How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 46

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so I’m going to button up one last
little item with the radiator real quick because I can’t fix the hoses over here
until I have Brandon’s help so I’m gonna focus on something I should be able to
do on my own should being the keyword and that is the fuel rails should
keyword there should so anyway let’s I’m just gonna go until the GoPro battery
dies and then I’m gonna call it a day it’s part of you know this week is
supposed to be like distressing so I got a 1/4 inch NPT so this is for the overflow so it’s got
to be sealed really well 15 millimeter it is well I could probably use that so
I had to go buy this fitting myself which is very frustrating don’t don’t
even get me started on that but anyway so we’re gonna do like that
and we’re gonna use quite a bit damn damn damn to him okay instead of
wasting it’s all do that okay put this back now you want to tighten it but you
don’t want to over tighten it which is why I use the sealant because you can
damage the aluminum radiator if you overdo it then again you don’t want your shit to
leak so okay I think that’s pretty damn tight I don’t kind of afraid to go any
tighter now I forgot to bring the dish soap out but I should be able to handle
it handle this so this hose I have no idea how long it
needs to be well whatever might even have to like curl around I’d be kind of
dumb actually but anyway I do know it needs to go on here wow that’s actually
loose that’ll need a hose clamp for sure so for now I’m just sticking this in
here I’m gonna tape it up just to be safe and then I’ll install the coolant
reservoir later cuz the last thing I want to do is accidentally damage that
old-ass coolant reservoir because they are very expensive to replace with a new
one so I’m you know I’m gonna use that one until it starts leaking and then I’m
gonna get a new one cuz I don’t need to spend I think it’s like $200 on a piece
of plastic and you could probably use a universal coolant reservoir at that
point I don’t know if actually they make ones that are specifically for anyway
why is my phone in my pocket so I’m just gonna stick that over here for now then
the rest of this is capped off well that isn’t that really honestly I
wonder I might be able to use some leftover hose to make a little you for
that but until then I just need to cap it I mean just to keep dirt out okay now to
do the fuel line the first thing I need to do is knock these two studs off that
are in my way hoping my shitty little hammer is gonna be enough where’d it go now I think it would be they seem to
come off pretty easy hmm
of course it took a whole with it okay wish the studs on the clutch master were
that easy so now those two studs are out of my way it would have been nice to
keep them for running wire harnesses but really it’s not necessary so what I can
do now is I can start arranging my fittings I have quite a bit of stuff
here so I’ve got some 90s so where’s my big 9 DS for the this is very very
expensive fitting so I’m gonna be pissed if I didn’t buy everything I needed cuz
god what a lot of money so so I can take this off well I guess I should probably
mount probably mount these properly first yeah let’s do that
so I actually discovered that I installed so there’s a kit you’re
supposed to get so there’s an LS 1 2 LS 2 adapter kit and it comes with it’s
from Holley it comes with over in Greece which I wish I would have known about
ahead of time and it comes with some very heavy-duty brackets for 2 different
types of intakes so fortunately probably should okay that means I have to take
all my injectors back out and check for damage from not using the o-ring grease
so very carefully I mean they don’t want to come back out
actually fuck it I’d say probably a bad idea to take them out but I do have to
replace the bottom oh ring on these so yeah that’s gonna be a pain in the ass I
don’t want to mess up the injector so these are like specialty o-rings for an
ls2 intake which the the intake came with brown ones but these brown ones are
a different size than the one Holley sent so I’m gonna I’m gonna trust Holly
on this says it’s their injectors I have an o-ring pic you just you got to be
super careful not to fuck up like stab your injector because or do that or stab yourself because once
you use the pick on the o-ring the o-rings pretty much trash so or just bounces away come on you little bastard okay so now a ring Lube we’re gonna
assuming I’m just supposed to like rub it on the o-ring right well that’s like
grease grease what would be the best way to do this probably on my hand yeah kind of spread it around assuming you’re
not supposed to get it inside the injector so we’ll have to be careful
with that okay okay now I got to get the o-rings back
on without sending them flying across the room and messing shit up not a
feeling this is gonna be a pain in the ass yeah these o-rings are tight okay yeah they’re definitely a much
different fit than the blue ones were so I’m glad I got the kit instead of just
trying the blue ones hopefully they fit right into the Alice 2 intake or I’m
gonna be pissed don’t want to get that in the injector okay that was close okay so now these should fit oh yeah
they fit way better actually they fit more snug just probably why they did it
yeah oh yeah much tighter fit okay and then the bracket which bracket is the
one I need I don’t even know I don’t think it’s that one I think it’s the
taller one I think it’s this bracket No
is it the short bracket watch it not be either of the brackets
of the infuriating where is he I might as well get these installed so I
know what’s going on this is a this one so this goes like this but it doesn’t
say if it goes like this or like this I have a bad feeling these still aren’t
gonna fit right maybe the instructions fuck see
