How To Buy a Used Car? (5 Tips to Find the BEST Used Cars)

if you dread the process of buying a
car and you want to know how to avoid the countless frustrating wasted hours
dealing with pushy salesmen or you want to avoid buying a piece of crap car keep
watching in our previous video what you need to
know before buying a car we talked about the first step in buying a car is
preparation if you haven’t seen that video I’d recommend you go back and you
watch it even before watching this one that’s right just stop the video right
now go back watch that video you’ll be glad you did in that video we talked
about the importance of knowing your credit score credit history and how to
get all that information for free and doing it without even lowering your
score we also cover why it’s important to figure out your DTI
before applying for a loan and how you can possibly save hundreds if not
thousands of dollars financing the car to your credit union rather than the
bank or the dealership in this video you’ll learn how to significantly reduce
the time searching for a car and end up with a much better car in the end I’m
going to show you the best places to find the best deals on cars every day no
matter where you live how to sniff out the imposters trying to sell you a piece
of junk and how a properly value a car like a dealer and get the seller to
lower their price and walk away with a steal of a deal I know you’re thinking I
thought this channel was about making money keeping more of the money you make
and growing that money this video is about keeping more of your money for
sure did you know that more people get into more financial trouble through a
car purchase than just about any single other purchase so we’re going to give
you the real applicable knowledge and skill to keep more of your money in your
hands well Who am I well I’m Dee and I’ve spent well over 17
years in the car industry successfully selling buying trading financing and
managing car dealerships at one of the largest dealerships in the country and
although I’m no longer in that industry I’ve been able to successfully apply
these same skills to continue to get best deals on cars for me my family and
friends and now I’m sharing that same information with you so you can save
yourself thousands of dollars on your next car purchase and avoid buying a
piece-of-crap car that sucks you dry from countless
repairs well let’s get started if you don’t want to get screwed on your next
car purchase follow these five tips number one don’t buy new you’ll never
get rich paying more monthly on a depreciating asset than you do in your
own retirement account number two don’t trade your existing car sell it yourself
and keep more of the money for yourself the money you make will help you make a
large part of your 20% down on your next car a lot of people think selling your
own car is hard it isn’t now I’m not gonna cover that in this video but hit
the subscribe button and notification button below and you’ll be notified as
soon as that video is released number three begin the process of
searching for a car by answering these three questions who’s the car for is it
for me is it for my wife or one of the kids
the second question what’s the purpose of the car now the answer to this
question plus you know with your target monthly payment and credit union
pre-approval that will dictate what you’ll buy you’ll have to ask yourself
is it for reliable transportation to and from work or is it for image so you know
if you’re in real estate and you’re showing clients you’ll want something
reliable and decent looking I didn’t care if my realtor drove a Hyundai or
Honda or a Hummer what was important to me was that if they were competent and
they worked for me not their Commission’s and certainly not the
seller if the car is clean and smells decent I’m okay because anyway most of
the time I’m driving to meet the realtor at the location number three question
what are your must-have features meaning what can’t you do without for me it’s AC
power mirrors power windows alloy and alloy wheels and I’ll tell you why later
and number four tip where to look for used cars and I put it in this order
everyone’s different this is just my approach so the first place I look is
fist bows that’s for sale by owners why well because I eliminate a lot of dealer
related fees including documentation fees lot storage fees inspection fees
dear dealer environmental fees and any other creative fee that come up they
come up with it adds hundreds of dollars to the car loan purchase but it adds
zero value to your car purchase other than increasing the amount of your loan
a good places start for your search for for
sale by owner car could be local digital newspapers Craigslist Facebook
marketplace I really like Facebook marketplace because there’s a lot more
information about the seller available it ranks higher on the trust level in my
opinion and the other places are like Auto Trader it’s been around a long time
every card listed comes with a free carfax report
every card listed comes with a free carfax report also eBay Motors is also
another great place so people don’t think about that car gurus will let you
know how cars span compared to others in price but be somewhat suspect about the
list price true car great for telling you what the recent sales price has been
on a car CARFAX there every car listed on their website obviously comes with a
FREE CARFAX report then there’s those Kirby’s these are the people that buy
and resell cars out of their home you can find these cars parked along roads
or on vacant lots everywhere and what for sale signs on them in this video I’m
gonna focus on for sale by owner sales but a lot of this information you know
it can cross over to buying from dealers as well but make sure to hit the
subscribe button and a notification bar to be notified on our upcoming videos on
tips on how to buy from a dealer regardless of which search system I use
I follow these rules use the filters available on each of these online
