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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 47

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 47

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so I got the two fittings that I was
missing in this case a 8 a n straight so now we can have a nice clean hose to
there it’s kind of a short hose not too happy about that it’ll have to be
careful about the engine you know torquing itself and make the
hose just a slight bit longer than it needs to be of course and then we got
this for the bulkhead down here so then this and this go like that
and that’ll be perfect and again make sure there’s a little extra line on
there so when the engine rocks it doesn’t tear a fitting I 3d printed a
bulkhead so this fits on the inside the inside of the car and then the two where
did where my ball kids go great oh that’s right sorry I got shit
everywhere so then the two bulkheads and the little
washers will go come on okay mm-hmm
washer and then let’s see I want it to go ooh that barely fits that’s good
though but it’s also a lot tighter than I thought it would be but good so you
can see we got our you know I’ll tighten that later got to decide how much I
think it needs to be tightened I mean its carbon fiber 3d printed carbon fiber
so I don’t foresee any issues with it especially because it’s six millimeters
thick I mean this shit was printed as thick whoops damn it as thick as I
possibly could sorry guys I didn’t really think that
through did I yeah I thought this was gonna be printed
a little bit nicer but it was not okay and the purpose of such a high strength
bulkhead is to make sure that nothing happens in a rack and we don’t view fuel
all over everywhere you know so for now these will be and it’s probably will be
smart to tighten them before I install this in the car but this will be
installed in the car like this and then this will be installed like this only up
oh boy I might have fucked up again this one has to be installed up and over like that so again this will
be inside the car but like this kind of yeah that’ll be fine it’ll clear a
little worried about this should be alright
whoops and I pre D printed the seal here so that we make sure we don’t have any
engine fumes leaking and I’m gonna have to go through and 3d print a ton of
different seals for this car for all the different places where there used to be
like a wire harness grommet which is now gone or I’ll have to print 3d print new
wire harness grommets for my custom wire harness we will see so I’m gonna leave
this over here oh yeah I was probably should put that back I was measuring
stuff I got my new spacer printed so now it matches the ceiling surface properly
but at the same time it has a lip to clear the water pump so I had to order
some specialty bolts so now we’ll clear our water pump you know I never even
checked the throttle body’s gonna clear the pulley bail so that there and that
there and yeah we got about half maybe a quarter inch might have to well not
really much we can do about that but anyway so let me think here so my
main goal today is to do this crossover and then tomorrow at lunch which I can’t
really record video at lunch because I’m wearing my work uniform our rally mentor
Adam is gonna come over and double-check my work before I start running all these
other fuel lines because I have extra 8a in PTFE line I do not have
extra six aan PTFE line thing of course I got shit all over the place I’m already a little concerned because I
bought this 8a in line but it sure doesn’t look like eight I walked right
through that where’s an 8a in there’s one so 45 based on the instructions from arrow
quip I have a feeling these are gonna be a huge pain in the ass oh yeah so it
does look like it’s the right size it just looks like this particular whoever
cut this hose was a jerk yeah so that’s the right size okay so watch out for
dirt and shit but before I do this I need to make a
decision about how the line is gonna go so I want the line to go under but I
don’t think that’s a good idea ooh I need to mount the fuel rails too
and the reason why is you can’t get the fitting under there so you’d have to
create the line trapped on the vehicle so as badly as I want this line to I’d
so my other thought is if I run see this is where we’re gonna get into a kind of
a shitshow situation here and I mean I have a might even have to order a fuck
so if I just run the line over it’s gonna run over this sensor yeah I think
I fucked up again damn oh geez so you know my thought would be to run
the line out front here over this but I might not always have this or run the
line here where there’s a little pocket for it and then zip tie it down here but
I can’t do that fuck and this whole fucking thing has
just been a total I could walk damn it I don’t want to
have to order another one of these because they’re summit screws you on
shipping if you don’t order a minimum order it’s like they get joy out of
being different from everybody else so I don’t think that would be a good I don’t
know that looks way better than maybe get away with doing that okay so here’s
