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How to Get the Dealership to Fix Your Car for Free

How to Get the Dealership to Fix Your Car for Free

rev up your engines
from my experience of any poorly built cars when people buy them and then they
find a problem then they take it back to the dealership ninety percent of the
time the dealership either doesn’t fix it or they say well there’s no problem
they’re all like that, you ever run into that you buy a car yourself here’s
what I tell people to do because I’ve had my customers do it I told them and they
said gee thanks Scotty it really worked out good, you buy a new car and it’s got
a problem and they say oh no they’re all like that go to another dealer road test
one bring your camcorder or your phone and use that and if it doesn’t make that
kind of noise or doesn’t shift weird like that one say I just road test and
one there it doesn’t do it that’s BS fix use your head when it comes to dealing
with these guys cuz they lie all the time but if you use your head
and you show them hey this car doesn’t do it it’s the same car as the one I
bought how come mine is and if it’s under warranty
they’ll have to fix it if you’ve got proof like that, John says I’ve been
taking about getting a cheap 2007 Subaru Outback as a second car for two thousand
dollars alright two thousand dollars isn’t that much for car it’s a 13 year
old Subaru they’ve had head gasket problems they have automatic transmission
problems but that’s not much money if you like the vehicle before you buy find
a guy like me a pro mechanic take it to him I charge 100 bucks when I check them
out I would do block leak test with my machines that gaskets leaking I said
I’ll buy a road tested feel the transmission and I would put my fancy $5,000 scan tool
and go through the transmission to see if it’s got any problems and if it didn’t I
said go ahead and buy but don’t buy it and just drive it around without a
mechanic checking it out because they can be money but they can
okay I had customers buy them like that and if I check that out sometimes they
can drive in 3 4 years not to have a fortune sent on them too, but you gotta get
checked out first dm 17 says what’s the best use
convertible I was looking at a Porsche Boxster things are endless money pits
i customer buy one and headlight stopped working and it was bad enough that the
stupid headlight switch was like $395 but I got out my computer I’m looking at
right now and I used all data which is fantastic information for fixing cars
you ever want to get information use all data you can
DIY stuff for like 30 bucks here which is dirt cheap mine cost thousands cuz it
doesn’t mom I’m a professional mechanic but so I looked it up I added up what
all including had lights in the computer that runs the headlights and all the
relays and switches and everything and if you had to replace the whole just
headlight system and that stupid Boxster it was gonna be like five or six
thousand dollars from me during this money but stay away you want a nice cute
low convertible get a Mazda Miata there’s zillions of them they’re cheap
they’re not race cars the problem is if you get any kind of a race car
convertible they generally have the heck beat out of them or they’re just bad like
the Boxster from the get-go and unless you buy one new what can last years and
not fall apart but you buy one for I don’t know $70,000
and sell it when it’s five years old you’ll get like fifteen or twenty sir
you lost fifty fifty five thousand dollars do you really wanna do that you
get a nice used Mazda Miata for four or five grand if you look around
220 says I’m 17 about to buy my first used car what do you think about a2012
Honda Civic lx, those are great
vehicles make sure that you know it doesn’t have any problems a mechanic
like me to check it out before you buy it but that can be a very good choice
are you 17 if you know how to drive a standard I knew how to drive standard then
because I started driving I was 14 working my
father’s gas station driving around in and out of the bays and around the
parking lot and stuff if you can drive a standard get a standard they’re
much better than the automatics but if you can’t the automatics can
still last you just don’t want to drive like a maniac because you can burn them
out I had a customer had one any burners out but the standard ones they’re a lot
stronger, benny-boy Kent says my car steering wheel starts shaking around 55
miles an hour any causes I had the first thing just put the front tires in the
back in the back of the front if it goes away it means that the front tires are
out of balance and a lot of times it doesn’t shake cause you put them in the
back you can just leave them there I do that all the time I’m cheap but if you
were fanatic then you could get the rear tires balanced now if it’s not the tire
balance you can have a worn tie rod ball-joint you want to jack it up pull
see if you got any wobble and I play or this is a rarity but it can happen if
everything else is okay nothing’s worn the tires are fine they’re bounced okay
it could be it’s out of that’s a rarity but every once in a
while I get a customer with a car like that I send it down the street to cotton
brothers that are my front end guys and they say Scotty all right it was out of
alignment we aligned it and then it shaking one away but that’s the last
thing to do because normally it’s just the tires are out of balance or if you
see them they’re all worn out by new tires cuz worn-out tires are gonna make
it shake to, Maillol one two three hey Scotty what causes alternators
to go bad if they’re just cheap junk you buy cheap junk rebuilt one made in
Mexico they just are made bad and they wear out too fast but the normal ones
you got a good one brand-new factory one on your car eventually they wear out
because they spin and they are bearings on the front in the back and the
bearings eventually will wear out and it’ll start rattling and making noise
then you gotta replace them but from my experience the way that they generally
wear out the worst is by poor battery maintenance because if you’ve got a weak
battery say it’s all faded inside we mechanics have machines to check for
that but you keep driving the car cuz it does start then the battery is gonna be
keep charging it too much it’s an alternator will charge the
battery too much and you’ll have problems with an overcharging and it
will eventually burn the alternator out because the alternator has to work too
hard that’s I tell people every year two or three years you know mechanic like me
see from our machines on it give us the percentage of wear and we can say well
yeah I only got 20% you might as well change it or if we say I got sixty five
percent you can wait quite some time before it goes out on you but you’ll
want to check because when it gets lower the alternator is to work harder and it
will burn out faster that batteries are a lot cheaper than alternators too,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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  2. The standard trans antitheft thing is real. Buddy of mine came up on a bunch of guys in the parking lot where his 80s Stang was, who were looking at his vehicle, and one said; "Nahh, not this one; it's a stick."
    I have multiple security devices on my Si, but always suspect the biggest deterrent is it being standard.

