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How To Improve Your Sales Process

How To Improve Your Sales Process

Welcome back. Today, we’re going to talk
more about sales process. You’ve built your sales process. You’ve been using it
for a while. But how do you take it to the next level?
What’s next? That’s what we’re going to discuss on today’s episode. So, you have a sales process. It seems to
be working. And for a while, it’s working really well. But then something changes.
Something shifts. And you’re just not getting the results you used to. It can
be really frustrating. I know I’ve been there. I call it the Sales Log. It can
just suck. I mean there are days when you think, “I thought I was good at this. I
thought I actually knew how to sell my business. I’ve been practicing. I’ve
gotten results. And all of a sudden I’m getting nothing.”
There can be extenuating circumstances. Some things are out of your control. My
advice to you is to stay focused. Persevere. You can only focus on the
things that are in your control. I have a few tips on how to constantly improve
your sales process because one thing’s for certain, if you’re not changing, if
you are not evolving, if you’re not becoming better day by day by day, you’re
going to get outpaced by your competitors. My best advice on this topic is to be
curious. Someone recently asked me if I could go back to my 22 year old self who
is just graduating college and give them the best advice I could possibly give
with only 2 words what would it be? Think about that for a minute? What would
it be for you? What would you go tell your 22 year old
self? I thought about it for a couple of days. And my best advice that I wish I
had or had listened to when I was 22 is be curious. I think those 2 words are
so powerful no matter how you use them. On this particular topic, I want you to
be curious about what’s working and what’s not as it relates to your sales
process. Does something need to change? Is there a timeline that’s off? Are
expectations too high for yourself? Are they too low? What are your customers
reacting to? What are the customers who left saying? What are the prospects saying
by their actions? Are people stuck on one particular part of your process and just
not moving forward but not moving back either? Is there one particular pushback?
These are all questions that I need you to seriously consider. Because any one of
them could be game changers for your business. I like to think about it like
cracking the code. What’s the code for my prospective clients? I want their
business. I know I can help them. I believe in what I’m doing with my entire
heart. How can I help take them on this journey with me? The next thing that’s
very helpful as you think about improving your sales process is
listening to your customers. It’s so easy as a business owner to get so focused on
the day-to-day. So focused on delivering on the promises you made and busy in the
grind in what I like to call the weeds to forget to ask your customers what
makes them happy. Why are they thrilled? They came to work with you. Why are
people leaving if people have left? Why aren’t people coming back as a return
customer? Send out a questionnaire. If you have a social media following, it
couldn’t be easier to do this. Go to your stories, ask a question, wait for the
responses to come in. Literally ask your customers. They’ll tell you. People want
to be heard. They want to share their opinion. People think so highly of
themselves, it’s ridiculous. I mean, I think I have a great perspective and I
know you think your perspective is awesome. Just give them the stage to talk
about themselves. You can’t ask too many questions. Well, I
mean, maybe if you’re on your first day and you’re just peppering away at
questions, it could get annoying. But you know how to hold yourself in a
conversation. You know when your audience has had enough and they don’t want more
questions. Ask good questions. ask meaningful questions that show you
really care. This last one was a big one for me. I’ve always been so goal-oriented.
And when I set goals for myself, I typically look at what average is and I
double it. Say an average sales person makes $100,000 in commission. My goal is
to say an average sales person closes a deal in 6 months.
My goal is 3. See how I’m doing this? That’s what I do to myself. Like I
actually ended up in therapy because of this. So, if you know that you’re a person
who’s always forcing the most ridiculous results on yourself, chill.
Give yourself some grace. It will actually improve your sales process if
you are more realistic. Maybe you are amazing. Maybe you can do twice as much
in half the time. Go you. That’s amazing. But don’t force yourself to. Be realistic
with your sales process. Your clients will thank you for it because when you
are putting pressure on yourself, you’re relaying that energy out to your
customers. And nobody likes to feel pressured. As you are thinking about your
sales process, always think about 2 things. How can you serve your customers?
And how can you solve their problems? At the end of the day, if you check those
2 boxes, you’re doing okay. Thanks for being here today. Now, that you’ve learned
how to improve your sales process, take to the next level by grabbing my custom
sales blueprint from the link below. And we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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