what we’re gonna do you guys are gonna laugh and think I’m an idiot
but we’re gonna try and get away with this setup so the first thing we need to
do is I need a marker and I need to cut a clean piece of tubing and that’s
actually an arrow quips instructions is to two masking tape and then even
specifically says masking tape I mean this is painters tape of Sam stuff
whatever the braids so when you cut them they hopefully hopefully being the key
word don’t fray so I’m gonna cut off quite a bit because I just don’t know
the quality of the cutter they used and then I have a specialty cutter made
specifically for braided line so you don’t have to use a stupid-ass chop saw
or any crazy shit like that the only problem is you want to make sure you get
a nice straight cut and that’s not always easy oh yeah well fuck my life okay this
isn’t gonna work for PTFE it just crushed it fuck they might not have been
joking about having to use a fine-tooth saw which I have I have a fine-tooth
hacksaw that’s just a pain and a dick extra work that Danielle
okay I’m gonna use this see if I can get away with this super crazy dangerously dangerously sharp okay try this now nope that’s not gonna work fuck great just fucking great fun always have
to do everything the hard way so I got some plastic soft jaws specifically for
braided wine so that you can hold it straight without like completely
destroying it I’m gonna need new tape where did it go this stuff I think I do
you thicker blue so yeah this is gonna be a pain in the
ass nightmare project okay those blades not tight enough it’s gonna holy shit the hose end still all fucked
up god damn I have cut off wheels problem is I don’t think I have anything
they can actually run them fuck my life okay their instructions said use a
fine-toothed okay okay yeah yeah this is this is how this is how this whole
fucking projects gonna go god that did a shit job uh okay try something else real
quick and try that with this just grap this shit as tight as I possibly
can because it doesn’t seem like it’s holding much okay okay we’re going to
try this way again okay so what this does is this gives a
cut that doesn’t have a bunch of frayed edges right okay so the edges aren’t
frayed that’s step number one now step number two would be to fix the hose which may or may not be possible shit it
might come to the point where I have to like measure out all the lines and take
them to like a professional professional shop and be like please help me okay so
then the fitting so you don’t want to get it I might have
displayed it out too much so you got to get this fitting oh boy in there okay
then back to the vice for a sec then this has to go between the braids and
the PTFE and I don’t honestly know how they expect us to do that I mean I mean
really like what I’m gonna have to I think I’ve got it so it said push the hose up against yeah
it’s a little tweaked push the hose up against a flat surface there okay so now the hose is supposedly
seated on or the fucking punch go so the hose is now supposedly seated on the brass ring okay and then the next
step is to they recommended having this and the vise so the next step would be come on
freakin pain in the ass okay and you would try and get the hose you don’t know if my punch is big enough
for the 8a inline try and get the hose on like that oh god that got me good
okay then this goes on are you hoping ooh yeah I got myself good I don’t want
like all the freaking hose because it’s not threaded down on the threads ah damn
damn damn damn fuck yeah fuck you okay hope that’s right I forgot a step
that’s why I’m having problems okay so with the hose fully seated you’re supposed to actually lube up the
braiding otherwise like we saw it’s not gonna I also need to find a wrench for
that preferably a flare-nut 17 nope not even close watch it be a sighs I don’t
have again 22 24 it’s a 22 okay so we got the flare nut wrench now it’s said
to use the Molly have some Molly maybe lithium nope not supposed to use
that think this stuff right stuff okay so the key here is not cutting
myself wide open on the braided lines again and to me it’s kind of backwards to have
to actually loop this because you wouldn’t want it to come loose right but
I’m assuming there’s a good reasoning behind it as long as we don’t get the
lube on the threads right so blood and grease okay shit I need to okay that’s still seated
I was gonna say I need better make sure that’s still seated on there the way we
want it okay and then this goes down and the hard part is gonna be getting the
damn well threads seated do I have a regular 22 wrench 21 find you okay
probably make my life way easier come on you bastard fuck this is not a straightforward task okay new tactic try like like 14 about
right 14 is eight up okay so 14 hold this fucking thing down
and then try to see if we can catch a thread tell if we actually started it or
not nope damn it come on complicated this shit okay now we got it
okay so I’m going to switch to aluminum soft jaws because the plastic I can tell
is not and this is a stainless so aluminum is not gonna hurt it but the plastic wasn’t really doing
