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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 29

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 29

Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so after all the money we spent and all
the hard work we did on our oil pressure safety switch and sending unit and you
know plate it’s all wrong because apparently if I don’t run an oil cooler
I’m gonna end up losing my motor in less than a day so I ordered a just your
basic URLs that’s all sticky URLs plate so the URLs
plate is identical in thickness to the ICT plate so we know that the URLs plate
will fit we just got to get it on hopefully without removing the manifold
because I’m gonna lose my fucking shit if I have to take that manifold off so
for some reason this this thing is just covered and shit I mean I get the grease
is probably there for the o-rings but there’s way too much grease on it I mean
it is like and there’s like some leftovers from processing and all kinds
of just not cool stuff I don’t understand that
it’s basically just stuff that you don’t want to get between the o-ring and the
block or it’s gonna cause ceiling problems now unfortunately okay moving the
sending unit is a whole nother disaster because the sending unit has to be
grounded but they didn’t include a ground because they’re douchebags they
just assume you’re gonna ground it to the block so we’ll have to deal with
that some other way the only other thing is how this is gonna work so a lot of
people will stick their oil cooling lines right here under the motor mount
and run them up which we might do but if we do that we’re gonna have to go back
and either wrap this or probably smarter just wrap the oil cooling lines because
they’re gonna be very close to a very high heat and I’ll probably have to get
titanium braided lines I ordered a really cheap kit that has
the fittings I need but the kit only comes with a nylon braided which
obviously isn’t good enough and complete junk so I didn’t really order it for the
line I ordered it for the a in fittings which are very expensive so basically
they just threw the line in there you know to do it but so then we got new
hardware so it’s actually one thing so since I don’t have any like ball end wrenches it’s gonna make this oh wait is
this the stupid ass one that was a standard instead of metric I think this
is that one no that’s metric okay so we got to break
it free and hope it’ll come out with the manifold in the way if not I am
completely yeah I am just screwed I need a ball and come on that wasn’t even tight that’s
probably not a good thing that that was so freaking loose so I said we don’t
want this to fall though to the ground so we’re gonna need it we’re gonna need
some of it we’re gonna have to clean off all the clean the pipe dope off all the
threads and all kinds of fun shit it’s gonna be really fun so happy okay so just stick that down there for now oh
yeah I thought that shit was supposed to dry okay yeah that’s gonna be a big pain
in the dick because if I even get a little bit of that shit inside the
sensor it’s fucked okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna move the safety
switch in the cinder up down wherever to wherever the oil cooler is and that’ll
get them away from this really high heat area I mean honestly I could probably
put almost get away with putting this here but then it’s facing forward like I
really wish I could just turn this fucker like this but that would not be
smart cuz then you got yeah so I got to turn it like this and
you face the lines this way and hug them on the block and then come out and
normally the alternator’s not in the way so that’s gonna be maybe right under the
alternator or go up and over and then right next to see I don’t know if I
could fit it in here if it the oil cooler right here that’d be fuckin
perfect but then it get the alternator hot you know I’d fit it up here I could
probably put it like you know like up here maybe I don’t know how high the
radiator radiator yeah radiator goes the radiator fans you’d want it right behind
the radiator fan that way the oil stays warm in the winter and doesn’t get over
cooled since there won’t be a shutoff thermostat
so you always wanted behind the radiator when you don’t have a shutoff thermostat
or you could have it I might put it under the hood and of course the cars up
on the lift and then have a fan and the fan would pull air down you know like
right here or you put it right here facing towards the engine and then put a
fan and a hood scoop the only problem with that is then you get rain in your
engine bay and since I want a daily drive it at least you know locally I
don’t know I still don’t even know how I’m gonna daily drive the damn thing
because of the way I mean it’s it’s a race car you can just put two wires
together and start it and steal it you know what I mean I mean I won’t have a
steering wheel in it but thieves are crafty so probably like a boot on the
wheel but co-workers think I’m fucking crazy boot my car every day
that motherfucker’s nuts I got to work with him okay so we’re gonna if anything
I need to put these plugs in now so I don’t plan on having any sensors on this
block because now I can very conveniently move the sensors away from
this heat from the headers where they could potentially be damaged the only
problem is this fucking thing we’ll have to have I’ll have to like solder or
ground onto it right here I’m not really sure how to ground it so we will find
out I’m also not sure how tight this is supposed to be like starts cutting my
hand is that tight enough or what I’d say that’s pretty damn fucking tight fucked up my allen wrench it’s so tight
so and then this plug same thing just want to stick it in here and hopefully
no oil will ever come out of it they put a pretty good amount of dope on
it so no not the fun kind of dope not that there is a fun kind I can’t imagine
that leaking of course I say that and then it fucking leaks everywhere and if
it does leak I’ll be able to get to it so now we want to try and get this
installed so that and that and I’m tempted to put Loctite on them since
that was so freaking loose but then again it was some really shitty hardware
so we might not have to so and it’s kind of cool it’s got this little slant on it
my guess is for some kind of clearance issue on a different vehicle but it’s
also very convenient for us because it allows us to and again I don’t have a that’s actually
I don’t think that’s the right size shit I need a ball and allen wrench set I’ve
been meaning to buy one they’re just even the cheap ones are expensive but
you don’t want a cheap one because then it’s not gonna last more than a day so
it’s kind of a shitty situation either way yeah this sucks there we go I can
kind of get what am I gonna do oh I can’t even go like that because it’s
still in my way damn damn damn just need to get it snugged can’t tell
if that snug or not it feels snug it’s kind of loose on here like what the hell
it’s not a very good tolerance you can at least try to Center it up okay so
I’ll just get it snug oh it’s not the right wrench holy shit wasn’t even close to the right
wrench yeah I don’t know what I’m gonna do basically you’re 90 degrees go there and
there and then your oil yeah I’d just wrap I’ll wrap the oil cooler lines and
a heat shield you know like heat resistant tape
probably be the best like wrap the shit out of them with that stuff and just
bring it right up here I don’t know I don’t know how much room we have you
know or worst case I go up and then I go up the front of the block right to where
the hood is and then maybe make a scoop and have a rain guard for it or louvers
and the louvers like flaps so when the car is sitting still the louvers closed
but then when you have air flow it pushes the louver open that’s actually
not that bad of an idea so I need metric allen wrenches with the ball and if I
want to get that tight and that’s not even gonna get it as tight as I want I
mean I need I really need to move this out of the way which I don’t want to
fucking do man I’m not sure what to do because I can’t get a ratchet on there
to get the right put pounds I need I don’t want to take the manifold off
okay well this fits that’s that was my main concern tonight was to make sure
that fits so not that the price was but reasonable in
the slightest but really heavy for a heater that feels cold okay so I need to order some
good-quality t-handles which pass see i don’t maybe like i wonder if they have a
ball and and these because this sure as hell isn’t gonna I don’t even think
that’s the right size but this sure as hell isn’t gonna clear that not by a
long shot with a ball end it might but whether or not it would be able to reach
you know ten foot pounds that’s a whole nother story
so God need to get rid of a trash but every week my house trash is full so I
can’t get rid of any of this stuff alright guys thanks for watching and we
will see you next time

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