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How To Buy a Project Car & Can it do a Burnout? Hands-On Cars 1 The Pilot from Eastwood

How To Buy a Project Car & Can it do a Burnout?  Hands-On Cars 1 The Pilot from Eastwood

on this episode of hands on cars Kevin
visits a two-time Riddler award winner introduces us to his new project car and
raises a little hell yeah yeah hey thanks for watching i’m kevin Tate’s hands on cars is
designed to empower you guys to become fearless and to achieve whatever
automotive customization or restoration goals that you want to achieve hands on
cars is going to take you to car shows trade shows custom shops and dive headfirst into
projects to teach you guys how to do the job right we’re also going to give you are
somewhat weird perspective on this whole automotive thing in the first place now the first episode we’re going to
kick it off by showing you guys and teaching you how to qualify a project
vehicle so you don’t make a mistake and invest all that time and all that energy
and money into the wrong vehicle we thought there’s no better place to start
than this somewhat worn out forgotten neglected rusty turd of a
Camaro it might just turn out to be an awesome
project vehicle this is a 1978 camaro and obviously we
can tell by the goofy sticker that it is a z28 GMA 272,000 Camaros in 1970 and a
whole bunch of war z 28 now it’s just not as desirable as a split bumper cars
are the chrome bumper cars because it’s aesthetically different different back
glass different front and rear bumpers but it’s still an F body and it’s rough
it’s really rough so it begs the question is this thing
well is it even worth saving have to get a better idea of the awesome potential
of an F body camaro we’re going to take a little trip up to
some good friends of ours that are responsible for 22 Riddler awards and
fantastic craftsmanship anyway you look at it greening auto
company check this out greening auto company is located in
nashville tennessee and on top of being some of the nicest and friendliest
people you’re ever going to meet they produce outstanding craftsmanship but
don’t take my word but the video speak for itself as well as countless magazine
editors television producers and national award recognition in the form
of 22 Riddler Ward’s putting them in a class of their
own greeting has three CNC Mills running constantly kicking out innovative
designs and custom features for just about any car but we’re here to look at
is this awesome f-body camaro features a supercharged LS power plant and laser
straight body panels with the super deep black paint job the tail lights are designed and
produced in-house including the plastic lenses as are the custom 20-inch one-off
wheels with a hubless design this shows the incredible potential of
an F body camaro the sky is literally the limit as to
what you can do see what conceived up with one of these Camaros now we may not go as far as this but as
far as inspiration well I can’t find any better inspiration
in this car supercharged power modern fuel injection
beautiful craftsmanship from stem to stern and top to bottom so we are absolutely inspired by this we
may not have the budget but we certainly have the desire to create an awesome
camaro and knowing that this one started out in about the same shape as ours what
gives us the light at the end of the tunnel well we are going to show you guys how
to do a proper field inspection and we’ve assembled a kid of things that
you’re going to need if you’re doing a field inspection in a junkyard or some
remote place to tell you whether or not a car is worth saving the first thing is bug spray because old
cars and junkyards they got bugs we’ve got a socket set
full of sockets and anything that you might possibly need to tear something
apart in a better idea what’s going on inside the car don’t wanna some bird is for peace
utility set has a lot of great tools a scraper radiator tool and most
importantly an all awl and that’s really really critical in testing out
floorboards and see if the rest of you can get underneath the car i’ll show you
how to do that got a flashlight it’s a nice LED
flashlight versatility a magnet an inspection mirror and a
couple of screwdrivers for flat and phillips and this should give you all
the tools that you need to do a proper inspection and find out if it’s a turd
with polishing or if it’s a turn that just needs to sit there instinct because
damn hands on cars is brought to you by the eastwood company when you’re
restoring a car truck or motorcycle Eastwood has everything you need to do
the job right eastwood since 1978 so Kevin’s going
from a story of modifying a 66 Mustang 278 camaro what do you think of that well the car
sure looks rough and we haven’t even got a good look yet but I know Kevin’s got
big plans so it’s going to look great and go fast now if you want to follow this bill to
all the crazy stuff Katy does this F body along the way they need to
subscribe to our YouTube channel right now so you don’t miss an episode now let’s get back to the action now the
first thing I always look at is the paint job and from first glance
obviously it’s flaking off and the color i think it’s probably originally based
on the scandinavian skin tone here but if you look a little closer you’re going to see flaking paint this
wasn’t painted from the factory and obviously somebody’s remove these lights
and the cars been resprayed it’s pretty evident that it’s hiding some kind of
sense further evidence of that are these gnarly cracks right here they’re obviously down the metal because
they’re rusting around so red flag number one they tried to save the
original stripes and paid around him which is a bad mistake and it’s just not
a very good job strike one with these cars a major
stress . is the top of the sail panel right by the roof skin this one has been
repaired badly so watch out for these spots especially with t-top cars now we
looked over the whole body and the only sign of visible rust through is this
right here right ahead of the wheel and yeah we’ve got yep that’s one that’s fun ok Oh that’s what that’s where you’re all
comes into it a little bit they’re huge just rest there are some
interior panels however that are showing signs of rot striker pillar here might
present a bit of a challenge in a restoration because this piece is not
