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How to Buy Any Car for $3,500

How to Buy Any Car for $3,500

rev up your engines Thomas Farrell says Scotty
I’m looking for a car or truck around 3500
or 4500 dollar range any advice yeah everybody’s looking for something in
that range so look at Craigslist all your friends relatives see what people
are selling if you want a very reliable car look at Toyotas and maybe ones that
the paint is faded off or have fenders bashed in they go for a lot less money
there and it can still be excellent cars you know if you’re looking for a
beautiful car no dents paints in great shape odds are you’re not gonna get that good
of a car for thirty five to forty five hundred dollars because cars go for more
money if they’re in great shape and they’re really good cars like Toyota or a
lexus or Honda and that price range you’re really gonna get one that looks a
little beat up but could be very sound mechanically or you’re gonna get one
that may still look good but hey it’s got tons of miles who wants to buy a car
that’s got 250 300 thousand miles I might last a while but you don’t pay
even that kind of money for that love says Scotty I bought an 07 nissan sentra
155 thousand miles at an auction for $1,200
is it a good buy, well 1,200 bucks is much for a
car these days right the Nissan Sentra those things aren’t as well-made as they used
to be they’re making them cheaper and cheaper
and cheaper but at least that’s the 2007 it’s a 13 year old yes you would have
bought one that’s three or four years old I’d say no you don’t want to buy one
that they’re horrible cars as they age you bought it at an auction auction cars
are often garbage if you got a good car people sell it on the street people are
always looking for good used cars for my experience of 51 years cars are at
auctions for a reason they’re wrecks a lot it’s stolen they got a serious
problem and they sell it or an auction just to get it out of their hair often
auction cars are not very good cars you gotta be very leery buying an auction
cars I know guys that do it but the pros they do it for a living and even
then they have a money-back guarantee from the auction house if they buy one and
it’s 11 they don’t get their money back but they
get their money credit back they can apply that if it was $1700 for buying
another car at an auction and they sell them all to somebody else and they buy
four or six of them at a time and make a lot of profits so they don’t care buying
them one at a time as a private individual not a smart move really
bob bobe Bob one two three says Scotty I thought you said Volvo’s are money pits
especially the ten-year-old ones ah yes as they age they
fall apart but the really old ones knew they were built like tanks and I suppose
you’re referring to the one that was a 14 year old Volvo station wagon back
then they were still making I’m solid heavy cars not much on gas mileage but
they could run they’re safe they were strong not anymore and of course you
know chinese-owned now and they say that they’re only gonna make electric cars
and hybrid electric cars in the near future so starting in 2020 so people can
argue like what about Volvo it’s gonna be completely different setup than they ever
were lee says do you think
plug-in hybrids will fail in the marketplace any thoughts on them good
bad plug-in hybrids are kind of in between they’re the original hybrid like
a Toyota Prius there’s a battery that’s recharged while you’re driving around
you never plug it in the plug-in hybrids are the same thing except you can plug
them into a wall to charge the battery so you can run on battery power alone if
you want as electric cars they have a very limited range I’ve driven some of
them around some of the ones I tried out afford to think of go like maybe 15 20
miles on electricity before it ran out went back to the motor a kind of lazy
electric car not fully electric but it can go a little way I think for the
money it’s not really worth it if you’re gonna go full electrical full electrical
in a hybrid car get a hybrid car with all the technology that entails they’re
very expensive the fix the age I don’t think the plug-in hybrids are gonna be
that big of a I think kind of a nice thing mark says Scotty everyone
hates cvts but I love mine what’s your opinion the future is definitely going
to cvts there’s no arguing that they weigh less they get better gas mileage
that’s the main thing they get better gas much older son recently bought a
Toyota Corolla with the CVT he loves it and he’s a fast driver if anybody’s
gonna make CVT that last I put my money on Toyota I would not trust jatco
that’s Nissan and a bunch of companies use Jatco transmissions because the cvts
that they’ve sold specially the Nissan’s have been absolute garbage in the past
lousy design a lousy manufacturing if anybody’s gonna build it right I’d say
it would be Toyota with their Aisin transmissions now I don’t know you
didn’t say what you have but I’m guessing maybe you have one and if you
do it could be that they’re making them right now I wait until about four years
and years million years and have it all the bugs up before I buy one, luco two
three four my car makes a clunk whenever a shift from park to reverse or park to
drive what is this try it’s just a broken motor mount or transmission mount
it often is I got a video on that just typing replacing bad motor mount scotty
and you’ll see the video it shows how you can test them a jacking the motor up
a little bit and seeing if the motor mounts start to come apart cuz they’re
broken inside cuz there’s metal then there’s rubber and there’s metal and a
bolt on on the rubbers the part that rips normally it’s just that know if it
isn’t that it’s your transmission going out clunk clunk and that’s not
a good thing that can be very expensive, mister dandy says can you do the show
without your glasses well they’re to be kind of stupid because I would be
sitting there looking at this camera and all it has on it would be a blur and
I’d be looking at the questions and they’d be a blur I wouldn’t be able to
read any of the questions I can see to like the end of my nose about an inch
more pants that I’m blind as a bat these are prescription sunglasses they are
really strong and I’ve got studio lights over here that are shining back in my
face so I have glasses on so I can read it better there’s logic behind just
about everything I do, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I smashed the fenders with a hammer on a car at the Ferrari dealership and told them I’d buy it for $3,500. I’m sending my bail bill to you, Scotty.

