How To Buy a Used Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, you need
a new vehicle, do you need to terminate your old vehicle and get another one, you
don’t need to be superhuman to save money buying a used car, you just need to
know how to use your head, the first thing you want to discover when you
buying a used car, is that it’s been in a wreck, so here’s a tip here’s a simple
test that you can do to find if the car’s been in a wreck and you only need to use
your hand, go to the left front tire and put your hand between the tire and the
body of the car, in this case it’s a little bit more than four fingers, then
you walk to the other side of the car and do the same thing, and as you can see
it’s the same a little over four fingers so it’s not bent, if you would have had
two fingers on one side and four fingers on the other side, then the frame or the
front end would be bent, don’t buy the vehicle and of course do the same thing
with the back tires, now if you’re looking to buy a used vehicle that’s
less than 15 years old, the best way to check on an engine isn’t to look under
the hood, you want to look at this it’s a scan tool that analyzes your computer in
the car and gives you all kinds of information if there’s something wrong, a
mechanic can use it and analyze all kinds of stuff, but if you don’t want to
go to a mechanic there’s another option there’s companies like autozone that
will scan your computer free and give you any trouble codes if they exist and
if they do have trouble codes look for another vehicle, now with all the
flooding we’ve been having lately you might be worried about buying a flooded
car, so all you need is a flashlight and your nose, look up under the dash if you
see lots of shiny metal that’s good if the metal is rusty that’s bad the cars
been flooded and don’t buy it, then you can look around pick up the rugs a
little and smell if it smells all moldy and you see rust, might have been a flood
car don’t buy it and be real leery about a car that’s
heavily perfumed, people often spray the perfume to hide the mold smell, now some
older cars will have fluid leaks but that’s easy to check, just make sure the
area where the cars park doesn’t have any oil in it, then take your car for a
10 or 15-minute road test to see how it runs and bring it back to the same spot,
then check for drips if there’s no drips then nothing’s leaking and it’s okay,
so if your old vehicle is falling apart, now
you know what to do this is Scotty Kilmer helping you crank
it up and I’ll be back next week and remember if you have any car questions
just visit my website scotty

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