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How to buy a used car in 2019

How to buy a used car in 2019

What’s up, what’s up? I hope everybody’s having a good day today. My name is Christian welcome to Auto Thema and today I’m going to be talking to you guys about my top tips on how to buy a used car Tax season is upon us right now, so a lot of people are looking to buy a used car Even a new car, but this video specifically is going to talk about buying a used car I’ll give you guys some tips To make it just a little less stressful than what it normally would be and maybe save you some money in the process So let’s go ahead and begin with step number one budgeting You want to make a realistic budget something that you’re going to be able to afford Make sure that you can afford the monthly payments And a good rule of thumb for that is don’t let the monthly payment of the vehicle exceed 15% Of your monthly income that way you have a little bit of a cushion in case something were to go wrong So the next step is researching the vehicle that you want So you can go to websites like Edmonds Auto Trader even Craigslist look for a specific car that you’re looking for the year then make the features Hit search and you’re gonna get a lot in the results page That’s gonna Give you at least an overview an idea of what’s gonna be in your price range Based on what you put to search when I go to visit these websites I always suggest that you go down to the bottom of the page normally past pictures in all the little fine Manufacturer divi you’ll be surprised. How many people skip this This this step they don’t ever go to the bottom And look at the details because you know you know you might be looking for a specific car But then it has some Modifications that maybe you don’t want maybe you want to stop car and this car has a lot of performance going on and a lot Of the OEM stuff that I originally came with have been swapped out so it’s very important to go into the description and make sure it’s something that that you’re looking for and a lot of the times these websites like Admins of cars comm a lot of the sellers that put their vehicles on there they do Have an option to check the CARFAX Obviously you want to take that with a grain of salt because with my experience Brent experiences car factors. Don’t always show everything That’s happened, but at least you get a better picture of what’s going on there So once you go ahead and you do all of that stuff Ideally what you’re looking at price You’re looking at vehicle that you’re looking for you want to go to certain websites to check the value of the car and see what? It’s selling for I’ve used websites like true car comm Kelly Blue Book even Abba These websites give you a better idea of what people are paying for these cars that dealers around the world So you can easily go to Kelly Blue Book? Look up the vehicle of the year the add-ons take that information print it out also You want to look for the value of the vehicle that you’re traded in if you are traded in a vehicle Look for that ahead of time see the reason you want to do This is because once you go to the dealer you’re gonna have an upper hand you’re gonna Have a lot of information to be able to counter argue Whatever, they’re talking about this see the dealers their sales reps there. They love it when people go there unprepared They’re able to give you whatever facts They want to give you and you have nothing to counter with so you’re gonna want to print out the value of the car that You’re looking to buy and then you’re also gonna print out the value of the car. You’re planning to trade in And you know be really honest with yourself when you’re right in it You know it gives you the option to give you the condition of your vehicle be honest because once you go to the dealer eventually They’re gonna go ahead and they’re gonna look at the car anyways Print that out like I said Make sure you have that once you guys go over to the dealer so the next step is Check with your bank or your credit union to see what kind of interest rate They would offer you for the car that you’re looking to buy. I tell you this because Dealers they do have partnership with a lot of these banks You know the bank offers of them an interest for a certain car somebody’s buying but the dealer Cranks it up Just a bit so they can make more of a commission and ultimately you want to get a better deer for you so get that information from your bank Take that information Along with that information that you have with your value for your trading And AK are you looking to buy and then go over to the dealer with all that information okay? So the next step you want to go ahead and take is create an ideal price And this is a price and a lot of us call well Not a lot of us but dealers call out the door price and based on all that information that you gathered the values the research the pricing create a price an ideal price for yourself And this is the total max that you’re willing to pay for the vehicle so Let’s give you an example $15,000 that’s the number that you’re willing to go ahead and purchase that vehicle from the dealer. That’s the number it doesn’t matter What the taxes are the dealer fees or anything like that that’s called out the door price a lot of the times that? You know eliminates a lot of the stress And a lot of the nobody’s negotiations with the dealers because you’re just giving them a flat line price that’s that’s the price you want to get and That’s the price They’re gonna have to give you if they want to make a sale never go into the dealer with the pricing for