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How to create a better website for car dealers

How to create a better website for car dealers

If you are a car dealer and you still think
that curating your online website doesn’t really matter that much, well.. You are missing out on something. Nowadays a big part of the shopping journey
for high-end products happens online, therefore your marketing efforts should evolve accordingly
towards a more consumer-friendly online experience. Particularly in the automotive industry, where
more than half of car buyers do not contact the dealership prior to their first visit
to the physical place, it becomes key to set up a proper website to better
help your potential customers once you meet them on site. So how can you create a better website for
your car dealer business? I will give you 5 ideas in this video. 1 Offer a live chat
Something as simple as a chat on your website can make a visitor feel supported and comfortable
doing business specifically with you, and also help you understand in advance what exactly
are they looking for and what obstacles might be standing in the way of closing a deal later
on. This will facilitate both parties to have
a better interaction once they will visit the car dealership offline. 2 Optimize your website for mobile traffic
Too many car dealership businesses have heavy websites that take ages to load and are not
even optimized for mobile navigation. That is a huge problem because nowadays more than 50% of all traffic comes from mobile, so it’s pretty simple: you can’t afford not to having a
website that is designed for mobile navigation. 3 Use videos in your car description
When it comes to showing and describing the cars available for sale, combine high quality
images of your car with a 30 second videos to enhance visitors perception of the car
features. It doesn’t need to be a professional video,
you can easily take it with your smartphone from the inside or outside the vehicle, then edit it with some free phone app. If you don’t want to use with videos, a
360° picture from the inside is also a good idea. 4 Show reviews from previous customers
Social proof and third party validation from other customers is one of the most powerful
psychological reason for why people trust a business. For this reason, it is very important to have on your website a list of positive reviews of previous satisfied customers. You can start collecting them by simply asking
them, and then share them on your homepage – ideally with a name and a picture included. 5 Have user friendly opt-in forms
The last tip is about having user friendly opt-forms for your visitors to book a test
drive or getting a price quotation. As a general rule of thumb, the filling of
personal information has to be as simple as possible, so reduce the form fields to the
minimum required and possibly use Disruptive Forms that automatically fill in the users
information. So, these are 5 simple things you can do to
create a better website for your car dealership business. Let us know what you think about them by leaving a comment below!

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