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How to get a RENTAL CAR for $3 | Cancun Mexico

How to get a RENTAL CAR for $3 | Cancun Mexico

You’re gonna have to watch the video all the way to the end to find out how we got our rental car for Cancun for Three dollars a day What are you doing?!? Giving you a wet Willie Noooo! Here’s our gate *Music* Hey you guys, no, it’s too earlyyy It’s 5:00 a.m 24 degrees and We’re on an adventure. We’re heading to Mexico We just got done running for the train Almost missed it. Because we were running behind or the train was early. We’re not sure which one You should’ve seen Wayne run Oh yeah–I see Wayne run–not a pretty sight Okay–See April run You should’ve seen–this large guys isn’t supposed to run–you should’ve seen him haul ass It was a sight to behold especially as a previous track runner I was never good at sprinting, I was a distance runner Yeah, this fat guy doesn’t run–who knew you had a side career in sprinting But we made it to the airport, we’re heading to hot sunny–hopefully sunny–Mexico Yucatan Peninsula. I want you to watch the video all the way to the end We’re gonna give away a secret of how we got our rental car for three dollars a day The insurance was $11, but the car was three. It’s dark outside, we should be sleeping We’re on the airplane. No we’re not Well, we’re on the gangway Why do they call it a gangway? Comment below if you know. It’s burry Burry on the gangway *Music* Well, we made it to Houston. Gonna go see if we can make our plane. We only have 45 minutes to run through the airport or swiftly walk *Music* Where are you at, April? Mexico! Yeah, we just got to Cancun. We’re in the Hertz van going to pick up the rental car. Can you see our… sweat? Yeah, it isn’t Utah. Our immediate…our immediate humidity reaction As promised, we’re gonna show you how to get that three dollar rental car Now the first thing that you’re gonna do, and this is most critical, is pull up an incognito browser Or a VPN. Now go to Google and in the upper right hand corner, click on the three dots This is going to pull down to where you can click into the incognito mode this will give you a VPN. You can also purchase these as well and I’ll put a link below to some of the purchased VPNs. I have found with rental cars, Priceline seems to give you the best rates consistently But you’re always welcome to try any third party It will still work the same In full disclosure, back in October, when I had made the reservation for this rental car, I wound up losing my footage. So I had to recreate it and I’m using February dates and it’s a little bit higher It’s three dollars and sixty-five cents a day, but you get the idea. It’s still very affordable. Now let’s talk about some things that you need to know about when you are renting cars and you’re from the United States and you’re in a different country. One thing that you’re going to want to do is purchase full coverage insurance. Your car insurance does not work out of the country in most cases, obviously check with your car insurance provider. In this case, I purchased the 11 dollars a day insurance from Priceline that does add to the cost of the rental car, but that does give me full coverage on the car Now one thing you do need to know when you get to the other country if you purchased Priceline’s insurance They’re not going to acknowledge that and they’re gonna put a large deposit on your credit card. So if you do not have a lot of room on your credit card, I highly suggest buying the rental car agencies insurance. Now I will warn you, in most cases, it is a lot more money when you get there to purchase their insurance These guys are on Commission and they take full advantage of you the whole time. I found it can be anywhere from twenty dollars up to forty five dollars a day for full coverage insurance depending on the country and the airport that you’re standing at and the actual rental car agency. If you find yourself in this situation, I highly suggest walking next door to all the different rental cars and finding out who’s got the best deal for you because you’ll find that the rates vary from place to place and somebody that’s willing to make a sale will give you a better deal. I figure this is a good time to give you some tips on what I do when I rent a car In another country or even in the US. I always pull out my–use your cell phone to record What the car looks like, where the damage is on the car, how much fuel is in the vehicle… Always have somebody tell you the date that you’re there, that way it marks the actual time In my case, my camera can tell the time as well and the date but it’s always good to have that as a backup. This is when I return the car. This is what we’re doing as well is doing a walk-around Showing that the fuel is in the same spot as when we left Along with I keep my gas receipt because too many times when I get back home 45 days later, The rental car agency has hit me with a big fuel charge and I have proof to back up that I had put fuel in the car and there was no damage on the vehicle. Now back to your regularly scheduled, every Thursday, Go Travel On The Cheap Hit that subscribe button Don’t forget to Like and Ring that bell that way you’re notified every week Out at Cancun, we decided to stay on the ocean… And this is magnificent *Music* Where are we at, April? We are–leave that open, I’m gonna walk outside–at the beach In Cancun Got us a nice little condo Ocean view Not bad, two beds a little baby fridge Got this on Airbnb. If you want an Airbnb discount, there’ll be a link below This was 56 dollars a night. Can’t beat that We want to thank you guys for watching our video all the way to the end. If you would, hit that subscribe button, share it with a friend and, like always, thank you for living life! Livin’ liiiife Livin’ liiife What if I just live life–ok, live life–and I don’t live liiiife? Then you’re just livin’ liife

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