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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 53

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 53

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so there’s a couple quick things I want
to attend to tonight one of them being getting the dipstick installed so the
problem with the dipstick is it’s not really fitting like I want it to know I
can’t even remember oh yeah there’s a piece of cloth down there so my
understanding of how it’s supposed to work is it’s supposed to be like think
like this oh boy here we go again so there we go okay maybe pull this out out of the way for a
second that’s not in all the way hmm
doesn’t seem like it wants to go in so the dipstick doesn’t really fit because
of the way that the the way that everything is it just it’s
not seating right I mean they specifically told me to use a 2000
Camaro dipstick and that’s exactly what I’m fuckin using so the fact that it
doesn’t even fit is very frustrating if I can remove these spacers that’ll solve
the problem or not hmm so I mean so the problem is if I just
blindly attach the dipstick like this then the tube is going to rub on the
manifold bolts so obviously we should not just blindly install something that
doesn’t fit right am I right or not you know what I mean
so I mean it really doesn’t fit at all so the problem is okay so it’s in down
there now and I need I’m waiting for my friend to bring back my tubing bender so
I can bend this forward quite a bit because it’s no way in hell is it going
to clear the hood like that I mean not even not even close
so we’ll have to take it back off the vehicle anyway but I want to get an idea
of how much it needs to be bent so we really need like quite a bit of space
and I think the nuts was the wrong choice because the nuts won’t allow you
you know like wiggle room I don’t even know where they came from I think maybe
just a bunch of washers probably smarter is ghetto as that sounds they have like
four washers on it you can just make them stainless so they don’t like rub
anything we’ll just do as many washers as we need to prevent prevent it from
rubbing I would say or might be enough so I don’t know it’s far enough I don’t think four will be enough maybe
six oh so that’s about one and a half nuts
okay I think that’ll work so the problem is getting the freaking washers into the you know you know what I mean that’s
gonna be our big problem is getting the washers hooked on this bolt and then
getting the bolt threaded in the way we need it yeah come on this is kind of suck of course where’d they go they couldn’t have gone
far shit man I need to sweep this fucking
floor under here there’s one where’d the other one go there’s all kinds of metal
shavings and shit that probably I shouldn’t be walking around on ah where
the fuck did they are the other wall shook oh shit
hey I need another one gotta run out okay
Oh motherfucker and just throw some more on the floor okay and then we can go ahead and hmm okay now I feel like I used too many
washers if I don’t do it right it’s not gonna hold the tube in well then again got a clear our coil
pack yeah that it looks like I what was that a 17 I’m gonna see if that’s gonna hold this
in so we don’t blow oil out the bottom of the block hmm I think we could get
away with removing two of those washers maybe I mean it seems pretty secure I
don’t think it’s gonna come out of the block but it’s not really doing what
it’s been designed to okay I mean we got to take it off anyway to bend this
forward where it’s you know accessible granted I guess we don’t want to
probably bend it like right here in this area that way we don’t get in the way of
our oil fill the other thing I needed to do above the vehicle today is I kind of
screwed up very confident that I screwed up my oil no oil sorry my fuel pressure plans and I say that because I was
looking at the fast kit online looking to see if it included an oil temperature
cinder which it doesn’t which is great it’s a whole nother story so computer computer they send me to
computers so the pretty sure this is the fuel pressure unit now there’s a problem
with that and that is that it’s a completely different sized fitting than
what I need it to be I mean it’s not even close and weight air temperature
sensor air temperature sensor what
wait what oh now I’m really confused I thought I had already thought I already
opened the intake air temperature sensor box I’m confused wait why do I have two intake air
temperature sensors the hell cuz this is sensor fast air temperature sensor fast
air temperature why are there two what the hell did they pack my kit wrong or
something like I don’t think they’re supposed to be two computers are there
it can’t be right because this says ez fi 2.0 fuel and
ignition where is that adapter yeah it almost
looks like this fucking kits been packed wrong or possibly returned at some point here’s the o2 sensor but I don’t see an
o2 sensor bung that’s fucking great there’s that it what is this no yeah I
don’t see a weld bung for the o2 sensor okay so lots of confusion here yeah so
they’re ridiculous fucking fuel pressure unit is this big fucking block
