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How to get a Florida Dealer License [step-by-step guide]

How to get a Florida Dealer License [step-by-step guide]

You’ll need to get a Florida dealer license if you plan to sell three or more vehicles in a 12-month period. If you aren’t sure if you need a license, check out our other video “Do I Need A Dealer License To Sell Cars?” The first step to getting your dealer license is to take a dealer training course by a licensed course provider. The second step is to get your dealership location approved. We get a lot of questions about if your dealership location can be your own residence and florida statutes say that the location must have an adequate office space and it must not be a residence. If you’re unsure about if your dealership location would be approved, you can contact the Florida Department of Highway and Safety. Next comes the paperwork. You’ll need to submit a completed dealer license application, purchase a $25,000 motor vehicle dealer bond, purchase garage liability insurance, and provide other documents like a copy of your lease and a federal employer identification number. Last, you need to submit your fingerprints and your licensing fees. If you’re wondering about the fingerprint and background check and if you can get a dealer license with a felony, watch our other video “Can I Get A Dealer License With A Felony”. Take all your paperwork to the Florida Department of Highway and Safety, and if you’re approved, you receive your license in the mail within a month

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15 thoughts on “How to get a Florida Dealer License [step-by-step guide]

  1. Do you need an Auto dealer license to buy and sell motorcycles and three wheeled vehicles or does it take a different license?

  2. I would love if you could post a video like this for MINNESOTA!!! I have looked everywhere and I can not find a good simple straight to the point video !

  3. Great content, I just start researching the process of getting a Florida dealer license, seems like I will be moving forward with the process. I am interested in doing wholesale, buy from auction and sell back at auction (no retail). How many parking spaces are required at the location?

  4. do i necessary need an actual dealer place to sell cars? i just want to get access to the auction to buy then sell them. how much would all that cost me? thank you

  5. What I would like to know is if I am able to get a license without a dealership location? My intentions are to be able to participate in other dealership auctions

  6. Ok here is the question that many want the right answer…. For example.. lets say my score is 620 average etc. Fair. So no matter how bad is it the maximum money amount is like $3,750 per the 25k or per 1k of the 25k ??? Can you explain more this answer. Or you can Post several averages… In total to get the bound done. About the land and office space thats FL thats deal with that. Ok

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