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  1. Before heading anywhere it might be prudent to diagnose why the brake fluid was low so as to avoid a crash and a trip to the hospital, or morgue.  Throwing out the remaining brake fluid in the bottle may be a bit extreme.  The master cylinder is also opened when brake fluid is added and we don't throw out that fluid. It takes considerable time for brake fluid to become contaminated with water from the surrounding air and not just a few seconds. Lastly, brake fluid should not be thrown out, it should be recycled.

  2. Thanks for the helpful video. Best part was telling where the reservoir is located. Doesn't matter what car it is.

  3. By this logic the fluid in the system would go bad as quickly as the fluid in the bottle. If the bottle is closed, it's not in contact with anymore air than the air that is at the top of the reservoir.

  4. I have a new product brake fluid tester, I am looking for a brake fluid tester user to experience my new product that can be offered free of charge.

  5. What happen if the brake fluid is not changed over 3 years?

  6. Why did you say the color should be a light golden brown but then pour in fluid that's completely clear?  How would that turn brown

  7. I'm a little confused because my Toyota dealership also said it should be light golden brown but the fluid that you're using is completely clear. So I'd like to know why is that? Also I was told that the dot 4 it's actually better And can take more heat then the.dot 3. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks Carrie

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