  3. Hey Scotty, I'm looking to buy a car within the next few months and I am looking for a good independent mechanic to help me with a pre inspection. Would you happen to know/recommend anyone in the DFW area or have any tips for me to find one? Thanks

  4. I bought a toyota solora convertible $1500 120 thousand miles just needs paint body straight ac cold very good car

  5. I really like the current Honda Accord, but doesn't it only come with a turbo engine? I've heard that naturally aspirated engines, like the Toyota Camry V-6, last longer. PS – How did my comment get attached to this video? I was watching the "Honda motors vs. Toyota motors" video. LOL!

  6. Did he say prescription medical marijuana lol id love to sit back smoke some pot and talk cars with Scotty all day

  7. You can find great deals on cars on Craigslist or marketplace. You just have to be quick and get there first with cash in hand.

  8. Guess how much I paid for 10 Prius in very good condition (Full package+17" wheel+leather+JBL+navigation ) ??

  9. Still trying to get a Mazda 3 with either the 2.3 or 2.5 with a stick but the ones I see for sale have about 170miles and more and the sellers want $5000 for them.

  10. I purchased a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme automatic with the 3.1 V6 for $1,000 cash and $400 worth in gold with 132k on the clock ⏰ Let me know what you think Scotty!

  11. The guy wanting a car for $3,500 is better off buying a certified pre-owned Toyota instead of buying a used car from someone off the street.

  12. He bought John Lenin’s corpses glasses, fun fact. Morticians are a cold handed practice folk, like Scotty weeple Val kilmer the second.

  13. I Bought an 07 Jeep Patriot. CVT went out on me just shy of 100k miles. Mechanic told me these things cannot be repaired, had to put a new one in.

    That is a big problem with cvt. If it goes you need a new one.

  14. I dont pay over a grand for anything.
    They are all beat to death & need work.
    My buddy & I have a lil bet going.
    So far, Im winning.
    Best cheapest car.
    1980 TBird
    Just came out of TriCounty Performance ( fully custom built car )
    347 Stroker….the whole works.
    Kid sold it to me 2 hours after he brought it home.
    Told me the receipts are in the glovebox.
    $20,000+ in receipts.
    I paid $150 for the car.
    Reason for the sale ~ " Car doesn't run right"
    He bumped the key, fired right up and sat there rocking.
    "See, don't run right"
    (Um, cammed up 347 strokers will make a car rock )😒😄
    I dont like Fords, but I sure do love that Sleeper.

  15. This will save your marriage. Snotty. Get into. Honda. It is best car. All over. Rest of all these other cars have all been recaled. Mazda fucked that up. Recaled everyone..

  16. VOLVO. ARE THE WORST. IN CANADA WE HAVE EVERYTHING UNDER 2010 off the road. There was to many scottys cars out there….

  17. I bought a rolled car from an auction, it was all fixed. Was a great car, with no problems, but wouldnt be as safe in a crash.

  18. At :37 seconds he showed my BLUE 2005 PT CRUISER!!🤗 It has been and still is a VERY Dependable car 😎 thx SCOTTY 👍 AND here I thought he only recommends a 94 Toyota Corolla Lol PEACE BROTHERS

  19. Bought a car for $250, put in reman tranny for $1700. Throttle body went out a few months later but 11k later the car still driving.

  20. Scotty, what are the top four newer automatic transmissions made and we know Toyota will be #1:).  I ask because you say Honda is a good car and they have a CVT transmission but so does Nissan.  What’s up with that?

  21. I bought an Accord for 400 bucks and the guy at the autoshop said it's too rotten underneath to even work on. So now I'm trying to save up a bit and buy something better… advice?

