How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 30

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so we are hopefully going to put the
engine in the car today not so sure but we need to finish preparing the engine
bay for that we got to change our steering shaft we’ve got to get rid of
the brake booster I’ve got a firewall brace I want to install there’s a couple
things that we need to do we need to get rid of the old throttle cables because
they’re in the way not really sure how to get rid of those just yet so anyway
the first thing that we have to do is get this old wire harness out of our way
because it’s actually interfering with getting to the brake booster bolts so we
got to climb on in here and the GoPro kind of makes it hard to work down low
like this but I’ve got a climb on in here and yeah it looks like this whole module
here is gonna have to come down it’s got a bolt Boult here hmm come on and this has got to come off how the
hell of this module supposed to come down this has got to come out up shit
that’s part of the door sensor I got new ones of those so rewire that later and
then it’s kind of like caught over the steering column I’m not really sure how
to deal with that either aside from just cutting it which is gonna be a pain in the ass the
couple this shit up trying to decide which side would be
easier to cut from it’s too bad I can’t just pull it through I don’t know what
to do there’s just so many funny so many fucking wires like I really have much of
a choice let’s just start cutting if I had a fucking sawzall and just cut right
through it all yeah I have one I just think I broke the blade or something’s
wrong with it I don’t even know where the hell it is yeah and come on about halfway it’s depressing
some of the interior wires of this are really thick I don’t I’m guessing
they’re like the main power distribution wires for the accessories or at least
the accessory relays holy fuck they’re thick they could be for the headlights I
don’t know how they distributed power in a car yeah come on come on aah what hell swear some of these wires are
stronger than the other ones they just know they’re the last ones and
they’re hanging on come on which ones are left give up you bastards ah got it Oh when did that come loose bullshit that question is will we be able to pull
that through we’ve got a cut-up I think as long as I cut off all this
shit back here I should be able to just pull the rest of it through all right let’s give it a try are you kidding me come on just go
through what the hell just go right through there fucking shit come on just fucking go through
cooperate fuck what is this oh yeah that’s for come on
motherfucker I don’t want to cut all those wires after cutting come on and it doesn’t want to go fuck dammit I don’t have to cut through the
main you’ve got to be kidding me all that work over on this side for
nothing apparently cuz it won’t fit through the steering column she’s got it Oh socks there we go just have to get
access to the wires in the back yeah they don’t want to give in come on come on
ah Oh such a pain in the ass so many wires can’t possibly imagine with all these
fucking wires were for got it had to have been for something but shit so quite a bit left ah which ones which ones are still
connected oh shit come on get out of my way so I can see it’s a big ask how it’s a big ass ground
wire right there it’s holding a lot of this together some power wires come on come on starting to double cut
some of these our wires come on and of course it doesn’t want to come
out wait is that why are you kidding me
this whole time there’s something else in the way son of a bitch where the hell
does that wire go you’ve got to be kidding me I think it’s this wire here it’s a problem I want to save I want to
save this without screwing up what I unplug it without screwing it up okay
all right so now this has to be yeah that’s what it was
are you fucking kidding me so it wasn’t that the wires were too fat to fit over
the steering column it was that I had this giant thing in the way here
I feel really intelligent great extra work for nothing
really nice of course that’s pretty getting pretty difficult with this
project tons and tons of extra pointless work come on slow metal shavings are not good we need
to make sure I vacuum the shit out of this car before we fire up the engine okay yep that’s all it was all that extra
work I’ve got almost everything pulled out of there not everything
unfortunately almost everything need to find out looked like a ten the other one of this hold on yeah there’s like a ground-to-ground back
here along with nope ok let’s try try removing this panel first fucking shit come on yeah the fucking miracle I was able to
get that one mm-hmm the fuck’s in my shoe metal shavings they have metal
shavings in my shoe somehow that’s not good that’s really not good because I have a hole here okay wait that wire harness doesn’t even oh
i’m confused now that wire harness isn’t even attached to this I thought this was
