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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 10

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 10

all right moment of truth all right let’s see how quick I could
get out I got 30 seconds to get out three two one go got that that time Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! today we are going to be doing two very
specific things we’re gonna finish the coil pack mounting bracket thing on the
engine and then we are going to be doing the hub adapter for the steering wheel
quick release on the Porsche so finishing the coil packs should be
pretty quick I got a new assortment of nuts and bolts very disappointed at how
many actually showed up it’s my own fault for not reading the description
better but I’m figure you could easily get refills for this and now you have a
really nice container with permanent partitions these partitions are
permanently molded in so they won’t fall out and you loose shit everywhere but
I’m just gonna take all of these m6 by 20s because I don’t really remember how
many I need and I just remembered I put my quarter inch drive inside for working
on the 3d printer so hmm basically the only problem is I see so let’s see we
have one two three four five one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
so we have enough to remove the ones that we did because they won’t look the
same and to me that’s an issue like you guys might think I’m crazy but I don’t
like it when stuff doesn’t look uniform so we’ll put it in safety mode reverse
and then we’ll get our what was it it was a 10 and we’re just gonna do this
quick because there’s no reason to take time with it so so pull that one and pull that one so put that there
same for here pull this one and then I can use these bolts somewhere else I
mean you’re just holding coil packs on it’s not like anything important is
happening with these so now since these are shoulder bolts I’m not going to use
the little locking washer think they’ll be fine the way they are so what we’re
gonna do is thread them in to make sure the threads are straight and then we’re
going to use the quarter inch shitty impact to tighten them down wherever it
went so I mean this thing is so shitty there’s no way in hell it could strip
this bolt out but I’m still going to only do one oka Doga and that should be
good so 1 2 3 4 5 pull our socket off I don’t like that hog ring I like the ball
better I don’t know why people yeah okay so okay sounds like this batteries going
bad okay never going anywhere it’s like my friend Brandon tells me a lot of
times when I’m OCD Gover stupid shit just send it okay that’s it that’s all for that
particular segment today so now we need to focus on our steering wheel hub
adapter oh that was not smart oh boy it’s only rubberized on the bottom of
course okay so the hub adapter I don’t remember if I explained it on camera yet
so in our G claims that this short hub is for the Porsche 944 now the problem
is in nineteen eighty five and a half they had a minor major model change
where a lot of parts were changed so my guess is this is for the pre nineteen
eighty-five and a half Porsche 944 and this is a obviously
nineteen eighty seven Porsche 944 s so mmm this hub adapter has way too long of
splines so the boss is too deep so it seats properly and has the correct taper
but you can’t get the nut on it’s too short and I mean it’s short short so
what we need to do is make room for the nut now how do you do that I mean you
shouldn’t do that you should buy a hub adapter that fits but I ordered a
different hub adapter that’s also claims to be for the 944 and it didn’t fit at
all it it was completely wrong so in order to use a quick-release which is
not only important for safety and a crash if you need to get out or if
something gets compacted a little bit and you lose your space but also because
I couldn’t even get out of the car at all
the quick release so we’re gonna do we got on Amazon first I typed in tapered
drill bit and I didn’t fucking get anywhere I couldn’t find anything then I
typed in step to drill bit and that might work then I saw in the suggestion
an umbrella drill bit this is called an umbrella drill bit now there were
supposed to be three sizes they’re supposed to be a middle size but those
fucktards at Amazon picked up the package of drill bits with a hole in the
bottom of the package most likely watch the drill bit fall on
the floor and then shipped it to me anyway so fuck them because anyway I
might be able to get the job done with this bigger one so I’ve already made
sure that my drill press is level the base is level the head is level enough
not that that really matters I’m sure you guys know like that doesn’t fucking
matter but but uh so the only thing we need to do is get this so that we can hopefully the shanks not too big if it
