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How to Check Used Car Before Buying – DIY Inspection

How to Check Used Car Before Buying – DIY Inspection

[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) 1, 2, 3, 4. Rev up your engines! [ENGINE REVVING] It’s time for If you were thinking about
buying a used car then stay tuned, because
today I’m going to show you how to quickly check
out a used car for purchase. Now, all modern cars
are computerized, so if you have one of these OBD2
readers, plug it into the car and you’ll learn a lot. And realize that these OBD2
scanners will fit any car from 1996 to the present. So if you don’t have one,
it’s a good idea to get one. Some are as cheap as 40 bucks. Now, in this Toyota,
you go under the dash. And here’s the plug that
in plugs into right here. You just plug the
code reader right in. It snaps in, then start the car. [ENGINE STARTING] Then the first thing you want to
do is see if there’s any codes. So we’ll choose Read Codes. Well, there is no
code, so that’s good. Now, if there were
any trouble codes, that means there’s a
problem with the car. There aren’t any, so we
know that at least there’s no solid trouble codes. Then you also want to
check a thing that’s called drive cycle monitor. And in this case, you can say
it says all monitors are OK. And that’s really
important to check also, because sometimes the owner
will have the computer reset and it will have problems. Then it would say some of
the monitors weren’t OK yet. You wouldn’t want
to buy the car then. Now, the next thing to do is to
park on a nice, flat surface, and then look under it to see if
there’s any kind of oil leakage that’s dripping
down on the ground. And in this case,
it’s dry as a bone. But we’re going to
jack up the front end anyways to check things. You can learn a lot
by jacking up a car and looking at the underside. You want to look
at the CV joints to make sure they’re
not ripped or torn. And you can check the bottom
of the engine and transmission. And in this case,
they’re bone dry, so they’re not leaking at all. While you have it
jacked up in the air, you can pull on the
tires to see if there’s any suspension where the tire
would wobble back and forth. Now, this car is pretty new. It’s only about a year old. So I know that it
runs pretty good. We’re mainly going to be
looking for body damage to see if the car’s
been wrecked or flooded. So you slam the hood, and then
see if it’s aligned correctly the whole way around. Look at the seam on
one side of the hood and compare it with the seam
on the other side of the hood. And in this case, the right
seam and the left seam look exactly the same, so the
hood hasn’t been crumpled in. And do the same thing
on all the door seams to make sure they look the same
front to back and side to side. So we’re going to
the other side. And they all match, so it wasn’t
whacked one side or the other. Now we’ll pop the trunk
open and look inside to see if it’s been rear ended. Well, the seams inside
are clean and they’re all factory-looking. And now we’ll pick up
the rugs and look inside. And sure, a little
cardboard stuff is ripped. But more importantly,
all these factory seams are still exactly as
the car was built. They haven’t been
touched and done over, so it hasn’t been rear ended. Then you want to go up and down
the car looking at the paint. And look at the reflections,
because that way you can see if there’s
any little dings. As we walk down
the car here, you can see, hey, this
looks strange. There’s a little ding
in the door right here. You’re only going to see it when
you look at the reflections, though, so look closely. Now, of course,
you don’t buy a car just because it has a few
dings but you knock some money off the price. And the last thing you want
to do in this quick check is look at all four tires. Make sure they’re not
[? cupped ?] or have gouges in them, showing that
there’s a problem. These are flat and evenly worn. And then, of course, take
it for a good road test. Drive it for a good
10 minutes in town and 10 miles on the highway. Listen for buzzing noise,
humming noise, clicking noises, and see how the vehicle
tracks at highway speeds, if the steering
wheel goes straight and whether it shakes or not. And then if you’re real
serious about the car, do like my customer did, bring
a car to a mechanic like me to do the final check. Because you’re going to be
saving thousands of dollars buying a used car, so
spend 80 or 90 bucks to have a pro check
it out before you buy. And aside from a little
dent on the side of the door and some cracked
cardboard in the trunk, this Toyota passed
with flying colors. And remember, if you have
any car questions, just visit [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. ws good and all until the last 10 seconds when asked to get it to a "pro", could've said that at the beginning of the video as pretty sure non would've watched it especially when there are tons of videos on youtube about this topic

  3. Hey Scotty, just found your channel. They’re awesome. I will be looking for a used minivan soon and I want to know your opinion on the best one..Thanks Scotty. Peter from London Ontario.

