How To Buy Car Insurance in South Carolina – Part 1 of 3

Hi, I’m Mark Joye, Head of the Litigation
Department at the Joye Law Firm. Today, I’m going to talk to you about buying
car insurance in South Carolina, and how you can make some smart
decisions about the coverage you buy. I won’t have a pet lizard, some guys
playing ukulele or a guy destroying everything you own. These things may be funny, but they don’t
tell you anything about making smart decisions on how much coverage or what types of
coverage to buy. Price alone is not the only factor. All too often a person’s claim for
damages is limited by the amount of insurance coverage someone either bought or forgot to buy, and
their life is ruined because they didn’t know better when they were purchasing this coverage.
First coverage is ‘liability coverage.’ The question here to ask, is if you cause a car wreck and hurt someone, how much coverage should you buy to pay
for that person’s injuries before your personal assets or risk. Yes, just because you bought a certain amount
of insurance coverage and he gets paid does not insulate you from still being
held responsible for all the damages you caused. How
comfortable are you with that risk? The minimum amount of liability coverage
required in South Carolina is twenty-five thousand dollars per person. We all hear about the rising cost of
medical care, I’ve seen plenty of situations where
someone goes to the emergency room after a car crash, and their ER bill
alone exceeds ten thousand dollars. From there, the bills can easily get to
twenty five thousand dollars real quick. Of course, buy the coverage you
can afford, but be mindful of the risk that you take
if you buy too little coverage and you cause serious injuries to
someone. In my next spot, I’ll talk to you about buying uninsured
and underinsured motorist coverage. In the meantime, if you need help on your
auto crash – just call Joye!

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