holding that wire harness it’s being held by some zip ties it looks like that
were behind the module okay she’s holding it together that one came off so easy but this one
does not want to come off it’s like a slide lock some kind of slide lock you
have to make sure you’re sliding at the right direction I think is the problem just doesn’t want to budge I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this
trash box getting pretty frickin heavy I need to get this off totally held on
to of those okay I can do that yeah I think it was this size actually I don’t
know what size of us I thought was smaller size there’s
something in my shoe again I need to get new work shoes cuz man it’s such a mess okay now I got to figure out where the rest
of the bolts are for the brake booster get it out I think I see one of them
right there question is how the hell are you supposed to get anything in there to loosen it don’t know if that’s gonna work or not ha where’d that just go
okay now there’s one more bulletin it’s right
up here I don’t know how how they expect you to get to that shit is there two more no I think just one
more I gotta get it it’s up here you might have to take this panel off to
get to it might not be a better way let’s see what
we got see it’s right up there holy shit that throttles got a weird
linkage design it must be the cruise control linkage that’s and I don’t like
that at all the question is how the fuck do we get
to that bolt oh boy it just mirrors that piece of foam still
there meaning I can’t get to the bowl without damn I thought I pulled all the
foam out this is leaking light I thought that was what was supposed to be
watertight shit no I got two things I need to do I thought this thing had
gasket material on it but it actually does not I need to fix that think I yeah I did have some left I
don’t know if this would be enough – it’s possible I need oh and it’s missing it’s over
here in this pile you won’t need that for now this stuff’s too tall mm-hmm how am I gonna make sure that’s
watertight well shit looks like they used the sticky putty
stuff which I have some I have quite a bit of it actually fifteen foot of it oh yeah I got plenty
of it there’s these four like a piece of rubber and that’s a lot though okay okay come on okay yeah that’s sharp okay all right now the hard part okay that’s okay yeah so I figured yeah and Oh question is how tight do I want to get
it without messing up my sealant okay I don’t think that’ll ever go
anywhere or leaked anything okay that’s solved it’s a sticky solution but
it should work just fine we should never have any kind of issues don’t really
like how that’s like squeezed out so bad not sure why you know I had it rolled
over the edge so okay now we need to figure out how to
get the throttle cables out think cutting cutting them would help us
quite a bit and then we’re gonna have to pull that foam out to get here which is
gonna be a pretty big pain in the ass it’s a really big fan yeah so yeah I’ll
have to put up with that so let’s see let’s see here oh we’re gonna cut it yeah it doesn’t
want to be cut come on okay cut out our cruise control
and throttle cable come on then I lost the nuts in there okay so
the next step I think is to tear out that foam which is not easy not even
really sure how I want to go about that got so much shit in my way it’ll come out peacefully that would be
very nice and I don’t think it’s going to ah let’s see she’s gonna have to rip it out that must not work fuck it’s just trapped on this things in my
fucking way ah just trapped on too many different
things okay ah little by little here yes
stuck behind something back there I can’t really tell what I think it’s just
all these linkages it’s not working come on damn damn damn why am I seeing light oh that’s that
hole okay ah dammit it’s coming it’s finally coming gotcha
got it and there’s the brake booster bolt that
I need looks like there’s actually an access port whoops the foam needed to
come out anyway but I don’t think we would have been able to get our throttle
cable installed okay she’s got a disconnect the brake now I need a Philips for that okay needle-nosed this is the proper tool for
this job so we gotta okay probably use a cotter pin for that
instead of that spring lock that’s not near safe as a cotter pin sorry the
camera got kind of jostled there we need to get the I’ve been stuck in there
pretty good shit what’d I just do with the bail on my face okay still don’t understand how this thing is
gonna fit what was I doing right right right right
right that pins duck needed it’s ready to come
off I need to keep that for sure I think I
got a new break return spring least I hope I did kiss fuck okay don’t see you needing this or this whenever this GoPro battery dies I think
I’m gonna go eat lunch or breakfast or whatever
so I have a new brake sensor and a new brake return spring yes and I got a new
one of these so one of the things that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put in a
brace cuz it’s highly recommended for a car this old like you can see here this
