74 thoughts on “How to Inflate Car Tires

  1. well until goodyear and nasa decide to get their collective fucking acts together and develop me a personally engraved airless fucking tyre for my car then shut the fuck up about it

  2. Not the smartest idea to use your finger to let the air out. If you have any kind of cut under your nail the air pressure can force air bubbles into your bloodstream and possibly KILL YOU..

  3. I've always found that the gas station will turn the air on free as long as you purchase gas first. Tell the attendant when you pay for the gas that you'd like to use the air as well. save yourself a buck…

  4. Great video! Explains clearly, good answers to "why" questions, and great use of images. Many videos don't focus on the specific visual that is most useful. This was very well done! Thanks you for uploading!

  5. i always heard go by the pressure reading on the actual tire, not the car door, they are often different, and usually the tires will hold more air than it says on the door.

  6. This is completely untrue. The amount of air required to die from air embolism is thousands to millions of times greater than the amount of air that gets trapped in blood when exposed to a high-pressure jet of air. Surgery often leaves tiny amounts of air in a person's bloodstream, which gets filtered out by the body, yet people go into surgery every day with no problem.

  7. Thank you for this video! Women like me need all the help we can get when it comes to driving. In fact, we probably should stay off the roads and in the kitchen, just to be safe!

  8. I don't have that thing u showed to check. Can i just put air in the tires😧😤😫😣😧😖😦😞😬😩😳🤔🤔🙄

  9. What the he'll all air pumps at the petrol stations in the UK have a digital screen you just set the psi and it automatically shuts of when it reaches selected pressure. We had had this style of pump for the last 30 years. This video seems alot of messing.

  10. In India, we have people in gas stations with advanced air filling machines (even nitrogen) who inflate the tires for us, FOR FREE! You can tip them if you want but they don't take it.
    The world should learn from India how to provide a service.

  11. Step 2,, read the max pres off the TIRE NOT the door sticker.And always inflate your tires to ATLEAST this pres for best resulz. Or wait, was it min 50 lb psi divided by the amount of tires on your car.

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