  3. Wife didn't want it saw a like new Chrysler Sebring conv 1000$ needed trans .but drove (hard shift) used trans 300$ similar labor that's what I'd do.we bought a Voyager 2002 4cyl 84kmiles 1800$ like new condition. Have 66ttbird cvt.not running.

  4. Hey Scotty, how bad is it for the scent of gasoline coming from the oil stick? What does it mean? Lexus ES 350 2007

  5. Call the head office of the manufacturer in your country, and ask for customer relations. Rat out the dealership that's denying your warranty repair.

  6. Exactly right Scotty! I had bought a new Accord in 2014 and found that the passenger seat would make clicking noises when no one was on it and I was driving alone. The seat had some play and you could move it slightly if you grabbed it. The dealer tried telling me that was normal so I spoke with the manager and told them to bring another Accord from the lot and put it side by side to compare, if it was the same I would accept it and walk away. They brought the other Accord and sure enough it didn't have the problem so they fixed it. So yeah dealers will try say things are normal but you have to push back to get them to fix it.

  7. 4:04 "but if you're a FANATIC, you can get the rear tires balanced" haha ur too funny Scotty! 😂👍🏻

  8. Scotty: For steering wheel shake: Dont overlook- on older 10yr+ cars, especially around that mark- bent hubs! One too many wheel bearing replacements without changing the hubs, they could easily be bent .005"-.015" or more, you wont see anything wrong with the front end until you put a dial indicator on it and give it a spin! (just happened to me, 07 ford focus-front).
    My clue was brake rubbing every tire rotation.

  9. Hey Scotty, I really enjoy your channel. My father has a Peugeot 208. For some reason it won't display the instantaneous fuel consumption unless you're driving over 30 km/h. Why's that? I checked the owner 's manual and they programmed it that way.