instructions included with fuel rails yeah fuck you to the fuel rail let’s
feel fresher the fuel rail I don’t the fuel rails didn’t come with instructions
hey fuck you okay so stall the rest of these oops okay yeah that doesn’t give me what I do
with the brackets oh shit put the brackets down somewhere it doesn’t give
me much confidence yeah that’s the Chitty it’s really shitty got father fucking well that’s that’s really fuckin shitty
I’m gonna have to ask Anthony to help I don’t know what the hell is wrong just tighten them down for now so they don’t
jiggle everywhere all right now I got to do this sides Oh
rings okay so the same thing as before you got
to pull out the old o-rings and replace I lost it okay I can put this away and go ahead and oil
up our remaining four o-rings whoo she got a little excited just put this with my other LS stuff okay all right so now we can reinstall these okay better much better fit don’t like I
figure out how to get the fucking brackets to work I mean it I don’t know
it’s very very frustrating I mean unless it’s supposed to be like
that that’s the only way that I could possibly see it fitting it seems like
it’s putting a lot of in that fits that’s probably it right there see this one back here fits fine hmm
okay so it’s this bracket I want to protect my wiring diagram I can’t even
continue wiring anything until I get all this shit out of the way
well that doesn’t need to be in the way that’s okay that should have been back
on the charger okay um let’s see now so we need these four brackets later okay
sorry so back to original this has got to be this is like them assuming this
has to go to the engine harness somewhere probably stick it there for
now okay so okay these are all arrow quit PTFE
fittings for arrow quit hose basically we’re gonna do this I want to get
everything mocked up before I make any like final decisions so this is gonna go
down and under we’ll have to watch out for this vacuum line make sure we don’t
walk it so probably straight down and around but
anyway and then this is gonna do something similar basically down and
around I don’t want to go over the top like right here I don’t really think
that’s smart because the hoods already gonna have clearance issues and it’ll be
going right past the sensor you know fuel line right next to an electrical
connector nope I think underneath is our more intelligent option so I think it’ll
look cleaner too so that like that and then we need I have a should have two of
these 45s here so this is just barely gonna clear but this
is gonna go like this and it’ll go over to our I need to mount
that but first I need to figure out another 45 so this is I need to tighten
these oring fittings down there’s no reason for them to be loose anymore so if I have a flare nut wrench me and it’s so close to the right size
it is the right size okay okay and
2:16 I don’t even think I have it 16 that’s weird okay of course is not a standard size that
would be too convenient last thing I need is a fuel leak not
good okay okay all right so now we can find our
fittings oh shit I just had it in my hand didn’t I and then I put it down
somewhere where did it go I just had the fitting
in my hand crap crap crap crap I feel so stupid oh there it is huh I am getting
old okay so this is gonna go here and that will determine how far I need to
place this so we want some hose lengths for safety but if we do too much hose
length then we’re getting into a different issue all together I’m just gonna temporarily put this on
so we can mark where we want the bracket to sit it needs to be somewhere I can
get to it back here so preferably preferably it’s gonna have to be like I’m gonna have to knock this off but I
mean man that’s gonna be a problem there’s
like no I actually I probably fuck I probably need a straight one of these
and then Bend the hose myself because in order to get this – there’s gonna be no
hose lamp no hoes length and that’s super not smart so I probably need this
like way the hell over here and then you know like yeah that’s gonna be tough I mean really realistically it needs to be
like it needs to be like up like this
honestly otherwise it’s not gonna clear the damn it really needs to be over here
that way I have room for my fuel port – I mean like dead center of these – and
like right there so it’s the right height I just need to get a straight
fitting which sucks because they’re really fucking expensive and the minimum
order for shipping I can’t really meet so I’m gonna do that’s it’s kind of
shitty I need like I really need it like right like that I think it’s gonna be
well I still need this okay so now I got to get this back off sucks I’m not gonna be able to use that
fitting that’s a lot of money okay okay and I’m gonna get a drill bit
that’s slightly bigger than it needs to be that way I don’t have to drill the
damn hole twice so how I’m gonna drill at an angle I’m not fuckin moving that
motor I think we’re looking at probably a nine thirty seconds yeah I’m gonna go
with a nine thirty seconds and hopefully it’s sharp enough to do the job the
first try how am I gonna even get get to it I’m
gonna have to thank God for a lift it’s worth every penny
this lift has saved me from not being able to do this project basically
there’s no way I could have done it without a lift I’ve talked to people who
have done it without a lift but I could not I’m not skilled enough to no way
okay we just have to not screw up my well I probably should do this the smart
way and should get myself a new punch this punch is getting a little worn out damn that’s gonna be close fuck
even the punch wants to slide might have to drill those holes out pretty freakin
big to get him to fit this drill that’s Dulles fuck please let this be a new one looks new some thick metal press it’s a strong
metal of course I knew that was coming damn that’s gonna suck I’m gonna have to