is I’m gonna be really pissed because it means I’m gonna have to use a hand drill
which will be a very shitty and not so nice job come on please please please
work oh no come on yes okay so we’re gonna put that all the way up in there
we’re gonna tighten it down okay now if you look inside here where was it I have
it on the lowest speed setting this is so we don’t overheat cheap ass drill bit
I’m gonna get some oil so obviously this is too tall so we need to it’s probably oh it’s not actually that
badly rusted so we need to lower this down to just enough I mean we just so
that’s too much so we want it to come up right about there okay so then we’re
gonna tighten it okay get it tight and I know it’s a little sideways it doesn’t
really matter but um there does it get up at that doesn’t matter actually this
this whole head of this machine is kind of twisted so we’re gonna have to okay
anyway okay we’re gonna call that tight so now I’m not gonna be able to clamp
this thing I don’t have any way to clamp it so I’m gonna have to hold it by hand
and don’t use gloves because if your glove catches on the drill bit it’ll get
sucked in and then you’re broken all your fingers if the drill bit cuts you
that’s not as bad as breaking all your fingers unless your finger gets cut off
but let’s not go there okay so anyway so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna Center
this up and the tapers a little wrong so we’re gonna have to be a little careful
but like this is all I could find so what we want to do is we want to go from
here and we want to go basically one nut deeper so actually if you go and you
look up here we’re at this is an inches so we want to go wait that can’t be in
inches no that’s inches the millimeters are on
this okay we want to go five millimeters right six millimeters so we’re gonna go
we’re going to start by going down to the one and then we’ll stop and see if
that works so okay
need some cutting fluid which no which yes I understand that putting cutting
fluid on something that’s gonna eventually go on your steering shaft
maybe isn’t the smartest idea but this is the only thing I can do right now so
ah way more than I wanted yeah now it’s all over the fucking place great oh I
got brake cleaner so I’ll be okay we’ll be okay brake cleaner okay so if
you can’t tell I’m in a hurry because my girlfriend is waiting for me inside for
dinner girlfriend girlfriend problems not
problems happiness sometimes okay okay let’s hope I don’t cut my hand off or be
an idiot or not have it plugged in for some unknown reason this taper is way more aggressive than I
really wanted I don’t know what that’s gonna do to our the way everything seats
not to mention the big freakin mess we’re making what is why is there a
towel in here oh this is for the parts washer you need to put that somewhere
else hmm so we are going to pull this out whoops
knock it off kind of brush off our shavings and then yeah this is a big
mess the trash can I just blew that all that shit in my face that’s intelligent
okay so the taper on the umbrella drill bits not as deep steep as I really want
but I think we’ll be okay as long as we’re careful with the way we do this
and don’t over cut it so okay so we’re gonna put it on and see if we made any
progress at all oh God we made a little bit of progress not
much yeah I’m a little worried about the the taper on the I might end up having
to throw this hub away so my backup plan if I haven’t explained is to use this
which has not only a horn ring but a turn signal clicking to use because of
how expensive the turn signal unit is or the there is the multifunction switch is
$350 which is a completely fucking ripoff but anyway so I would just cut
this crash piece off and then drill and tap the six-point holes but that’s
that’s my backup plan cuz that’s a lot of work that I don’t want to fuck with
so anyway we’re just gonna continue on the way we’re doing it now
I don’t think that Lube really helped anything except
making a bigger mess to clean up later so and it seems like it took some of the
rust off of our drill press which is now yep so so we’re gonna gauge where we’re
at here we’re at the one now so I want to go want to go five more millimeters
god I’m taking a lot of the threads of this out hmm using some cutting force here don’t
know if I’m just digging it into deeper if the drill bits already trashed the drill bits not slipping it’s the
belt that’s slipping man how do you even tighten that I think you have to loosen
that and then get a big crowbar something and then tighten it problem is
it’s not bolted down to the desk so I don’t know how easy that’s gonna be to
do one-handed I’m not so sure sure about and I guess I’d rather have the belt
slip than have it take a handoff but looks like I’m gonna need some help to
