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How to Get Car Insurance (Car Shopping Basics 4/5)

How to Get Car Insurance (Car Shopping Basics 4/5)

Meet Joan. Joan is about to become a first-time car-owner. Joan has watched our video “Car Insurance
101”, so she understands the importance of car insurance. However, she has no idea how to actually get it. What should she do? Well, her first step is simple: she should
shop around for the best car insurance plan. To do this, she can either go online and manually
get quotes from a bunch of insurers, contact a local insurance agent, or use our prefered
website to easily compare insurance quotes from the best providers. Finally, now that Joan understands how car
insurance works and how to get it, as long as she follows these ten rules she should
be set for the future! Rule 1: Choose a car insurance plan with the
highest deductible you are willing to pay. The higher your deductible, the lower your
monthly premium. Rule 2: Before getting any car insurance plan,
be sure to carefully read its fine print. Rule 3: Be sure to shop around for a new car
insurance plan at least every three years. Depending on your circumstance, you may qualify
for lower rates. Rule 4: Once you purchase the car, be sure
give your agent a quick call before you drive the car. That way, you can be sure that your insurance
is active, especially if the car you bought was different than the one you had planned
to. Rule 5: If you can, try to drive less each
year. The less you drive, the lower your insurance
premiums will be. Rule 6: Purchase the safest vehicle you can
and take a defensive driving course. Both will lower your insurance premiums and
keep you safe. Rule 7: Understand how much your car is worth,
ideally using free website Kelly Blue Book. If you find out your car is worth less than
10x your premiums, consider forgoing collision and comprehensive insurance. Of course, if your car was bought with an
auto loan, your lender likely won’t let you forgo this coverage. Rule 8: If someone else drives your car frequently,
consider adding them to your policy. Otherwise, should that person get into an
accident with your car, your insurer may deny your claim. Rule 9: If you’re a parent with a newly
licensed teen driver, try to add them to your own plan. This will generally be cheaper than getting
your teen their own policy. Finally, Rule 10: If you’ve been in an accident,
immediately collect the contact and insurance information of each party involved, and then
call your insurer. They’ll then walk you through what you need
to do next, including how to file an insurance claim. Congratulations! You have finished the car insurance basics
curriculum! If you want to see our free recommendations
for great car insurance plans, or just check out more educational material, be sure to
check out our website!

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