your monthly cost Sales reps that the dealers absolutely love that because if you go in there and you ask him for a specific amount Let’s say I go there, and I go listen I want to pay only $400 a month they can manipulate that system so much that you pay only the $400 a month so you get what you asked for but maybe it might have been a little cheaper but not they’re squeezing in all these extras without you even knowing so save yourself the trouble and Come up with the price, and that is out the door And that’s the number you’re gonna have notated down or in your mind And you’re gonna use it later on once you go over to the deal and so Talking about dealers is the next step go to your preferred dealer. Go take a look at the car so from prior experience I’ve noticed that when I’ve gone to Dealerships a lot of other sales reps there. They just want to get straight to the point Are you looking to buy a car? Are you looking to buy? You’re looking at finance? Are you looking to pay cash you’re looking at cosign? And what’s your credit all that stuff just? Ignore all of that stuff and ask the person. Hey, can I go see this specific car that I’m looking? I want to make sure you like the car before you waste any time and don’t feel overwhelmed Oppression by these people if you want to a tip that I always give to people when they go buy a car is go bring A friend you feel a little less pressured a little less you know Suffocated in a way bring a friend that way You don’t feel the pressure when you tell these sales rep hey I’ll tell you that in a bit, but I want to go see the car first so you get to the car You know take a look around the car see if you see anything I mean use common sense to see if you see anything like some chips or some bangs And be realistic based on the price and that you chose A little scratches and scrapes and stuff like that can always be fixed later on Look for major stuff like rust holes if you live in a place that it snows a lot because that can be very expensive to fix look for major color Restoration maybe you can see the difference between the hood and the bumper where it doesn’t seem to magic as to the seller That’s showing you the cars much questions as you can so you can get a better idea and you can come up with a better Decision later on have them turn on the radio the a/c Oh God have them turn on the a/c Please so many times. I’ve seen people walk out the lot and the a/c doesn’t work You don’t want to deal with that it could be an expensive Situation make sure the a/c works the radio the lights the blinkers and stuff like that then ask the seller to test-drive the car So you want to go ahead and ask them to test ride the car, right? This is the car you might be owning for the next few years you want to make sure it rides the way you want It’s comfortable and by using a little bit of common sense that there’s nothing major wrong with it at lycée You can do this situation I would recommend you get a mechanic maybe a personal mechanic somebody that you know that has a very good knowledge of cars a Lot of the times if you don’t have one you can probably get one for like 50 or 70 dollars Ask the seller if you’re able to take the Carver to a mechanic and if they allow you that’s normally a good sign All right, so you finished the test drive and you come back over to the dealers parking garage If you haven’t looked go around the car Once again if you were pleased with drive yourself Try to look at the the tire thread a lot of the times you can tell if it’s bad thread her good thread It’s uneven wear on it always look for like an even thread because then you normally means it has an alignment issue or a disk issue or The car’s not steady in some kind of way Make sure that the car is not producing like a purplish blue smoke from the pipe that means that the engine is burning oil Trust me just stay away from it And I begin to give you an explanation unless you really know somebody that can fix the head of the engine But you just want to stay away from a car purchase like that like I said don’t be afraid to ask questions But like I said before the best way is to avoid all of this and go talk to a personal mechanic Let them do all that dirty work if you end up seeing some chips and stuff like that or some paint Defects make sure and go back to your kelley blue book or true car value Evaluations and the duck some points and get the the price more accurate after that all right So you like the car you liked everything about it a drove smooth. It was great for you Then at this point you’re gonna want to go inside and talk to the seller But see if you were looking at maybe another car and that was an option Don’t get emotionally attached to this car and take your time tell the seller that you’re gonna go over and look at the other cars At that point they’re probably gonna get to the point that it seems like the pressure and a lot They don’t want you to leave they’re saying it’s a bad idea and they try to talk you out of it At the end of the day sir buying decision don’t force it don’t rush it if you don’t have to go look at the other cars and Repeat the process that you did with this so once you decide which car you want to go ahead and buy go to that specific Dealer talk to the sales rep, and this is where the fun actually begins to talk in numbers once again I’m going to repeat guys. Do not use the monthly payment tactic Sales reps at the dealers. They absolutely love that because they can slam hidden fees Hidden services and extras into your monthly cost and still give you the number that stay away from the monthly our tactic Stick to