  10. I'll tell you a story about a dealership we traded a car and bought my wife like a two-year-old Kia at a dealership at a Kia dealership they signed us up for what was supposed to be a 20 year 200,000 mile warranty all the paperwork look like it was in tact with the front cover engine cover leak on it which was a simple fix on that car wasn't too bad they denied it they said because we didn't lubricate the door hinges the engine wasn't covered you said you had to do everything in the warranty book for maintenance for the vehicle and have it documented by a reputable service provider with a computer print out sheet with a having on it or they would not warranty it so we gave them a few choice words , i'll take anything to sell your car today it's on freaking believable just like this lifetime transmission you were talking about don't have to change your oil for 10,000 miles no maintenance on my car they'll tell you any kind of BS to sell your vehicle it's ridiculous they should be not allowed to lie to you like that it is the truth they're called Stealerships for a reason

  11. I bought a 1 year old car from a dealership once. They gave me a free year of oil changes. At my first 3000 mile oil change which was 3 months later they told me I needed new breaks transmission flushed power steering flushed….etc. I told them no I just bought the car. You should have done that at dealer used car certification. They said they could because the mileage wasnt meet to do the service. I hit the milage when I bought the car 2900 miles before my oil change. I dont buy cars from that dealer anymore.

  12. scotty! mustang drivers like to race me around town in my new mustang. haha. the other day a 15 or so year-old mustang took a hard right and dumped a quart of gas out on the road. what the heck?

  13. I used to work at a dealership and they're crooks, even the managers. I told the customer in front of my supervisor, that there was paint chips… The supervisor scolded me after the sale was finished. I gsve the customer a paint pen in case. 🙄

  14. Scotty, what are the top four newer automatic transmissions made and we know Toyota will be #1:).  I ask because you say Honda is a good car and they have a CVT transmission but so does Nissan.  What’s up with that?

  15. “My car shakes a little when I get around 55” yeah my truck did that and it did it until I took the parking break off after 7 miles

  16. Scotty: bad batteries still can still start vehicle but will ruin alternator.

    Next Day: battery sales double across the world! 😂

  17. I had that same thing happen where they said my truck was normal. I didn't even go to another dealer. I just told the service manager that we should go pull a couple trucks off the lot and see if they do the same thing. He just took my vehicle in and fixed it after that.

  18. I've taught ten girls and three kids how to drive a manual transmission. Why are people intimidated by it? It's easier than sailing Scotty's sailboat.

  19. Lol, at 6:10 that picture you put up in the background of the car with the front end made of what appeared to be scrap lumber had me in tears. I could barely see the keys when I was trying to type this.

  20. scotty im trying to buy a 1979 chevy Malibu for $2500 as a personal prject of mine it is is fairly good condition any tips or hidden knowlage about the 1979 chevy Malibu? thank you for the videos it has helped me and a lot of friends when it comes to our cars.

  21. Hey Scotty, what do you think about Ford Mustang convertibles? I really want one, but I can't afford a money pit… I'm learning how to work on cars through YouTube, but I don't know much yet.

  22. Scotty im 16 looking for my first car in the houston area what would you recommend and will you take a look at the car for problems budget is 5000

  23. I honestly don't get why people keep asking Scotty what car they should buy we all know the answer will be Toyota, Toyota, Toyota so why bother asking when you already know his answer.

  24. $5000? Maybe new parts from dealer not that much from a wreckers you don’t have to buy a Porsche but don’t buy a miata unless your a hairdresser or want to drop your testosterone levels

  25. Yea, how about you dont come to a dealership just to piss around in our cars? Its pretty annoying. I dont come to your place of work just to waste your time.

  26. You could ask about buying a '32 Packard and this duffus would know someone that bought one "HAHAHAH what a piece of crap that was"

  27. Payed cash for a 2.2 charger. Took it too the mechanic at a dogde dealer. Brand new car had a problem with the distributor. 5 year 50000 mile warranty. Only had like 20000 miles on the car and they would not fix it . Got the car in niles Michigan. Moved to door county Wisconsin. Took it to a dealership in sturgeon bay Wisconsin. And they told me to take it back to where I bought it. And they didn't fix it . That's why I don't buy dogde cars or trucks. There warranty isn't worth a dame I got 96000 thousand miles out of that peace of junk . Had to replace two head gaskets. And it kept blowing head gaskets. So I gave up on trying to fix it . What a peace of junk. That's why I dont buy dogde any more. And my father work for Chrysler for 30 some years . And they don't stand behind there products. And there warranty isn't worth the paper it's wrote on.

