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How to Choose a Car Dealership | Test Drive the Dealership

How to Choose a Car Dealership | Test Drive the Dealership

My name is David Haber. I’m the general manager at North Shore Honda. I’m proud to say I’ve been here 27 years, the last eight years as general manager. And I’d like to help you find the right dealership for you. Before customers buy a car they ask themselves certain questions about the dealership that they’re going to. If their credit isn’t good they ask themselves Are they going to make me feel comfortable? If I don’t know whether I want to lease or buy Are they going to be able to explain the difference? And which suits me better? What’s their service department like? Are they going to know who I am? Will they know I bought the car here? Are they going to make me feel comfortable and not sell me things that I don’t need? These are typical questions that customers are concerned about. People have asked me what makes a successful dealership? Certainly having long-term salespeople and long-term managers. The first thing they should look for is that the salesman has their best interest at heart. That the salesman really interviews a customer and asks them: Why are they here? What is it that they’re interested in? What kind of car do you need? How do they want to go about the financing? How many miles do they put on in a year? What are they going to use the car for? These are the key questions. I always like to say that A lot of people call up and all they want is the bottom line price. Anybody can give you a price. What we want you to do is to come in and see us. We’re going to sell you on the dealership. We’re going to sell you on the people that work here. You’re going to love coming back here. So come in to North Shore Honda. Test drive the dealership. Thank you.

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