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How to Fix a Jammed Car Ignition

How to Fix a Jammed Car Ignition

Do you ever experience this where your
key is just stuck in there, it’s just jammed it won’t turn? A lot of times if
you read your owner’s manual it tells you to kind of do this kind of thing, you
know, but sometimes that doesn’t work. So what I found is helpful is you just give
it a little tap right with a book here. Boom, and it’s done!

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19 thoughts on “How to Fix a Jammed Car Ignition

  1. And after you do the book thing make sure you get a locksmith to look at the lock. The pounding on the key method will only work so long before you run out of luck.

  2. Omg you are a genius!!!! We were stuck in walmart parking lot for like an hour until we saw your video!!!!!

  3. This is amazing. Almost ripped my steering wheel off the column, but luckily saw this video first. This worked perfectly the first time! Thank you!

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