available without first having purchase an entire quarter panel so make a note
or something like that and the interior well it eats everything is terrible look
at the seat the upholstery shot the foam is shot
anonymous but its countless parts nerolac but its countless farts anyway regardless there’s lots of
aftermarket support for for this interior you can get just about every
piece out of a catalog so it’s just up to you is what you want to save what you
want to spend to buy new stuff but yeah my stank radio in a Camaro sacrilege sometimes you can find all kinds of that
is Derrek Lee gasket set that could be a bad sign oh that’s for an inline six not this car
hi another floor mat those original by the way we’ve got the adjustable mirror
and the non adjustable mirror and the good news is well no sorry there’s no
good news now here’s where it pays dividends have
a toolkit and especially in all look here listen that’s solid metal everywhere I
poke solid solid solid so that tells me the
front floor pans are good in this car different story in the back the driver’s
side is solid but the passenger side rear it well it’s a different sound its
adult thud and watch this that’s that’s ridiculous that’s all the way
through so we got a bad floor pan and it’s probably related to this rest right
here which is probably related to the cheesy sunroof that some idiot put in
this car I hate those things it’s stupid it
causes problems cause problems here and cause problems here but check this out find the other center cap for the wheel awesome now normally we take a look at
the headliner from sitting in the car but in this one we don’t have to there’s the headliner right there some
more of it there so we know we got going for us they’re gonna need a headliner what factoring in glass on a restoration
on a classic vehicle and then let’s face it this is a classic by definition and
opinion glass replacement can be expensive fortunately for us it’s not on the
windshield it’s broken it’s got wiper scrub here we can replace
that windshield easily however the side glass I’m not sure we
got to do some research and some online searching and see if the side glass is
available because these scrub marks from the guides down in the door the felt we’re out and it scrubs the
glass that’s almost impossible to polish up although you can try you so it has a kit
for it but I’ve never had much luck with this temperature side glass so we better
factory in replacement glass with its users swap meet our new that’s awesome wow it looks like Kevin really has his
work cut out for him on his project camaro but if you’ve seen his 66 jaded
mustang then you know he’s definitely going to do the job right but he does have a lot of rust repair
and we’ll probably need a tetanus shot now if your project cars a lot of rust
you need to repair remove then you need to visit for a wide
selection of Russell Lucian’s like soda an abrasive blast or stripping in
Bristol discs wire brushes rusted solvers and are very popular rust
encapsulator let’s head back to the action and see what’s going on under the
hood a great question to ask is is it the
original engine and we know that this one probably is based on the conditions
the oil leaks in the overall just GMS of it this engine was a 350 cubic inch v8 with
an automatic transmission behind it rated at 177 horsepower that came in and
Pete at a blistering 3600 RPM jaan not so impressive for American v8 that compares to a late model volkswagen
touareg with a v6 and an automatic to reg what is that I don’t know embarrassing in comparison
so an engine upgrade or at least some kind of a power out or something is is
it’s got to happen but the next question that you want to ask is does it run and we’re doing 40 miles an hour at 1500
rpm nothing works see if it’ll spin over okay we got air and spark but no fuel I’m going to give it a little drink Oh there we go I’m all baby hello Wow oh oh yeah NASCAR we got a primary tube on a piece
of crap header that has up what was going to giant hole in it so it
makes it sound like a bit of a John Deere tractor but yeah ok other than the exhaust noise I don’t
hear any weird engine noises certainly nothing from the
top and it seems to run okay 212 horsepower now we’ve got to do something about the
ninja’s deadly weapon on that on that fan that makes me nervous so okay that’s
two good things ok spoke too soon dang it so let’s take stock what do we have we
got a car that’s rusty but the bodies ok the interior is completely shot as we saw the engine well it’s dubious
as to whether its original probably is runs but barely runs under powered you
know it needs work but it’s an F body camaro and is it worth saving yes why my buddy had one of these in
high school and 78 z28 his was a force be this is an automatic
i don’t care i can relive 17 years old if we fix this car up I’m back there baby it’s going to be
cool besides the aftermarket support we can put big LS power in this thing we
could throw a nice interior in it replace that sunroof do some sheet metal
work get some nice wheels and tires on it there’s awesome awesome options for
suspension wheels and tires we can make this thing a awesome American muscle car it’s worth it it’s worth it to me the
point I’m trying to make is that there’s always an emotional investment if you’re
careful and your analytical on the front end and you analyze the car then you can
bleed your emotions into it afterwards and you can figure out whether it’s
worth it to me this is worth it and i don’t know i went
to school in candidates it was a zed 28 up in Canada so we’re going to call this
thing something like as a slave or something like that but to me it’s worth
it I love this car we’re going to build it
you’re going to watch the one question remains will do a Burnout yeah yeah yeah thank you guys for watching hands on
cars this thing is going to be an awesome project we’re going to turn this
into one hell of a half body camaro and in the meantime you should find yourself
like you said racetracks custom shops and they’re only going through body camaro making it what I know it can
turn into and that is invention 28 on the next episode of hands on cars
Kevin tears into the camaro visits a popular hot rod shop and shows us some
tricks for removing paint and rust yeah

