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How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 1

How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 1

try this again oh it’s unpredictable Happy New Year everybody, and welcome
back to Speed Freak Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! Now that our messed-up fa20 engine is out, it’s not out of the way yet but hopefully soon we are going
to switch focus to our 1987 Porsche 944 s this is on its way to becoming a rally
spec race car we will be LS swapping so obviously all this nasty old shit has
got to go and I mean it’s gonna go go I might somebody might come pick up the
engine for free but it’s gettin the hell out of here so we need to get the car up
on the lift and get the coolant draining overnight so we can begin working
probably on the weekend so the first thing is this thing’s got really weird
jack points and I can already tell the car is away way too far forward but I’m
gonna swing those in so they don’t get caught by the wheels when I start trying
to fling this car back where’s the e that’s the other Jack point so you can
see it’s it needs to be like there so yeah we need to try and push it back so
the mirrors should maybe half a foot okay this is not gonna be good because
the casters don’t want to roll come on he’s got to get the casters to
turn okay there we go so now we can lift this car up oh I thought it cut that off
anyway so get that under that point and get that at that point I know it looks
like the cars hanging back heavy but you got to keep in mind that the engine is
up here and there’s nothing left back here I’m probably gonna end up having to
put ballast back here to level it out so it doesn’t look balanced but trust me it
is now when the engine comes out and but the new engine that’s going in is even
heavier so I’m not worried about it okay the problem is these arms are just
really too long for small cars really isn’t a good jack point back here it’s
all torn up from being used too much which I probably might have to go back
and weld some big steel plates under here for quick jack spots okay oh shit is that crushing my fender fuck gotta be kidding me there’s that always been like that hmm
sera it’s off-road race car so not can’t to be too worried about it I’m recording right so I love the droop on the front end
that’s good for offroading the problem is the rear end has no droop
because it’s a torsion bar which in the future we’re going to get rid of the
torsion bars and do some big-ass monster coil overs but that’s a whole nother
year because we just need to get this car on the road and get some racing
experience and see you know get the engine broken in and I’m gonna get these
out of the way before somebody trips on them and dies keep those drip pans under
there because of the where’s my other the power steering pump is uh it hasn’t
come out yet I’m taking it out I mean obviously if we’re off-road racing we
have to have a manual steering rack well my rally mentor says it’s not off-road
racing because they’re gravel roads but gravel roads
Tamizh offroad I don’t know if I could put good enough suspension on and I
could probably do some more hardcore races anyway so we wanted trashcan
height and I’m afraid to look underneath this car honestly like who knows what’s
under here and there’s a freeze plug on the passenger side rear block rear of
the block oh yeah Wow I see it right well it’s up there somewhere shit where’s the coolant hose I can just
pull a well the whole block won’t come out shit man this shit’s nasty under
here um let’s see so the exhaust has got to come down can so call that and a rust
penetrant oh my god how am I even supposed to fit a look at that the heat
shield off to get a new heat shield and everything jeez what a mess that’s needs to be replaced all of this
is gonna get removed anyway but wow I could probably use a spray coating
underneath see the stuff under here some kind of rubberized undercoating so it’s
in better condition than some cars of its age would be just probably redo the
whole undercoating under here because of how bad it looks but uh let’s see um
right we need to find that freeze plug which if you’ll excuse my stupidity for
a second I forgot where it was so I need to go to files file manager documents
and it should be called what I thought I cleared out all these crap documents
recent coolant Oh too draining the coolant system two gallons
of coolant ten millimeter socket ratchet and six inch extension draining the
coolant there it is see it’s showing it’s some maintenance blah blah blah
drain plug on the passenger side of the block and it’s an 87 so it’s an m10 drain plug reusing the coolant why the hell would
you reuse the coolant so it’s hmm it’s above it’s up above okay where’s the normal coolant drain lower left-hand corner looking towards
the front left okay um so there’s the radiator drain plug so we can do that
first now it says it likes to make a mess
looks like I have some pieces of the car missing because they’re supposed to be
stuff under here and they’re saying that it makes a mess underneath here I also
think I got the car way too high but uh let’s see um oh shit it’s only hand
tight that is not a good thing probably shouldn’t be hand tight this is probably gonna be a big nasty
mess man that is not I want to put my face in front of it but no no don’t tell
me the fucking thing is stripped out or something oh hell no son of a bitch
somebody you gotta be kidding me I think it’s
completely stripped out well it’s tough yeah what the hell is
that oh how am I supposed to drain it if it’s Wow uh this car doesn’t have
coolant in it oh wait wait it doesn’t have I drained
the coolant in this car already I want to get a new coolant bottle have I