piece of metal here started to crack a little bit so the problem is is that
when this metal starts cracking then you’re basically screwed the way that a
lot of people look at it is that once that cracks you’re in big trouble so we don’t want that obviously we also
need to get this out of the way because we got a new clean one that’s slightly
different lengths I believe my guess is it’s gonna be a thirteen but I’m not
sure fuck up my brake lines okay so the battery died so went to lunch back from
lunch so let’s go ahead and get this finished up here okay mm-hmm come on
we’re gonna keep this cuz I don’t know if I have a replacement just yet and we’re gonna OH what the fuck somebody fucked with my
key apparently it might have been me okay okay so this I need to check against the
new one don’t know if the new one comes with new bolts or not wait this one’s
longer oh no it’s almost identical interesting it’s a much better condition
though okay good it does come with L&I lock
nice nice touch Wow so I need to reinstall this into
place after I get some other stuff done so this this old shit go here well yeah
that’s probably a big circle should go there okay
next is we have to know I want to see if that bearing is still yeah let’s solid I don’t feel any play
in the bearings it’s a little you can kind of hear it’s a little crunchy but
it’ll be fine for manual steering I have to get this lock cylinder out to
actually now that I think about it and it was a ooh oh yeah that’s right there
uh oh no this is in the way of drilling that out oh hell that’s right I
completely forgot about that it’s a they rounded off the bolts after they
installed them motherfuckers uh oh that’s a problem and with this bar in
the way I have to drill it out from the bottom but fuck I couldn’t imagine how
strong of a fuck that’s gonna suck I wonder how many drill bits I’m gonna
go through trying to what if I take the whole steering shaft out that might not
be a good idea it might not go back in yeah I don’t want to fuck with that fuck
I forgot about what that lock cylinder has to come out
fucking Shh okay anyway uh all right I got the only
944 I think that’s the company name firewall brace they’re the only company
that I could find that makes one the only problem is you have to you
personally have to drill out some of these holes and stuff so luckily they
include the shim is angled shim and what that does is it makes sure that the
slave cylinder is properly positioned to the angle of the operation so and they
do have instructions I have bookmarked probably going to have to look those up they give you big washers which I’m
going to use the big washers just for posterity what they don’t give you is a
way to align it you have to get a bolt big enough to hold it in place so
because this I think I said earlier this has serious cracking problems so you
have to put this on here and then stick some bolts in there to make sure it’s
lined up before you start messing with it so see I need to get nuts for the slave
cylinder the last thing I want is this fucking thing to not be aligned properly way too expensive to have to do it all
over again do it right once the first time right Wow is it me or is it I think my
firewall is a little bent could be from the wreck my firewall is actually really
bent holy shit someone’s texting me it might be my
co-driver but unfortunately it was not my co-driver it was just a group text
that I forgot to mute I finally figured out how to mute the damn thing so
they’re not so annoying okay so it looks like we’re gonna have
to get a little creative here because either my firewalls bent or you’re just
supposed to pull it tight up against the firewall I’m gonna double-check the
instructions but I’m gonna guess these are too big like I said you don’t want
this misaligned yep too big okay II well I could I’m not using the master
anymore the break master so I could probably get
away with using these to secure it into place let’s see 10 by 16s the smallest
it says I have because I’m gonna use this duel master
bracket which is gonna have to be custom fitted which is gonna suck like that and
I don’t even know how how the hell I’m gonna do that so yeah yeah not sure yet
on that so I definitely don’t want that plate misaligned okay I need a drill bit
I need to get that plate out first so I can make the brake booster holes bigger yeah my firewall looks a little bent up
for some reason it’s probably not a good thing unless this is supposed to bend
with it again I need to look that up before I start doing anything drastic
but so I’m thinking that one it’s definitely well a 3/8 might actually 3/8
is just too small gonna go with this we’re gonna pop it in our shitty old
drill here if it’ll fit it might not fit shit hate when they don’t have flat flat
shanks on them that’s very frustrating watch that fight back up one of these
days okay that was one of the things that they’ve warned about that in order
to drill the holes here yeah it’s not gonna be pretty but uh dad that’s supposed to be for a
wire harness I’m gonna go back and cover all of these with those little wire