doing the job so okay we’re gonna put this in the aluminum give me a painting a dick so their instructions were basically to
get it to where there’s only a thumbnails length in between the fitting and it’s gonna be cut off this is gonna
be a pain in the dick probably could have cut the tube down a little bit to
help me out but problem I’m gonna run into is these soft
jaws aren’t going to be very useful here in a second because of the 45 is in my
way might be a little too yeah what am I gonna do here fuck okay we’re just gonna have to be
extremely careful not to click the fitting up because the soft jaws weren’t
having it anymore okay I’m just gonna keep going and again it’s
at a thumbnails with I am so bad at this don’t ever take my advice please you
will regret it yeah that’s about two thumbnails with fuck you hoes okay that’s still too much
we’re getting close though boy okay that’s about a thumbnails with and
then it said turn one more time to align fitting so basically it wants you to
align it and then your thumbnail won’t fit okay so after much pain and
suffering and also this line is nowhere near as flexible as I would like it to
be so I think it’s going to cause a ton of problems but okay so now we need to figure out how
much line we need and really I probably should mount damn I probably should
mount the fuel rails first that would probably be intelligent so let’s see
they included not shit got these for for these okay so that’ll be easy
I think the way they want you to do it it’s like that kind of like I don’t know it’s kind of shitty the way
it’s set up I need quarter inch drive for ten
millimeter and then this goes these all the same right double check on that all
the same okay oh and of course the King holes aren’t
the right fucking size oh okay so it goes like this you know Holly couldn’t be bothered to
include instructions so it’s really nice of them this is a very fragile intake so we have
to be careful not to over-tighten it I guarantee you the slightest little bit
of effort and it’s gonna get all pissy so just enough to get some play question
is how am I gonna bolt this stuff down I’m assuming I’m gonna have to get my
own shit okay next oh shit that might be a problem
no no okay yeah I think these will work kind of
janky but it’s what you got to do can’t see okay then I need to break loose these that one’s tight of course it is okay
and then since they couldn’t be bothered to include the bolts I need I have to
now go get my own which I don’t know if these are gonna be I would hope they’re
in fives not sure on that they’re in six I’m in trouble hmm
it looks like it’s a combination use the long ones I don’t know if I have enough
now so let’s see it’s too long okay all right so I’m gonna use one two three
four of these four nuts and then I need washers bigger
washers because of the way everything is mounted so I need two three four and
then I’m gonna use my trusty super awesome walking rings I’m gonna use one
two three four of those hopefully that’s everything I will need and then so I
don’t drop anything in the engine right there
all right so use that and a washer and then I have to thread lock washer and a
nut on there it’s not gonna be easy okay so I’m gonna get hopefully that’s
the right size and then I need a wrench it’s the right size which is probably a
eight millimeter II maybe yes it’s an eight millimeter wrench and this and then I need a way to tighten it
without completely destroying it so I need a adapter a other way shit where’s
the other there it is so it needs to be that to that okay walk the wrench on it okay no that’s tight and should
hopefully well actually okay now it’s tight and then hopefully that will hold it really looks like shit though the way
that is okay I mean gonna need this this and a washer and then lock nut and a nut
and then I’m gonna have to try it feed it in blind kinda okay then the wrench okay then we’re
going to tighten her up okay and we’re gonna hope and pray that
that never ever comes loose okay next washer there and then our lock
washer and nut I wish I had nylock nuts I really should
well I had to order some specialty bolts for mounting the transmission at Rancic
sille and I ordered all class ten nighloks I did not take my chances at
all with that just have to make sure I do it right the first time cuz my locks
are a one-time-use oh boy my locks are one-time use so you
can’t screw up oh boy I can’t get my fingers I can’t
get my fat fingers in here god damn me humidity in here sucks I had to turn off
my dehumidifier cuz it was costing tons of electricity what the hell okay gotcha where’s the wrench okay that’s tight one more okay
and should this one doesn’t really seem to
want to go that one seems a little off I gotta get my five fingers under there sounded like that washer fill that’s on
there cool okay okay all right now we have to come back
and tighten the stuff that come back and tighten everything so we’re gonna
tighten this first carefully very very carefully since the track record of this
manifold is pretty shitty and that’s gonna be a problem oh boy we got a problem shit how the fuck I guess like that it’s not a very good
