100 thoughts on “How to Lower your car with Coilovers

  1. My car is leaning on the left side, especially toward the front, I replaced the strut, but it is still leaning. Can you shed some light on it, please?

  2. chris i dont know if you noticed but you have a broken plastic trim in your racing seat (the one you didnt glued)….. You can see it in the test drive at the end of the video

  3. Don't suppose you would ever do one on how to extend the arches and axels for a wider look and stance? Probably several videos-worth in that as I'm guessing it might involve a new frame or frame extension and new suspension mount points as well as the new bodywork and axels.

  4. So if the R33 Skyline I plan to buy is too low to my liking then I can just get coil overs and raise it. Interesting, until now I always thought coil overs were only for lowering. Learning something new everyday.

  5. Thanks for making your videos understandable for us who aren't mechanically minded,gives me the confidence to have a go myself at things.can you put up a video of an induction kit install I have an Audi a3 would be great to watch that.

  6. This video is so good, clear video and instructions, no annoying voice to deal with while learning… Top notch work dude, well done.

  7. i'm looking into buying a tein coilover kit for my 09 impreza 2.5i hatch. As my daily driver, would you recommend the street basis Z or something else? I don't intend to track it or drive it hard.. Occasionally i'll take it to some curvy roads and stretch the car to the limits.. + the 600$CAD is my budget on coils… i'm new to this coilover stuff.. only time i lowered a car was years ago with just budget lowering springs..

  8. I don't think people are understanding the whole 8675309 subscriber thing- it references to "Jenny I've got your number"

  9. a lot of people do lower their cars and this is cool looking but if this is supposed to be daily i would strongly advice to not do it xD ive damaged the engine cover 4 times already on a speed bump and also gearbox pillow, so i cant really go fast around area where do i live 😉 There are also some downsides to it, like u need to have low profile lift and cant use ramps because the ride is to low to drive on anything in some situations even a curb… Absolutely not practical but look cool 😉

  10. Hey bro do you mind doing a video on how to bleed a hydraulic jack that looses air? Nobody on YouTube seems to get the job done correctly.

  11. Chrisfix I need some advice man! I’ve got an 01 mustang gt I’m about to install a cheap coilover kit! It comes with 2 in front and the rear uses only 2 springs and 2 shocks. My car has Koni shocks already in the rear and was wondering if I could keep the koni shocks to use with the new springs instead of those cheap Chinese shocks that came with my coilover kit. Sorry if that was confusing please help!

  12. Isn't it risky to move the points on which your chassis is suspended? Before the coilovers your car was supported by 8 points, one for the spring and one for the dampener for each wheel. Now it will only be supported by the 4 dampener slots. Won't that harm the chassis and hurt the car's integrity?

  13. In unrelated story Chris went over a railroad track and damaged his underbody. Sadly he was unable to jack the car up and fix it. To this day his car still sits on the ground damaged

  14. Need you help. Cant afford air suspension so coilovers seems to be more obtainable. I have an 07 crown vic p71 and from my research it seems that QAs seem are the only thing that fit. But my issue is that i want to lower the car but it's still the family car and i can have up to 5 people in it(not all the time though). How do calculate how much compression and damping i need for the weight of the car plus passengers?

  15. You do realise you actually gave the mustang the needed suspension upgrade that should have came with the car from the factory? You can corner now with stickier tires maybe! No more project crowd control.

  16. No offense to these cars, but I call the era they are from (1995-2000) the “trailer park” mustangs

    They are all right though

  17. Coming back to watch this, I have to wonder. How did ChrisFix go from having 8.6mil subs to now having 5.1mil?

  18. now how can we not install those coilovers if he finished the video with a great roll. kudos as always.

  19. Check your local laws before you lower the car. Georgia Prohibits lowing a bumper more than 3 inches from factory height. This might very from state to state

  20. Chris, Someone has a 94 with 140k 5 speed for $2600 or trade for my bike. You think that car with that mileage is still gonna have nice power?

  21. Im a very big mustang fan eapecially these body styles and im so glad you are taking care of and doing goid stuff with this car a lot of people qith this style msutang let it go to shit and its sad everytime i see onw

  22. Always professional and articulate, good job, one idea spay the wheel wells with some black under coat, little details, also prevents rust and I would to the floor boards as well live in Canada so it's a must lol

  23. Can we see a video of you raising the driftstang by maxing out the height on the coil overs lol just for fun. Would be funny to see how high it'll look

  24. I had a high low bodyshift absorber/coilover with no damper option, installed on my car. Is there a way for me to reduce the bumpiness of the car? My friends said changing a softer spring might do the trick. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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