harness straps or well if I don’t use them I guess cut them off but Oh sharpest fuck oh yeah I need to do my
hood pins – I need to check for the damn hood first and make sure I can do hood
pins where I want otherwise I’ll have to do them like here and here I don’t know
if the hood pins I bought her tall enough for that I mean right here would
work actually probably be smarter or even out here or those I mean that
though that’s for the radiator yeah okay sharp sharp oh all right what the hell
is the hell is this thing that just looks like something that would fuck up
my radiator get that out of there that’s like he’s holding something in place
maybe the bumper something was attached to it hmm not sure okay it’s fucking smashed anyway from the
okay so what was I doing oh yeah let’s see I don’t even know what these this shit’s
for okay um what the hell was I doing I forgot oh yeah yeah yeah okay yeah this needs to be put in place sure
as hell doesn’t want to go does it it’s a little off it’s kind of way off
actually why is that so far off if I did that one first and then that one and
then that one come on it’s just off by a little bit what size socket is that it’s
probably a get 15 come on okay all right that’s pretty damn good
it’s in there good ain’t I’m not gonna go anywhere while I’m marking holes
that’s probably part of the reason is that right there in the way but that’s
okay so now we’ve got a mark the holes hopefully I got a marker with a pointy
enough tip shit this might be a tough go back in here
watch my back on that hook thing okay it’s black on blue so it might be kind
of a pain in the dick this one I don’t know how the hell they
expect anybody to get a bolt in so now if I look in here see I’m trying to see
if the brake pedal is yeah yeah it’s pretty much lined up dead
center okay okay mark mark mark mark and you can
barely see that one those two you can’t see it all shit damn it damn marks aren’t dark enough well I
mean it’s blue I might have to go I don’t think I have a silver marker I left it over there yeah come here come
here okay yeah this fucking thing’s in the
way we’re not white a fuck what the fuck is holding this up if only I had like a really narrow punch
I could just punch a spot instead of having to try and that doesn’t work I’ll have to go buy a
silver marker or something fuck okay keep this here for a reference
I need to go figure out what’s sighs they said it’s okay to do it a little
oversized so everything will fit otherwise you’re gonna struggle with it
which is fine by me so get back out here without getting my
back cut up on this stuff yeah okay where is uh what are these for yeah okay
so we want what are these for why are there
different ones that’s confusing
the same size yeah just different okay might be a little too oversized five sixteenths it’s probably too tight I probably do
need the bigger one twenty-one sixty fourths probably the
right size for this yeah
put this one back okay fuck is this camera recording yeah okay all right round one well it was gonna challenging
but shit ah oh oh my god they just completely oh
no did I just fucking Nick that brake line fuck oh my god I hope I didn’t fuck
that brake line up that will not be easy to make a new one like this well I think
I’m gonna have to shorten it anyway but that might be why there’s dude they
included Alan heads for this back here okay and now I just need to hold this
brake line up out of the way it’s walking weight walking al okay ah the next one is there ah fuck okay should take care of that just too afraid to hit it hard oh shit
no way I don’t know how you do this if the engine was in here fuck that I know
people have done it this line is one of the lines that’s fucked up
okay this line I don’t want to fuck up this line I can save probably this this
one I can bend out of my way because it’s it has to be replaced anyway because it’s all fucked up down there still don’t really have a good that’s
enough to keep the drill bit in there or not not so much fun it’s walking fuck they’re gonna walk really bad not sure
what to do doesn’t help the looking drill bits worn
out already the fucking drill bits already fucking
doll come on already doll okay it was a 2164 so let’s see if I can
find one hasn’t been this one’s brand-new just must not like going in at
an angle cuz come on oh shit this is getting all over my
steering shaft that’s great holy fucking shit hell there we go those holes might not be big enough
purely because they walked I’ll have to go back and drill bigger holes question
is where the hell was this one punched think right there I need to get that
punch stronger somehow if my punch wasn’t so fucking worn out or if I had a
way to grind it down but I don’t have my well I have that but I haven’t really
set it up yet okay right there it’s just not doing anything it’s just it’s not
doing shit this is gonna suck what is the deal I don’t know if that’s where the hole is
supposed to be or not it’s getting hot oh how the fuck I’m gonna drill those
