How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

(Marty) In this episode of MightyCarMods, we’re gonna show you how to put a fire extinguisher in your car. (Intro) (Moog) Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now, no-one likes to be on fire, -do they, Martin?
-No. Either a ring of fire downstairs, or a ring of fire around their car. -Or, “This Girl is On Fire.”
-Exa-what? -You know, that song?
-No. Or, is it “This Man: My Undies are on Fire.” I think it’s “My Undies are on Fire.” OK, good. There’s treatment for that. But, with an impending battle between our mad JDM rides, Uh, we thought it would be prudent to install some Fire Extinguishers in our cars. So, today, we’re gonna teach you how to do it: step-by-step. Step 1: is go and get yourself a Fire Extinguisher. -(music)
-“There’s many different types of Fire Extinguishers,” “and you need one that’s made for cars.” -Fire Extinguishers?
-(store attendant) Yeah, oh, downstairs, -Downstairs?
-to your left. -Thanks.
-Uh, just before, Do you have the metal ones as well as the plastic ones? Like, the car ones with a metal bracket? -Oh, yeah.
-Thanks, man. -Oh, it’s so weird. I can hear my voice on your TV.
-(Laughs) And I can hear my voice coming out of my own face. -(Laughs)
-(On TV) It’s gonna bloom and look… It’s the original Gramps! Yeah, that’s what we need. Thanks man. Unreal. Rad, thanks man. So, we’ve picked up our Fire Extinguisher. And, remember: when you go and buy one, you wanna get something that actually locks down. Now, this one here, has a metal bracket around there, it’s made for cars. This one here complies with CAMS: which is, kinda like, the Australian Motoring, um, racing body thing, that makes sure people do the things they’re meant to. What’s the difference between these and ones you have in your house? Actually, I’ll show you: come this way. So, over here in our shed: this is like, the worst kind that you would want in your car. So, see this? Like that. Really easy to grab. It’s on a big rubber flappy thing. Just like the thing Marty took to New Zealand. (yelps) This is great for your house, because you can just grab it like this: no good for your car. Because, under cornering or acceleration, -(snap!)
-That’s just gonna fall out. I just broke it. There we go. Uh: is that? Oops! Alright. And: the next version that you get is something like this, that we have near our work area. -So this one here is in a metal bracket.
-(Bracket clicks) Again, it’s-it’s like, fairly sturdy. But, again, is not specifically made for cars. You want something that is actually going to latch down. This is 1kg. Argh – I just cut myself so bad! Paper-cut under the fingernail! -(Marty groans)
-Oh that’s the worst! -Oh, that’s bad!
-Argh! -They sting, man.
-Oh, wow! Let’s get some Ethanol: that’ll fix it. Um… So, these ones here we’re gonna mount today are actually under a quick-release, metal bracket: like that. And then: you pull out, like that. So: -(metal clicks)
-(thud) let’s install them in a car. Marty is gonna show you what tools you’re gonna need. So, these are the tools you’re gonna need: you’re gonna need a tape measure and a marker, in order to mark your bit of steel plate. You can use aluminium too if you want to, or any other material you see fit. You’re gonna need: something to undo the bolts on your seat. You’re gonna need some nuts and bolts to attach everything, some drill bits, a hack-saw, or a grinder. Uh, you’re gonna need a drill and associated drill bits. You’re also gonna need some safety equipment. And, importantly, your Fire Extinguisher. And: to make things easier for yourself: whenever you’re making stuff for your car, it’s a good idea to get yourself a bench vice: it makes everything heaps easier. -(‘Transformer’ – Moog)
-“Measure the distance between your seating rails,” “and then transfer these measurements onto some metal bar.” “You can cut it with a hack-saw. Or, to save some time, you can smash it with an angle grinder.” “Once that’s cut, you’re gonna drill a hole in one end.” “Remember to check that the bolts in your seat rails have enough thread” “to hold everything together securely.” “If they don’t, replace them with proper quality bolts of the same rating.” So, I’ve drilled one hole in our bit of metal. Now, I’m just gonna test-fit it on here. Every car is a little bit different. There’s a couple of things you want to keep in mind: One: you wanna make sure the Fire Extinguisher doesn’t get in the way of the thing sliding back and forth. Even though you think you might leave it all the way back the whole time, you never really know and you also don’t want to compromise the way the seat works. So: in this car, I’m gonna have to bend it, just to go over the hump of the floorpan, it shouldn’t get in the way of the seat. But, I’m just gonna have to experiment with that a little bit and, just sort of, bend it out of the way: which is really easy in a vice. With a vice and a hammer. This is just to support the Fire Extinguisher, which is not that heavy. So, you don’t have to drill into your car. “You can use some Multi-Grips and a vice to add any bends to make your bar fit perfectly.” ‘Tell me we are free,’ So, I have test-fitted this to the car. I’ve bent it up by putting it in the vice and grabbing some Multi-Grips, and twisting it. This stuff’s quite thin and, so, it’s fairly easy to do: but, it’s strong enough to hold the Extinguisher onto. Also, test-fit that to the car to make sure it’s gonna work. But, that is pretty much what you are looking at. So: that that bolts up against the seat. And then the Extinguisher hangs off the front of it. Bolt it: nice and tight. And when you need to grab it, you just flick that off, and pull the Extinguisher out. So, I’m gonna drill the second hole, now that I’ve marked here. Check that it’s bent the right way, test-fit it, make sure the seat slides, and, then, bolt it to the little bracket, and it’s done. -You know what I like about that, Martin?
-What’s that? You don’t have to drill holes in your mad Saab. You do not have to drill – are you gonna drill holes in your mad Saab? -I’m going to, yes.