tighten that up another day so anyway I’m not getting anywhere I’m not getting anywhere with this damn
belt slipping man what am I gonna do ooh oh that doesn’t help crap how did I do that there we go man I need
to there’s a little more work I need to do to fix this thing up ha shit I just completely lost my place
I think okay we’re just gonna have to this thing I thought this thing was
aluminium but for definitely aluminium just doesn’t seem to be cutting like
aluminium unless I’m crazy and they’ve really sold me a piece of shit drill bit yeah I think putting oil in it was the
exact opposite of what I should have done okay try again just don’t want to
cut too many of the splines out because those are what you know turn the fucking
wheel no progress what to do what to do what to do just slipping this belt I
need to do something about the build see and that’s go one higher on the belt
here that actually should tighten it up pretty good can you do that
or do you have to go up a step here to sew it there we go
probably tighter I mean I would assume that’s gonna be tighter no matter what
seems like it we want to stretch it the best we can okay let’s try that try it
with one speed higher try and make that a little bit tighter belt in worst case
I put this in the vise and go at it with the half-inch drill but that’s sketch
probably need a new belt for this maybe just to learn how to use it and progress is very slow this drill bit
sucks I mean I can feel the drill bit just man that’s fucking awful drill bit
it’s what I get for buying shit for me I was on especially just high speed steel
I mean shit if I had bought something that was you know sharp not high speed
steel so actually we are making progress but still not near enough should be able
to actually thread the nut on now at least yeah we can almost get one turn on
the nut but we have to have that specialty ah that was dumb
dumb choice great why did I do that great metal shavings in my butt now okay
we still need we’re still there’s still quite a ways to go which is unfortunate you have to get just the right pressure
on the thing and hope that the how that the mmm thing doesn’t freeze okay I can actually feel the heat coming
through it so we’re gonna let it rest for a sec the high speed steel is really
vulnerable to heat so we got to be careful of course there’s metal shavings
just about everywhere starting to get a little smoother cut
now I’m not sure what that what bearing that has on anything but okay do not
blow on it this time almost a fool nut can almost almost get a full nut on it
just need to go a little more let it cool down like I said though it’s a
little hot no you think high speed steel would chew through aluminum so easily
but it’s thing not being able to get the belt tight without a helpers what’s
killing me here could be wrong I could be doing
something completely else wrong like Oh a lumen I’m supposed to be cut at high
speed or you know what I mean like I don’t know okay okay more and more my cut the smoother and
smoother the taper gets just getting a little not so happy about the the amount
of splines I have on here this thing’s definitely for a different model 944 or
not enough for a knife or for at all like something’s not right I wish I could like see how far we’re so
close I don’t want to go any more than I have to
I just want to get the nut in the specialty washer seated and impact it
down and be done with it you know like I don’t need anymore than exactly what I
need God still not even I don’t like this don’t fucking advertise it’s for a
944 if it’s not for every 944 fucking energy assholes I wish I had a
drill bit big enough to kind of like take some of this top part out because I
feel like it’s kind of getting stuck like halfway and if I could just let it
slip on more we’ll still having the taper because the taper doesn’t need to
be this long but I don’t have any drill bits anywhere near this size I mean not
even close the Umbrella bits all I got and I don’t
want to go overboard with it don’t think it’s a good idea to do that okay so
where are we at now okay new strategy since I can’t get any
torque out of this thing okay how fast is that it’s try middle
one to one I think that looks like one to one probably should tighten the belt it looks like a one to one ratio okay I don’t think that did anything I don’t
think that got anywhere man this frickin drill bits garbage it’s already wearing
out it almost like the aluminum is getting stuck to it like melting to it how close are we now still not even close this is ridiculous don’t like how many of these threads
we’re chewing off we can’t chew off any more threads so
we’re gonna have to do this so I have these really nice step drills that I
think are the only way to get this thing to fit right without chewing off more
splines because if we chew off any more splines than we already have
