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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 64

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 64

okay obviously not lose it this one we
can just ooh there’s an o-ring on there okay I
did not remember that I have to be careful Hello and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so today we are going to be getting
ready for the transaxle installation now one of the main things
that we will have to do is replace the seals on the excuse me
give me it’s like replace the seals on the oil cooler so you can get all this
stuff ready these bolts I don’t know why I’m holding
this one do this and then this is the oil cooler seal kit okay and then I need pic pics plural so all three pics try
and get into some light probably here’s fine so we’re getting our bolts and I’ll
get the right tools off-camera we’re getting our new oil cooler line I got
the transmission jack over here so we’re gonna pull in this big thing this is a Porsche 944 turbo transaxle
that was built specifically for a high power application so the first thing we
need to do is figure out what the right way is to go about the installation of
this nightmare so there’s some rings inside here that I assume mate to this
surface and this surface that are responsible from for preventing the oil
from leaking and then there’s these little hook things okay so my
understanding is the hooks go in the grooves and then you use this big bolt
to while that bolt looks way too long it looks way way way too long mm this hook
may be go back here no I’ve got to go in this groove right
hmm I think these bolts are the wrong bolts pack list rubber o-ring and doesn’t say or it’s in their different
language okay so my best guess is this o-ring is meant to go and replace the
one that’s inside of here that’s definitely the way it seems so I got to get these old or ings out
because I mean they’ve got 70,000 miles on them this is an oil pump basically
and it pumps the gear oil through this ridiculous cooler which I wish I didn’t
have to have but since the pumps already in here I can’t do anything about it I
have to have it so what’s confusing is like so this this looks right like this
has you know whatever room I think I need to put this on
however the this one doesn’t look right because the threads come all the way up
to here right which would mean that this this screw is wrong but I’m not sure
what I should replace it with it’s a little confusing so yeah or why there’s
so many freaking washers it also doesn’t really make sense anyway so I got to get
this o-ring out and then I somehow have to get the new o-ring in without
accidentally putting it down into the transaxle and same for getting the old
oring out so the old oh ring is pretty badly dry rotted I mean it’s not in good
condition and you can tell it’s heat warped from age but it’s the same size
as the new one so the new one there’s already plenty of grease we have to get
in without losing it or cutting it or you know any or the other oh boy you
know ten thousand things that could go wrong while trying to put an o-ring into
an internal groove like this so we are hopefully okay Oh rings in get a little oil rubbed
on it so that it doesn’t Nick or cut when we install this later on we’ll
probably flush out the transaxle with some cheap gear oil to make absolutely
sure all the garbage is gone before we go and try and do anything else also I
got to hook up some connectors for this reverse sensor before I install it and I
guess I could come up to the side and plug them in but it’d be mm-hmm I’ll do
them later okay so Oh ring one in now we got to go
back here get this old Oh ring out okay so old o-ring out now we got to get the
new one in without losing it inside the transaxle because that would be
extremely bad I’m kind of holding it in the groove
with one finger and working it around the edges with the others that should carefully yep okay so it’s in that went
way better than I expected you guys probably can’t see anything but anyway
I’m gonna rub oil all around it okay then I’m gonna clean off this surface if
the surface is filthy the surface probably helps prevent oil leak okay same here claim that probably would
help if I got a to haul hey lint-free towel of course so again
I’m just cleaning this off okay and then it’s actually okay so the the theory behind how this
works which is questionable is that it goes in like this like that and then
this part is supposed to go in there which and then this here
I think attaches right there it looks like it’s a little off I’m not sure how
to because I think I have to undo this bolt on this case and then replace it
with this longer bolt not sure on that honestly and then this obviously is
wrong so but the premise should be you’d think this would have to go under
yeah under like that and so then you put this bolt in the back okay and then you
would put these bolts in but I don’t want this hanging off the side of the
transaxle while I’m trying to install it in the car I think that’s a mistake
because you could potentially mess this up and tear it up or whatever so we’re
gonna keep all this stuff even though I think some of its wrong we’re gonna keep
all of this stuff safe I might even be able to use this bolt in here
they look like they’re the same size yeah that might be I might be able to
swap that with that and that too that but uh I thought I had a nicer I had a
nicer one of these not that it matters I’d actually technically I would need to
this would have to go with the oh yeah that would have to go with the
old transaxle but anyway um so pull this back out carefully so we don’t mess up
our new o-ring which isn’t cooperating probably have to make sure I greased the
shit out of that before I try to put it in I actually ordered some cheap gear