platforms to narrow your search you know year make model maybe engine size and
you know for sale by owner if it’s available or clear title if it’s
available if you narrow the search to thin you’ll get fewer results back
because physicals aren’t as specific when they list their cars because
they’re not in the car business and have a little less experience listing cars
krischell if a car for sale doesn’t have pictures I don’t even bother to look if
they don’t have interior and exterior pics I don’t bother to look either why
well just about every man woman and child in America as a mobile device with
the capability of taking a decent digital picture and then upload it if if
the person is too lazy to post decent pics or any at all
I’m not interested it’s just a waste of time even to consider it if pictures are
taken in the dark I don’t bother to look why because the seller is usually trying
to hide something if the car is dirty I pass other place I
might consider looking if I can’t find a Fizbo car that’s a for sale by owner car
that I really like is I’ll consider rental car companies like enterprise and
Hertz etcetera why because despite what people may
think rental cars make up a large portion of the used cars sold by dealers
why volume and quality typically rental car companies do a moderately good job
of meeting regular scheduled maintenance on their vehicles this allows rental car
companies to apply for additional manufacture assistance on mechanical
repairs for cars and their fleet just you know those cars that are just a
little outside the manufacturer warranty these rental car companies typically
charge smaller documentation fees at the time of purchase purchase as well saves
you some money people say they wouldn’t buy a rental
car because people mistreat them that’s folk tell let me tell you think
about it did you buy the damage waiver the last time you renter the car most
people don’t if you didn’t buy it you probably drove more carefully than you
did with your own car why because you don’t want to pay for the repairs of a
car you don’t own so you say I have insurance on my credit card so I don’t
have to pay for their damage waiver well I bet you still drive it carefully so
you don’t have to go through the hassle of having a claim you know file a claim
later so don’t be afraid of buying a previous rental car the vast majority of
people buying used cars at dealerships today are more than likely buying a
previous rental car they just don’t know they are real car companies are the
largest supplier of used cars to the car dealership market in the country so you
can also try dealerships that’s kind of at the very end if I can’t find it
you can buy from a traditional car dealership on average you may pay more
and if you are a minority or female you may certainly pay more studies have
shown that women and minorities with similar credit profiles and income pay
more on average for car and financing at a car dealership
our number five tip qualifying your car search before deciding to set up an
appointment here are some tools you’ll need to help you quickly narrow your
search and determine what is worth actually setting up an appointment to
actually go see here on what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to check the car
history there are several sources to do this and neither is perfect but it’s
better than nothing sometimes accidents happen and people and companies rather
than report them just fix them and it goes unreported so look at these reports
with a bit of healthy you know skepticism some resources that you might
need is like Auto Check Auto Check calm or to check for accident
records car history things like service records a number of owners since the car
has been in service the information provided by these services is not
perfect information as I mentioned before but it is better than nothing
again have a healthy skepticism about what you’re reading on these reports
because everything is not always reported some people damage cars get
them repaired by a friend and the body shop they have a friend that owns a body
shop and then it again it fixes it and never gets reported with these car
history reports I’m trying to answer a few questions like how many owners has
the car had if the car has exchanged hands three times in four years I’m a
bit leery I call these hot potatoes because it’s a possible indication the
car has some problems that are not apparent until after some poor soul buys
a car another question how does the car score on auto check anything under 85% I
might pass on I like auto check because I can buy 25 reports for 21 days for
just 49.99 and CARFAX a little bit different pricing system
but it’s a good service as well one CARFAX cost 39.99 you can buy up to
three for 59.99 and you can buy six of them for $99.99
another resource you want to use is check the NHTSA that’s a National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration website for safety recalls and you’ll
need to enter your vendôme or that that seventeen digit mix of numbers and
letters that you’ll find and here you’ll learn if your vehicle has any incomplete
safety recalls if the car does it will mean you’ll have to get you know take
some time off take it in the dealership and get those recalls repaired these
repairs are generally free because it’s a manufacturer related issue so if the
recall hasn’t been completed ask for additional discount on the price from
the seller another little trick that I like is really a really good tip is
google the phrase what are common problems on the year make model for
example what are common problems on a 2013 Hyundai Sonata and then read the
search results take these items with you when you go to test-drive the car it
shows a buyer you did your homework you know when you take the time to go
through this process these five tips and you see how many cars that look great
online but really aren’t you’ll be really really happy you took the time to
walk through these five steps subscribe and click the thumbs up icon if you’d
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