I don’t think it’ll be safe because I mean we’re doing a manual steering rack
for one so that’s a lot of extra force on the wheel I mean when you’re if you
crash a crash that’s different but we’re talking about just driving normal so if
we kind of take a look here where our splines are with in relation to where we
need them so right there our splines engage and then they only go down so low
means try that again so right there so we’re not getting as much spline
engagement as I want and I can give us some of that back with the step drill
because the step drill is gonna cut at a much steeper no no don’t tell me that oh man this step drills barely any steeper
than the Umbrella probably didn’t even need this umbrella bit okay so who pull the umbrella bit out well hmm so let’s see yeah this one’s much higher quality of
course we’re gonna have to be really careful with it and we’re gonna have to
go back down to our lower speed for sure well let’s try it without but we’re
gonna have to be careful because this one’s gonna be way more powerful so this
one’s kind of got a little different so we’re gonna cut down so you can see the outer part actually
cut but the inner part did not cut at all I’m gonna keep going that’s cutting way better
I think the aluminum is loading it up though I don’t know if that’s gonna give
us the room we need or not I hope so cuz I’m sharp metal shavings are getting all
in my house and shit oh noes I turn the GoPro back on know
what oh it’s on he’s got a hate just go pistol sometimes well I mean I look like
shit I know I’m on camera looking like shit fuck that didn’t do anything we’re
not there yet you gotta probably go down one more step
I think come on we make progress this time I
think we’re finally cutting into the part of the adapter that actually
matters for the that actually matters for the engagement doesn’t look like any
progress to me just driving me nuts come on okay I just stepped in it damn
it okay I’m going to take a rest cuz I
smell burning this time that’s not good this is such a ghetto fixed to something
that should have been a off-the-shelf solution fucking NRG you’re actually
getting somewhere now yeah the problem is we still don’t have enough room for
that damn washer I’ve got another five mil at least to get that washer on and
then get it tightened we’re making progress so there’s a lot of ships
coming out the bottom it’s just good the flutes are working chewing the shit out
of the poor drill bit though it’s eating the teeth right off of it so I don’t
know how much longer this bit will last before I’m kind of screwed
these were expensive yeah it’s not good that shit’s all over
my feet okay progress finally progress or not it
just looks like progress still got a while to go you gotta be kidding me ah
oh man this is killing me mmm that looks like progress to me but I
don’t know I could just be seeing things cuz I want it to be progress right I
need to keep this nut over here I don’t know why I keep going back and forth
with it me and I just can’t tell if I’m making any progress or not I’ll leave
that right there okay let’s see what other choices no
that’ll just eat my that might actually what’s the angle compared to know the
angles too shallow and I will just eat my splines I don’t want to do that how
does it compare to the actual shaft hmm sighs the shaft size is like so this size dictates they’re gonna eat my okay I think I’m
gonna switch to this one probably not only because its teeth are gonna be
fresher but because it looks like it still will not I won’t be compromising
my I won’t be compromising my splines by installing it oops but I do need to be careful that I don’t
cut too deep okay so we’re gonna of course it’s okay so we’re gonna it’s all the way
down to three so okay it looks like it has smaller steps
so we might actually get lucky here look at that
okay so that’s the answer we were missing so we need to go just okay I see
what to do now so we need to go maybe one more millimeter God why do I
keep bringing that nut back I don’t OCD problems excuse me for the sniffles
I just realized I was doing that I think we only went about a millimeter
but we’re getting to the point where we got to be careful we basically just
they’re at the point where we want to make room for the washer and then we’re
done and we’re just gonna fucking hardcore impact it on so the problem is
we need one full thread protruding so we really aren’t as close as I had hoped hmm
we’re getting there much faster now though actually getting some move
one-to-one movement so one millimeter down in the drill bit is 1 millimeter
down on the shaft so I need two more millimeters god this is such crap I took the nut
away again didn’t I uh man that makes me so mad what’s wrong
with me and we were getting close we just need
more and we are getting so close make sure we still got our right about there shit shit shit shit are you kidding me
