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How to Load a Car onto a U-Haul Tow Dolly

How to Load a Car onto a U-Haul Tow Dolly

Hi, I’m Sperry hutchinson. Today we’re gonna
show you how to load your vehicle onto a tow dolly. Park the towing vehicle and tow dolly in line with each other, on level ground
and park, with the engine off and parking brake
set. Make sure the coupler hand wheel is
tight and the ball clamp is below the coupler and closing the hitch ball. Ensure the safety chains are crossed left to
right are secured using the S-hooks and rubber
retainers and do not drag on the ground. Also, check that the trailer wiring
lead is connected. Now, we can begin to prepare the tow dolly.
Prepare the loading ramps by releasing the latch pins, while pulling the ramps completely out. Disengage both straps from the ratchet
spool by pulling the release lever, while raising the handle up until it locks.
Free the straps, by pulling them upward and lay them flat on the
deck of the tow dolly. Center the vehicle to be loaded behind
the tow dolly. If assisting during the loading process,
do not stand between the towing vehicle and the tow dolly. Always stand off to the side. Drive
slowly up the ramps until the vehicle’s tires come to rest
against the stops. Before exiting the vehicle, secure the
steering wheel, and ensure the parking brake is not
engaged. Begin securing the vehicle by routing
the straps up and over the tires, making sure they’re centered and in contact
with both inner and outer side walls. Align the
ratchet with the center of the tire. Route the strap through the slot on the
ratchet spool, making sure at least six inches of the strap passes through the spool.
Tighten the ratchet, folding the handle down when done. Finish securing the vehicle by fastening
the security chains to the frame or other structural member, being sure
to avoid any wiring, hoses or break lines. Be sure to leave a
few inches of slack in the chains, looping them around and, securing them
through an open link using the S-hooks and rubber retainers. The
chains may also be twisted to remove excess slack. Stow the ramps by lifting them and
sliding them back into the tow dolly, until the latch pins reengage. Recheck that all components are secure
before moving the vehicles and check again after driving a short
distance, and at stops along your journey. Remember to always wear your seatbelt, adjust your vehicles mirrors, and slow down while towing. For more
information, visit or refer to the
user’s guide available at your U-Haul store.

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85 thoughts on “How to Load a Car onto a U-Haul Tow Dolly

  1. Everyone yelling about neutral, stop. No fwd car needs it, and at the end of the video, it says "on awd, 4×4 and rwd vehicles, remove and secure driveshaft*. To put a fwd in neutral would be more harm with no help

  2. THANK YOU…for this video. I read the PDF file before watching, and the video answered all my questions. Will be towing a small compact 300 miles. I have downloaded the vid into my phone for reference – I'm a little nervous but I'm sure I can do this.

  3. I just wanted to check back in to let you know…I did it! My experience was near perfect. Two incidents: after 50 miles, I checked the straps. One side clicked three times, so do as they say and always check the straps periodically. Also, one tie down chain fell off. Reconnected it with a little more tension and everything was fine; I guess you don't want TOO much slack. Again, thanks for this video. Follow all directions, especially the speed restrictions, and you'll do well.

  4. I'm using s U-Haul tow dolly to tow a Fiat that doesn't have rear tires or axle how would I tow that?

  5. Debating if I should get this or the 4 wheel tow ? Any suggestions? Will be diving from Alaska to Texas towing a Scion tC

  6. I'm moving next week and will be towing my 2015 Malibu on an auto transport. I don't have over sized tires or anything, so I should be fine?

  7. can i tow a 1997 grand Cherokee with my 1994 fleetwood bounder motorhome 34j ford chassis, from lexington Kentucky to Miami ?

  8. if its RWD cant you just reverse on so the front is rolling rather than the rear of the car? just lock the steering wheel?

