100 thoughts on “How To Close A Sale – 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy

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  2. Hey Dan. Thanks for your videos. I'd really like to see a video about people's Desires, as you suggested. Thank you!

  3. This man changed my whole opinion on sales. I hated cold calling, now, i find it a fun challenge. Dan makes so much sense and it's helped so much. Thanks, Dan!

  4. Hey dan how are you I want to ask how to sell.more.in.real.estate and how each client is different in real.estate

  5. Dan, your solution to building trust is all logic focused, but it needs to be emotional. You could talk more about how to used empathetic questions, mirroring, paraphrasing, and summarizing to create trust with the client.

  6. Hi Dan! You're super! At the moment, my challenge is getting the prospect to arrange a phone call….

  7. Yeah please Make a video on desire…, I need to know how to create the consumer's desire on a product..

  8. Have you made the video on desires? I am very interested as it is connected with psychology of the sell. How to present my offer to acquire more prospects.

  9. I do facebook live selling accesories. How to create more desire to attract more new customer see my live ? Other than lower my prices it will be price war.. please advise

  10. I have heard How do I know this will work so many times, my response is your living proof that it works because you are here.

  11. I can read your notes now, usually your writing skills on the whiteboard are like mine, just squiggles. Now, I gotta step up my game!

  12. How to test for the degree of urgency the prospect has?
    I mean, what type of a question can we frame, for the same?

  13. Your are my ideal and i have recently found you on youtube.i have watch your few videos and i try to watch more because i think they are really helpful especially for me.and another thing i want to meet you one day.you are really great.

  14. +DanLok, how about websites? I gave you thumbs up, I posted a sentence on my website which I think I can get 100 people more to read on my site. You're absolutely right, anyone can beat the price, no one can beat the value.

  15. What about selling memberships for an organization that is non-profit, but convincing the prospects that THEIR contribution/membership makes a difference, instead of them just riding the coattails of other members and still benefiting, because ultimately, they will whether they join or not! It's a tough one!

  16. Dan Lok make a program if you want about how to start an online business and how to sell and make your products dominate the market. If you want and I'm sry if I'm arrogant but I'm 20 years old and I have my first job and I can put money away 300 euro each month or maybe if I struggle 350, so plz if you do such a program, I beeg you not be to expensive to can buy, I beeg you. I know you are expensive but I can't, I rly cant afford a to mouch expensive product

  17. Question: Who are the people hitting the thumbs down on videos like this?

    Answer: Closed minded non closers

    Thanks Dan. Loved the video.

  18. Omg Ive been stuck watching your videos for hours…Ive been applying your tricks and I get more sales …youre a big help ..and glad youre asian cause I am too hehe …Youre a genius Danlok ..Id be the happiest person on earth if i could meet you and get your autograph hehe 😭😭💕💕💕😊

  19. Damn i was a big fan until you just dissed mall kiosk salesmen. What makes you think that sales job is any different than other sales jobs. They’re simply promoting their product like any good business should, would you prefer they sit on their ass and wait for customers to come to the kiosk? I had to sit through an ad before i watched this video and that was pretty “annoying” but that doesn’t mean that ad won’t attract other customers. Horrible example and quite frankly it was nonsensical. Don’t get me wrong you have great info and teachings but that one was just a bad example.

  20. The knowledge and wisdom you have about the sales industry makes you truly eligible for the title of "The King of High Ticket Sales"

    Love and Respect from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  21. Thanks Dan! This is effective! Just closed out a new deal. I will be helping this client connect him to his target market on LinkedIn. Thank you again!

  22. i love how the music plays when you are talking…it makes this video less boring i hope every speaker know this

  23. Kinda like a fortnite you have all these streamers/influencers who have all the ingame cosmetics. From micro-transactions, and knowing people are like sheep is they have a desire to fit in. Aka purchase your products.

  24. OMG! I can relate to this
    They mostly reject the product
    I hope I can improve after watching this and make a sale

  25. I'm an external student of you. I'm following all your videos and trying to understand every detail. I have also downloaded you audio book "FU Money". Furthermore I'm trying to discuss what I learn with my wife and try to understand, practice and implement the skills and mindset you teach. I experience positive results in my work and business. I booked a phone call for HTC, but I got confused with am and pm (sure it is not an excuse), so I was busy at the time to answer the phone call. I will be glad if you or one of your students could answer following question. I have a huge depth and paying it off more and more every month and that is the reason to I hesitate to start on a 7 week course, both because the time and the little price it cost. In my case with all my intensive study and practise, will I still be better of with the 7 week course, or should I wait to pay off my depth?

  26. Hi dan,I’ve been following your video not quiet long but I subscribe and follow .Everything you’ve said is very powerful.And wow amazing.I have question for you “ is giving flyers really useful? As we I’ve been doing it.Its seems nobody call up.Should I stop doing it? Giving flyers?

  27. Question?? What be a good opening sell tactic when it come to speaking to a prospective (cold calling) and selling a service??

  28. I know Dan has a video on his channel closing a sale live. Does ANYONE have the link?! I’ve been scrolling and scrolling!

  29. Sir u are so interesting, I am dragged to just watch your vedios😀can u propose a roleplay inshort about how to convince people to buy anything easily.

  30. how can i get a loan an credit from banks if im in poverty if they keep denying me all im trying to get is a loan of 2000 an still no an when i try to get a job no one will hire me struggle is real im a single father of two kids i will get out some day

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