are you fucking kidding me I took the nut again shit fuck god this is pissing me off
it’s supposed to be straightforward you take the drill bit and you fucking drill
it like what why does everything have to be so fucking complicated hmm I don’t know I the only the only way
I could see to actually do this right is to get a what looks like almost a 45
degree taper or even at me it’s probably a 30 but okay we’re gonna hit this with an impact
and see if it uh see if it can set it and we’re gonna hit it with the impact
pretty hard we’re gonna turn it on maximum power problem is do I even have
a I think it was 22 shit why is this torque set damn it it’s not a 22 what
the fuck is it why is there even a 22 about where’s the 24 cuz I know oh
that’s all nothing engine side using the 24 it’s not an impact socket though so I
don’t know if it’s gonna stand up to the abuse there we go I’d say that’s not going
anywhere make sure the threads are okay
the lock nuts okay oh shit that’s not good cuz I didn’t clean it with brake
cleaner yet or do any of the electrical wiring at least need to get the brake
cleaner on it shit well okay so we get over it get totally ghetto definitely
not the right way to do it do not copy me need to use a proper tapered or
proper umbrella drill bit with the proper angle which is not not this one
so yeah I won’t make you guys watch me
clean up I’ll clean it up later but first I need to get that thing off ooh damn fucking just hit that with hit my
cage with that guy okay interesting pattern a little
concerning actually oh actually that might be a good thing if I can get even
more torque on it I might have actually just found a way to get it really really okay this isn’t supposed to be on the toolbox
I don’t know why it is okay so where’s my brake cleaner okay works for me I love how fast that
stuff dries even though it’s still wanna make sure there’s no metal shavings left
at all so so one of the things that we did when we
did this tapers is one of the tapers is the perfect size to cut into these
splines since it’s steel going against aluminum I can use the impact wrenches
torque to pull the splines into the aluminum and what that’s doing is that’s
holding this in place better it’s hard to explain but also I don’t think I’m
gonna be able to really I just want to get it on like I’m not gonna have to do
anything with the wiring tonight because I’ve got all righty way past how much
time this was supposed to take so we’re gonna just stick this on because I need
to like mount up where the seat goes make sure the brake cylinder is in a
position that I like I’m probably gonna move this I haven’t decided I could put
an armrest here and leave it and then it would be harder for a thief to find that
granted if somebody wants to steal this car I’m screwed because there won’t be
any door locks or anything but anyway alright let’s crank this one down okay
so now we’re gonna go see if I can go one full turn okay so we now went a full turn deeper
to lock this on and there’s no fucking way in hell this thing is ever going to
come off or spin on the shaft no way not with that much torque on that taper with
the splines so we are now safe and luckily that sockets not completely
destroyed because that’s what I expected to happen is to just break that socket
should I forgot to clean this up okay I need those these are destroyed once you
use them once well actually they look ok I didn’t really tighten them that much
I’ll reuse them cuz they’re not cheap I forgot to order more of these I really
need to do that I just don’t want to spend the money until I need them but
then I gotta wait two or three days or four days or five days since Amazon’s
shipping has been pretty garbage lately oops
it was this one the m6 by sixteen and by twenty okay so there are
two different lengths that’s what I thought okay but it doesn’t even matter
because now I got this epic awesome set I need to find a better place for but so
now the next step of course is the wrong okay that was interesting
all right that’s the wrong size specialty drives I think it’s just a
little tiny one which makes me super nervous even using this shitty little
impact so the first thing to do is to pull that drop that off make sure this
back surface is clean and then it gave us nuts and I’m not gonna put any of the
it has like provisions for you know grounding and stuff like that I mean
that’s important but probably not going to be able to save my horn function I
think it’d be too much of a hassle I think most the most you can there’s a
write down box okay the most you can hope for is the Mo’s you can hope for is
like a foot button horn or a pull chain horn probably be kind of cool to do a
pull chain horn you know like I think that would be kind of neat so not that
