
road so it’s got to be like I need a centerline
Hey that doesn’t look right okay okay so same as last time we now need to time
537 probably have time for drilling the holes and that’s about it so again the strategy is to use the
sharpness of the drill bit to do the cutting and not to force it oh yeah that might cause some problems
ah okay next size hole okay little move a lot crooked Oh hmm
looks crooked shit guess worst case I drilled the hole out a little bigger okay now for the hard one since it seems
don’t wanna catch fuck you okay all right now we got to find screws
that fit may not be so easy yeah that’s not good I’m running out of supplies
really don’t want to buy another one of those kits cuz it was not cheap was a
not cheap at all mmm so we’ll just hand tighten these cuz
Ecotec I’ll have to take them back off anyway to mount the to mount round
everything else whoops just tight enough that they don’t blow
off on the highway okay then technically we can do got time for
one more the last one this one might be kind of hard because
of the all this shit get some space back here okay I’m missing a marker there mm okay
so we go put these back mm okay yeah a problem one problem I kind of ignored
I hope II I don’t know I don’t know we will find out okay last this I don’t know what this is
for we’re gonna have to put put these reservoirs together and that line doesn’t look long enough
it’s not good okay now how we’re gonna do this because all the shits in my way pretty much dead seven ah I stupid
fucking GoPros always in the way okay oh this is gonna suck
the fucking motors in my way oh boy okay next it’s actually the end of
kneading that so put it back actually I’m an idiot the master cylinder has to
be assembled before that’s right anyway okay
I’m not gonna give me any more room to work with unfortunately then put that one away and this one
which well not tighten enough fuck what a pain in the ass that is
every time okay and then I need to get need to get
the vacuum not gonna do that on camera and I’m gonna vacuum up all those metal
shavings cuz I mean we’re working with brake lines here so not good just leave
shit lying around when you’re working with brake lines I don’t know I’ll
probably come back out after I redo the 3d printing on these so I’ll see you in
a minute okay so third try okay so now it goes on pretty freely now I mean once
it’s snapped inside of here I’m not so sure I tried to lower the diameters best
I could but there’s just only so you can only get so thin before it’ll be too
weak to even do its job so I’m starting to think I might have to go
back and print a fourth version hmm fucking shit give me a break fuck ah damn it if I make it any thinner it’s
gonna help it’s starting to get on my nerves do I have a drill bit I can use
to actually where is the shit that I just mix them
up fuck I think it was these two yeah okay and that’s I don’t think that’s big
enough there’s just not if I make these any thinner then it’s not going to it’s
not going to survive more than a couple petal presses it’s what I really need to
do and whoever made this thing really
didn’t do me any favors fuck okay this one fits this is the next size
up so we’ll go the next size up which we gotta do with this one okay yeah catch these metal shavings hope if I
plugged it in that was not good okay try that again okay okay now I don’t know still don’t
it’s still gonna be a pretty tight fit but it might be enough to nope you gotta be kidding me and I have to go another step up fucking hell that is okay that’s all I
can do any more adjustments will have to be made on the 3d print okay okay I think it’ll work now still not
ideal Oh get it all nice and greased up okay then we gotta get it actually back
into the hopefully it’ll let us turn it in a little tighter now that we got the
metal shavings out although the depth of the tap is still
pretty sad and yeah the taps just not deep enough
as it’s very frustrating hmm okay so we need a little helper wrench here see all
this we can toss hmm ha look at that looks like there’s just enough of a
groove left for the c-clip which is good now the million-dollar question is will
it even work will the clutch work okay I need to get that c-clip I need to make a
note on my phone but right now okay please God let the clutch
pedal work ooh that’s a problem oh boy I wonder if I have to remove that spring fucking shit I don’t see any leaks or
anything hmm wonder if it’s cuz this hose is so high above this if there’s
like air in it it would suck that’s possible it’s possible there’s air
trapped in this hose shit you gotta be kidding me I mean it could also be this spring let’s try fuckin sucks spring ow fuck that’s gotten bleed can I solve
it that for this know completely different size of course it is of course
it is something tells me that Springs gonna go
flying it’ll come off definitely definitely
air and the lines or something no fluid coming out the bottom is there nope okay so there’s air in the line
somewhere and the problem is it could be probably right here not sure how to deal
with that hmmm it’s gonna be tough yeah I don’t think that assists spring
is really necessary can bag and tag it and we need it later but I highly doubt
we’re gonna need it it’s all fucking nasty oh oh that’s
awful how did that oh I see went like this fuck that’s nasty hmm okay so seriously so we got the clutch working the problem
is that there’s some air trapped in it somewhere having trouble figuring out
where so we’ll have to come back another time yeah so I will see I will see you
guys next time me

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  1. Another great video man! It's nice to see a build like this in such detail. These videos are going to save me so much time during my build. Keep up the good work man!

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