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How To Get Perfect Panel Gaps – Doors, Fenders, Hood – Car Resto Tricks – TC Penick and Eastwood

How To Get Perfect Panel Gaps – Doors, Fenders, Hood – Car Resto Tricks – TC Penick and Eastwood

want to learn how to get perfect panel
gaps on that restoration and keep watching this video to CLT see panic at
bay 1 customers does it TC wow the crowd at SEMA 2013 in las
vegas with his amazing 1958 cameo concept pickup truck that featured a ton
of eastwood products most notably the vino rojo red paint
that stop everyone in their tracks but with that truck really displayed was
tc’s amazing attention to detail right down to the exact five-millimeter panel
gaps in this video he uses Eastwood contour body filler to
show you how he creates those perfect gaps let’s check it out I don’t give a shout
out to mark jr. her from a slit for coming back and saying yesterday that
came along with Kevin tears come out to the to the shop and went over some of
the products I’m using of theirs and we had a great discussion on how to use
them in the proper materials and have a lot of questions other stuff so big
shout out to the Emperor taking the time to come all the way down here just a
little of me meanwhile i ordered my own materials for
this Jack wire from a split because I had such good success with the same
truck that we took a las vegas every product that he’s there is this
outstanding it was easy to get that should be right to me so those are some of the products that
I’m going to use on the Jaguar I mean this contour premium filler then
i’m going to put the contours of poly fit polyester filler over top of that I
love doing that metric as I cut this with 36 grit real fast and level I can shoot this on here and get no
strings on this that’s but very little bit nicer initiative to get it on there
and i use a 20 tier sprays oh nice then I cannot cut that with a degree
that I come back with this 2k urethane i can
see that down a little bit and spray over that and then I would just cut that
with 400 so i get i can level with me yes I get a little more level with this it stopped my shrinkage here put this on
slick in the way then I’m really good at cutting out texture also they i ordered this same sailor I
use this on the same the truck fixed with floor pans in this love this black
same sailor it’s firm kind of hold this place pretty well it seems to spread it
easy to work with love that stuff and i want to show you
something else haha thanks really cool undercutting I’m a stickler for up
rusted prevention so i can take this into a little bitty
how / use the regional weep holes in rocker panels and door panels 10 cab
corners and I’ll stick this up in there put it on my undercarriage and then just
pull it through it sprays up 360 degrees so it just coat the whole entire that
with my undercuts so what thanks wood for such great product I’m
fixing it back at this and we’ll show you some tricks on how to do well cut
the same out and some of the methods talk to you about some of the methods
that i use on get this filter on here nice and smooth what do you say little skim coat how
about your skin this is completely one good time and then i lock it down flat I have a few low spots in it someone and
I skimmed it one more time block them again it takes a lot of time
doing that blocking but I kept this white 36 . to go into the dam and level
and then I put my ex would probably feel on top of this so my mom brought up a
bit now this front blocking and cut it on this side so just a whole lot of
bodywork bodywork when I was going to be like this for a few weeks it’s a wide on saying it up i’ll give
you a tip on this if you put this Hilary and it’s smooth and its level as
possible it will save you a huge amount of time
because anywhere that you put it and it’s a little bit love you that you have
to take it down to that spot and you want to have to read coverage and if you
work it out i used to work my bondo until I can’t work it anymore that way i can not it actually makes it
a little bit more spread a little smoother it’s more the pin holes out of it and
help you laying out suppose they’re all watching this way and I’m like this way
every time I sprayed it with that spreader its level it just a little bit
more so I’m going to get back at hear what
you’re saying and I will show you a little trick on how to make up say
across the front here all right many times these car shows you
see how the body fitment on the door panels the doors and fenders get laser
strike i will show you a quick little trick on
how to get that done in the most efficient white possible without doing a
bunch of metalwork you can go in here and fabricate the
ages with steel and we’re already in and the time you do all the fabrication and
welding and all that it’s really not justified when you’re
only you’re only trying to gain just a millimeter tape case in point this bottle it’s pretty
tight down through here it had a little bit of a variance in
between this panel on this panel right on that age so what i did was i used a deer glass
pipe product which is extremely strong strictly rigid and will not absorb
moisture it as well to the to the metal and it was
that strange strong so i put that in there the low and i think a talk about that
one of my previous videos and then what I’m going to do is put my light white
filler on top of it I’ll over the edge that so i can do a
sculpting in between the tape now most people would why this space
right here and then send it out and wipe it and saying it and you’re saying and
wiping and you’re doing a lot of work you you could spend almost a day on just
this area doing that to doing it that white I’ve got a trick for that and that
involves taking the pipe paddle take it a couple of razor blades I put a screw through them to hold them
in place what’s up with that pipe panels right at
about four millimeters now you can adjust the size of the thickness of the
wood here the paint battle to change your thickness but i’m shooting for
around 45 millimeter gap which always fits well looks nice so this will cut it for then I’ll come
back in saying that smooth to put it right at five then the time I do my poli
feel my prime and all that so close back up to about whole so tight paddle too
little razor blades I’ve got a Sandpiper stuck just to one
side of my other pipe pounds and then I’ve got a spreader and then also I want
to use this phone tight to fill in the back so you pick to see how this works