  28. Hey Scotty, i have an 03 Chevy Cavalier with 150k miles on it, just recently changed out the passenger side CV axle because it was making a grinding noise every time i turned sharply to the left but now it started making the same noise again maybe a little worse and wheel bearings seem to be in good shape what else might it be?

  29. Scotty, I have a 2013 Mazda CX-5. Within the last few months it has started not turning off when you press the On/Off switch. I’ve researched this. There is a defect in the Park-Sensor switch that’s not recognizing the car had been turned off. There’s an internal dealer memo referencing this, but the dealer is not recognizing that. They said I need to bring it in for a diagnostic test. I am the original owner of this vehicle. It has less than 83K miles. Is there anything I can do to get them to fix this problem?

  30. bullshit batteries are cheaper than alternators. my BMW takes a battery the size of a truck battery and it costs 200 bucks for a good quality one. LOL

  31. 2015 hyundai sonata cruise control wont engage intermittent times fails although car fast enough and proper conditions all met. Others have same issue. Problem is of course they cant reproduce when I bring in. Brought in twice left all day they want to keep for more days of course I cant be without car and no loaner offered.

  32. Excellent video – The 2 worst vehicles I have ever owned: 1. Year 2000 GM Conversion van with 350 cubic inch V8 – The rear end had to be replaced every 5000 miles @ nearly $3000 each time. 2. 2014 Ford Focus – The automatic transmission on this car is pure junk the clutch has been replaced every year @ a cost of $1900 each time – This car has been a financial nightmare

  33. Working as a technician in a dealer I have to say not all technicians are like this. One bad apple doesn't spoil the majority. I normally ask the client to show me how they duplicate the issue if I cannot duplicate the issue. Most techs only run so much warranty diag time and then they're working for free. Most don't want to waste their time when time is money. You know how it is. So normally an hourly diag tech will take over. Not all dealers are like this so It would be wise to try a different dealer.

  34. I just saw a Boxster on a small used lot the other day for $9000. I thought to myself, “There’s nothing more expensive that a cheap Porsche.”

  35. A local dealership by me failed cars for state inspection for things that isn't wrong then come to my shop and we can't see anything wrong that they failed it for. They said a car had a leaking rack n pinion, put it on our lift and no leaks at all

  36. Hey Scotty, I’m 17 looking for my first car. I’m looking at a Scion tC with a 5 speed manual and a little over 100,000 miles on it. Would this be a good pick.

  37. Scotty, explain the 2 flip USB rule. We understand a black hole now, but why must you try to put a USB in, not fit, flip it, not for, then flip again, now it fits. I mean, universally speaking, more misunderstood than gravity and it's affect on space-time.

  38. 2nd comment: take a shot every time he says endless money pit, watch 2 videos, you should be nice and hammered. 🔨

  39. Hi Scotty, Love your videos. I have a question about a 1998 Pontiac Montana with the 3.4L V6 engine. The minivan only has 67K miles on it, I know it's correct as I am the only owner. However, the only problem I had with it started about 6 years ago, a radiator hose busted and the coolant was lost, had the hose and coolant replaced but shortly afterward the car started overheating and losing coolant. Traced the problem to a blown head gasket. Replaced the gasket, refilled the coolant and not long afterward the overheating and coolant loss started again. Another head gasket fixed the problem, but again the problem has resurfaced. Keep in mind, that the radiator, fan motor, thermostat, and water pump have been replaced between the two blown head gaskets. But now the problem has started yet again. Clearly, something isn't being fixed correctly or there is another issue that is the root of the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this problem, short of tossing the car would be appreciated.

  40. I think my pops been watching Scottie. I drove home in a VW Passat and after I got done washing he was like why didn’t you by a Toyota or Honda as he leaned on his Camry parked by his other Camry

  41. Hey can you help me out ? I bought a Toyota Matrix XR 2004 and it have me the o2 sensor because the wire is broken but it also gave me idle sensor code and cylinder 1 miss fire ? Do you think is that because the o2 sensor cable is broken ?

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