two holes or if it’s even worth trying I mean honestly is it really worth
trying you know what I mean like do you really need those two it you got all
these here and then those two is it worth it to do those two I don’t know
very extreme come on cool down get all that shit sweep DUP vacuumed upward the vacuum go it’s over
there okay all right lighting a bit cool down okay yeah how the fuck would you
possibly be able to drill holes at an angle like that if I started with a
small and sharp drill bit I might be able to get away with that man that’s it’s a big if or maybe that’s a big
maybe really really big maybe okay so the next step would be those two holes so I need to keep this
around if it’s even got any bite left and I need to go find a little pointy
one pointy drill bit that I could use to start the hole with a bigger drill bit
to four if I have to widen the holes out and I can wide them out pretty good with
these washers so you know I would say I’d say I could go all the way to 20
5/64 if I had to I’m gonna keep this one over here is back up and let’s see write
a small drill bit to how to poke in there question is how small cuz I don’t
want it to like break this one looks like it’s never been used and it looks
damn sharp okay let’s try this one oh yeah just crawling around in metal
shavings smart alright okay like right there what a shitty and they
said to start three millimeters to the left of the hole hey that actually worked
Wow okay then the other one is that little splotch right there drillbit once the bend I don’t know what
to do that’s in my way come on does not want to cooperate there we go come on there now it’s
cooperating let’s go come on oh it’s probably not in the right spot
though yeah that one definitely walked quite a bit okay oh well that’s not good it just fucking
bent that piece of metal and once somebody’s already repaired it which is
very possible and we just made it worse very possible somebody already tried to
repair this once guy cuz that just made it way way worse it’s not a good in mill fuck whatever
that is is dammit fuck fuck I really fucked that up knew I
should just fucking left it alone not drilled out that specific hole god damn
it okay that’s why it’s sticking on me okay now I need to do this one somehow I don’t even know if it’s possible can I
do it from the other side and get a straight shot – it might be smarter I
don’t know the clutch pedals in my way I think I can move the clutch pedal out of
the way and get to it from the other side and get a straight cut on it to
prevent it from walking or twisting or bending again shit I don’t know if I can
or I might have to take the GoPro off to get in there the gopro doesn’t really
like to stay on my head when I’m upside down first guy get this fucking clutch
pedal back where it’s supposed to be now get up in here got it got a bunch of metal shavings in
here but again I got to go through and vacuum it all up once we’re ready to
start working on the interior okay yeah it’s got some burrs nowhere near as bad as okay I am a
little intrigued is that where these are supposed to go one two three four five
one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven it’s gonna be a pain in the dick with
that lying in the way where’d the plate go so the plate yeah yeah gonna be a
little bit of a challenge that holds way the fuck off I think if we bolt
everything in that we can think I think these are probably for
this up here would make sense to me anyway uh-uh and bring the right tools okay
a speciality driver it’s the bigger one I think no it’s the really big one
interesting just get just enough threads in that we can get them all in before we
tighten anything down and I don’t know if that thing is can already tell some of these are gonna
be a problem you know I don’t remember if this was a
steel plate or an aluminum plate so we’re gonna have to be where did my
magnet I had a magnet wand right there where the fuck did it go
oh hell well shit where did you go mister magnet fuck okay I don’t know where my magnet
wand went I can’t tell if it’s steel we can put a little more torque on it it’s
really weak is it stainless steel maybe it’s got a magnetic force but seriously
where did that magnet wand go that is really frustrating motherfucker I
thought I had it stuck right here but then it was like in my face and I moved
it somewhere I don’t know where damn damn damn damn no idea okay anyway so now let’s see I’ll do one of these
which one of these this hole might be way way off shit
yeah those two holes are way the hell out and they are severely off what about
this one down here this one’s actually really close what about the rest of
these they’re all just a little off damn okay I’m gonna go back and drill them
all out larger than hmm except for the top two because
they’re obviously don’t have enough room to begin with drill barely even fits
that don’t understand why these aren’t reduced shank very flat point reduced
shank okay so this one and this one this one then those two I can get from
this side I think would be more intelligent I just stamped those metal