  4. Ok but who’s gonna jack up someone’s car they are trying to sell lol, I get the scan tool but jacking someone’s car up to check it?

  5. Excellent checks. I also take a look at the radiator to make sure there are some bugs on there. Not a brand spanking new one without any which indicates a possible replacement after an accident. I also look for signs of overspray in the engine compartment, make sure the weld patterns on the strut mounts are symmetrical, and make sure the seals around the front and rear windows look original.

  6. What I find a little strange is a much older car with less than 100K….but some people may not know that the mileage can be turned back..disconnect the cable from the trans.and put it on a drill in reverse…

  7. Missing two major points: engine and transmission oils. Pull oil dipstick for burn or sludge in engine oil and transmission for smelly burnt oil or metal shaving on dipstick.

  8. Sounds like most of the steps are just simple common sense. If you don't know anything about a car, take someone with you that does

  9. If u are amatuer chech that is no oil in the water and opposed, and chech the pedal is not without rubber because when a car turn over 400.000 km the rubber on pedals start to dissepeare, and so u drive and hear after bad noises and try break, and the clutch, stop the car, set him in 2 gear, take up the hand brake, give gas, take out clutch like u shall drive, if the motor not die its mean u need change the clutch. And look after oil leaks…. Good luck

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  12. Scotty, it would be great if you could do a similar check on a vehicle that someone is thinking about buying!

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  14. Just had a Toyota Prius inspected and it passed as well. I love taking a car in for an inspection but like to check stuff out myself before that stage. Keeps you from buying a beautiful lemon. Great video

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  16. We have a 2009 Honda Pilot and the steering wheel shakes and wobbles when you get to highway speeds?? Any suggestions

  17. Ask or look for a tag that says whether the timingbelt has been replaced and if so when!
    If it hasn't been replaced you can negotiate the price by 400 dollars down (that's the cost for replacing that belt) Because if it is worn out it will rip apart and you can buy a whole new engine/ car

    Correct if I'm wrong though

  18. Would be better if this video were more thorough. For example, didn't check oil dipstick at all. From that you can learn 1) is it an oil burner? 2) does it look like a milkshake (head gasket leak)?

  19. The seams don't tell you much on a Telsa, just that they stink at making bodies (parts pieced together, rather than a real frame or solid body)

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  21. Once I bought a 99 BMW and after about a week after buying I realized the passenger door wouldn't open from the inside. So whenever my wife drove with me she had to roll her window down and open from the outside

  22. Thanks Scotty. I like to watch all your videos as I'm very fond of cars and you provide very useful info.

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    Question: What about buying a Salvage titled car from a dealer
    that repaired it?
    In this case, the guy has a 2018 Civic with 9500 miles showing.
    He wants $10,000.

  24. i'm going to bring this dude over when i go buy my used 90's Jaguar vanden plas, hope he's open to taking some cash and a cold beer!
    I'm so freaking serious about this!!!!!!!!! Watching videos don't do it for me, i need THE MAN himself to inspect it and rip the salesman to bits and get me the Kelly Book suggested price, not a dollar more!!!

  25. Scotty is so right about having a professional look at it. I knew enough about engines to check out a car. Everything in the engine was fine, body was great, come to find out the transmission needed to be replaced and it had a serious SRS failure. So that was not fun. That 100-200 would have saved me easily 3-4k.

  26. Always know when buying used it got sold for a reason an not just because somebody needed money fast if ur buying for a salesman he dnt giv a fuk about the car he will till u it came from god best cars to buy are from ppl who owned them for awhile

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  28. Hi Scotty,it is nice idea to use DIY scan tool to check used car before buying.
    Launch Creader 3001 CRP123E CRP129E is not bad for the cost

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    The asking price of the car is 5500 idk if it worth to try negotiate a lower price and fix it at that point.
    And if so what will be the best price

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    I am planning to buy 2011-12 honda city AT with 67k Kms on odo and I want to install cng in it.
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    Please reply, thanks.

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