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How to Get a Tesla for Half Price

How to Get a Tesla for Half Price

– Hola, Data Geeks and
welcome to this week where we look at how to
get a Tesla for half price. First, I’ll take a look at
the cost of owning a Tesla then I’ll show you where
you can actually get one for half price just like I did and lastly, I’ll give you a referral code where you can get a thousand
bucks off the purchase price. Let’s dive in. Alright, so first, let’s
talk about the monthly cost of owning a Tesla. I actually just did a video on this and what I found was that
merely on gas savings alone I’m saving about 40%
and I don’t drive a lot so it doesn’t really turn out
to be a lot of dollars for me. So in addition to saving 40%
on what I would spend on gas with a similar car like
a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, I found I’m saving even
more on maintenance. See, Tesla has an annual maintenance that you need to go do
through them which is $600 and it covers everything except tires. So tires is one and the same. You’re not gonna save money on this ’cause they work just like
they do on a Mercedes. So when you look at that, you’re saving thousands of
dollars per year on maintenance plus 40% a month on your gas bill. That’s tremendous, that is a
lot of money you’re saving. Now, that’s not saying that this is your cheapest option, right? If you were to go get
a Honda, an Acura even, any of those cars, you’re
gonna pay a lot less but if you’re in the
market for a luxury vehicle or an electric vehicle then
a Tesla is a great option. Now, if you go to the
Tesla Preowned website and I’ll put the link here, what you can do is you can
search for the model you want and year you want and all that. The thing I wanna preface this with is that you need to pay
attention to the year primarily. Before 2014, there were a lot of features that the Tesla didn’t have. They didn’t have the parking sensors, the mirrors didn’t fold in and if you wanna add those
things after the fact, you can but they’re kind of expensive. So for that, to add the parking
sensors to my 2013 model, they wanted $5000. Now, it’s not a ton but hey,
it adds to the cost of the car then if you wanna add
autopilot, this is the big one. Most cars on there will
not have autopilot. If they do, they will be quite expensive. They will be much more
expensive than what I paid, just over 50 thousand dollars. So if you’re okay without having autopilot meaning you’ll drive the car yourself then you can really get
a deep deep discount and honestly, I think it’s a good choice. Autopilot is great. That alone is several
thousand dollars a year as a subscription through Tesla so having autopilot
adds also an annual cost so there’s a lot to consider. I think maybe in five
years, it would be worth it. Right now, the technology’s so new that mainstream, it’s just not there yet but it definitely will be
there very very shortly. So go watch my video on this and dig in deeper to
the details if you like. Otherwise, if you’re ready,
just go to the link here and then go get your Tesla. Alright, last thing I promised you, a way to get a thousand bucks off. So using this link here,
this is my referral link, my personal one, you can click on this and if you’re going to buy a new Tesla, sorry, new Teslas only then you can use this link
to get a thousand bucks off and that’s I guess my gift to you. I don’t have any real financial
award or incentive out of it other than I think if 10 people do it, I get to go to the next
Tesla event up in LA so please click on it and use it and hey, there’s a thousand bucks to you just for watching this video. Hey, thanks for checking
out my video here. As you can see, we’ve
got a lot of work to do in figuring out how all of
the data behind everything actually effects our
everyday lives so stay tuned. Every week, I’ve got a new video
coming here on this channel as well as my blog at where you can find code samples and all other kinds of
articles and stuff there. So thanks again for watching and I’ll see you back here soon.

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41 thoughts on “How to Get a Tesla for Half Price

  1. Please show me where autopilot is an annual cost? Also you don't get a tax credit on a preowned Tesla. Your information isn't accurate

    – Tax credits only apply to NEW purchases
    – Autopilot is a 1x cost, not an annual subscription

  3. This is kind of dumb. I can make a video and said buying a Mercedes for 1/3 the price. Oh by the way. It is a used 2008 Mercedes. Blah. Don't make this kind of video please

  4. Ben, please do not do these title and little other tricks to waste your audience's time and ruin your reputation. Unfollow..

  5. You made the "DO NOT WATCH" list. There's no SECRET! Buying any used car that's several years old will be at least half the price of a new car!

  6. who the hell pays 600 in maintenance a year in a luxury vehicle. Dude, get the my mechanic app where certified mechanics bid for your job. Only retards pay that much for maintenance. I drive an A6 and owned it for 6 years, total maintenance….450 bucks.

  7. You have raised something I have never heard of before. Autopilot requires an annual fee? Could you tell me more or provide a link to elucidate me on this please?

  8. It's fine if you're getting some $$$$ from people clicking on your link. Kind of sleezy framing it as, "… my gift to you".

  9. HAHAHAHAHA This guy goes; 5k for parking sensors – that's not a ton. And he's right; it's 5 tons xD
    Dude; universal parking sensors cost 100$ with installation, what planet do you live on. For 5k you get a nice e46 3 series BMW, not just the praking sensors from it xD xD xD LMFAO!

  10. WTF That maintenance is BS. I got Nissan Rogue and my maintenance is >$100 Its about $20 for oil $10 for filter and $20 for the mechanic to change the oil and filter. $30 for wiper blades (not every year). Tires I buy as needed but you can get many years out of them.

  11. IF THIS GUY GETS PAID BY YOUTUBE… He should be fired. just like 'renragged' said, its BAITING the public.

  12. Damn this is rough looking back. Especially the "I don't get anything from the referral link", though I suppose the program changed at a certain point.

  13. thank you very much on this video. your auto pilot recommendation cleared up my decision and helped me with my current search for a great used Model S. now i'm trying to decide of price difference of 85 over 70 or even 85D or 70D

  14. 5 years autopilot will be worth it? Not too far off. I’ve been tracking the used Tesla market for about 5 years and I literally just snagged a 2014 Tesla model s 85 with autopilot for…… $35,000. Whaaaat. This toke last year I couldn’t find anything under 45……. the 3 really helped drive the used prices down.

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