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How To Get Rid Of Ash, Tree Sap and Bird Droppings! – Chemical Guys

How To Get Rid Of Ash, Tree Sap and Bird Droppings! – Chemical Guys

Good morning and welcome to another episode
of Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today, we are going to be answering one your
common questions and that is how to remove tree sap. Now, the owner of this black Mazda has brought
us his vehicle today because he lives in an apartment and he doesn’t have access to a
hose or running water for that matter, and he also doesn’t have time to polish his car. It sits under a tree so its got bird droppings,
it’s got this sticky residue from fall out as well as the tree sap which can stain and
etch the paint. So, we are going to show you how to remove
it as easily as possible. It’s a black car, so we are going to be showing
off some black light auto wash. This is a great way how to enhance the shine
of your vehicle also adds a little bit more gloss so it pairs well with your Black Light
Glaze and your favorite wax. To get started, we are going to use the two
bucket method because no matter what detailing process you are using, this is reducing the
chances of you scratching your vehicle. We are also going to be using our Foam Blaster
6. Now, this is one of the basic ways to add
a fine layer of suds – a nice little layer of foam which adds lubrication to prevent
scratches and swirls being installed on your vehicle as you’re washing. Also, it’s a lot easier and a lot more fun
than doing the traditional bucket wash. What we’ll do is insert the Dirt Traps, which,
if you’re new to the channel or haven’t seen these before, what these do is they filter
our abrasive particles. You just place them at the bottle of the bucket,
push them all the way until they seat. As you run your wash mitt across the face
of the platform, it forces any particles or dirt or grime underneath those cones and keeps
them out of the clean water so you’re not bringing them back onto the car. I also have a nice microfiber wash mitt here. This is going to safely remove the bird droppings,
tree sap so we are not scratching the black paint. Now, as I mentioned, we have our Foam Blaster
6. We;re going to add a couple of ounces of Black
Light Auto Wash. It has this really vibrant purple color. It also smells really nice. We are also going to be adding some bug and
tar remover, which is great for removing those dead or dried bugs and bird droppings off
the surface of your vehicle (say you came back from a road trip or something like that). I’m just going to add a cap and a half to
the foam gun and then I will also add the same ratio to our wash bucket. This way, we have the same consistent amount
of cleaning power. I’ll also add the Black Light to the bucket. Now, you don’t have to have a black car to
use it, but it helps. You can use this one dark colored vehicles-
anything to really enhance the shine on your car. We will just cap this off and then mix it
together. Instead of violently shaking the canister,
we’re just going to stir it so it mixes it all together. You can turn it upside down to really get
the mixture flowing around. Then, we’ll start by rinsing off the vehicle. Start from the top and then working our way
down. I’ll use this to add lubrication to my wash
mitt, this way we are not scratching the vehicle because the owner doesn’t want to polish this
car, he just wants to clean it because he’s only had it for about a month. Brand new from Carmax. Well, new to him. He doesn’t want to take the time nor spend
the money to get it polished. We are just going to clean it gently without
adding any kind of imperfections. Now, we’ve just completed the rinsing process
and although it looks a lot better, it hasn’t removed the tree sap or the really hard bird
droppings, which is why we are are going to foam it and then scrub it. The awesome thing about the Foam Blaster 6
is it has this sleeve here that is just like a quick release on your pressure washer and
it clips right on to the Foam Blaster and then it’s nicely attached. Now, I will go over to the vehicle and start
foaming it, but you can also change the direction here. You have your horizontal or vertical, this
way you can cover any size vehicle, any shape or color, it doesn’t make a difference. I’ll just take it to the car and just like
we did when we were rinsing it. A lot of detailers know that you start with
your wheels. We cleaned those off camera. Those look a lot better, but for the sake
of today, we are just demonstrating how to remove the tree sap on this black Mazda. Now, as you saw, the Foam Blaster 6 is an
easy and effective way of adding a nice layer of suds. This is one the quickest and easiest ways
to remove any kind of abrasive particles or anything that can scratch the finish. Now, we are going to just activate the soap
in this second bucket and then we are going to use our wash mitt to scrub away any of
the remaining bird droppings, fallout, as well as the tree sap that we are trying to
remove today. Again, using the attachment from the Foam
Blaster 6, we will just foam up the bucket and this is also adding cleaning power due
to the fact that we added a little bit of Bug and Tar Wash, but more importantly, it’s
adding lubrication so we are not scratching the finish. So now I’ll prime the wash mitt with a little
bit of water and we will place it into our second bucket which has our Bug and Tar as
well as a little bit of Black Light. And I will start on the top again, working
in straight lines and this is a pro tip to avoid adding swirls to your vehicle. Well, guys, there you have it. You see by just washing it and using a little
bit of Bug and Tar Wash, it not only removes the bugs and bird droppings, it also removed
that tree sap, which if it’s left untreated, it can basically etch the paint which requires
polishing, or it gets really nasty where it likes to eat away the paint. Now, in some cases, you can get away with
just using a little bit of Butter Wet wax, but in our case, luckily we caught it in time
where we just wash it and it came right off. Now, if you have to polish it, there are a
few ways you can go about it. Machine polishing is obviously going to be
the easiest and most effective way because you’re not using your own effort and you get
consistent results over the entire vehicle. Also, it’s going to basically break down enough
clear coat so you refine the finish without having any marring or scratching. So, if you guys liked this video or car, be
sure to give it a thumbs up. We have a ton of products and a ton of videos
on our YouTube channel as well as our website so be sure to check those out and as always,
we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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