way to do it damn holy shit what the fuck am I gonna do these fucking bolts had been like allen
bolts they wouldn’t be so difficult luckily I had them nearly tight to begin
with so okay now last step that’s kind of a
shitty way to do it but we’ll find out last step is to carefully so what we
want to do is we want to push down on the fuel rail so we know that it’s in
and then can tighten that up by hand first
so push down hand tight and then come back and snug it carefully okay and I don’t know if the fuel rail
leaning is a good thing or not maybe it is because it shows it’s in tight but
anyway so push down Snug it push down snug it okay then come back really
carefully tighten it up it is just aluminum okay now the fuel rails are in
and should not go anywhere I hope that god I have the injectors
rotated the right way because there’s no way in hell they’re gonna change
direction now oh wow all right ah that’s done man it is
freaking humid out here I might have to now what the fuck okay all right back to our original goal
so got to figure out how much of this I have a bad feeling about this
line this line in general is just not very flexible so if we go like that and
then we go like that we’re gonna want oh there’s gonna be a very very specific
cut point otherwise it’ll either be too long or too short where’s my well shit take that back
I think that’s masking tapes worn out and it’s really humid in here somewhere
around there I think I need a new masking tape okay
so in order for this to work the way we want it we’re gonna have to come alright
it would help if I had a fucking marker what they’re supposed to be two markers sorry I’m just tired
today oh wait don’t tell me that GoPro quit no it’s going okay it’s about to
lose my shit there okay in order for this to do what we want it’s gonna need to be cut there I’d only get one chance to cut it or we
have to start over from scratch which is not good because you’re not supposed to
reuse that brass fitting hopefully they’re cheap and not a total ripoff
like all the other arrow quit shit okay sounded like a clean-cut god I hope so so last time we kind of expanded it out
a little too much okay that’s actually a really nice clean
cut so we just have to maintain that and not fuck this up okay oh yeah before I forget because I’ve
done that before put that on okay not even close now you have to painstakingly push the
brass piece under underneath the hose braiding which don’t even think for a
second is easy and if you claim it’s easy you’re full of shit there’s gotta be like a trick to get
this braiding like flared out without totally out fuck that who the fuck ever designed this as a
douche but a pain-in-the-ass design fuck
there has got to be like a secret method or something I mean shit I’m not making any progress starting to test my patience damn I’m so
fucking close got it okay we just gotta push it okay and then you use the punch to set
the barbs okay and then we’re gonna have quite a
bit of an issue with this because this has to be flat like this so if we don’t do it just
like this we’re in trouble so I think we’re
already in trouble honestly but we will see so we’re gonna just go ahead and use
the regular vise since the other method didn’t work last time okay and then as it said you need to
grease your stainless we are going to grease it up try not to
get cut in the process okay so we got to make sure that these are
flat so like that or this is gonna get very ugly very fast we want to push the
hose on and then double check it’s flat which it’s not so turn it just a little
bit now the problem is when we tighten it down it’s gonna turn the hose so
we’re really gonna have to be careful I’m not really sure what to do about
that honestly because it’s just kind of the name of the game with this shit yeah
the hose is gonna turn so I’m not really sure what I want to do about that just
yet okay so we just go ahead and fucking tight and the air-conditioner comes on to ruin
the video yay we’re gonna have to we’re not going to
be able to go another rotation so if this doesn’t lock it where we need it
we’re in trouble shit shit shit shit it’s gonna be a problem
fuck now it’s a thumb thumbnail well wait you know dammit I gotta go one more in order to seal it
off and now this is completely fuckin thrown
out of whack so the fuck am I supposed to do now ah fucking hell gonna have to improvise here so I’m gonna back it off until the hose
will turn and I need to clock the hose exactly 90 degrees so we’re gonna back
it off one notch nope that’s clocking the whole fucking
thing okay back it off two notches two notches help okay back it off three notches okay
four notches come on you gotta be able to turn the whole fuck five notches six
notches okay seven notches eight notches this is pissing me off 910 damn 11 12 13 just let me spin the fucking hose man
fuck you give me a break this is fucking insane how the fuck are
you supposed to align the hoes what if you can’t what if you’re just totally
fucked you know like oops sorry try again what the fuck it’s not even on the fucking threads