works like a change so start off with get my hair done blood is that ok now i went in here I would have been hearing it all this
has been already been sanded so now i’m going to do a pre claim to
get the rest that does stop there I just lightly dampen a tile with a
little bit of washed free cleaner do not use watch it or just
briefly and then we’re gonna put my phone tight and warm up killer is going
to be on that edge I’ll clean that really really nice that
claim to get my bound tight pull it out I’m gonna put it right through here to
keep the killer from squeezing the end between jail all right i got my bottom applies on my
pre claim to hear you’re right there he’s saying that I like that I like that
I’ll be able to walk across that my finger is going to go down there just a
little bit more relaxed missile that location now been spreading for a few
days so I already know about how much filler i can get down and work out so
you need a bit might get good judgment that and try to mix the assignment my
aunt takes time if you mix up your filler and it gets hard before you get
time to spread it all out you need to reduce the harder little bit
or you can just mix up a little less but you need enough time to get all this
filter on there so you don’t why stealing and give yourself plenty of
time to work that filler down smooth and level if you take the time to make it
more smooth more level it is you will have to wait let’s say anything
here we go with the spray that you save yourself a bunch of time and what I’m
picture day i know i’ve got about enough time to to
do this if it’s humid outside which you’re intensely there’s a lot of
humidity this stuff tends to save one fire off a little faster so you and we’ll do one thing the time and
leave this one up then I’m going to that Mike Ross next that way I have just the
right sweet spot I’m cutting this I want this to be the consistency of cheese is
sitting up it’s going to set up and be about the
same consistency as slice cheese and i’ll be able to we all right through it
with my little cutter i might spread this out really really smooth it on the
gender and you see the amount of put out here it’s just about right that’s gonna give me a minute really
work this in real nice and smooth just like using that da to level it I can use the width of this pad so every
time I spread it I’m left a little bit so i cannot
process and level and the more I do this I’m actually
steel mixing it I’m removing he knows and really tighten
it up and bond against this metal only mixing up that small amount is allowing
me to really work this in smooth it should take me long at all cut this yeah I look as smooth sliding myself a huge
same time a lot of dragging it over alright so now what I’m going to like
this age down a little bit i’m going to another spray it up here and smoother I
had this killer at the top these are being made in my bullying and
out by their most reading right over there just a little bit so this is gonna be time to get all this
off and we’ll clean yourself and then by the time i get this plane up this I’ll
be set up and up to where I can cut it and i’ll show you what what i will do
with this cut all right I’ve been sent here wait and
watch it will leave it because when it fires up its gonna happen by ask it seems like it’s just right so what
I’m gonna do is follow up against the bonnet another bond is the edge and im
looking to mimic and we’ll take this blade and then it’s more slice through
here like butter now if you miss this window and it sets
up it’s free to up the stakes you have to come in here with that yeah product cut off tool or something and
fix it stay right there just pulled that right out and then I open the switch it up i’m gonna go ahead and do that this one
and this one up here and then i’ll open it stood up and all that followed my out
and then I’ll take that sandpaper i showed you and i’ll send this back a
little bit and then once i get that up it will be just as just behind of a
little ledge right there and we’ll come back and mix up my feeling on my back
white that age and then they got to be it will be a perfectly it so all right I’ve got this cut down now
I want to show you went up after i took my razor cutter and I cut that out I showed you how to pull that out of
there well I normally don’t do that at that point because i will leave the
bottle in there are go ahead and cut it i like the thumb in there Melanie that
little pigs in there that way when I’m doing my block and it
just helps support that little bit so it doesn’t turn these ages is bad then once
I get this cut pretty flat then I’ll take that thing out of there
once i get it out of there i take my plate pattern that has a only sandpaper
on one side it gets about 4 millimeters five millimeters so if you want to get her tiger
millimeter gap there now you can pin this board down and how to determine the
millimeter gap is you can set a door or you can set a trunk and a slice and then
you’ll know what the back respect you so once i get this implies that measure
these open see what I got and then the sabres I told you know it’s a four
millimeter gap on the car factory and then you can go from there but once you get it applies for the the
board side against the place you’re trying to decide you’re trying to
reproduce and then just come in there and that’s insane it down and block it out and then once you get
it blocked out it’s perfectly fit down through there so
when I after I do that raise your pace up and you’ll see
there’s just the most hint of a little bit of a Ledge there it’s not even a
half a millimeter of a Ledge I can take my mind off my filler and mix
it up real nice and I just back back white that right in
there real nice real time that’s after I claim that i always
claimed that in the same and plain that the sand at first and then pretty fun to
get all nice and plate anyone you back quite a bit then take
that and all the way around that hold it tight against there and it’ll
it’ll smear it just perfectly in there any comebacks and a little bit and then
when you get all done you have a perfect gap so so for years
I’ve done it the other way of walking and walking there and saying this and it
just takes forever you never get that true line this method
when you cut that it’s going to be a laser straight line and look absolutely
beautiful sup I’m gonna do a little more work on this
and I’m gonna go up here and next week show you how the veil console and stuff
is coming so let’s get back to work yeah