already drained the coolant in this car I’m confused
okay anyway well that’s doing that hey might as well at least try and find the
freeze plug on the block I’m really confused why did I actually drain the
coolant or is there something like creating vacuum pressure on it where did those instructions go okay see we can figure out where this
freeze plug is so it was basically saying that it’s ah damn it well the problem is this is an S model
so it might have a completely different no wait there it is I see it all the way
up there it’s probably a 13 because it’s a German car sorry I need to check the
GoPro real quick I feel like I rub dirt all over the lens okay no we’re good
and I really wish I had a dedicated photographer because working like this
you can see my hands and you can see what I’m doing
but when I’m kind of working up you know you may or may not be able to see what
I’m doing and it’s a trade-off so I wish I had a better solution whether or not you guys can actually see
what I’m doing right now is probably all up in the air really afraid to pull this
Frese plugin well I got that drip drip drip drip one of this could be an oil
plug and this is a different engine altogether sometimes not so convenient
shit I might have to do this one by hand just in case honestly it seems like the engine is
missing some cross members from underneath that radiator isn’t being
held on with not shit right now I think that’s the other thing I need to do is
drain the oil I don’t think I’ve actually drained to the oil yet also
I’ve just decided that uh no no no no no no come back
I also just decided that I probably need this and what a crappy little oh it
broke off inside the radiator look at that yeah so that radiators trashed now
but uh I need that to plug that so it doesn’t drip all over the floor for
eternity while I’m trying to remove it and then I feel like I might have
already drained the coolant system cuz again where’s the frickin coolant dad
you know I just want you guys to know that I can’t see what I’m doing either
at this point I’m just kind of guessing at what’s going on this frees plug I hope does not have too
much coolant I hope it’s a freeze plug and not some kind of oil thing oh okay we’re gonna switch tactics here we’re gonna stick this busted ass thing
back in here and then we’re gonna switch places try this again oh it’s
unpredictable okay that’s that’s nice coolant is toxic or however you want to
corrosive however you want to say it so you don’t want to leave it on your tools
you don’t want to leave it on your skin don’t want to leave it on the floor Granta this is a living shop a living
working race shop so expecting me to have a stain free floors pretty
unrealistic and then the power steering fluid reservoir is already pretty much
well it pretends like it’s empty but we want to remove that damn thing and get
it thrown away because it just keeps leaking and leakin every time you move
the car a little bit and all of a sudden has more power steering fluid to leak
out all over the fuckin place it’s attached to something else I guess
it makes sense there would be a feed line that goes somewhere damn here I
thought I was gonna get rid of it hey Kyle screwed myself cuz another car
to drain in what are you attached to it’s attached
to something there’s the inlet I swore I severed all the lines it is one thing I
do need to do is get a new manual like custom-made steering rack okay seriously where is that hose connected to I don’t
even see a candidate this is gonna make a big mess I gotta
get this thing out of here and I really don’t want that shit to
come loose it’s probably because it’s so freakin nasty okay where that other hose
goes I have no idea believe it like it is for now I guess I could let the radiator just
drain onto this pan something to absorb the splash holy crap okay let that drain overnight and then
well shit I’m a dumbass probably could have
plugged that up now I have some generic em tens I can plug the hole with but I
should have been an idiot and wait no I’m 10 over those are too big – bigger you have an idiot I shouldn’t throw on
that plug away dammit mmm mmm 10 by 1.5 you wait did I get lucky I got lucky mean it’s not being a dumbass and just
throwing shit away because I can like a hell okay all right that’s it for tonight but make
sure hello let me get a decent view here make sure you guys subscribe and stay
tuned for our Porsche 944 LS swap we’ll see you guys next time beautiful stars on a driver MasterCard
nothing can break me right No

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10 thoughts on “How To LS Swap A Porsche 944 – Part 1

  1. How much power do you think the 944 engine can handle? If I get one I don't wanna swap it out just let unless its too weak…

  2. I can tell by your videos that you’re still in the process but how long do you estimate it will take to get engine out and on the road driving?

  3. Wow, I got myself an 87 944s, my uncle bought it brand new and it’s been through a lot including an engine rebuild. Might get er turboed soon >:)

  4. This shop looks way to clean and new…also looks like you made a trip to Harbor Freight and went nuts lol. I'm swapping a 5.3 into my 89 944 as we speak…always nice to have a reference like this

  5. What gearbox are you going with and why? I’m thinking of swapping out the whole drive train to a C6 ls3/TT and gearbox. I’m doubtful the porsche gearboxes will hold up over time.

  6. I am looking to do a LS3 swapper on a 944 soon. I know it will involve drafting my friends’ talent, thank you for a look into this project. It is valuable information. Turn a damn light on under there

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