shavings deeper into my shoes the other hole was right there it’s a little scary
that one kind of went through a little too easy I wonder if I bent it again yeah it kind of did shit what to do about those burrs it’s a
heavy barrel drill many bigger than that so I’m gonna have to work with it okay
yeah there’s a steel or stainless or semi stainless or something whoops okay do what we did before we’ll put in our
yeah put in our problem children first I don’t lose it right Cline is right in
the way just enough to hold it okay okay just enough to hold it and
then you need to get all of these in that still doesn’t fucking fit right
got to be kidding me completely fucking wrong how did I fuck that one up so bad
I mean holy shit it’s not even close about that one that one’s right that one’s right that
one’s right that one’s right it’s just this one right here that’s wrong still
and I don’t know what to do about that other than hog the shit out of it and
hope it’s holds all the other ones look like they’ll fit now just a matter of this one right here we got a hog it out
somehow okay try it again it’s still not enough it’s about all its gonna go before I
really fuck it up I feel like this is just weakening it
like I I don’t know if it’s just using the brake you know to straight through
the clutch or what but it sure does help I mean I guess because I drilled my
holes a little off but I couldn’t imagine anybody having much more success
honestly then again I am NOT a mechanic ah weird the bit go did I move it I
moved it again gotta quit doing that okay oops imagine this can’t take much torque
because of them how thin it is okay now can it’s still off a little bit but I can get it started see what size
are these 13 yep there we go okay it’s gonna be tough a bunch of rubber
and shit in the way damn what that shit is scraper metals bent a little too you might have
to fight this one yeah hmm doesn’t work get a hammer and now it
works of course hopefully this metal they provided me is strong enough that
it’ll pull itself tight oh I’m not so sure about that now it
looks like the plate is not hell nope that’s another issue that I did not
foresee we’re gonna have to you have to pull the plate up against the firewall
it’s not okay we’re gonna have to simulate a hell that’s gonna pull all my holes off you
got to be fucking kidding me fuck
fucking shit fuck fucking hell I do that it pulls off damn
this is tough oh this was gonna be way easier and
quicker of a job would have started on it a little bit each during the work
week if I had fucking realized it was gonna be this fucking awful it would
help if my co-driver was here don’t know when he plans to come over today to help
supposed to help get the engine in but I can’t do that oh fuck I can’t put this
on until I drill the holes for the the kocoum master bracket fuck well that’s
more shit I have to do did I put the bit back I keep putting it back what yeah this is tight now so I got to drill
those two holes bigger okay these got to be bigger holes unfortunately and then still have to come out and I gotta do
the low-cal master after i widen some holes okay fuck up the breakline did I know
okay and then those two holes need to be widened up a
little bit this one seemed okay those will probably have to be read
railed problem with this next part is how the hell so this has to go I’m gonna
put the co count down so this has to go like this so how the fuck am I supposed to know
where this is supposed to go on because that’s not very much room for error and
if I fuck it up and I’m in trouble this is gonna suck there is literally so this has to be we’re gonna have to get a little
creative here so so we’re gonna mark here and then we’re gonna bring it over
we’re gonna mark here and then we’re gonna bring it down mark here and then
we’re gonna bring it up mark here okay so now we can use those marks to Center
it if that makes sense problem is I don’t think the markers
gonna go down in there yeah this is gonna be a shit show no
matter what we do oh boy okay so that’s a half inch and that’s a little more so let’s go
right there so left to right it is now centered and top to bottom one quarter
and one one quarter and one well I I balled the shit out of that that’s
perfect the problem is is it so if we go here it’s three and a half
we go over here a little a little tiny bit crooked but I don’t want to touch it
cuz that’s like exactly where we want it maybe just a little okay go back and double-check all this okay so it’s now perfectly centered in
that hole the problem is I don’t know if that’s the correct way to do it or not where it was the brake pedals uh it was
right there the problem is is that this was this was
on an angle it doesn’t give us much room for error
at all I guess the worst case we’d have to slot out those holes and move it down
and then tighten tighten it to death and hope it doesn’t okay so a new problem
how do we get a mark in there without fucking up all that work we just did well I had like a grease pencil or
something I could probably scribe yeah I’m afraid
