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How to get Amazon Alexa in your car (DIY Smart Car)

How to get Amazon Alexa in your car (DIY Smart Car)

– Today how to put Alexa in your car, Amazon echo voice
functionality in any vehicle plus a big giveaway. (coins dropping)
(cash register) (quirky music) Alexa, open the garage door,
Alexa where am I going. You’re going to save a lot of money today, great to be with you, I’m the
YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite and I apologize if I just
activated any of your Echos. I’m going to be very careful
throughout this video, I am going to show you
from start to finish how I was able to get the functionality tied to the Amazon Echo into a vehicle using a product that to be honest I didn’t think it was
going to work that well. The user reviews were mixed, I really wanted to see if
this would do the Echo justice and more importantly for all of us that want that hands free
calling and functionality in your car you can use up to
30,000 different voice skills with the Echo tied to this device. If you’ve never seen me before I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite, I find the biggest deals in the country and I give my favorite
items away for free. I’m gonna make the draw
at the end of the video but first let’s do the unboxing and head straight to my vehicle. The Amazon Alexa voice
assistant bundle called Muse actually really nicely packaged. I will say this is very echo-esk packaging if you’ve ever purchased
an Echo or an Echo Dot it does come packaged
in a similar formation. This is the control and you
can see it kind of mimics the design that you would
see tied to the Echo itself. You have the mute, you
have the track selections, you have your microphone up here that’s for the hands free
voice activated calling and countless other requests you can make of Alexa while you are in your car, and the adhesive if you
do choose to stick this. You also get a cigarette lighter slash DC adapter as I peel this out. The nice thing is this
occupies one outlet, you get the second one
available to charge a smartphone since this does require a smartphone with data enabled to work. You get a backup adhesive which is great and I will say just having used these they do not wear out I don’t think you’ll even need the second one. And that is the unboxing. This Amazon Alexa enabled
voice assistant for your car works with your smartphone, and you do need a data plan
because it is using data, to work with the Amazon ecosystem that of course includes Amazon music. You can even use this with
Nest, iHeart radio, Wemo and all of the other apps that
already work with your Echo. So I’m gonna take you from my house over to my car and as we walk together of course you may be wondering why would you want an Alexa
enabled device in your car and more importantly if you
think of how much access you now have over your calender, your events, smart navigation, the ability to lock your
doors from your Amazon Echo. Which is something that I do I can arm my home
security system from that. The ability to use your voice on the go where you’re not reaching for something but you still retain that same
type of control is awesome. That’s assuming this works
so let’s put it to the test. Gonna go right on in to my car and it should be a very simple setup just from everything that I’ve
read and all the research. So gonna go right on in to the car. And with this you get
different connectivity options, you have the ability to use Bluetooth through your iPhone
and your Android device or you can actually use the auxiliary port like you may have done in the
past with your headphone jack. In this case since, if you see right here, I’m actually short a USB I only have one. I’m gonna use the cigarette
lighter DC adapter from Muse which is right here. Not only am I gaining an outlet
for which I can power this Alexa home enabled car system, but I can also charge a
smartphone from the second outlet, plus my wife’s, right here. Gonna use the adhesive, and again you don’t need
to use the adhesive, but I’m going to choose
to do so right here. But I’m going to sync this with the app. You have navigation at your fingertips by simply asking, Alexa
where’s the nearest Starbucks?, just as an example, this
works with google maps. And it gets you acquainted very quickly. So we have to sign in now
using our Amazon Echo account. Alexa. (bling) I love you. (ding) – [Alexa Computer] That’s really nice. – [Matt] Alexa. (bling) What does my commute look like? (ding) – [Alexa Computer] Currently traffic on your commute looks a bit slow. The fastest route takes about
12 minutes via highway 11. – So this is phenomenal information that I have at my fingertips
just through this. Now if, let’s say I’m
coming back to my house and I know that it’s a
little bit cool outside and I want to adjust the thermostat I have the sync to my entire house. Watch this. Alexa. Raise the temperature
on my Eco B. (ding) – [Alexa Computer] The heat’s set to 73.4. – There you go. One of the other amazing things is, how often are you on the road and you can’t remember whether or not you have your home security system on? Well check this out, with
the syncing tied to an app, I can actually control
my alarm from my car. Alexa. (bling) Ask to arm my home
security system to stay. (ding) – [Alexa Computer] You’re security system is being armed stay. – Now I know you guys can’t
see my house but in a second, look look right on the screen, my security system was just armed, I just got an alert, you see 1:33, 1:33. That happened all through
the power of my voice, I’m not fidgeting, I’m not
worrying about my home, I’m not worrying about
whether my wife forgot to turn the alarm on
or even if she’s safe. I can find out all just
through using my voice. And as you guys can see right here as we shift in to the
home security system, you can see my security system is armed and I can also double check
that my doors are locked, all something that I can
do simply through using this ingenious gadget in my car. You wanna play music?
That’s even easier. Alexa.
Play top country music. (ding) – [Alexa Computer] Playing
the top country songs. – And there you are, ready to go, love Sam Hunt but I don’t
want to pay for the song I don’t have the rights so we’re just pausing that right now. But this would be something
that I have access to all thanks to Alexa, all thanks to this incredible contraption. And again you can use this
with the iHeart radio app, other smart, google play devices, this is the most
incredible voice assistant that I’ve ever used for a vehicle. There are some ratings tied to this where people didn’t understand
or it wasn’t working or they had set up… There have been some
software updates since, that have made this a little bit more of a fluid operating system. This gets two huge thumbs up from me. If you want to score this deal it’s located right under the video screen just expand the video description box, I did find this at it’s
lowest recorded price. Is this for everyone, absolutely not. If you’re not integrated
within the Echo ecosystem this might not be for you. But for those of us that
want some smarter calling, if you have new drivers in your household, this would be great, it’s a further encouragement
not to text and drive. And also I love all of
the navigation skills and some other things that
you can bring into play. I travel a lot. I know some of you work
in the trucking industry, others work for transport companies and some of the people watching right now just commute a lot. I’d love to know, for
those of you watching, what else do you want in your car? What do you travel with,
what are your go tos, what are your essentials? For me this actually to be honest is not an essential
but it’s an enhancement and great for really long road trips. Alright, I’m now gonna give
one of these away for free to a very lucky subscriber. If you’ve commented in the last six months you now have a chance to score this. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations goes to. Congratulations Aaron D! – [Computer] Congratulations Aaron you are amazing you’ve won. – Yes! Aaron D. good for you,
you long time subscriber. I love him I love the
fact that he just won! And if you want to score this
deal because you didn’t win just expand that video description box. More importantly if
you’re not yet subscribed I love new subscribers, I
love current subscribers, I love subscribers that have
been with me since day one like Aaron and I would
love to have you on board so there’s a very easy
way to get subscribed. Click on my head right here that will subscribe you to this channel, if you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment just click here. And at last, big round up
of price drops I profiled, it’s over here.

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