the price that you patty you mind earlier, which was that out the door price And that’s the number you want to stick to you and hold that in your head So you’re gonna run by them that out the door price and that eliminates any hassle any kind of negotiations or any sad stuff? That’s gonna get straight to the point if that’s the car that you want to get stick to that price stay firm Don’t let them scare you worst case scenario you leave guess what they’re gonna probably call you nine times out of ten and try to Work out a better deal and probably give you the deal that you wanted originally remember. You’ve done your homework already You know the values You know the interest rate that your bank is gonna provide you or your credit union you know of what the car is worth You know what the car sells for remember. This is why you did your homework before you have the information you have the values you have what people are paying for normally for the vehicle that you’re looking to buy and by the way I Have not talked about your specific trade, and if you have that and there’s a specific reason I haven’t done that you want to leave that to the very last Step because they try to manipulate numbers in there to make it seem like they’re giving you more Or they’re making your payment’s cheaper trust me They have a way to Manipulate the system you want to get the outdoor price and get them to say yes to the outdoor price And then you slam in the fact hey, I got a trade-in Daddy now you have the documentation for the trade-in and now you can get an honest trade in value on top of the outdoor price And that you got from the dealer, they’re probably going to hate you for this one But remember you’re trying to get a good deal not them so the next step They’re probably going to do is run your credit since you’re gonna be buying the car And they’re gonna see what interest rate you’re approved for at that point You bring in that secret weapon you already got the interest rate from your bank Once they give you the interest rate and a lot of the times it’s probably to be higher than what your bank offered That’s where you use that as a negotiation tool And if they can read it even by a fraction of a percent just go ahead and take their loan Will make it a lot easier, you’re already at the dealer You can get everything done are very quick and easy they’ll ask if you want like the 48 month Finance option the 16-month you choose someone that’s better for you the one that fits within your budget for the monthly payments remember never try To exceed the 15% of your monthly income so the next step you’re almost at the finish line But you’re not quite there now you have to go to the finance office or what they call the finance manager space And that’s a lot of the times the best sales rep in the entire dealer They’re there to try to sell you add-ons and this is where a lot of people feel like they’re getting pressured And they break and they say yes to whatever they’re trying to sell you I’ll try to sell you some theft though some anti-theft Thing for your car just avoid it they’re gonna try to offer you gap insurance You can probably get that through your own insurance a lot cheaper, so just decline everything that they’re offering you there avoid everything there They’re also gonna try to offer you the extended warranty for your vehicle if it doesn’t already have one if your car doesn’t have Extended warranty I would personally get that advice from the personal mechanic that looked at your car And if they didn’t look at your car a lot of the times warranty is a good idea So you use your own judgment for the warranty anything else they try to offer you they’re just decline it It’s not worth it and just stick to it stay firm. They’re gonna try to talk you down They’re gonna try to make you feel like crap Just stick to to the process decline everything and if you want to get the warranty if the warranty is a good price and you Think you know it’s worth it for you, and you just want no headaches Then on a case by case scenario you can accept that but don’t go for the first price and just tell them no No, no, and then at the very end hey What’s the best person you can do for that warranty so one step that I forgot to talk about? They probably at this point I already told you what your monthly Payments are gonna. Be but one thing you probably haven’t checked is the insurance so before you sign any paperwork You leave any kind of down payment or anything like that? You might want to call your insurance? with the VIN number of the car and try to get it pulled for that vehicle make sure it stays within your range because let’s Say you’re driving something like a four-door sedan, and you’re paying $90 a month But then you’re buying a two-door sports car with twin turbo or whatever, and then you call them And then your Rockets up to $200 a month And then that screws you over in the long term right so you want to make sure That that fits your budget as well alright guys That was my video on tips on how to buy a used car if you have any other Suggestions or any tips that you can help others when buying a used car Make sure to leave a comment below if you found this guide informative hit that like button please I’d greatly appreciate It and if you want to keep tuned with any of my future content whether it’s more guides car reviews Car tech products hit the subscribe button and hit the bell to get notifications when the next video is up Thanks again for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed it once again. My name is christian from auto taming you guys have a great day

