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How To Find AMAZING Last Minute Travel Deals – Airline Savings & Hotel Discounts

How To Find AMAZING Last Minute Travel Deals – Airline Savings & Hotel Discounts

– Today, insane travel
savings coming your way! (electric tones) (pounding music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. You might know me from
your local TV station or if you’re a subscriber,
you rock my world, and if you know me from USA Today Travel, you may also know that
I hunt down travel deals in my spare time, in addition to traveling
almost every week, which is all thanks to having
a wife in a different country. It’s fine. I’m good. We’re strong. All of the resources I’m
going to show you right now are located right under this video screen to save you huge. And what I want to begin with are your five cheapest travel destination. Mexico, nabbing the top spot this season. Florida in number two, with locations like
Destin and St. Petersburg packing the most deals. Followed by Jamaica. Hawaii is on sale in a huge way for the first time in about two years. And Canada, with that U.S dollar exchange working to your advantage in a big way in cities like Toronto and Montreal. We are seeing the most reductions from United Airlines, followed by Spirit Airlines, and many of their big deal deal drops are occurring on Wednesday, rather than that Tuesday afternoon, which is typical of airline deals. Now, for those last-minute
travel price drops that I love, Priceline has 50% off
last-minute flight deals running rampant this season, and has the most insane package savings right now. Now none of these companies are paying us to talk about them, but
I will tell you that with something like a
4-night trip to Nassau, all-inclusive, including
air, at a top-rated resort, for around $89/night, you can
imagine it has my attention. And if you’re still in
the planning stages, flight-wise, I highly recommend the Apple and Android-ready
app called Hopper. You download this app which studies all the pricing patterns, and
it will show you when to fly, when to buy and lock in those savings. If you’ve already booked, I
highly recommend, which will help you
lock in a flight credit if a price drops after
you’ve already booked. All of the resources
that I just showed you are all located right
under this video screen. Just click that Show More tab, and every click you need
and all those savings are waiting for you. Now, when it comes to my future tech deals and all the items I
can’t wait to show you, my freebies will return. They are right around the corner. For free stuff, click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts,
you’re going to see a wheel beside the subscribe button. On a mobile device, it looks like this. Click the box, turn on
your channel alerts. That will ensure you’re emailed every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, you want to
buy any item I feature, there’s a link right
under this video window. Click the Show More tab,
and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go. You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching. (guitar music)

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99 thoughts on “How To Find AMAZING Last Minute Travel Deals – Airline Savings & Hotel Discounts

  1. USA Travel ! – And FANTASTIC ! Information ! Thank YOU Matt !
    So EXCELLENT ! Love these resources and links ! Have a GREAT Weekend ! Love ya Matt, David

  2. St. Petersburg is a beautiful place! Went there this week!!! I also got tickets on southwest for $95 each way which included bags and stuff!!! I hope you're had a great week!!

  3. perfect timing for this video. weather getting better & warmer.. it is time to get out & have fun.. awesome info about those apps.. have an awesome weekend..

  4. It would be helpful if you'd put the hopper and info under the video with the other links. I had to watch the video twice to catch their names since they weren't listed. Thanks!

  5. Nice links. Hope to take advantage of them next year. Want to take the kids on a "different' trip next summer. Though, they will probably vote to stay in state again. lol

  6. unfortunately central south America have Zika virus outbreak and parts of Hawaii had outbreak of dengue fever. Make sure to check with CDC website before travel to areas affected. There always is a reason something can sound to good to be true.

  7. Woot woot! There is no better satisfaction than knowing I got the best possible deal when traveling. Thanks Matt❣️

  8. Great timing Matt! I was checking out the great all-inclusive deals you mentioned yesterday, but the airfare from Buffalo was awful! Anxious to try the Hopper app so we can hopefully get our family booked somewhere!

  9. Maestro, thanks for the HOT TRAVEL DEALS! I'm sorry that you and your spouse tend to be far away from each other. I hope it only strengthens your marriage even more (that, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" kinda thing). Although I've been to every state in America, I've never been out of the U.S. except to Canada (Niagara Falls). If I get an opportunity I'd probably go to Israel, The Holy Land. (I know, you probably thought I was going to say Canada, the "other" Holy Land…sorry. :-D)
    Well, I've gotta fly…enjoy your weekend…be blessed! 🙂

  10. I work in the travel industry – the last-minute deals are the way to go if you can be flexible about your itinerary. Thanks Matt! You rocked it as always!

  11. Matt, I am so happy to be a subscriber! You just keep those great deals rolling, plus you and your team are so fun to watch! Thank you for all that you do!

  12. Matt you are amazing! I love going on trips but have always been wondering when to book and where. Thanks for the fantastic info!

  13. Hi Matt,
    Love your deals, but could not find in my Android Play Store?
    Maybe i am doing something wrong?
    It has listings for lots of travel apps, I anso used the search feature too.
    never came up???

  14. Holy crap, that's awesome! $89 all inclusive?! Is there a catch? You need to sit through a timeshare tour or something?

  15. These are some good prices for vacation especially with places like Florida and Hawaii these prices are great

  16. Hi Matt, Great deals as usual! I want to send my girlfriend on vacation, but she will probably just come back afterwards…

  17. Thanks Matt. I had NEVER heard of most of theses price saving sites!

    Thanks for helping us stretch our $!!!!

  18. Awesome info! I've never been to any of those places and now that I know they're at the best rates it will be hard to pass up. Definitely using those apps, too!

  19. Matt, thank you for the travel deal website – just in time for for Summer months. I will check out 'hopper' and 'yapta'

  20. Good morning Matt! Are you on vacation this week? If so, hope your having a great time! Still looking for the deals on laptop, Vizio 43" TV deals and Lego friend's deals? Your thoughts. thanks for your help! Cindy

  21. Thanks Matt, for all your help! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning. Keep me posted on the laptop deals? What are your thoughts on buying a new car? I know the end of year deals, but what about prior to the new 2017 cars coming out? Let me know. Thanks, Cindy

  22. Great to see you back on the air today!! That night light/sound machine looks cool! I notice a lot of your deals lately come from Amazon, is there any reason? Thanks for your advice on new cars. Have a great day!!! Cindy 🙂

  23. Good morning Matt! Did you ever hear of Car Que? It's a service that negotiates car deals to save you money, my husband just heard about it on the radio, WTAM 1100. They saved a guy $4000.00, I am not sure what the services costs. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Cindy

  24. i NEED HELP!!! Please help me find 4 tickets from Los Angeles to Cleveland!!! This is my first time flying. Its a headache researching for deals.

  25. I've been researching into saving money during cruises and found a fantastic resource at Arack Ship Tips (google it if you're interested)

  26. Nice Video subbed! Thumbs up from me, help me build my dreams by visiting and searching for some cheap flights! For flights and hotels, it compare's all online agents (, etc in one, so i'm not trawling around the internet for hours looking. Keep it up!! GRAZIE!

  27. I have spent months studying cutting costs during cruises and found an awesome website at Arack Ship Tips (check it out on google)

  28. There are several factors in spending less while on cruise trips. One place I discovered that successfully combines these is the Voyage Magic Method (check it out on google) definately the most useful plan that I've seen.Check out all the unbelievable information .

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