it matters because there’s no steering rack attached but so we’re just gonna get the threads started so we know that fit and we’ll use that thing to just
barely snug them don’t have to tighten them because we’re still I’m still going
to go in and wire up the horn just in case I can find a way to like 3d print
my own horn ring which is possible it’s very possible if I wanted to spend my
time on it but until then we’re just gonna do it this way so okay start pattern of course just have
to remember that none of this is tightened down or connected properly okay then we can put our quick-release
on and I’m wondering if it only goes on the right way like could I put it on no
it won’t I fucked that up we’ll only go on that way which is totally unaligned
I’m an idiot I did that well don’t need to fuck with it now it
doesn’t matter because it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter just trying to get the
wheel fitted so we can understand okay does matters driving me nuts I want
to know what this is for okay and the screws are in here so don’t
want to drop them but uh let me at least oh I’m misaligned at the whole thing or
no wait no hold on sorry it’s just this little wait that’s a different size
allen key sorry the GoPro died there was another allen key at the bottom of the
box that’s the right size so it’s some kind of uh I think it just lets you
align the quick-release so that the words line up yeah so there’s gonna be
OCD here for a sec and line the words up which makes sense I mean when you’re
trying to put the wheel on quickly if the quick-release is lined up to the
words and it’s gonna make your life way easier okay not too too tight okay we’re
gonna take these out then it looks like it has two different bolt patterns I’m a
little confused by that but that’s the pattern we want it’s not the pattern we
want damn this pattern is completely off by oh no don’t tell me this is the wrong
pattern no matter what this is supposed to be son of a bitch how is that even
it’s supposed to be a universal fucking pattern are you fucking kidding me I’m
gonna lose it I mean okay I figured it out I got it but yes
there’s a horn button that goes in this moment steering wheel I’m gonna put it
in either even if I don’t wire it up I’m still gonna put it in because I think
it’s kind of dumb just to have a big freaking hole right
you guys probably something you guys probably have a big hole there and
you’re like it’s not old but I think it’s dumb to have a big hole there so obviously when I get in an alignment
I’ll have to be really clear with the person aligning it which if it’s Brandon
then I mean he’s he’s awesome he does it perfect but if it’s not Brandon then
I’ll have to be like now this needs to be straight up and down whoops okay all right all right all
right or get in there okay put this back excuse me for the sniffles okay all
right here we go a moment of truth you’re kidding me right come on geez okay I’m gonna try that
again cuz that makes me look like a complete tard it probably just needs
some grease okay all right moment of truth doo doo doo yeah ah ah that was
the wrong way to do it my foot stuck okay
no I need a tear all this shit out okay might leave the key I like the key okay
man I am close to the pedals that’s good oh crap my clutch just went to the floor
I knew the clutch was bad bad I didn’t realize it was that bad and a clutch is
toast thank God I got a new so that’s perfect that’s clutch to the floor okay fuck there we go okay
steering the steering wheels still too far out in my like it’s too close like
see how my L but like I mean I can get move I can get like a really good force
on the wheel for a small turn but as far as trying to like huh hey and that’s
close so I got okay so steering I’m steering so clutch
that clutch is destroyed clutch brake shift steering and the steering wheels
gonna be so I’m steering left no no okay so I turn right turning right and then
flick okay well see then I wouldn’t need this hmm okay so I’m going straight turn
left a little bit pull the e brake no clutch ebrake counter steer right and
downshift oh fuck this is gonna be a long long learning process dev I’m glad
I got a clutch that I can bring up the hopefully bring it way up because if
it’s too short my elbow I don’t think my elbow is gonna hit this I think a really
nice arm rest right here to just leave my arm here when I’m not worried about I
have to figure out how tall the ship might have to even get a taller shift
knob to keep my arm up and near this like the taller the shift knob the
better because of this thing here I wanna I don’t want to bump it but I want
to be able to anyway hmm all right let’s see how quick I can
get out I got 30 seconds to get out three two one go yeah God that that time alright guys
thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time No

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