  9. Just my two cents. I am a tow truck driver and i learned never twist a chain It weaken the working load limit of the chain. These are safety chains they should be put the safest way 😉

  10. I'm using this tow dollt to pull my 2004 Kia Spectra with a 10ft UHaul truck. Do I put car in neutral when towing & turn on the Tow in the truck? Also, when I stay in a hotel for the night, do I put car on park or can it stay in neutral?

  11. What of the vehicle I'm towing only has 3 wheels…. I'm cheap and don't want to pay full price for a tow

  12. Question, I buy cars at the auctions, could I rent this dolly to tow a vehicle? Or is there a policy that I can't tow cars bought from the auction here in Houston Texas?

  13. That little disclaimer at the end, motheryucker if anyone excluding fwd doesn't do that, that's going to cost them their transmission. You guys felt the need to only put a small, barely noticeable disclaimer in WHITE lettering at the END. TF!?!?

  14. How far off of the ground does the trailer ball have to be off of the ground to fit the Uhaul tow dolly? I have a Class A and need to tow my car behind it. I don't know if I have to buy a receiver that is closer to the ground, or just have one that goes straight back from the hitch. In other words, what type of a hitch and ball do I need to tow a Uhaul tow dolly on the back of a Class A motor home?

  15. I'd rather pay the $300 and have it professionally moved. This is a lot of time and money and it's also more risky and difficult.

  16. Can I tow a 1990 ford taurus sho with a 2001 dodge ram cummins 2500 4×4 long bed quadcab using the tow dolly?

  17. Can this be done on a real wheel drive vehicle? And if not can the real wheels be latched on the dolly backwards?

  18. Good thing he says to leave the hand brake off. On the video,, his is up and on. I guess do as I say,,not as i do…

  19. And no mention of what gear to put the towed vehicle or whether to disconnect the driveshaft. Thumbs down.

  20. I have a motorhome and tow my prius with a dolly that I own. I have hassled with securing the steering wheel for a couple years. The method using the seat belt in this video is GENIUS!!! Awesome…Thanks

  21. Um, twisting a chain is a terrible idea, if that chain were to be needed and put under stress or tension from the car it would not end well. Twisting any chain under tension is a big no no.

  22. I saw on your website that a 1999 Ford F-150 Regular Cab is ok but the Super Cab is not recommended. Was wondering how I can find out for sure on this.

  23. If you were wondering, do NOT use this with a 4wd or awd vehicle, All 4 wheels must be off the ground or you will destroy your transmittion

  24. I really dont see the point in using a car dolly for a running car why not just drive it and how are you supposed to load a non running car?

  25. Too bad Uhaul has a history of not maintaining these tow dollies properly. See more at

  26. Worst customer service ever, calls two days before I have to move to tell me they don't have any trucks, then blames me the customer for their mistake. Called head office and same thing. Don't use this company they don't deserve our business.

  27. If you rent a U-Haul truck or U-Haul trailer of any kind or use the name U-Haul in form of way the Cartels and Mob will kill you no questions asked.

  28. Can the car that is being towed, have stuff (like boxes-if you’re moving) in it? Is there a certain weight limit?

  29. how would you get a car that won't go on its own onto the dolly? My FWD car's clutch is shot and it won't even move unless it's pushed or pulled. It would save me a tremendous amount of money if I could just put it on a dolly and tow it up there myself.

  30. I caught stitches right beside my left eye and lost conscious thanks to a guy who came to buy my wife car. I was pushing her xar up the large uhaul trailer for cars and o was unfortunately pushing with the driver door open and they both were pushing from rear of vehicle. Well long story short as I pushed the Pontiac Bonneville mostly by myself they forgot to pull the lever and let put the dam fender flares so the door i was pushing up slammed directly into my head after I pushed it into the uhaul fender that should have been out. I bleed everywhere and then he realized about pulling the dam fender flare out. I regret it daily after I see my small mark and how close it was to my wyd and temple. It removed part of my eyebrow. Glad I'm ok will a lump and some slight pain daily

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