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How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Complete Car Stereo Systems

How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Complete Car Stereo Systems

If you want to have a complete system in your
car, well, this is what a complete system consists of. Like I said again, most of the
cars they do have six cones high in the back, six and a half in the front. These are for
you to get the vocals, the high, the high pitch, that’s what it is for. Also, if you
look in the bottom, we have two woofers. This is your bass. This is the boom box that’s
what it’s called. Now, in order for us to be able to run a system like this, which is
very loud, we need two amplifiers. Like I said again, we have two channels, two channel
amplifiers mean that this with one, we’re going to be running two woofers, which is
this one is running the two woofers in the bottom, this is a four channel amplifier,
this is a four channel because it’s running four speakers. All of this is run by that
amplifier. Also, if you look at this right here, we have a crossover. This, most of the
amplifiers they have already a built in crossover, which they do a pretty good job. Now, once
you have added an extra electronic crossover, they have passive crossovers, but this one
right here is an electronic crossover. Once you add something like that to a system, automatically
you’re able to adjust your system the best way. You can set it up whichever way you want
this speakers to sound like, every time you move a switch like this, you’re actually moving
the quality or the sound that you’re getting out of this speaker.

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28 thoughts on “How to Buy Car Stereo Systems : Complete Car Stereo Systems

  1. Holy crap, this guy doesn't have a freaking clue what he's talking about…
    Take some time and learn what you're freaking talking about before posting a freaking video…

  2. He knows what he's talking about he's giving the basics if you already know how to pick out a complete sound system with head unit amplifiers speakers subs port vs sealed rms/peak ratings you don't need to watch this video it's only for those who are going to like best buy and want some basic information before buying something they might not want.

  3. unless a mexican installs your system, you didnt get the best system out there, the dude who did mine, AMAZING… his english was bad, but we understood each other perfectly, and he gave me a good deal (obviously) and did a fantastic job, wiring and all, very clean.

  4. what is the matter with you people…. just because some people can't speak English correctly does not mean they don't know what they are doing. In the contrary, some are smarter than you.

  5. @baseballkid444 you can do both your speakers will sound much better but you need a 4 channel amp haha don't use a mono block amplifier and i would suggest component speakers which is a speaker and a tweeter, but buy your shit online it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper and by way cheaper i mean wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper.

  6. @baseballkid444 also you don't need a 2 channel amp for two subs like this guys said you can just get a mono block amp if your installing two subs it will still have two speaker outputs(that's actually how its usually done) i used to have 1 1500 watt RMS mono block amp on 3 12" subs. with a 4 channel amp to power my interior speakers, sounded great :).

  7. @baseballkid444 I would but you don't have to, they also have 5 channel amps which is 4 channels for the speakers and one for the sub, if were you for a starter system i would just get two Sony Xplod 12" subs and a sony 1000Watt or 1200Watt amp, and then just put in maybe kicker component speakers in the doors or you could go even cheaper then that for the speakers, and i'd hook them up to a sony or pioneer 4 channel amp. i would prolly do that first to see if you like it

  8. @Tom64o for your first one you won't be disappointed. sony's not that great overall but they're a good first system. lol they were mine and a bunch of people i know, got us all hooked on stereo's.

  9. ***Edit***

    A Crossover regulates the frequency range sent to any of the amps. So with a crossover you can adjust at wich frequency the sound is deiverted to the Woofer or Midrange/tweeters.

    Most P.A. systems in clubs for instance crossover from woofer to midrange @ around 80- 150 Hz. this way the woofer outputs up to 150 Hz while the rest gets outputted by the midrange/tweeters

    just thought that ur explanation of a crossover was sorta lacking

  10. so to have great quality sound on a car you will need 2 amps, a Low amp for the bas,& and a High amp to make the vocals louder?? someone please tell me if Im write..

  11. lol my phone translates twitter into tweeters because it is more important and a more commonly used word.. as for everybody else watching this video, you need to do more research other than this, there is so much more to learn than what is said in this video..

  12. you dnt have to have 2 amps one is also good but if you wanna take to the extreme then you can get more then one amp

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