to even touch it fuck I just moved it fuck I just fucking moved it okay all right back in place now the
last scribe line okay good good now we’re going to use a
little tiny drill bit first to make sure that we get hmm no I could not be an
idiot and use my shiny drill press it’s covered in plastic carbon fiber or
plastic shavings but it’s fine those won’t hurt nobody
okay you get my platform way back up all
right something’s not right
like Oh what the hell I don’t even have the belt tight what the hell is wrong
with me no wonder it was slipping I feel pretty dumb why don’t I have the belt tight why did
I do that okay now I need vacuum those metal
shavings out of here awesome I drilled that hole dead center
now would be really cool is to 3d print like some kind of holder I don’t know
how the hell I’d do it that would hold the vacuum like right here but yeah I’ve
got way more important shit to worry about okay one more and then I can go punch it
out by hand that was weird okay well I’m gonna got it get it over
here but I got a vacuum some of this shit up
– okay all right let’s get this drill bit out go get the correct size for the well I
don’t even know what size I’m supposed to be using here let’s find out so glad
I bought this assortment but damn thing’s gonna run out soon there m85
1.25 probably be smart to use a actual bolt on the backside hmm I don’t know I don’t know we’ll see
so we need a washer now so I need well how thick is that plate thicker than
that wait did I just mix some up I did but they mixed them up I think this will
be the perfect size I’ll go through the car mmm maybe do one size bigger to be
safe find a washer for it for the backside perfect perfect
got a whole freaking bucket of these things okay finally starting to get myself a
little collection of metric metric stuff now the next question is what size drill
bit do I need nope too small I don’t want
this to be loose at all five sixteenths five sixteenths well guess we’ll do the
2164 like we’ve been doing with those other bolts cuz we did have some fit
problems after drilling okay well I’m being stupid
I know it’s it’s a pain in the butt to set back up but I should just use the
drill press not be an idiot and accidentally fuck it up because it’s
expensive to replace if I do okay almost just got to knock it down a
little bit no I left it plugged in on mistake by
mistake fuck what the fuck the belt is still
slipping I don’t understand that problem is I don’t have anybody here to
help I think I need a new belt that spring is technically supposed to
tension it so I’m not sure what the hell is going on unless this drill bits just
that fucked up okay got one little tiny size bigger okay try again driving me nuts what the fuck okay new plan we’re gonna put it on the
car first and then we’re gonna gotta put it on the car first right and then after
we put it on the car then we’ll drill the fucking holes through with the hand
drill and hope that they cut I don’t know why I don’t know if this thing the
belt on it looks brand new though which is what’s so confusing so I’m not sure
what exactly is going on with it so we’re just gonna put it away for now
before I get too frustrated GoPro still going yeah all right so we can at least
put this on and now we have our four holes where we have to drill the drill
it out so let’s head back over here and head back okay let me guess I put the bit back over on
the no it’s right here okay alright okay okay so we need to tighten that bolt
down first after we get these started since these
are troublemakers man days these fucking things just don’t
even look like they’re gonna fit like they’re completely you seriously gonna tell me I still
didn’t drill those holes out big enough come on a little bit of leeway here this is a much larger and more difficult
job than I had expected let’s get that one in first come on there we go okay we
got that one started now we need to give try a different approach here now I need to get down started somehow
so it’s like it’s way the fuck up there I don’t know how you’re supposed to get
up there to do that you can’t get your hey how are you supposed to do that out
my yeah I’m not too clear on how the hell
that’s supposed to work short of how fuck is that supposed to be how and
what that would you do if the your fuse box was in the whack I couldn’t just
couldn’t fucking imagine somebody just magically installing this the way they
they want you to yeah yep I don’t see it I don’t see how it’s bad whoops fuck my
brake lines right there got it be careful Oh bro is gonna stay or not spin my can’t spin the bolts and my
fingers to get it in the it doesn’t sound good how the fuck I also doesn’t
look like it’s lined up very well got it now spin spin go go in come on now it’s just not going so don’t think
this hole is in the right spot still damn it damn it damn it damn it
aah fuck I’m great now this one’s stuck this one and this one need to be hugged
out more because they’re not cooperating you nothing can break me no no nothing

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