find just the right size bolt it helps to have a new drill bit no for
the hard one fuck where’d the bracket go damn close enough
no I don’t know what to do about that little bottom bolt that might be short enough it’s the
shortest one I got it’s not even the right threads don’t tell me they mixed
metric and standard they did great I’ll just use this then well it’s just Holly’s little disclaimer okay oh that just barely fits I mean
just barely oh it might not come on gotcha okay look like tens so 10 and a 3/8 I think kind of separate
sizes wait 3 is smaller than 10 whoops should know that it’s definitely
not a 1/2 my bad 7/16 try that okay I’m gonna figure out what size
these are I mean obviously I’m just getting everything test fit right now
but I still need to do it right that goes back and goes back oops and these are 5/16 okay so those are just snug for now I
might have to put a piece of foam in there probably should put a piece of
fault in there last thing we last thing we want is this like banging against the yeah I’ll have to put a piece of foam
there in the future but so yeah so what I’m annoyed with is that this needs to
be straight and then the hose because there’s no way to I mean you could do
that but then it’s going to be down by the heat of the engine you can’t do up
so this is this is now worthless it’s very frustrating so one of the things I need to do I need to
break loose this because I got an adapter for a I might have to take it
out of the yeah I’m gonna have to take it back out of the glad I got these soft
jaws okay that’s extra now so I need a this so this is a eight to a six because the
feed line is only going to be a six this this vehicle is not running more than
350 horsepower so having an eight a n line is completely our fuel line is
completely unnecessary in fact the fuel pumps only a six a n so
there’s no point in eight am anyway luckily that fits up good okay shouldn’t need a drill anymore today okay alright so this can go back in
place okay and then that’s their that’s their now I
need like actually I need a 3d print my bulkheads first but I think I was going
to do a 45 on this so this was gonna be a 45 to a 45 nope that’s a 90 I’m gonna
need it anyway but bulkhead should be another 45 shit are you kidding me let’s do it this way everything open
we’re not fighting the packaging I swore I supposed to get and another 45 I’m gonna be so pissed if I miscounted yeah I’ve bought too many 90s dammit or Wow shit I might be able to make it
work because I sure as hell don’t want to order any more fittings if I can
avoid it although I got to order a fitting for that and then these I don’t
want to lose these yeah I have a bunch of fucking 90s so I guess what I can do
is if I have this one down here at the bottom like right there then it’ll come
up and over and then this one so this one’s gonna be someone’s gonna be like this
and then it’ll be me and I ordered a ton of 90s this will be like way up here
like this and so it’ll go basically into that it’s gonna be a tight do that the
bulkhead will be like out here like this so like this it’s a short run of hose
it’s gonna be tough to get right it’s gonna be very tough to get right man the way this PTFE hose works is
Conda shit where’s the HOS hat oh fuck oh it’s over here so you know
I’ll be honest I’m not really sure how how that’s supposed to work so that goes in there like that then
what the hell is this thing for I’ll have to look that up online I don’t want
to screw that up I’m sure there’s a purpose for it it’s not really sure what
that purpose would be so this is gonna have to be like down
like this and this one will have to be up like this like that this one will
have to be well shed won’t that interfere with pretty sure I was
supposed to get a 45 for the bulkhead because damn damn damn damn how did I
fuck that up shit’s expensive so I need an I can’t go
any farther right now I need I’m gonna turn all this down so it doesn’t get
dirt in it I need to vacuum this all out but I need an 8 a n straight arrow quip
and then I need a 6 a n another 45 degree so 8 straight
645 I think would be ways more intelligent the 90s fine on this one eight straight
645 damn right I don’t even know if you can get those off Amazon cuz some it’ll
screw me on shipping and it’ll take forever no and I need to find this we’ll
probably get a connected right to hit this vacuum line here so kind of boost
the fuel for me but and then here I’ll show you guys where to go so I’m
printing my own custom bulkhead I’m not I’m doing it off camera cuz it’s a lot
of work but basically it goes on the inside of the car I guess probably
smarter to show you let me get this back up safe okay so if you look inside the car here
so this is a dead perfect fit I mean we’re talking like perfect I mean so I’m
gonna print so this is a gasket to prevent like you know air leakage and
then on top of the gasket will be a six millimeter thick carbon-fiber composite
bulkhead which will have the bulkhead fittings in it and six millimeter carbon
fiber is way stronger than aluminum so basically what will happen is if you get
in a wreck hopefully this little seal will help it flex a little bit and it
won’t break any of the bulkheads so yeah this is version two the first one was
three millimeters off somehow I don’t know how I did that but luckily it was
it’s probably a math error but because three millimeters that’s a very specific
you know error it’s not like it was two point five five it was exactly three
millimeters off so I type something and wrong but anyway mmm can I even do
anything else today so I need an eight straight a 645 got that sucks I thought
I had everything I needed it’s another thirty dollars it has to go
in the trash I’m kind of getting kind of tired anyway so okay guys see if I can
get a decent shot here so thank you guys for watching and I will see you next

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