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29 thoughts on “How To Buy a Project Car & Can it do a Burnout? Hands-On Cars 1 The Pilot from Eastwood

  1. LOL, LOVE this Kevin quote:  "Overall just GM'ness of it"  < end quote. That is classic!! hehe Great Vid, Ill be watching .. yeah Love F bodys

  2. I'm delighted to see you doing the 78 Z-28! The 78-81 Z-28's and 77-81 TA's are some of the best looking body styles ever, but as you said, were underpowered due to the times they were built in. Even so, they were very popular when new and many were sold, making them pretty easy and affordable projects to obtain. And they've been making a comeback for a few years now. So, the power can be easily remedied and they always had great handling, and are definitely attention-getters on the road. They are nostalgic for me, since I liked them when they came out when I was in my 20's, but never owned one then. But finally I got a 79 TA in '06, which has been a lot of fun and now I have 3 projects. Always good to have extras. By the way, the door glass is reproduced and most easily found on eBay. So, thanks and am enjoying the videos! Steve

  3. Found you through the Nasty Z28 forum. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep us posted & good luck!

  4. This is a great idea!!!

    Anything we can do to help just pick up the phone and ask. This could be the model to bring our the american car culture to the wolds developing DIY people that are sure to develop.

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments!!!  There's lots more good stuff coming, and we're all working hard on a new episode.  thanks for watching!!!!!   Kevin.

  6. As Usual, Nice Job Kevin!! Thanks for bringing the "info", especially based around a Camaro. I like how you're able to be candid without TV-type restrictions.

  7. I love that he restored a Mustang and a Camaro, real car guys don't care if it's Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. All of them are badass.

  8. My buddys Mom just got a 78' Z28 for 2500$ because the woman was getting a divorce from he husband. The car is mint and all they had to do to it was give it a paint job.

  9. Muy buenos sus producto y sus programas .lo malo es que no colocan al menos subtitulado un solo programa .en ESPAÑOL de todos modos hay mucho mercado en sur América para ustedes

  10. I watched this whole series and as pleased as I am with the idea behind the show, and I also want to say Kevin did a awesome job through out the whole series. The producers really dropped the ball here when they could have done so much more.
    I feel there was a lot of the actual hands on part left out and a lot of just "Filler" thrown in.
    I was very excited when i found this as i am working on a similar project, just bummed at home much I feel I missed out on.

  11. ok kevin i have a 76 camaro LY Type 305 needs new floor pan back finders have can loose i would like to put a 4 barrel with new intake it has a single carburetor with intake . i just get the camaro from my dad its been in the family since he get it in 79 i was 8 years old the car had only 28,950 i want to wake it up get it more power with/out dropping value to it

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