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47 thoughts on “How to buy a used car in 2019

  1. No gimmick, valuable advice! Great video. Thanks for helping the rest of us in making sure we do not get blinded by sales(wo)men and ensure we safeguard/get what is best for us. Keep the auto advices coming!

  2. This is my very first YouTube video. Would love to hear what you all thought, thanks for all the support!
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  3. Best to do your insurance research once you figure out what vehicle you want PRIOR to going to the dealer that way you avoid potential disappointment at the end. Other than that great advice for everyone without that type of experience.

  4. Thanks Christian all awesome tips and I like how you put it about helping with the stress people go thru when people come to buy cars in the dealers today. I have been starting to write about that to help customers be more educated and connect more with their rep at the dealer. Good luck and hope you keep up the good work.

  5. Not bad advice at all. But for the most part, extended warranties are a scam. They've already ran the numbers, and wouldn't be offering the warranty unless they were making money off of it. Also if you can't negotiate a deal, they will no doubt start talking about how great leasing is and try to rope you into a lease. A lease is bar none the most expensive way to own a vehicle, and you really don't own it anyways, so don't fall for it.

  6. I really liked this video. I think I'll make bullet point summary notes of this so I'm not missing a beat when I get to the dealer hahaha

    Also, if you're reading this, maybe a video on how to buy online? In 2009 I almost got scammed when buying on ebay. I then decided to buy from an eBay experienced seller that seemed to have a dealer so I trusted I'd get a car but I never checked or drove it and I was lucky enough to have a good deal. Now that I'm much older (and smarter ha) I probably wouldn't do that again without going through several things but what those things are is what I think you could probably make a video on? There are times when you see a good deal for something specific you want but it's just too far away for you to do a quick drop by and test drive etc etc

    How would you recommend navigating that?

  7. Thank you for this video. I am buying my first car and the process has been so stressful. The sales reps are so dishonest and pressure you but I definitely feel better prepared after watching this!

  8. should've watched this before this morning … looking for a used car, first-time buyer. definitely felt tricked into looking into a car that was more than what i was looking at originally. they ran my credit three times so i should give it a second chance to work w them for the car i had my eye on when i went to the dealership.

  9. Fwd car tip… turn hard and reverse listening for any noises both left and right
    This will show you suspension and steering conditions and cv axle issues…..
    Very ez must do

  10. 6:22 I always take a person who talks a lot and hates the car for 2 reasons:
    1-to distract the seller and help me concentrate
    2- He will point out all the negatives that I might not see when I’m overexcited.

  11. Hey brother i just ran into this video.. i have a question regarding buying a used car with cash at a dealership…. whats the best way to approach? Ive done my research its a 20k car a little above car value .. but you know after taxes it becomes a 22k car .. im looking to nail it at 20k with taxes included… usually dealers will automatically say noo.. "we cant lower it a couple thousand dollars , its a used car bro"… should i come in thr dealership telling them i have this set ammount no more…not telling them if im gonna finance or trade in obviously… or should i wait till i check the car and point out the bad detalis and negotiate the defects. Usually dealers dont seem eager to negotiate a used car

  12. Good video but I left my trade in until the last and they completely low balled me. They had the same model on the yard for double the price they offered. I couldn't be bothered with any more negotiating so I walked out lol. Would recommend selling your car privately.

  13. Love the vid! Wanted your advice on something. I found this new company (Collision Sciences) and it seems like it can show all the accidents on a vehicle (even the ones not related to insurance claims.) Is it just a scam? It seems to use EDR data? Not sure what that is, or if it is even credible. Anyway, love your thoughts before I buy a car. I put the link below

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