anymore bitch motherfucker gotta be kidding me it’s like welded
itself because of the fuck the fuck am I gonna do fuck me motherfucking son of bitch fuck okay fuck
alright back to fucking square one okay the GoPro battery died so we were
in the middle of trying to figure out how the hell we’re gonna get this to
work because the part that swivels is this part the part that I don’t give a
shit that swivels so I wish both sides swiveled that would be nice so we’re
gonna clamp this back down tight and then so we got to have a new strategy
now so instead of starting like this we need to start because it started to come
up we need to start like this we need to start 90 degrees off so okay we push
that on okay and we’re gonna start 90 degrees like this so then we are going
to okay now we can hope and hope and hope that number one the fitting is
still good since we technically reused it and number two we’re not going to
have the same issue that we did before okay now my thumbnail will not fit yeah
okay thumbnail does not fit alright so now we have a little bit more manageable
situation so we’re gonna screw that down and then we’re gonna bend this fuck this
arrow clip line is a pain in the dick you know what I forgot to do do not need
metal shavings and our injectors right okay leave it a little loose come on give me a fucking break here
would you motherfucker the hell damn that’s gonna be a pain in the dick line
came out too long by quite a bit if I thought it was gonna be hard enough to
clear the fucking actually I need to make sure that clears
my if I ever find a way to remove that spacer I need to make sure the throttle
plate oh of course not fuck you all fuck all of you just doesn’t end so I can
never remove the spacer plate if I want my throttle to work fucking shit shit’s supposed to be
fucking easy you know like fuck because if I had down
an OEM Cadillac cts-v fuel rail I probably would have been done with this
by now this sucks this line is too long by quite a bit fucking hell can I have to be like mm-hmm we’re gonna have to have a huge
call on this hood if we want any of this shit to clear what a ghetto ass fucking setup if I had
black zip tie I’d at least use a black zip tie so I wasn’t so fucking obvious
right but yeah I’m gonna have to do more research on how to deal with these PTFE
lines because I’ll lose my shit if I have to deal with that same crap every
single fucking time I work with them okay so that needs to be guess it wants
to be down so that’s really where they need to be question is am I gonna have
to go where’d it go just how ok am I gonna have to go buy another wrench and am I gonna need ten hands to install
this I think this is the biggest wrench I have 21 weight as I thought I had a 24
please let the 24 work nope fucking crescent wrench it is don’t tell me the fucking wrench won’t
work and of course it wants to motherfuckers I don’t even know what the foot size
wrench that’s supposed to be that’s not good fuck okay right there so I need to prevent it from going further somehow I had an open piece of shit oh I’ve bent
the wrench well if this wrench wasn’t a piece of fucking garbage okay figured that out
that’s so fucking ghetto okay now this one’s gonna be the exact
opposite problem which is that it’s going to want to come up so okay see I don’t even know how tight
you’re supposed to get those like to me that doesn’t seem right that there’s
that much of a gap on the fitting unless they’re they’re wrong and then the other question is if it was
that difficult to do this out in the open how the fuck am I ever gonna do
that back there or under there this is going to be a total multi-day shit show
and I won’t even know if I’m doing this right until I you know pressurize the
fuel pump and leave it running for an hour or whatever and see if there’s any
fuel all over the fucking place you know like I don’t I don’t have any other
choice on that total shit show I don’t even know that fucking throttle cables
gonna clear I mean in all honesty you’re not really
even sure how that assembly works think this assume it goes like this in which case I really really really
really am screwed unless it goes like this you can make way more sense if it
went like this I really shouldn’t do any more until I
get the bolts they should be here tomorrow hopefully for this so I can put
this in this on might end up having to make my own
throttle adapter for all I know you know like probably won’t even be able to use
the custom-fit Donnell cable since I’m using a huge spacer fuck all of this
fuck everything just fuck this car and that’s all for today see you some other
time right No

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  1. Hey man. I have a question. Ever since i found your channel, this 944 had always seemed familiar. I used to have a 944 in navy blue about 10 years ago and was wondering when and where you bought this car. You don't have to answer, but it would be good having the piece of mind that this car is being put to good use instead of it never being driven or maintained. Thanks

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