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How to check if your rental car uses petrol or diesel.

How to check if your rental car uses petrol or diesel.

In the UK alone, every three and a half
minutes somebody does something deeply embarrassing, easily avoidable and tricky
to put right; putting petrol into a diesel car or vice versa.
It’s called “misfuelling” and it can cause major damage to the engine and
fuel system, as well as being very expensive to fix. So, here’s how you can
tell what type of fuel your car takes. Rental companies tend to use labels or
stickers on the cars key, dashboard or fuel door, however, if you haven’t got any
of those, just lift the fuel door and hopefully the cap will help you out.
Still no clues? Take a look at the back of the car. If you have a diesel model,
you’ll tend to find that there is a “D” in the full model name. Manufacturers tend
to use names like “TDI” or “HDI” and so on. Finally, when you’re at the pump if you
try to fill your petrol car with diesel, you’ll really have to force the nozzle
in as a diesel nozzle is actually thicker than a petrol one. Unfortunately,
it’s just really easy to fill a diesel car with petrol, so err, just try not to
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