oil to lubricate the wires on the lift or the cables on the lift supposedly
you’re technically I guess supposed to get some oil on this this and this I
mean it makes sense and then I ordered some white lithium to grease these slide
blocks yeah so that’ll be an interesting little excursion you could say yeah I’m
not sure how that’s gonna work but okay so and I thought I had more to do than that
I’m trying to think I want to get this oh yeah this off to the side I do want
to get the coupler the couple are installed which is it’s a giant green
looking thing it should be hope there it is so this needs to be greased up with
some anti-seize and it needs to be put on the this slid it has to slide slide
it way down here like this in order to get it out of the way of the what we’re
doing here which is we’re going to be installing father’s does it mirrors the
shaft not the right oh shit cuz that hole is supposed to
line up with this what the fuck hmm oh okay sorry there’s a big
inspection hole over there okay anyway I need anti-seize which I put
away of course because I cleaned everything up so what I do with it
shit shit shit shit oh yeah yep yep sorry yep yep it’s right
here yeah okay so we were going to just gonna grease that up not too much
and then I mean the problem is if this thing ceases on the shaft then you’re
screwed I mean if it flings this stuff everywhere it’s not going to matter
because there’s no clutch back here so the last thing you want is this shit to
seize up that would not be good so now this goes on either direction it doesn’t
really matter so you just slide it down all the way like that and then you just
leave it there and hope it kind of you know sticks and stays there while you’re
installing the transaxle one of the other things we can do as a preparation
item let’s see first of all I can throw these old o rings away then those we can
disconnect our shift lever cuz you’re actually I connected it just to keep it
safe but you’re actually not supposed to connect it until after the transaxles in
so that’s why I got this here so what we got to do and we’ll probably have to
adjust it anyway is we’ve got C Clips both sides so we’re gonna pull those C clips off
and I’m just gonna use a screwdriver for that no big secret they’re probably this
one okay obviously not lose it this one we can just goo there’s an o-ring on
there okay and did not remember that I have to be careful
I guess the o-ring is to keep the grease I’ll have to make sure to go and read
grease it because it looks like the grease is already kind of worn off
somehow okay so then what you do is you disconnect it and you pull this damn
it’s far forward as it’ll go which I don’t think that’s enough let me check
thought you’re supposed to be able to yeah that’s not anywhere close to enough try remember I know I did it when I took
the transaxle out think this new piece of foam is just causing problems I don’t
want to rip the brand-new foam no come on and it’s just not going that as far
as she goes and I just have to deal with it or what I go back and look at my own
damn video I guess but I thought it went farther than that it sure doesn’t want
to go any farther so I’m just gonna leave it there just love to read you all
my brake lines okay yeah cuz you’re gonna have to you have
to like come in at an angle and come up so you can clear this god-awful
nightmare back here this heat shield still on the gas tank that’s good heat
shield for the muffler is missing I don’t know how we’re gonna deal with
that yeah yeah I’m not sure exhaust shops gonna have quite a bit of work cut
out for them to get this exhaust made they’re not gonna like me because the
exhaust is gonna have to come through here the muffler will have to sit here
and they’ll have to build a heat shield for the gas tank of course probably a
pretty thick one at that actually is this supposed to go this might actually
supposed to supposed to go no I couldn’t go on that side cuz all this isn’t away
right what is that yeah eggs all still have to come this
way fit a muffler in here somehow and then somehow get the exhaust pipe to
where it’s not gonna get crushed by the bumper which means either going up into
the actual bumper itself or building like a little cage around it maybe that
might actually be smarter to build like a little Roll hoop around the exhaust let’s see what else was i doing right
all right this was supposed to be trying to get this doesn’t want to come out of
the way so I’m thinking that’s the best we’re gonna get out of it which sucks
cuz it’s gonna be a pain in the ass because it goes all the way down onto
here and you can see there’s a very small hole to like get everything lined
up luckily I don’t need to use this speed sensor oh that’s the other thing
shit I wanted to clean this up a little bit yeah just a little bit do I have a file
I do I don’t know if it’s gonna cut it’s aluminum it should cut I want it to be flush with that almost there it’s pretty much mm-hmm okay
I’m gonna call that pretty damn good and double-check this angle that angles
perfect okay all right you can see we had to make some repairs
because this one was in a wreck so they built a 500 horsepower turbo race car
and it wrecked on the first corner of the first race so there was some small
damage to the mounting point but my hope well I mean they told me that the
transmission itself and you can hear it it’s quiet is in good condition so I think that’s it for today and you guys
probably like what this video sucks yeah but that’s life life sucks so get used
to it all right I’m sick of working for today I will I
will catch you guys next time beautiful stars alabaster car nothing
can break me no no nothing can break

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