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93 thoughts on “How To Get Perfect Panel Gaps – Doors, Fenders, Hood – Car Resto Tricks – TC Penick and Eastwood

  1. If you desire a show quality painted product, this is a necessary and unavoidable process.  Most of it will be sanded off and placed in an appropriate waste receptacle.  

  2. TC's an Eastwood Guy.  Are YOU?  Dirty Harry Welder Dream – Stop Dreaming & Get A MIG Welder – Are You An Eastwood Guy?

  3. I rework my seem gap after watching this video, excelent tips. Here is something funny though I ask one latino dude if my prime car(grey) if it look good. He said no doesnt look good it's not black. Well duh man its prime and not paint black to match yet.

  4. I seen this a few months back and just finished gapping an entire mustang,it went from a nice body to top drawer. I can not wait to squirt on the black cherry and block and buff it,you should inform people that to do this it takes a lot of bondo on an entire car. Even new parts need work to look right and aftermarket parts need more work than factory,great vid

  5. i do it very similar to the way you do it but i am going to try the foam tape. love that polyester primer. i use a different brand but you are right . no shrink

  6. This seems great for a show car , but what about the driver ? Plastic filler seems dangerous on edges , I realize he used fiberglass filler but then plastic over that , thoughts ?

  7. As an Aussie I find it amusing to hear a guy in Tennessee talk in millimetres and call a hood a bonnet. We call them bonnets and most Americans insist they are hoods lol.

  8. No skillz just fill er with plastic

    Some time back I was smacked in the side by an idiot and the repair shop told me they would fix it right by replacing the metal that was crushed ( the door post on drivers side at the back edge of the door was crushed accordion style )
    The day I brought it in they said they were going to pull out the metal then use a polymer metal finishing compound (bondo) I told then get f'd ….. Once the metal is Bent it is weak and that is unacceptable unsafe and not what my insurance is for …. insurance is to return you to the place you wereb4 the loss not cheap lazy shoddy workmanship

    Back in the day of true workmanship they were called lead sleds for a reason …. lead is still available and works great just don't breath the vapors

  9. That's good job I'll have to try that next time I get a project. How's that filler to work with iv bought stuff from places like Napa and it seems oka

  10. That jag xk has a flip front end …Whats gonna happen after they close the bonnet a few times .CRACK .that what will happen with all that filler

  11. This must be some amazing body filler(not). If it doesnt crack out in a year or less I'd be amazed, Didn't even watch the whole video cause thats not how to fix gaps. Try tacking the outside of the panel that has too much of a gap and then stitch welding between them. You would than use a prep tool and grind it to the right shape. Dont get the metal too hot or itll warp. You can cool it with air or wet towel. 

  12. funny thing ,when I started body repair 45 years ago the first thing we learned was NO filler on an edge. weld it up and metal shape it. on this jag the hood can be adjusted back and the single thickness metal hood can be filled to 4 mm gap

  13. If you have no metal skills…use lead. If you have no lead skills…use bodyfiller!   This in my opinion is the poorest way to get gaps…and like most of these overdone SEMA vehicles it isn't going to stay good for very long unless the vehicle stays in an atmospherically controlled facility.  Not only that, each time you open and close a moveable panel you incur wear on the hinges and guess what…your panel alignment will change. So then what, you have to re-fill the edges to maintain your gap???

