How To Inspect A Used Car Before Buying

Hi there! It’s Jide Esho here again! So I don’t know which is the harder one
to do, finding Mr or Mrs Right or finding the Right Car to buy. With the amount of beautiful people we have
in Nigeria I guess we can all conclude finding the right car to buy is the hardest one to
do. So we are here to provide you with a helpful
guide to know what to inspect before you go ahead to make the purchase. So the easy way is to just get a mechanic
that will follow you to go and inspect the car but with the number of instances we hear
of roadside mechanics conniving with the seller to say the car is a good buy just goes to
show that if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself. So this video is only here to help you know
what to inspect before you go ahead and purchased the used car that you want to buy. I guess it is also impossible to find a used
car that does not have any of the problems and defects that we are going to point out
in this video. The information in this video is to only help
evaluate which of the problems you can deal with and to put you in a better position to
bargain for a better price. So to kick things off, you know you need to
go to to find for your preferred car. After you do find your preferred car, all
you have to do is contact the seller. Choose a convenient time and place for the
transaction to go down. Jiji always advise that you choose a public
place so the transaction can go on safe and secure. So when you meet up with the seller, show
you have good home training by greeting, probably have a warm embrace, engage in some small
talk, put your game face on and get down to business. The first step is to Physically Inspect The
Body Of The Car. Go around the car to inspect how neat and
presentable it is. If the seller says this is the first body
of the car, you can confirm this by feeling your hands around the painting to check for
waviness. If it is rough or wavy,
this show that some paintwork had been done and it isn’t the first body. Also check the tires of the car to be sure
they are in good condition. Be on the look out for worn out tires and
be sure to check for bad alignment. It’s easy to confirm if the car has a bad
alignment by checking the inner areas of the tire. If the inner area is much more worn out than
the outer area, it means the car has a bad alignment. Next thing you can check is the saddle which
is what connects the front fenders and holds the top of the radiator. Look to see if it was been welded or bolted
in and if this is the case, it means the car must have been involved in an accident. This is a huge red flag. You can then go to the back of the car to
inspect the exhaust system. Use your fingers to feel the inside of the
exhaust pipe. If your fingers come out with a lot of black
soot, this would mean the exhaust is leaking and the engine also has a problem. This too is a major red flag. Incase you should see this my brothers my
sisters, carry your slippers and run away. You can also check the boot for the availability
of the following: Fire extinguisher
Spare tire C caution
Wheel spinner Jack The next phase is to Open Up The Bonnet For
An Inspection. Check to confirm there are no cracks, cuts
or leakages on the pipes and belts. Make it a point to also check if the radiator
hose is soft. If it is soft, then the radiator hose probably
has an issue and needs a change. Examine the engine and pay attention to the
engine block by looking for any dark brown oil stains. Dark brown stains means there probably is
a leak in the gasket which could cost you a lot of money during repairs in the future. You might want to also take a look at the
brake fluid and reservoir to ensure they are not leaking. Your next move would be to pull out the oil
gauge to check what color the oil is. Ideally it should be pinkish or red. If it turns out to be black or has traces
of smudge, these are strong indications that the engine is old and is getting ready to
pack up. After you are done inspecting the engine,
Check The Inside Of The Car. Enter into the car and check the seats for
any tears, rips, stains, or other forms of damage. Turn on the car and put on the air conditioning
to confirm if it is still in great working condition. You can then also check the odometer of the
car to confirm the mileage. This will show you how much work the engine
has done over the years. However a car with a high mileage that has
been probably taken care of and serviced when due should not deter you. Your next task would be to check if all the
lights and other functions of the car are working properly. This includes the front, rear and brake lights,
radio, CD player, AUX and more. Also try turning the steering to the left
and right to see how smooth this is. If the steering wheel proves difficult to
move, then the power steering rack probably has a fault. Now it’s time for you to Take The Car For
A Spin. Turn off the radio, drive out and maintain
a steady speed. Test the brake by pressing it all the way
down. You should not feel any vibration from the
brake pedal, or hear any squealing or strange noises and the car should not swerve. If it does, it means the brake or brake pad
might need to be replaced. Try to enter a few gallops and potholes on
the road to confirm if the shock absorbers are in top shape. If you find yourself subjected to feeling
every single vibration along the way then the shocks must be bad and would require a
change. You could then try moving at a steady speed
and increasing your tempo. While doing this you are to take note of how
effortlessly the car switches gears. Ideally the tachometer, should reach 3 before
a gear change. If it exceeds 3 and stays too long on 3 then
the gear is not in great order. After inspecting all aspects of the car and you are
satisfied with your findings, you could then provide an offer bearing in mind how much
you need to use to make repairs. After agreeing on a price, you then go ahead
to confirm if all papers are intact, agree on a day to carry out a change of ownership,
make payment and you can zoom off with a car that will not give you surprises. If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe
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