9 thoughts on “How To EASILY REMOVE Hot Glue From Car

  1. I got quesiton urgent my car have 7 or 8 drops paint oil this points… how remove this not damage paint fábric

  2. my bmw badge was falling off, i put to much superglue on it and now its a mess, can i use alchool to remove the excessive glue without damaging the paint? its a pristine car that i saved for more than 5 years to buy it, already when to 2 mechanics that really didnt do paint, but both told me i have to paint the whole front bumper… Im really pissed off with this and know if i find a good painter will help me as paint the whole front of the car its to expensive. right now im looking at either trying the alcool, or nail polish remover, already tried to polish it to remove it for hours and i think i made it worse… because i really dont have the professional polish, just a cheap polish and some wd40… wish somebody would help, the 2 mechanics in 2 differents shops just laugh at me and tried to overprice everything because its a 520d bmw… reality is that i'm a young person with a normal job and cant afford painting the front of the car, does anyone know what i can use without damaging the original paint???

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