I completely forgot about this it’s so stupid so this block that’s
right in my way let’s see could I put the sensor on an
adapter into here into this side here because this IO this IO and this are all
connected as one chamber so I’m pretty sure I could use this with an adapter so
I need a that appears to be I don’t tell me it’s some kind of proprietary fucking
sighs damn it doesn’t look like an a in size it’s
hard to tell cuz that’s an 8 a n where’s my I have
some fittings so I have an 8 a in fitting two small and then I have a 6
pay in fitting it’s too big fucking assholes fuck that fucks everything up so so this
stupid fucking thing I’m pretty much stuck having to figure out how to use it
so this goes in here ok and then I have to get my fuel fuel readings from it so
I could probably mount it with I would need a 8 a n o ring 2 8 a n o ring
however the fuck that’s supposed to if I can even find one and then I’m gonna
have to use a 90 degree fitting which I might have an extra 90 degree fitting to
get down to the fitting down there the problem is is that there’s gonna be so
little fuel line and this shit’s not really very flexible oh this is gonna be
a fucking nightmare complete fucking nightmare so I need an 8a in to 8a in both go ring
if I can even find something like that preferably preferably as slim as
possible see I knew I knew us for getting something else for getting the
fuel pressure sensor which is kind of fuckin important ok so I need an
eight-oh ring to a toe ring I need to keep that in my head to try and get an
accurate reading of the fuel pressure and I’m trying to think so we would have
maximum fuel pressure right here and the minimum fuel pressure would be right
here I think if that makes sense so we would be running with minimum fuel
pressure meaning it would be putting in extra fuel so running rich so it would
be safe ok all right anyway so the dipstick is the
dipstick needs to be bent we need to fix our fuel fittings and then there’s two
other things I owe ya the oil temperature so basically I’m looking at
getting an oil cooler that’s right I need to measure that looking at getting
a 12 man that’s gonna be fucking huge well this is going to get cut out
because it’s in the way of the intake which is gonna have to go oh fuck me
where am I gonna put my intake now oh man
fuck I guess I’ll have to run the intake well no I can’t run the intake this way
cuz this fucking radiator hose is in my way but if I run the intake this way to
here then where the fuck is the oil cooler gonna go I mean the oil cooler
could probably sit right here but it would be so we have enough space because
the oil cooler is about 11 11 inches but as far as how thick is that throttle
body spacers about two inches plus another three so five inches of space
and then the intake pipe and the filter is gonna have to sit over here somewhere
so we would be looking at probably only a 10 row little tiny oil cooler fuck
fuck this shit every day there’s no way in hell I could
fit a six-inch oil cooler I mean it just it won’t fit I’d have to be at in row
double stack or even a triple stack oil cooler because that the fatness won’t
matter it’s what’s gonna screw us over is the is there anywhere else I could put in a
little cooler I really don’t I really don’t see anywhere else an oil cooler
would go and I really wanted to put the intake that way I mean I guess if I well
I don’t want to do that because say if I cut that and run the intake pipe or run
the intake pipe this is this is a shitshow I really need I really need an
oil cooler I mean I mean we’re talking like no room left
for it six inch oil cooler would not fit I mean we’re looking at it enough room
just enough room for something like this and then how we would mount it I I don’t
know shit oh fuck fuck fuck fuck I mean one of the
options is to put the oil cooler here but there’s quite a bit of issues with
that one of the issues being that it’s then vulnerable to be impacted by
something I mean if you put the oil cooler right here there’s enough space
just enough space for it well maybe not the fender let’s see six inch but the
bumper doesn’t really have the bumper doesn’t really have any
provisions for airflow I would have to literally cut I would have to like cut
this out right here and put like a mesh there or something for the oil cooler
fuck and he’ll know what to do I might have to wait on the oil cooler I
mean and then I can’t test fire the engine starting to think the oil coolers
gonna have to go down here somewhere I just don’t see we don’t have much
space six inches I’d say that it would have to be less than six inches so we’re
still looking at a 10 ro and then it would probably have to have a fan which
more money 12 inch 12 inch by 6 inch wears up here we have you know we have
13 inch by let’s say no more than 4 inch 12 by 6 or 13 by 4 fuck of my life okay next why did I put that no wait okay don’t need the gaskets right now and those are some thick fucking gasket okay okay all right up we go again okay so mmm
first make sure these are the right size so let’s see they appear to be not happy
that these fucking things are pointed so straight down I’m gonna take quite a bit