-Oh, mad! Um, but, um, I like that, because, that’s like, removable. -It is.
-Put it in, put it out. You don’t have to cut carpet. You don’t have to do anything messy at all. That thing is really cool. I’ve had a couple of these in all the Liberties that I’ve had and because Subaru always has the same spacing on the seats, you just take it with you. So, you build it once and put it in all your different cars. -That’s cool.
-Mm. Which, for people with EVOs, (laughs) -makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it, Martin?
-That’s not an EVO, mate. When you go from this to another EVO, you can just take it with you. How good are EVOs? -Neither of us would know.
-(music) “Now, drill a hole in the other end.” Alright, so, that is done and bent to shape. Now, I just need to test-fit it, and make sure it fits on. The other thing you want to do is, make sure that the bolts that go through: or, in our case, the nuts: you don’t wanna take up too much thread, just: this is only a couple of mm thick, so, it won’t make much difference. And it fits on. “Now that your bar is made, you can measure up the holes to attach the bracket.” Now, if you’ve never made anything for your car from scratch before, this is one of the kinda easiest and funnest things you can do. You don’t need many tools to do it. And, you: for a lot of track days, you actually have to have a Fire Extinguisher. Um, we’ve done this on the side of the track a few times and we’ve rolled up and they’ve said: “Oh, by the way: you need one.” So, it can be done with fairly simple tools. So, all there’s left to do now is drill this in so we can attach the bracket, attach this to the car, and paint it up to make it look nice. -And it’s done.
-That is the definition of just a mad, cheap, easy, -weekend project, Martin, isn’t it?
-And it’s: it’s safety too. You know: like, Actually, probably one of the best uses: even if: hopefully, YOU never need it, but, I mean: a friend of mine was just driving into the city once and the woman in front of him: her car just caught on fire. -Yeah.
-And he just grabbed his Fire Extinguisher out of there, and he put the car out. And then the cops and everyone came and went “Oh, yeah. Cool. Thanks for that.” Went on his way and bought another $20 Fire Extinguisher and probably saved her car, -potentially, lives!
-(‘Forced Induction’ – Moog) “Next up, drill two holes for the bracket and then bolt it up.” “Trim off the end of the bolts and round off any sharp edges.” “And then, the whole thing is ready to get attached inside the car.” You’re at the track: you’re pulling mad: “Waaa, stutututu, waaa, stutututu, waaa, stutututututututu”. Next minute, your Bluetooth dildo catches on fire. What do you do? You’re in the driver’s seat: you’re belted in. You need to be able to just lean down, reach for it, unlatch your Fire Extinguisher, grab it, pull it out, and then go “pshhhhhhhhhhhh”, and put out your mad fire. Well, your fire’s not mad, is it? Really? Is it mad? The Fire Extinguisher’s mad. And that is: ONE way of putting in a Fire Extinguisher, Martin. That is one way. -(music)
-“And, now, we’re going to show you another way on my modified Saab 900 Turbo.” Some people have them here, some people have them here, some people have them there. Um, I’m gonna put mine down here. But, I’m going to install it in a slightly different way, using a rivnut, which is this mad little thing, and I’ll show you how it works. So, this is a rivet-nut gun. And, it sounds rude, but what it does is: it works just like a normal rivet gun, except, it actually puts thread through. Which means that you can drill a hole in some part of your car. You don’t need to get to the other side. And, it will squash the sheath around like that. Which means, if you need to attach a bolt to something, you can put that in, squeeze it, it locks it in, and then, you can bolt into it, WITHOUT having to get to the other side. I’ll give you a demo and show you how it works. So that, is now locked in there. That is an M6 bolt: it is not going anywhere. And if that was in a part of your car where you couldn’t access the other side, now you can get a bolt, and put that in there. Like that. That: is freaking mad. -(music)
-“Place your bracket in position and mark out” “where to drill your holes. Once this is done, you can cut out some of the underlay, which will help your bit” “from getting covered in hair and fur once your reaming it on the floor of your festy Saab.” Larger bit. This is 9mm. And that is the size we need for an M6, -uh, nut, from our rivet gun.
-(new message chime) “Drill two holes, carefully checking that you’re not going to go through anything important under the car.” “Then, grab your rivet nut and smash two of them into the holes, making sure they are properly crushed.” “Then, simply attach your bracket and make sure that your seat can still move” “and, you, my friends, are all done with your mad Fire Extinguisher install.” So, there it is. That is how to put a Fire Extinguisher in your car for maximum safety. And it’s a mad, simple, weekend project. In terms of when it comes to racetracks, different places, different countries, different racetracks have their own legislations and their own rules, so check with those guys first! That’s right. And Fire Extinguishers are not just “set and forget.” These is maintenance too, so, you can check on the box and see: how often you need to get it tested or shake it up or whatever it is -that you gotta do.
-And, the thing is, they’re so cheap. Like, they’re literally like $20, so: it is something that you know: you can replace, if you do need to use it, you’ve already got the bracket: everything is there. That is it. Now, Martin: speaking of fire, (you wot?) -my mouth’s on fire, my friend.
-Why? -These things are ridiculous.
-Oh. My chilli corn nuts? -Oh, so much chilli!
-You’re munching on my chilli corn nuts, man? -Chilli corn nuts. -Look at the chilli-ness.
-How good are they? -Ah.
-That’s mad. Of course: um, Keep your eyeballs on our Faceballs: And, yes: we ship worldwide with MightyCarMods merchandise. T-Shirts. Stickers. Mad stuff. -There you go.
-We don’t even need to talk about what we’re gonna eat: -I’m just gonna munch chilli corn nuts all day.
-Oh, they’re soo good man. -They’re amazing.
-Last nuts I was munching on was super hairy. (Outro)

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