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How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Factory Versus After-Market Car Stereo

How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Factory Versus After-Market Car Stereo

The reason for which you need to buy a mostly
customers buy the aftermarket unit is for simple reasons. Sometimes they do want to
upgrade, their systems and especially if you want to add an iPod to the stock radios. They
usually the stock radios don’t have these features available. On when you buy and after
market radio a like I told you before they’re equip already there. Also when you want to
do a big system like on add a, two woofers, you want more base in your system. It’s kind
of hard to do it when you have a stock radio because they don’t usually have a, the features
for them like a radio like this they already have it. If you look at it like I said again,
they have the inputs for it so that make it easier for us to be able to hook a big system
to them. Also the sound quality it’s a lot better than just having a stock radio. If
stock radio is the radio that come from the manufacture from the dealer so the basically
what they have, they only have the AM FM and CD player. That’s all it is they don’t have
any type of a features that you can add to them so if you want to upgrade this radio
you actually need to the dealer and the dealer charge so much that a, customer instead of
a spending that much money on that they can actually save a lot of money and get something
that is probably is going to do a lot better job with a lot less money.

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34 thoughts on “How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Factory Versus After-Market Car Stereo

  1. this would be useful information if I had never seen a car or a radio ever before.
    But if I'm living in the kenyan outback without any electricity or civilization whatsoever.. I'm probably not on youtube. Video FAIL

  2. or if u dont wanna buy after market radio buy a high to low $17 at walmart hook it up 2 ur rear speaker wire than take a adio wire from that 2 ur amp n there u go subs with stock radio alot cheaper

  3. They will only leave a big hole if you're not using a bezel kit, installing a 2-din or smaller HU into a 2.5-din slot, or installing a 1-din in a 2-din slot.

  4. this is retarded…its not hard to put a system on a stock head unit and those rca preouts are not all for subs theres one sub channel and then left and right channel

  5. This guy is fuckin retarded. I had a stock radio and it was connected to the amp with 2 12s and hit hard as fuck and that was a stock Mazda Protege cd player. stock Cd players just stop workin though

  6. He's not retarded your racist. lol nah but i had a stock radio in my 2009 pontiac vibe and when i replaced it with the alpine cda 9886 the quality of sound went way up plus more control over my two subs.

  7. dude 😀 if your headunit have audio inputs you can't add subwoofers and stuff to your system xD you need OUTPUTS. ps. and they are called RCA connectors 😉

  8. lol..notice when he says that "factory radio only has AM & FM" , the buttons on the radio say CD/AUX and SAT. LMAO. Should have chosen a different car. that factory car radio has it all and navigation. only an idiot would down grade…lol

  9. @MagicalMrSkylar : should have used a more relevant video fyi: pioneer makes radios for ford and fujitsu ten found in toyotas and lexus is owned by eclipse. so if your saying upgrading a factory radio thats made by pioneer to a pioneer thats not expanding your system. I'm saying the video is discredits the theory. may as well show a mc donalds ad while talking about losing weight. lol want to talk car audio then stay out of best buy and lets talk steg, focal etc… been in this game too long.

  10. @ogostaboy wow "EXCEPT" would you change the factory JBL double din radio in a 2010 highlander and put in a after market double din. if so, then I will not waste our time….he he he. lets just say going aftermarket isnt always the best choice.

  11. @ogostaboy agred… if you ahve a nice car with like anavi and all that, use a rockford fosgate 3.sixty… if you have acheap crap car, use an aftermarket…

  12. @WeAreTwoDoorsDown : damn finally someone that knows their stuff. I agree 3. sixty is the way to go. thanks

  13. you fucker shit up ypu mouffff and readdddd aboutn stock radio units…some of then is beter then you think…but this not for you bastar…fuck you!!

  14. add 2 woofers? or 2 subwoofers?
    theres a huge difference lol
    woofers are mid range bass drivers and subwoofers are the low range bass drivers

  15. @egagmolck little diffrence between a Woofer and Subwoofer…..a sub is only a heavy duty woofer specifically intended for higher powered low frequencies.

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