  14. Do not alter hardener ratio to compensate for temperature conditions. Under-hardening
    results in the filler or glaze never achieving the full physical properties. This results in
    poor adhesion, strength and durability. Over-hardening may result in residual hardener on the sanded surface, which could react with primers and top coats.

    Hardener to resin ratio is NOT a variable.

  15. The first kid that presses his tumb against the seam will ruin your 20k investment doing it this way lol.  I abandoned using bondo for the most part years ago. It shrinks, cracks, chips to easily.

    I would use steel, fiberglass filler and a polyester filler. Much more durable, can handle hits, vibrations and the ocassional tree branches.

  16. Not a bad way but if I did that with some of my customers they would shoot me. Bit of lead solder to make up the difference and just tough it out with the files and stuff. Then just tidy it up with some stopper or filler. Also allow fro the fact that you are going to loose close to a mm of that gap by the time you have primed and painted it. Us repairers rely on pug to much these days.

  17. bond-o buggies is what they build just to lazy to do real body work!if you do real body work it holds up better for every day use. I should of took a pottery class instead of autobody to learn from this guy?

  18. That particular filler he is using must be really good as most fillers seem to harden ALOT faster and will not let you work it for as long as he just did on that body seam.

  19. This is good for panel gaps that are very good in the first place, however, that's not always the case. My 59 Chevy truck doors would make you cringe. Just how do you handle that? You can't beat them into place…your stuck. If you see most vintage trucks, the door gaps are absolutely the worst. I like this video, and the neat little cutter, but it just wouldn't work in my case, that is of course, if you wast a quarter inch of filler on the edges.

  20. If your gaps aren't almost perfect you are really asking for trouble using this method. Too much filler on a door or hood edge is eventually going to crack causing a big headache later on.

    Maybe it would be ok on a show car but I still wouldn't want to cut corners like this after investing a lot of money in a project. This would be a very bad idea on a daily or weekend cruiser you plan on driving.

  21. can you guys do a video on tucking a bumper in closer to the body. I'm trying to figure out how to do it to an el camino

  22. Am I the only one who doesnt like to use body filler.I would much rather tig weld or tig braze filler in and use a disk to sand it flat. If its that warped or rusted patch panel or new repo piece .
    I hate body filler.

  23. all you guys bitching that it should be metal worked blah blah blah for 2 millimetres of fibreglass resin that is a permanent repair it'll never crack or fall off lol

  24. excellent job! but remember don't wipe the bondo to death you wind up with more pin holes when you wipe the bondo too much especially when starts getting dry.

  25. Hey Guys, I am in the process of doing my restoration where its down to bear metal. The question is, when I finish welding a portion of the car, what is the next step? Do I epoxy prime and body filler or body filler and then epoxy prime etc. Can you guide me through thee steps?

  26. 42yrs in the trade and 15yrs exclusively doing restorations and this is the worst example of bodywork I have ever seen, should be ashamed I would sack anyone who even tried this. Slam the bonnet or a small chip and this would explode

  27. is there a differance between 40 pick up and 41 hood i have i trim moulding for the nose it appears to be a differant shape or have i got a 39 hood. the latch under the hood is differant as well ? cheers pete

  28. I'm from the Northeast where Americans don't have an accent. I have to wrack my brain to figure out what this southerner is saying. Having sub titles utterly Wrong is more confusing than his accent.

  29. This method is meant for when you have near perfect gaps to begin with and you need to just get that final sharpness. I get it.

  30. An E-Type is one of the hardest cars to get a proper panel gap on- SO many variables and variations in the assembly and places to go wrong.
    Sculpting the edges like this is not the answer unless it's just a "driver" and not a show car. The way the bonnet is assembled, it would be obvious it's just sculpted- and would be ripped apart in judging.
    My E-Type was done improperly- much like what this guy is doing. It lasted 15 years, now the filler has all got to come out and where they went cheap like this approach has to be done over. Had it been done right, I wouldn't have to do it over at great expense.

  31. Awesome…. great tips. Most of these videos leave more unanswered questions than answers…. Awesome. Thanks for making this video.

  32. ????WHAT??? A millimeter or TWO, on a panel edge? That's too thick in the middle of a panel, surely not good for an edge.

  33. Can anyone discuss how to metal work belt lines that don’t align? Meaning a fender body line is higher than the door but the test of the body lines are lined-up fine… any tips are greatly appreciated!!

  34. Two more sprayable primers go on top. It's very durable. I've used this method several times, no cracked edges.

  35. the best way to deal with a idiot that complains about a door gap is bash thier head into the side of a fender ,, problem solved

  36. How would this process work on fiberglass panels? I suppose you would use bondo with fibers and this process? I want it to last!

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