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How to drive a manual car | carsales

How to drive a manual car | carsales

Learning to drive a manual car is terrifying. We’ve all had to overcome that fear of stalling
in the middle of a busy intersection. But once the car is on the move, driving a
manual is not that hard. If you can ride a bike, you should be able
to drive a manual car. Here are some quick and easy steps to help
you master the art of the manual transmission. As the first item of business, sit in the
car with the engine switched off and practise working your way through the gear box starting
in first and ending in sixth. Don’t forget to shift correctly using the
H pattern rather. Trying to shift in your own ‘W’ pattern will
make it harder to find the right gear or shift smoothly. First gear is for taking off and sixth is
for highway cruising Next, let’s talk about the clutch pedal. The clutch pedal is on the far left and you
operate it with your left foot while your right foot operates the brake and accelerator. Practise pushing the clutch pedal all the
way to the floor. A good technique will make it much easier
for you to control the clutch so get in the habit of leaving your heel on the floor and
rotating your foot through the ankle. Now it’s time for the all important take-up
point. This is where the clutch starts to grab and
you feel the car begin to move. Now you’re ready to have shot at driving. Check the gear box is in neutral, place your
right foot on the brake and press the clutch pedal to the floor with your left foot. Now start the engine. Using the correct shifting technique move
the gear stick left and up into first. Lift the foot of the clutch until you find
take-up point. At the same time move your right foot off
the brake and gently press the accelerator as you smoothly allow the clutch pedal to
lift higher. When you feel the car start to move, roll
onto the accelerator more to keep the revs up. Now you’re moving. So stop and try again – but don’t forget
to press the clutch back in as you brake, otherwise the engine will stall. Let’s run through the order again: Press the
clutch all the way to the floor. Then select first gear. Gradually release the clutch to the take-up
point while slowly pressing the accelerator. Finally smoothly press the accelerator further
to maintain the engine speed while releasing the clutch fully. The key to successful driving in a manual
car is learning how to balance the clutch and the accelerator for smooth changes. Once you’ve mastered starting and stopping,
working your way up through the gears is the easy part. Using the same four steps, lift the right
foot from the accelerator pedal as you press down on the clutch pedal with the left foot. Then change up to the next gear. Learn to use the tachometer to judge when
to change gear. Shifting up at 3000 revs will help maintain
speed. When slowing down use the same process but
remembering to have your right foot on the brake pedal and don’t let the revs fall
below 1000 or the car will stall. Always remember: using fine, delicate movements
of the accelerator, brake and clutch will see you right. But most importantly, practise in a safe environment,
like an empty car park.

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