  22. Hey Scotty, I got a Toyota Camry with for $3,000. Needed new brakes and two rotors. 2 O2 sensors as well. Got that all done and the car runs great. Had 137,000 miles when I bought it.

  23. I have a cousin that used to be in the used car business (he retired). I can vouch for what Scotty says about cars in auctions. They are typically cars whose engines caught fire, or are repos that got ragged out when the owner knew he was going to lose it, etc. And you never know when you might be buying a previously auctioned car from a used car lot because my cousin would buy and resell them.

  24. Hey scotty! My aunt's automatic Honda Jazz (130k miles, I have a strong feeling the transmission oil has never even been checked) makes a rattling/stuttering noise when it's in D and either not moving or above 40mph. Could it be the torque converter going bad?

  25. can the comment section help me? Looking for a high school car, under $6,000, v6 and above/250+ hp/FAST, post 2000 era and under 130,000 miles. Anything sporty, looking at some g35's and older mustang GTs. HELPPPP

  26. Lol – love the sunglasses – I always concentrate on your eyes, the kitty eyes ( in the background) or the hilarious animals and pictures in the upper right corner – lol – great and informative vids man – you're like a train wreck – I can't stop watching you – lol – have a great Sunday big brother!!!!!!

  27. Bought a BMW 740i for $2500 sold it 3 years later for $2200 if I didn't have a fleet of nice cars no doubt I'll be missing that car today.
    also own another BMW for which I paid $800.00 12 years ago, Best car ever. Beemers age pretty nice.

  28. Bought my 1994 Sundance for $1700 several months ago and it still runs like a clock. Chrysler K cars are more reliable than they are given credit for. The thing even still has it's original clear coat!

  29. You know how scotty says chryslers are garbage but then says Aisin transmissions are the best and he says Chrysler transmissions are crap but like the jeep compass al9t of Chrysler's vehicles have aisin transmissions

  30. I bought an 03 Durango for 3,500 and miraculously it only had 107k miles and the only issue so far has been an ac compressor replacement. It even drove a week with very little transmission fluid and I was too stupid to realize 💀 there was just enough to not cause any damage I’m assuming

  31. My 2004 dodge dakota was 3000$ my first car ever i got a v8 bam sun
    2004 are mich more off road worthy then the newer models

  32. Don't ever question, or doubt what Scotty does! There is logic to everything he does. It would be sacrilege to even think of such things.

    Keep up the good work, Scotty!

  33. I work in a Toyota (Aisin) manufacturing plant, so it's nice to see Scotty's love for Toyota 😂 With that said, I own 2 Chevys and a Ford lol.

  34. Scotty, what do you think about the Ford Mustang? I wanted to buy one of those, or a Corvette…are they reliable?

  35. I'm looking to buy a Kia optima 2004 but it has a 3rd gear error code is it worse even entertaining the thought of purchasing this vehicle????

  36. nowadys cars are made of more plastics / fiber / light weight steel just to server the purpose for about 2-3 yrs , just like mobile phones !! People are not buying cars for it being reliable but just for the designs its trending features .The companies know it and they are fully using it for their profit. (that a bad thing as a consumer)

  37. I bought a 1990 Nissan Sentra at a public auction years ago for $150. Had a 4 speed manual and had damage on the passenger side rear quarter panel that looked like the previous owner side swiped a tractor trailer. But that car ended up being bulletproof. Drove it 160/day for work for 4 years and only replaced the master cylinder which was easy to do and cheap. So yeah. I'm not an auction pro but I guess according to what Scotty says, I be probably just got lucky

  38. I bought a 2005 Mini Cooper S with 80,000 miles for $3,500 USD. Already spent $4,400 on it. But the repairs were on clutch and transmission. I think it was a big deal.

  39. Hybrids are for people who are more concerned with virtue signalling than practicality, are easily parted from their money and obviously can't do basic math.

  40. scotty, the original prius WAS a plug in hybrid, its just that toyota never imported that option to the USA.
    we while we sit in america talking about the gas mileage of a prius, if you compare it to a first generation prius from japan or europe, it could have INFINITE gas mileage, what a ripoff

  41. is it worth to buy a ford ranger 2001 for 500 bucks needs a new starter or it might needs to be tightened and it has little over 128000 miles on it. what would you do?

  42. Sometimes it’s just about getting lucky and being patient. I snagged a near perfect condition fully loaded 2003 Yukon Denali XL for $3000 with 150K miles with the very strong 6.0 & so far the only thing I’ve replaced is brakes and rotors. Ac blows ice cold and that’s important here in Houston isn’t it Scotty

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