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  1. I notice the gear shift is in neutral (to get lever out of way of dash panels & radio) and keys are in ignition. I bring this up because with my car if I put in neutral or low gear and then try to turn key to "lock" position, it will not go all the way there. Also my key will not come out of slot. Is this the way you had to leave things for this install? Is it safe to remove negative cable of battery with car in this kind of "limbo" position? Thanks

  2. An interesting video and good advice. This link also offers useful and useful videos:

  3. Have a question. I have an aftermarket stereo. It's a 2003 GMC Sonoma 2.2l. Now I do not have OnStar. I didn't do the install. However the door chime doesn't come thru the interface box that was installed. The chime comes from in the dash. I pulled the radio because I have to manually power on and off. Now the red wire on the interface box is not connected. Red usually indicates power wire. So with it not being connected. My brain says this box is not needed? Can u answer this question? Thank you

  4. What should I do if the previous owner of my celica installed an aftermarket stereo single din cage and did not include the factory side mounts? I am trying to install a double din into my vehicle.

  5. First time attempting to replace a factory stereo. This is the only video I found with a very easy to follow step by step and an online store that is easily navigable.

  6. Fantastic excellent demonstration very clear instruction I think I can tackle this now thank you so much

  7. Nice tutorial… can u do the tutorial without harness… for old car model @ classic car.. coz classic car didnt have factory harness.. n must do manual connecting sir… pliz..

  8. Good video, and some navigation product is so cheap now, I know one factory based navigation, cheap and reliable. www.ewaying.com

  9. Electricity runs from the negative wire which is your ground…for example the cause for a dimmed headlight is a loose negative ground wire not a positive wire.

  10. Loved that its a celica that your doing the install on never find videos of them. Going to be doing same install tommorow on same car

  11. VETOMILE Car Radio Media Player 7inch Double DIN Touch Screen Bluetooth Car Stereo Mp5 Player with GPS Navigation, Rear-view Camera AUX/USB/SD/BT/RDS/FM Audio


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  12. I just want to be 100% sure, but my car 95 (ford mustang) has a single din aftermarket stereo already. Now I want to go to double din, would i have to replace ANY interior parts or does the single din carriage swap out universally with the double din?

  13. How can you tell the power connectors? Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Orange-white, Blue-white wire leads. Separate sockets. Speaker sockets is the other one.

  14. I am only interested in the audio and electrical part of the system. Do you have to tear apart the whole car with the seating and the carpets under the seating to work on the cables for the speakers? Obviously you have to re-carpet the car floors. How much does it cost you to re-carpet the floor, after you needed to cut it up to get to the speaker cables?

  15. Yep. I saw it. They only used one side bracket. Sort of like ruin the look. Two side brackets to the iso din didn't fit. Wow. Custom made interior.

  16. What would be the beat double din aftermarket radio for 07 Buick lucerne?…needs usb/aux as well

  17. My cars OEM mounting brackets don't line up with the holes on my new unit.. Have you ever experienced something like that?

  18. I want to do Floorings for my Home but Stereos for my Car would be a nice Touch since I still have an Old Stupid Radio that's not that Attractive

    I also wanna Replace the whole Interior or whatever

  19. Here's something weird- not sure if it's it's my new Kenwood with the problem or not. After having the Kenwood 2 din installed for several mos, I then installed LED brake lights in my car on the left & right sides. After a while, I noticed my radio receptions was sometimes not as good as other times. THEN, I installed a LED in the 3rd brake light in the back window (the radio antenna is built into the rear window). Now, everytime I hit my brakes, I lose all radio reception. I never heard of this happening before and don't know what to do about it. Any insight to this mystery is appreciated.

  20. If I replace the radio and all speakers do I have to run any extra equipment or will it just be “plug and play” after it is all wired up?

  21. How hot is okay for a stereo.
    I have connected plenty in the past never had a problem but this kenwood unit gets fairly warm I can keep my hand on it but it's like hot shower warm, If I disconnect one rear speaker it runs cooler but with both connected it heats up again. It's a old kdc226 with new wire and new 70 watt rms 6x9s and 2 50 watts in the front. Can't find anything except old earth but the stereo never cuts out so I'm thinking that is good enough. Put a new cheap sony head unit in and it overheated until it wouldn't run could it be speakers trying to draw to much power?

  22. For instant personal help by phone with your installation click the link below:

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  23. Only video that made me want to to install my stereo and I did and it worked 💯 thanks bro best video out here. – 2005 350z

  24. I've been wanting to learn about car stereo installation but thought it was to complicated. All the wires frightened me. This video explains it all. Thanks bro for the helpful info. I love Youtube. I learn something every day.

  25. This is actually straight forward. Anyone can do this. I took my car to a local stereo company for a new head unit with apple car play, etc and they want $900 including the installation. Screw that!

  26. Well, heck, I guess pouring a concrete driveway isn't too difficult either, but do I want to go through the hassle ? In this case, do I want to rip everything open inside my vehicle just to upgrade the infernal radio system ? I'll just stick with my cheapo blue tooth speakers. They get the job done

  27. Hello thank i just returned one of I bought for Best Buy.I will buy one for sonic more cheaper and with the wires

  28. So i have a 97 silverado extended cab, i just put new speakers all around and a new stereo and when i turn the volume up to 30 it clips/distorts the music but anything under it sounds good. Anyone got an idea on what it might be. I dont have the bass set to the speakers sense i have a subwoofer installed.

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