of custom exhaust work to get the exhaust to tuck under the skid plate motherfucker where did that go
Shh shit I heard it hit the floor and bounced away fuck there it is fuck life today is not a good day okay
so the collectors are probably gonna need a forty five degrees in the
collector itself that way I mean it needs to go like legit so forty five
degrees that way basically and you could probably just rotate the pipe as you
need it and then tack it later so cuz I mean we need well shit we also
have to clear or whatever so this structure is here and kind of wraps
around right there’s not much clearance I’m looking at what I think I’m looking
at so probably have to have a heat shield to protect it and it’s gonna have
to go straight there and then back I mean I just want to be able to test fire
the engine but if I have to fucking roll this thing to an exhaust shop just to
fucking ah that makes me mad okay collector on the other side so same procedure we got a little more
room to work with over here quit up okay so this one is worse so this one
will have to almost 90-degree why they’re different I have no fucking clue
so so this one will have to turn basically right here a ninety and go
between try it’s best to go between there I mean my god the difference in
construction on these is insane I mean look at this so this the end of this
manifold is even with the block about this fucking thing comes a whole extra
almost two inches below the block it’s completely different and even worse I
still don’t even know if the steering shaft is gonna I mean am I gonna have a
clear clear shot for my steering shaft because I sure don’t see how the hell
that’s gonna work either so yeah getting very frustrated with this whole
thing so it’s gonna come up and it looks like
it’s gonna come up like right here hmm okay so one collector needs to be at 90
degrees basically and then the other ones gonna have to be at fuck gonna have
to be at a about 45 and then I’ll need to weld on an o2 bung somewhere where it
won’t get melted and then Nancy I want to test fire the engine I want to know
if the engine is even right yeah you know you do all this work and then all
of a sudden something’s fucked up with the engine so I guess that uh ground
didn’t need probably just have to have I have a
co-worker who’s a really talented welder probably just have to have him come over
and see what he thinks there’s that washer cool I found it let’s see what
else what else um starter that’s another thing is the
starter gonna fucking clear all this so we finally got the bolts but I mean I
don’t want to put it on until I can get this shit plugged in but oh man I barely
fucking fits my god this fucking thing is basically fucking touching the
starter it’s gonna fucking melt it’s gonna
fucking burn out the fucking starter probably fuck shit now I got it stuck hmm what is all this blue shit quality
control yep talk about a nightmare talk about a fucking nightmare yeah okay
so I need a day into a day in I need to have somebody come and take a look at
this crap Oh what else do I need to get the engine actually fired up I mean I
got to get the transaxle and all that shit in figure out what the hell I’m
gonna do with the oil cooler cuz I don’t think a ten rows gonna be enough I mean
I got enough hoe enough oil line to wear you know putting a cooler here would
probably be the smartest choice it would just be hard to keep it safe from
getting hit I mean I can feed the line up I don’t know because there’s like a
turns or no sorry a fog light I could I could cut out that fog light since I’m
going to have I’m going to have nice new GT headlights and I’m going to have a
light bar so if I cut the fog light out that would be a really good scoop for
air flow to the oil cooler the only problem I could see is it would it would
take away from the air pressure on the radiator which would not be good which
again is why I think the hood scoop idea is the best idea
it would allow it would allow for the most common-sense solution so yeah okay 90-degree 45-degree about maybe
even 60 degree 45 to get around gotta watch out for this man what a fucking
shit show total fucking shit show I mean really
like like if you look at the way those arms are but we would almost have to put
the the front pieces back on the car before making a decision on that because
this fucking thing might not even clear so many problems with this car I can’t
even begin okay
I don’t know I’m stuck for today I got I need to figure out that fuel line eight
ano ring to a to an o-ring that’s probably gonna be expensive and I gotta
figure out the oil stuff that’s gonna be a pain in the dick and then I got to yeah yep I don’t know I don’t know oh I
don’t know there’s so many things wrong so many things wrong this whole fucking
project has been a total fucking nightmare trying to sweep everything somewhere
where we’re not gonna be working really at all probably need to get a leaf
blower and blow this shit out once we can get the car out of the garage start
blowing the garage out because it’s overdue hmm be a good screenshot thank
you guys for watching and for whatever reason you watched me sweep a floor so I
will see you next time

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